Release file sizes I've made a quick graph showing how the releases of the IssueTrackerProduct increases steadily in size with every new version. Since the first release, 10 months ago, the release package has more than doubled in size. Much of that is due to the new templates that have been added and some icons.

Is this a positive trend? Yes of course! A lot of the new code isn't just additional fancy features. Sometimes it takes a couple of extra bytes just dealing with stuff under the hood that has no impact whatsoever on the interface. The actual numbers aren't really a measure that can be used, but what is really important to notice is the solid and steady growth. This year has been very busy for me with work but I've always tried to squeeze in a bit of open source work too in the mornings, evenings and lunch breaks. I wish I could focus more on the IssueTrackerProduct but so far we haven't come up with a direct way of getting rich on it so it still remains just a "hobby" for me an my company.


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