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26 June 2014   1 comment   Wondering

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Lots of Eriks
Sometimes it feels like there's almost no unique names amongst my Facebook friends. Whenever I use the search function and start typing someones name at least two friends' names pop up.
However, I only have one friend called ├ůsa and one friend called Conrad. So it got me wondering how many of my friends names are unique?

So I pulled down the names of all my 500+ friends and counted them. The results were suprising!

0 in common 291
1 in common 53
2 in common 15
3 in common 10
4 in common 1
5 in common 3
6 in common 2

That means that 56% of my friends' names are unique! Much more than I expected. I should add, the bulk of my friends are primarily from two countries: USA and Sweden. From all over the world too but these are the most common. However, because of this I have some friends who have the locale's spelling. I.e. "Michael" in USA versus "Mikael" in Sweden.

So, if I manually go through the list and look at some names and come up with some aliases so that Eric and Erik counts as the same name, I get a lot less uniqueness. The list I made is available here and it's very much a quick judgement call based on a rough idea of the "stemming" of these names.

It actually didn't help that much. The spread now looks like this:

0 in common 260
1 in common 44
2 in common 14
3 in common 12
4 in common 6
5 in common 2
6 in common 1
7 in common 4

And the number of people with unique names goes down to 50.1%. Still more than half.

Last but not least, the most common names for me were:

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Rebel Ajax
I think name is unik
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