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I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics.


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Sam w

I am looking for the lyrics of a song by Fiona (no surname or other names on album) - song is called take my heart (soul reggae vibe) ( the lyrics I have written could be wrong but similar)

some of the lyrics go - Closer dont wanna take your heart while am strong enough to make another start, oh oh leave I'll rather take you heart give it to whoever in your arms take your heart, take your heart

Andy Madison

I'm looking for a soul 70/60s probably, that has a part that goes like this: here's something that i want you to know (Something like)

I have an sample from it here:


Recorded from Y-Rock, Philadelphia.

Y-Rock was broadcasting under the name "Back to bed" 2006-2010.

... by mechanical people.
My mind is occupied,
With answers I can't seem to find.
So I wonder as I wander,
Is this by some shape or design.
Or am I wired a different way?

I might as well go back to bed,
Too ...

Veks Halkaysi

I remember this song, I remember these cool like robot sounds after the singer says "mechanical people" and I dont remember the artist but i'm pretty sure the song is called like "Too much time" or "Too much fun" or something like that


Do you have any more info on this? Any clue where you heard it and when? I'd love to find this song

Kyle R

I'm looking for an anime op or ed. Female singer, the song starts out with just an Acoustic guitar and the singer. I think the begining lyrics are "Just go ahead, and (or then) try again" then some Japanese words. then I think some more English. The Song adds more instruments like a drum and electric guitar. Then the tempo increases.


I’m looking for this song I can’t remember many of the lyrics except the chorus that says “ you, me and you, you, me and you.”


I am looking for an upbeat pop song that was on an 80's channel. A guy sang it and I think some of the lyrics went, I don't know why I feel like crying.


Thanks to you guys I found my music


This song is from the early 90's.
What I remember from the song goes something like this:
Come and take your command
Because the whole world..?...?..
Can't stop moving
everybody move
..?..?...cosmic harmony
...?...? can get for free


Awesome acoustic song, can't find it anywhere.
Lyrics are something like-:
All I want is to see my home, I've been away for so long

Nuno Tomás

I’ve struggling to identify a song that recently keeps coming back in my mind. Tbh, I don’t remember if It is from the 2010’s decade or even from the 90’s house scene.
I’m sure either it is stored in one of my thousand’s tapes (90’s) or in a Hard Drive.
I can remember the song & lyrics (at least part of it) and the voice of the singer (male but with a thin voice).
The part of the lyrics I can remember is the several times repeated chorus (mainly by the end of track) that goes like this…
“Just wanna spend (my) time with you”
It is repeated several times by the lyrics end and also with a “baby yeah” cross mixed with the repeated chorus (the “yeah” is extended - yeaaaah).

Not much of info. Probably will end up with no identification or I got to have a one year vacation time to listen all my old tapes and hard drives 🫤

It’s house/deep house music.


Reminds me of Spend The Night by Danny J Lewis. That was speed garage though, not house, so I'm unsure if it's the song you're thinking of.

Tina roopra

In footballers wives series 3 episode 8 there’s a 70s party and towards the end plays a song in the background … r and b… with some lyrics it’s real baby … can anyone please tell me what it is?? Thanks


The song is called My Fantasy by Steve Jeffries. YouTube only has the instrumental version . You can Google this to listen to the song with vocals :
My Fantasy Full Vocal Mix Warren Chappelle Production Music


Thanks so much. You are kind


You're welcome ☆


I need help finding a song. I've looked through a lot of places trying to find it. Part of it goes 'this sickness is' then something comes after that and sometimes later it's goes 'bya yayaya'


Keep on hopin we ??? By the ocean

Remember when it was on an ad for a SpongeBob or Dora vhs


Guys, help me find a song. In the movie Over night Delivery sound a song with lyrics : and now I know we've reached the end. Female vocals, rock band. But there is no sound in titles


Looking for song/artist from late 80s-early 90s. Powerful woman lead
"Go on/close your eyes"...."follow you"

That's all I've got. It came back to me in a dream last night!

EDIT Found it thanks to the search tool on this site!! Should have used that first! Thanks


I’m looking for a cover version of a song

Song:7 years
Original Artist:Lukas Graham
Music-OG:Soul Pop(with hip hop elements)
Station:RedFm Ireland
Instrumental:Music box/Piano no beat

NOTE:The “momma told me go” sounds like “momma told amigo”


Thanks so much. You are kind


I’ve looked everywhere for this grownups song

In a minute
Imma need a
Man or woman

Help me find it


Lizzo -- About D@mn Time
Lizzo -- About that Time


Lizzo -- About D*mn Time

Lilly Zelious

About D*mn Time by Lizzo

Jasleen Kaur

I have been hearing this song on Snapchat over and over again in different accounts.
It goes something like this "I told you not to mess around and you've been acting too mysterious. You didn't think I'd go but do you know you never took me seriously."
Then it goes something like _________ You don't have time for me. You are welcome. Look at me.

Kindly reply if anyone knows this song.


Hi .. you might try the song: Your Loss by Brianna Haze


Does anyone know this song? It's slow with a countryish kind of sound, soft male vocal with female backing vocal. Instruments sound like banjo, acoustic guitar, slide guitar. I only heard a small part of it that went:

Would you tell me if you could?
Would you tell me if you're gone for good?
You don't have to but you should
If you're gone for good
If you're gone for good


Im looking for a RnB maybe carribean island song. The lyrics in the chorus go I will be yours forever be mine I'll be your all season love. Just a the flowers bloom in the springtime my love for you will grow. Coz I understan I'm your man I do all that I can.i know you need some all season loving and you'll get it.The song was out in the 90s maybe.

Olivia blair

I neeed help with finding a song I just woke up and started humming the song ,can’t find the artist or forgot the artist here’s lyrics I remember , “ we can do this , all night , all night we can do this all night alright “


idk if this platform is still being used but, i’m willing to give it a try 🥹

i’m looking for this type of korean(?) song in this instagram reel and i have zero luck. the lyrics in english i hear are: “just tryna kiss kiss you”. sounds like its a slowed version.

here’s two links with the song!

Leonard sabatini

Detroit WWJ 950 radio mid 60’s at 6 AM
What was the name of the instrumental song that was played for a couple mintues just before the 6 AM news each weekday morning? It was soothing music to wake me up for school

Darth Nihilus

searching for an 80's hit it was sang by a woman. the chorus was smth like "What can you see" and then a childs voice was like "I see (this and that , probably cities)


chorus lyrics ‘Lay here’ verse is something like ‘I never meant to…’ female artist, acoustic guitar, sounds like it’s been recorded in a hall. Slower song. I remember hearing it around 2010.


Help me find a song heard it in a movie REACH.Takecaere of me and my fragile heart it's yours to keep


Keeper of My Dreams • by Fantom's (?)

Anonymous Banana

I have been looking for this song which I heard in mako mermaids. It goes like uuu aaa, hold me closer, all I know is that I like you, I like you a lot tonight. Something like that.


I’m looking for a a rap that goes lil ni**a hoping for a** clap f*ck that s*it with a motherfu**cking cashapp

Anthony Palmer

Does anyone know the name of the song and artist in at timestamp 8:44? I searched the lyrics everywhere and used every single song identifier I know and found nothing. If anyone knows, please reply.

Ben Clark

My family and I have been trying to find this song we used to listen to pre 2010s, it was maybe electronic and was definitely bass driven. I can remember the verse and chorus well enough including the melody, but I can't find the song anywhere no matter how hard I try. The lyrics go something like "When can I see you again? When can I feel you again? When can I kiss you again, my love? My love?" And the chorus is "I'm going crazy, cause you're not here (cause you're not here). I'm going crazy (going crazy), I need you near". Male singer, kind of heavy and slow sounding. Had to be 90's or really early 2000s, my mom used to have it on her myspace page.
Google, Shazam, Sound Hound, Youtube, lyric searching sites, none of them know what I'm talking about.


is it see you again by tyler the creator?


theres this song on this website, and its the only website its one. its called AirHeads by seamoretheseal and i cant find any other information on it other than the lyrics, like no release date or cover just lyrics and who its by. Theres also this other song by seamoretheseal that i can only find on like 3 websites its called Dance and again, no cover or release date just lyrics so if anyone could find how to listen to them thatd be GREAT.. ive been researching on deleted SMTS songs for a year now and can find barely anything on these 2 songs sooo thanks!


I've been searching for this song I once heard on a Christian radio station called 105.9 Shine FM. I remember the melody and some of the lyrics. It's most likely a contemporary Christian song released sometime in the 2000s - 2010s. Here are some of the lyrics I vaguely remember:

"If love's really an ocean...(???)"
"Could this love be an ocean..." (x2)

"Can you hear when I call out?
"Can you hear when I cry out?"
"Can you hear when I call out?"
"I'm asking for you to come"

That's all I remember. I've been looking for this song for years. I've tried Google, Youtube, and every music website to no avail. At this point, I'm half tempted to think this song doesn't even exist. Nonetheless, if there's anyone who might know the song I'm talking about, please let me know. Thanks.

Jenna Preston

There’s a song that is played at a five below store, it sounded similar to Savage garden. The only lyrics I caught were a part of a chorus, something like “I care about you” and other lyrics sounded like “I’m too far gone, I’m so far down”.

My searches with these haven’t given me anything. Any ideas?

joyce crouch

Need name of song w lyrics Buh Buh Buh baby, baby baby….


I heard a song once 10 years ago maybe, it's a song about a one night stand i think the girls name is jenny, its a rock song and at the end she leave a note saying call me if (maybe the word is when) you want to scream.


Help me find this song I can't remember it fully but I know there's a lyric that goes like "Just remember my name" or sounds like It's a guy's voice somehow deep, and the song has a lot of high pitch piano. Kind of gives of 2000's song or older vibes.


Hi guys. I recently watched the movie "platoon leader" and I wanted to know the song by the lines. Lines: "we can change this a hear calling. i wanna kiss that. we can change everybody. I wanna kiss this" somehow. And the timecode of the movie where it was: 6:05. Please help me, the song is very much sunk in(


All music used in movies is listed in the credits


Trying to find a song which has (I think) BABYMETAL do a refrain near the end that's a repeated chant of
"Give it up, give it up for ????? metal" (the ????? is either death, heavy, dirty or baby iirc).

That's the only part I can remember; not sure when it was released or much else. Fwiw, I think the song was heavyish indie-rock sounding.

It's bugging the hell out of me as all searches just lead me to other songs.


Looking for a song I barely know the lyrics to; it's a female artist I think it's a more of a modern edm slow beat and really breathy song. The only lyrics I really know is the chourus, "baby come take me home and ahh ahh Haha ahh hahh Haha haahh." at least that's what I think she's saying lol The start of the song is very distinctive. It's her just sort of humming with a sound in the background that reminds me of the train track intersection closing bell or something lol I'll be damned if someone actually finds the song.


Guys I've got this animal crossing (new leaf) tune on my phone of a popular 80's song I think but I can't remember the name. I have the notes but they're not helping. The notes are: high a, high a, high f, low d, dash, low d, dash, high g, dash, low g, dash, low g, high b, high b, high c, high d. Its literally at the tip of my tongue but I just cant remember it. Some pls help


There’s a song I heard a long time ago that goes, “You can’t run~, you can’t hide~, no one’s gonna save you from yourself~ you belong to the worlddddd”
What is it


Lyrics:,,I wanna kiss you"
Song is propably from 2010-2016
It was house music or something like this
Slow music


Which song has this lyrics "just shut up you bringing me down". I heard the song in Darby and the ghost, it was played in the scene where her father took her to school.


the song is Buzzkill by Babyqueen


Rap song like in the last 4 years. Something like "Beat that cat" ... sweat drippin down her back... then later "she got me wiggly in them drawers." Black male artist. The video is of him in front of a mic with a headset on rapping the whole time.

Clinton Driskell

I need help finding this one song all got is part of a lyric it's a country song I just need it to finish my collection of country music playlist "yeah i'm here to try to change your mind trying to save your time in case you're thinking breaking out the bucket list girl you can skip this business" please help


I'm looking for a slow song singing by woman with such words.
"....there was the time when my life was wrong didn't ......."
I will be very thankful for the help.


heard a song today from a party wayyyy down the street, didn't really catch much other than that it was a girl singing, it had a 90s pop song vibe to it, pretty upbeat, and it sounded like she sang - something "my heart you're" something- over and over again. Voice sounded kinda like celine dion-ish? It was NOT my heart will go on or tell it to my heart, i'm sure of that much.


I'm looking for a song, I believe the singer is Jonny Craig? and it has the line "I'll be your armor"

Jonathan lee heres the link to the song only problem is i cant find the name it kinda sounds like doo wop


Does anybody know this song? It was on a YouTube Ad. I can only remember a few lyrics. It was a female artist.

“He put a spell on my body”
“I know he can’t be trusted but I need it”

Or something like that. If anybody knows please comment. Been trying to find it for hours now.


Maybe you meant "I Put a spell on you" by Sonic?


I'm trying to find it was on YouTube add. And it has lyrics in it"and it started with you"


My answers to a couple of people here haven't appeared for some reason, so:

@Anonymous on 5th August 2023 - the song is Buzzkill by Babyqueen

@Hunter shores on May 28th 2023 - very much sounds like the middle part of Freak On A Leash by Korn

@Nuno Tomás on July 10th 2023 - reminds me of Spend The Night by Danny J Lewis, but that was Speed Garage not house :/

Jonathan lee

So im having trouble finding out the name of this particular song its featured on an episode of bone chillers called mummy dearest it goes something like this well everybody's got my number but its only 7 digits long


Okay this is VERY MUCH not alot to go off of. It's an old rock song I believe. This part of the song he gets louder and holds the notes much longer. "Allllll iiiii knowwwww. I hate myselffffff" that should be the right lyrics. it just popped into my head and now I need it

christoffer hoff

Need some help, there is this old school techno, trance / edm song which has these lyrics in them "Sweet madness, brings me to my knees" it's so damn good. Pretty sure it's a bit upbeat and chill, used to listen to this around 2008-2010 pretty sure.


This sounds absolutely ridiculous but I can't get this song out of my head. All I remember is a female voice singing, "and I~~" in the chorus or post chorus? (It has a similar rhythm to Tom Rosenthal - Lights are on) and has a solemn feel so I probably heard it in my sad hours playlist while crying myself to sleep ☠️ (tmi). Also I'm thinking it could be a popular tiktok sound ☠️


I think I'm looking for the same one! Does it have a tech-like feel to it, like a pulsing electronic beat that gets higher pitched?


Found the one I was looking for. Solitude by M83, Felsmann and Tiley interpretation.


I need to find a song that says “They all think I’m crazy” by a male singer in the early 2000s


Might be Gnarles Barkley - Crazy ?


Heard a random band playing in a bar.
Got part of the song stuck in my head
"Come on come on........ everybody"
Was a real dancey kinda song. NOT the one by Eddie Cochran that google keeps suggesting lol


Hi guys, I just saw the instagram story of Peggy gou and there was this song :”because it’s something that it’s on, it’s on my mind and it goes like nanananana” from a female singer.

Ivy K

its from peggy gou it goes like nanana


There's this metal (?) song way back in old school WoW era (tbc 2007-2008 ish) where one PvP video had some fighting in Arathi Basin. This song had a rather high BPM if I recall correctly, a lot of guitar and a male vocalist. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the vocalist was more in the tenor range vocally, and sang quite cleanly but from the gut (might hint towards slight opera tendencies). The thing is I recall very little from the song, only what I - believe - is the chorus, going something like:
"Cause the outer/others chase my inside, everyday I must believe".
It should be somewhere around the 2000-2010 rock/metal era but I can't find it for the life of me.


Hi! Please help me find a song from Beverly Hills 90210 TV Series (s4-12, 7:30). Lyrics starts like that: "Give a man someone to love, you've got nothing forever...." I guess its name is "in my life".

Jade Cardwell

I'm trying to find this song I heard on Beverly Hills 90210 Season 6. It's the scene where Donna and Joe are dancing at a nightclub. The lyrics are "Keep our love alive, Keep the fire burning, Burning deep inside, Keep our love alive" I really like it and I hope I find it.

Ivy K

maybe its,"modern talking keep love alive?"


I am looking for a gospel rock song with the lyrics "We know that you are Good,we know that you are good". Something like that
Should have been recommended on 2018 or 2019

Ivy K

I know you are good the church will sing. maybe this one


Looking for a song. I thought it was by Xeno Carr, but I couldn’t seem to find it. The singer sounds similar, and all I can remember is that the song ended with the guy singing the word “You” three times in a row. It was probably released somewhere between 2010-2018 if I were to guess. I know this isn’t anything to go off so I do apologize.

Ivy K

maybe the Ames brothers you you you? posted 10 years ago and released in 1953


Need help finding a song with the words
What’s —- —- tell me —- your ——

Poop monster

Does anyone know that song that goes like “I just wanna knowww what’s going on in your mind..” it’s popular on tiktok I think and it’s a female singer.


I'm looking for a song from the old school WoW era (I guess TBC), one of those typical rock/metal pvp songs. My gut feeling says it's leaning towards metal and was released between 2000-2010, but I can't be 100% certain on that. It's a male vocalist with a tenor-ish voice range, and a rather high bpm. It features a lot of electric guitar if I remember correctly, and the only lyrics I kind of remember goes something like: "Cause the outer/others chase my inside everyday I must believe". Anyone got any ideas?

help me

Looking for a song from a zumba class. Only parts I recognize below

"Hey! Hey!"
"Everybody smile"
"It's story time"

Parts are in spanish and parts are english

Dave Dauss

I need help finding a 90's rap song featuring Coolio and the track may be from a Movie Soundtrack.
Lyrics: down on my mother fuckin luck hangin at the park shooting dice and I just got bucked and now I'm mad cuz I'm broke as hell plus a niggers unemployed and I just got out of jail so now I got to come up on a lick but the lick that I get can't be no bullshit, so I got to call up my nigga, my nigga tie yeah my homie from wayside yo nigga what's up I need a lick he told me to trip I know this fool off of 75th he has a safe and a whole lot of yay, 2 64's and a ragtop sitting on them things he said this mother fucker was worth 10 mil, I said cool then it's a done deal, went to the pad and grabbed my black ski mask put it on tight so nobody could see my ass so now I got the Mac with the tella just in case these motherfuckers want to play Goodfellas call up the crew hey Coolio this motherfucker said he knew this nigger with some loot, so what's it gonna be Jack, kidnap or rape nah mother fucker just murdered in the take, cool let's set it up aight nigga here I come, hung up the phone went to my room and I grab another gun, slapped on my khakis I'm gone went outside and jumped in the bucket motherfucker it's on

Chet Shoe

There is a rap song where in the background for the whole time its a woman/choir going "aaaaaall I neeeeeed, aaaaal I need" and I can't for the life of me remember what its from

Isaac Stoevsand

I'm looking for an indie song sung by a male artist. The lyrics I can remember go like "where you wanna go? Girl I wanna know. I can take you anywhere." And I think the title or most of the song was about travel? Let me know if it sounds familiar. Came out before 2019.

Pierre Bourdieu

It's an old song probably 80's 90's, where a woman sings one two three (maybe four), has a voice like Cyndi lauper, but don't know much about it, AND IT IS NOT Gloria Estefan 1-2-3!


Can someone pls help me find the name of this one song I heard it on a sound on tiktok and there’s a beat drop then in the background a guy is mumbling something like “yeah I don’t need no one “


im looking for a song that i heard back on the radio in 2012 i think it goes (this is how it goes i know that i can feel good) or somthing


Thank you so much to the person who helped me find the song! :D I can rest easy now

Lempy Napp

Looking for a song that I think was done by The Dorians, a Canadian group from the Windsor area... Part of the lyrics, and possibly the name of the song.... "when you were 18 and I was 21"... Have asked several folks over the years, but no one seems to be able to come up with anything. I remember hearing it on the radio at the time (late 1960's, early 70's)..I was dating a girl at the time and it applied to us.....


The Dorians had a song called: If I Were 21 and You Were 24 . I've never heard the song and I can't find it on YouTube so this is just a total guess . Good luck with your search *


I'm looking for a song where a blonde woman is singing. For parts of the music video she is a bath tub and I also remember her throwing a glass vase against the wall. She was also laying on the beach and it was kinda dark but it was really night and the waves were coming in and getting her wet.

scarlett f

I cant find this song ive been hearing on yt shorts it goes like "ahoh ahoh ah ah *guitar riff* and words after that in an anime girl voice. theres also a dance that goes with it. pls help

Ivy K

ella quiere mmm ah mmm version anime ?

Sunday Maren Mashat

Pls the music is not a country music but rather a disco/funk. It was sang sometimes around 1987 & 1988. So pls help me with the name of the artist.


Looking for a song I can’t remember

I’m looking for this metal song by a band that has a female vocalist who has clean vocals. In this particular song and music video I remember she had short hair, and the lyrics said something about “stay with me” or “stay forever”. I could’ve sworn that the name of that song had the word dragon in it but I just can’t find what I’m looking for. Anyone have any insight?

Ivy K

Maybe Delain stay forever?


Help find a song. IN A MOVIE Overnight delivery 1998 in the end can hear the female voice. She sings "and now I know we reached the end". But in final titles has no that song.


Looking for a song one part went "Goldfish, Headphones, Cool Whip, iPhone" 2 times and I think another part went like "I'm sitting in my basement making this beat" or something like that. I think the guys name was like the seal.


Looking for punk alike song,mid 90,very early 2000,starting with only one string of guitar,soon drum is add,and part of lyrics is "youll'be sorry when im gone",is lively,is not adam song for sure..thank you

Avery VanZant

I am looking for a band that I found on YouTube in like 2021. The have anime sounds in their music and sing like metalcore\metal\rock songs. One of the names of the songs were "BREAK" And also, "Break" part 2. They have a few members that sing. It's a simple band name but I cannot remember please I need your help they are great. Thank you.

Ivy K

hello I'm looking for a song I heard about a few years ago I really tried everything looking for it but nothing came out The lyrics go like this "Guess I've never been cool for the things you made me do" and something like this "yea Im tryna stay cool but you make me look like a fool I can't live without you" I heard the song on an add it was maybe over 7 minutes long and it was like an outer space background the song was mixed English and german, i really like that song but unfortunately i cannot find it i hope someone will find the song for me.

Nathan Forester

Looking for a song that was on the UK compliation 'Now That's What I Call Music 51' or 'Now That's What I Call Music 48', it was kind of a dance song with a latin beat, female singer and the lyrics were 'in your body' or 'your soul' related, I cannot remember the title but it was used in a CBBC compilation.


It was a male singer, not sure where I heard it, kind of fast-ish, and the lyrics I remember were EITHER-
"You got me feeling so comp-li-cated, what if this feeling never go-oes away?"
"You got me feeling so comp-li-cated, I hope this feeling never go-oes away."

Nina Smith

i need help finding this song. i think it’s a reggae but it’s really upbeat. the chorus, i believe has the lyrics

“and are you ready to do this one more time?”

really upbeat and fun, almost like a wedding song.

bendy sendy

what song beat goes do do do doo doooo 90 rap

Afro comicz

I'm looking for a song as well;

This the line;

All my African girls, black beauty love myself
I'm black and beautiful, im black and beautiful

The video clip is from African woman in the woods dancing with speers and they wine a little bit.

I had it on youtube, but accidentally deleted it.

Help me pleZd!


This was a song I remember having harsh female vocals and being something along the lines of 'if the other person cheated there would be consequences.'

I remember the song starting with "you better--" and then listing something about what the other person should/shouldn't do. I think there was a point where she mentions a girl being in the other persons top 10 myspace friends (yes, it's that old).

During one point of the song she starts saying 'I love you' over and over before screaming it and the chorus strikes up again.

I never watched reality TV, but I remember this being by a reality tv show star. At this point, I'm not sure if it actually was.


There's a song that has lyrics that are something along the lines of,
"I know I can't (something) baby please don't cry, run around searching for a reason why, (something) it's time to let me go."
And I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. I think it's sung by a guy in a sort of higher range???


I have been trying to find a song I heard 5 years ago. I had the song but changed to song title to MYFAVE it starts with two guys on a train checking out a girl.. guy sounds like burner boy..I only remember bits n pieces. In the middle of the night, girl I dream(or think?) about ya no lie..there is also a female vocalist.. please h3lp

John turcott

Hi, I heard a song last night and hope someone can help, it was a female with a raspy beautiful voice and lyrics about please call me I'm so lonely sitting by the phone for hours....


Im looking for a love song Appropriate FOR SCHOOL


I found it, sorry, don't know how to delete my comment!

Tammy B.

Please help me find this song. It's a country song, it was out in the early/ mid 90s it was sung by a female artist. The name of the song is Drive Time, the lyrics are something very much like:

Driving to work every morning
thinking 'bout last night
We're treating each other like strangers
Baby it ain't right

then a few lines I forget

Too much drive time
it's driving me crazy
thinking that maybe
we ain't as close as we used to be
it's driving me out of my mind
too much drive time

I can not remember who sang it, and google can't find it by the lyrics. HELP ME PLEASE.


I’m looking for a song that sounds like chill pop it’s a woman singing in a high voice

The only words I can remember is
“And iiiii, and youuuu… “
And then something about love


YALL. i need help with a tyler, the creator song..
it goes like “blow me away.. into a new place” AND I THINK ITS AT THE END?? IDK but its a girl singing part soo i cant find it 😭


Hello there. I need help with a Jamaican-like song that goes like this:
"Kempala kempala kempala" the tune is quite catchy and danceful. He also says "Lonely" and "Crazy" separately. I really cannot understand anything else he says

Thomas Pan

Hi peeps,

I am looking for a rap song on smooth elektronic beat and the rapper raps about Julia/Giulia in english of course. The video looks very old school and like a vid from the early 90s. Release should be 2010-2015

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