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I'm looking for a song from the early 90's sung by a female. the chorus goes something like this... oh if he would only say 3 words to me that he would be the first one the last one...


this is amazing i was searching for a song fir 30 minutes on youtube and couldn’t find it but i found it in 5 seconds on this website THANK YOU


I'm looking for a song that goes like "Ohhh girl i just want to take my time and love you right. "F.y.i its not chris brown or the o'jays it's being played on the radio here in Chicago its r&b

oktavia mutiara

im looking for a song that goes like " don't know if ii'm dreaming i'm sleeping away,i hear your sweet voice then i see your face"

EVY Logan

In dreams

Tammy Dunne

I’m looking for a song that a man is singing telling his girl that he loves her and they aren’t over yet but she knows how he is and has to be with other women but he loves her


Im looking for a song, in the video clip a young beautifull latina looking lady wearing short shorts and i believe she has a lollipop. The singer is male and sings about her not doing a good job and that all she thinks about is ... i think they also use words like "rosanna, sexy, ai ai, mama or mamasita" it has a dancy vibe latino tinted rap/pop

EVY Logan

Rosanna. I believe it was written by someone smitten by Rosanna Arquette

Sarah Jones

I'm looking for a song and PLEASE someone help meeee I'm going craazyyy heeere
The song is from a male artist and i think its a remix
The song has these lyrics with a soft male voice and then a soft drop
And I've been thinking about you laaaaatelyy
when you wind up in my timeline it comes back.

Es Dadasheva

Teflon Sega-Velvet Pill

Sarah Jones

I love you xD thanks alot

Es Dadasheva

You’re welcome ❤️


im looking for a song i used to listen to a few years back, im not sure how old it is, its like a pop rock kind of song and he sings about bumping into a girl rushing in the street and she spills her coffee (?) on him and later he getsbher number but hes debating whether he should call of not, please help!!


I know exactly the song you're talking about! I can't remember the name or the artist though. Let me think about it and do some research.....I remember I always used to listen to this band at the same time that I listened to Nevertheless

Olivia Tam

It's called Mindset by Every Avenue!! :D I'm so excited because I've been trying to remember this song lately and I literally had nothing to go on except the same stuff you could remember. But yeah....Mindset :)


YES!!!!! thats it!!!! thank you SO much!!! :))


I'm looking for this song. I am not sure what the lyrics are but the intro sounded like this:

 "and you knoooooow, dancing on, dancing on, dancing on the south beach" OR "as you gooooo, keep her, keep her of the first trip"

The singer is like an old man with a deep voice and this is like a mafia or group song. The singer sounds like the vocalist of THE DOORS. Please someone help me.


i'm searching for a song sung by a female lady with piano in the background. goes a bit like "if i could write a song" and another high part that goes "we're please don't...." lyrics may not be 100% correct.


I’m looking for a song that goes like this "oh this strange place i've been here before with someone else who left me alone" pls help I’ve been looking for this song forever and it’s driving me nuts


I’m looking for a song that goes like this "oh this strange place i've been here before with someone else who left me alone" pls help I’ve been looking for this song forever and it’s driving me nuts. I heard it on an instagram edit.


Looking for a song title, I heard this song on YouTube video "MENJEMPUT REZEKI SAMA SUAMI! " the song is on 0:32 - 3:10, any help would be appreciated

Luisa Natoli

i am looking for a song i heard on "The Test" episode of Melrose Place:

Female singer, 90's:

I won't sleep until you're back where you belong
Only wish it was a dream
I can't rest until you're back where you belong

Anybody know this song? HELP

Emma M

Looking for a song by a female artist. Can only remember random lyrics:
"I made you leave her for me.."
"I wrote you like .... Love songs"
And then she talks about how she's too young to love and she feels sorry for the men who meet her..
Hope this makes sense to someone as it's been bugging me for days!

Christian Pedersen

Maybe: New Romantic - Laura Marling?


Yes!!! Thank you so much!!! :D

Christian Pedersen

So, looking for a song i heard in the radio today, medium fast tempo, male singer, a bit rock-ish, and what little of the lyrics i remember goes along the lines of: Baby, baby blue.
with the end of "blue" stretched out. And after that comes a line, perhaps along the lines of: Wont you be my (something?)..
I know this aint alot to go by, but yeah. radio tracks that are played this time of year in Iceland.

Got it stuck on my head, but just cant figure it out.
"baby" is never repeated more than twice in a row.

EVY Logan

Baby Blue. A song from the 70's. My baby, baby blue....


it could be baby blue by king krule too


guys pls help
i have tried searching for a song but can't find's a song's very cool ...all i can remember is
hold me close never let me go..babe lemme lose control ..touch me touch me.............


EVY Logan

IF ? the name of the band was "Toto" I believe you shouldn't have any trouble finding ? "Lose control"


So...I used to know this song but I can't find it anymore.And only recently it started popping up in my head out of nowhere and is killing me because I can't find it anywhere.
I can barely remember some parts of the lyrics.
I think it goes like this...(It might be horribly wrong)("..." means I don't remember what comes afterwards,so is kind of incomplete,less than it already is)
"When I see you right now(...)you are not the others,you don't fit in the crowd~,it's not enough,so I am taking you out,taking you out."(That's the gist that I remember) (Keep in mind that it's a romantic song.Maybe I botched the lyrics...a lot more maybe.But I really need to get some sleep,because this song is killing me.
(I literally had this song once downloaded,but for some reason I can't find it anymore,it's like it got erased from existence and from my memories as well)


The singer is male and the "vibe" of the song is (I mean...subjectively speaking obviously)"Soul" and Chill.


Looking for a song that goes “my face on every daily news, remember when I told you the plan you looked me in my eyes and you said you believe me ........... every time you see me you act like you don’t see me and now I’m steady crying on the phone” . All I know is a guy sings it, lyrics may be a little off.

EVY Logan

Could it be Dion Warwick? Walk On By?


I'm looking for a song sung by a male, it's with a guitar I think, or not many other instruments at all. The lyrics are something like " woman...... Slow down ....... Let me carry you" it has such beautiful memories, would be absolutely delighted if anyone can help me with this as I have not been able to find it on Google.

EVY Logan

Hes not heavy , he's my brother (?)


Thank you Evy, it's not, the singer is singing to a woman


Hi, thank you, it's not that one. The man is singing to a womna.


Hey, i'm looking for a song, and i can just remember the video. It was about a bird who was in love with a tree, but they cut it, and he follow the truck and fly into the machine to die with the tree. I'm not good in write in english, but i need this help >< thanks


I believe the song you're looking for is You & I by Crystal Fighters!


Hey, i'm looking for a song, i'm just heard some part, the girl sing this word " i wanna hear a thing you say, always"
help me please.
and thankyou!

Vojtěch Košík

im looking for a song which is i think from 90s or 80s and sounds like "a ave a tibidabitudubidubitadyatididadi". I just cant find it and i need it

Annie Ofa

So, I’m looking for a song that friends give me a title of the song is “For you” but I cannot find it it’s like a country mix jazz I think that’s even in the lyric “will go heaven and hell for you”


Hi, I'm looking for a song I only know a few lyrics from. One of the lyrics is, "You can tell me when we make ittt" then that line repeats. I can't find what song it is....


looking for a song that goes "girl" or "hey" (i'm not very sure) at the very start and is very soft with soft guitar strumming and it's sung by a guy


Pixies “Hey”?


looking for a song i dont know whos the singer and the lyrics i heard are blur. it goes like this "hope that i'll be hope that i'll be safe, i cant stop when you chase the sun.... california...california... i find myself in between....". please help me!


California by Phantom Planet?


Looking for a song I don’t know whose the artist and the lyrics I remember aren’t popping up anyway it goes like “lying to me saying that it’s no one else” “your only playing with yourself”


Hey help me find this song it goes like this:
'Lately I've found, when I start to think aloud.
 There's a longing n the sound there is more I could be'
I think its like this pleaaaaase help me


It might be birds of Tokyo-lantern x


I’m looking for the song which Nigerian artist sang that if I day sing u no download am na my problem b that enemy talk bout us na their problem be that


Searching for a song probably frm the 80' goes
I want to lay tonight lay tonight away....
Someting like that.


I am looking for a song from a female singer, maybe 2018 or 2019 song. It goes like I want you to love me more or something like that wanting the other person to love me more. I guess it is pop.


I'm having no luck finding this one... Hopefully someone here can help! Rap / hip hop about tripping... very simple rhythm with long bass notes and a kinda gritty, almost metallic sounding record scratching every 4~8 seconds that may get a little more 'cosmic' as the track progresses (I only caught the tail end of the track)... The only lyrics I picked up were something along the lines of:

"Now I'm feelin' like I'm in Heaven and it's got its merits.... in the corner with the Holy Ghost sippin' holy spirits"

For some reason 'perfect trip' stands out to me as a possible title, however I've had NO luck with these lyrics or that title... Thanks!

Joe Shmoe

Hi is it a$ap rocky Holy Ghost


Checked it out and unfortunately it's not. Thank you very much, though!

Sebastian Sandoval

I need help, please. I listen a song today but i can't find it. I'm not a english speaker so i really don't know exactly what this song says. I really belive that I heard these lyrics: "I know there's something in my head". The singer of the song was a male. The song have a beautiful electric guitars. I know it isn't metal, it was so awesome but no hardcore. The singer sounds familiar, like a combination of Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons. I really don't know but I really enjoyed that song so much. Please. I listened the song in the Sears store.


Hi i'm looking for asong that's sung by a woman, and it goes "I know you have heard it all before, that you are the love of my life. I knew when you can through the door, that you are the love of my life. Nothings hard, everything is easy with you around...."
I can not find this song, can anyone help me?!!


Please help me find this song for my wedding!

The soundtrack is quite sad with dramatic strings, I am sure I must have heard it in a film.

The lyrics are:

'AND iiiii, iiiii-iii-iiiii'm falling in love with you, woah, woah.......'

Searches just keep coming up with Elvis but that's not what I'm looking for. Any help would be amazing please. Thanks so much!


Maybe Chris Isaak Wicked Games


Hi I'm looking for a song that i remember so clearly but cannot find anywhere. i believe that it is sung by a man and came out 5 or more years ago and some of the lyrics are
"it's times like this i miss you, times when my face is wet" and
"to get to the sink id lift you out of the way, using my strength to cheat. You'd wriggle and giggle away, laugh and call me a bully"



Joe Shmoe

I am looking for a song that goes like “so take my hand now.” It’s by a girl and I pretty sure it’s from the early 2000s. It has a similar vibe to an evanescence’s song. I think it’s from a kingdom hearts game but I am honestly not sure.

Neskov Rade Radivoe

I am looking for a song I've heard on Radio Luxembourg,or BBC Radio 1,December 1973.
It was a blues song with electric guitars and the name was,Shine on Line,or Shine or Lie !!!


Please, help me find this song, I can't sleep1!!1! This is the chorus: I wanna meet July to take a step into the future oh ooooh oh I wanna see the skies to find the way of how to reach you oh ooooh oh

Jahlayla Yui

I am looking for a song I have seen on a satisfying youtube video and its been stuck in my head for about years now, i am starting to forget most of the lyrics of the song, i remember most of it,"i cant tell you why, ooh ooh oooh ooh ooh oh oh oh, and know one knows" most of the words i can remember from the song. I tried searching it up and the "eagle"kept popping up. The song isnt from the eagles, the song is by a girl and sounds like its from nightcore or like some dj made it or something, i cannot explain, can someone help me??


Hi I'm looking for a song from the late 80s I believe all I remember Is the video had a guy (maybe Aaron Neville) singing on a street in the cold with fire burning in a barrel.


Hi, I'm looking for a song with a lyrics
"Until I found you"
"I'm just gonna be me, there's nobody else I'd rather be"
"If you love me put your hands up"
"Show me how to be loved"
"Ever change for someone else"


Hi I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "I have a lover and I have a best friend" it's sung by a guy with a guitar (might be a ukulele? Idk sorry I was half asleep when I heard it). I know it's not much to go on but it's all I've got :/


Hi. Im looking for a song where was a men who was warming up by running up stairs first then he start climbing on crane in half of the song. This song was kinda pop or electronic something like this.


Hi guys, I already searched for this song long time ago, but I found nothing, so here are the things that I know about it:
-It is a band and the singer has a simillar voice to Matt Bellamy (from muse).
-I first heard it around 2013, but maybe it’s been release before.
-The song begin with, I think, these lyrics: I’ve been there for a looong years. Later on, he says something like: and when I waaaant to caaaatch iiit uuuuuup, ooooooooh i’ve been trying from faar aaaawaaay-i-ay.
-After that part a crazy guitar solo appears for the rest of the song.


I'm looking for this song. I am not sure what the lyrics are but the intro sounded like this:

 "and you knoooooow, dancing on, dancing on, dancing on the south beach" OR "as you gooooo, keep her, keep her of the first trip"

The singer is like an old man with a deep voice and this is like a mafia or group song. The singer sounds like the vocalist of THE DOORS. Please someone help me


im looking for a song the lyrics are “had to catch a grip she put a hickey on my neck and tried to bite me on my lip we was fucking til the sun came up and the neighbors say we loud how could y’all blame us”


I'm looking for a song from 50's or 60's and had a country twang to it maybe, but my granded could be wrong about that. He also thinks maybe it was a B side record.

Lyrics he remembers are: You mean more than life to me dear, and this you should know, why i just, cant live without you, I love you so.


I'm looking for a song that says something like "you tell me to walk and then you break my legs. You tell me to come and see and then you take my sight away" I heard it awhile ago but can't fined it anywhere! I might not be remembering the lyrics correctly.


i’m looking for a song that starts out with a female singing and she’s saying gang shit or take it or something like that, then a male rapper comes in and talks about fucking a girls face or something lmao, it came on spotify and i guess it was similar to melanie martinez bc it was one of the suggested tracks when i was listening to her, i think it’s pretty recent too


I’m looking for a song that has the lyrics “did he see me before he walked”, I cannot remember anything else
It was a girl singing, and the music sounded a bit classic


I am looking for a song. Its 90 i think. Glamrock or rock.
Lyrics are “goodbye to the boys on the sea”.. something like that.
Many thanks


Looking for a song I heard in a shop and can't seem to find.
I believe the lyrics go something like
"Are you serious, called you in the morning and I heard another woman, can't let it go..."

Daniel Potter

Hi guys I’m looking for a song played by a friend a while ago and heard it awhile ago someone driving past stoping at the lights all the lyrics I heard were baby you’re wonderful to me It’s definitely hip hop / gangster sung by a guy slow music if anyone could help me out would be much appreciated Daniel


hy i m looking for a song:the lyric is
if i'm with a girl that is you


Looking for a song that was like "Don't let me gooooo" it was like a rock song that you might hear on a pop station but I've searched a heck of a lot and I can't find it, could someone please help me out?


I'm looking for this song and I been crying for this song I been trying to find it on YouTube and this is the lyrics I got my heartbreak on oh oh oh and that's the rest ok please help me find it please


Im looking for a song from late 00's early 10's and all I can remember is in the video is the singer and his alternate self and he has a really fun but his other self was really boring and the start is him getting out of bed and in the end he's singing in the front garden and I'm pretty sure the last word of the song is 'me'


HELP i'm going crazy right now. i'm looking for a song with "wonder" in the chorus . the song ran at the end of some TV series. i've heard it on youtube from time to time - there were scenes from Grey's anatomy going on to the song. the song is totally slow and a soft slightly smoky female voice sing there to somehow: finding the wonder ... finding the.. or knowing the wonder knowing ... Please. help me before I freak out.


Looking for a song that I only remember the video to. I remember watching it as a kid (I’m 18) and it was about this ‘ugly’ kid and this ‘cool’ kid fighting over the same girl. The video shows all 3 of them growing older and the girl leaning more towards the cooler guy even though she actually likes the uglier guy. Then at the very end the cool guy (they’re all adults now) proposes to her and she turns around to see the ugly guy and chooses him. Then the cool guy dashes the ring I think. Idk. This has bugged me for years, someone please put me out of my misery.

Tristhan Tran

I’m looking for the song has the chorus in the lyrics
When you kiss me I feels like we never say goodbye. Babe when you hold me I can travel in time.

Bugged out

There’s a song that’s been annoying me for years on end, and it’s like a woman’s voice singing. I can’t exactly remember the lyrics but I do remember something like: —— and now let gooo—- and then —- radio—— . It’s also a pretty popular song. If anyone knows please tell me, thx very much!! Please do tell me! Thx everyone.

Bugged out

Also, it’s been broadcasted on some bars and restaurants, as well as Walmart.


Its Wings from Birdy, I guess.


Been looking for a song I heard on Spotify I think. Been KILLING me trying to find it.
Goes something like "Why do we run when there's nowhere to hide. When Its all said and done, we've both said our goodbyes."
and the chorus is "Why can't I, why can't I breathe."


A male voice, not along of background instruments. Quiet and sober sounding.
"Why do we run when there's nowhere to hide. its all said and done, we've both said our goodbyes."
Chorus is "Why can't I- Why can't I breathe." and breathe is drawn out thats all I remember its really bugging me to find this song.
(Repost added email)

thomas ching

all this time i've been praying that i'll be your girl
you been with someone else
you smiling everyday, with someone you love
this is all the lyric that i can remember from the song. its a sad love song. please help me find this song <3

American Dreamer

You can find it on youtube. The video called [Cover] Em Gái Mưa - Rainy Girl (English Version)


I'm looking for a song by a female, I THINK it's Ellie Goulding but I could be wrong but the voice is similar, all I can think of is just before the chorus it goes "I just want to feel alive..." and that's all I got!

Ben Hernandez

I’m looking for a song
It goes like this “she want my love when it’s overdue”
“Taking a chance but it’s all for you”
Pls someone find this song

McKay Higley

I’m looking for a song that says something along the lines of “baby it’s true” or “maybe it’s you” then it says “here we go again” or something alike and it is sung in a high pitched male voice that sounds a lot like joji. Sorry for the vague description but it’s all I got.


Hey, I can't get this song out of my head. I remember it from about 10 years ago. I cant find it anywhere with these lyrics! Anyone?
"I will walk, while you, you will run.
I'm tired but I will go on, cos I would do anything, to just make it right"


I can't remember the song, but the lyrics go like: "we'll always find you ....... It's a hard situation and I need to let it go ..... we belive in stars" (???). It' a pop song by a female singer.

shane cruz

I'm looking for this song the first part start with similar bee gees singing staying alive kinda voice feminine but a guys voice fastly singing,then comes the normal voice saying a part like "there is a hole in my heart...."its more like a 80s soft rock/adult contemporary song. can anyone identify this song.


I'm trying to find this song some of the lyrics:
I found love, for real love
Let this be,the real thing
Tell me now, what's on your mind,
Whisper soft to me, that you want me
There's magic in your fingertips, that's magic when we kiss
I can be myself with you, cause me now I insist
Make me yours, just take me now
I'm helpless to resist, got me so invested in this thing


Hi Im looking for a song and all i can remember is ohh we can
anyone know it


Do anyone know this song it was in an ad., it's tune was da,da dadadada-da, MY WHOLE LIFE. It was a quite cheerful song(maybe jazz) and sang by a white male.


I am looking for a song that goes like dada,dadadada-dun, MY WHOLE LIFE


Looking for a song I heard somewhere in a video on YouTube but can't find it. It's sung by a female and the lyrics are like

Never loved being lost/felt like this
I just wanna live inside your cares
I know every controls of your mouth
Until it leaves me no way out
I'm hallucinated
So high....
Can anyone help me with finding the name of the song and singer as well?


Looking for a song it’s female singer. Lyrics can be ‘what did you tell me tell me one more time (hook) ‘i hate speak’ ‘you love yourself’


I'm looking for a song that has a male voice that has a higher range, its kind of EDM sounding with lyrics that go, "call me, hear me, feel me" those are the ones that stick out in my mind. Please help! I can't find it anywhere.

Josh Avery

Hey everyone, trying to find a song, with the chorus that says "one thin love is in your eyes." One thin love is all I see is also in it. Can you help?

Divine Sugano

im looking for the song title, which the lyrics goes a bit like

"hey its nice you meet you ,its been may
sorry if i say a little bit straight (i think)
its just that ive been waiting for to come

hey would you mind it if i stay
and talk about the things"

its played with the accompaniment of a Ukulele


Looking for a song that seems like metal or rock, it does not seem fully english.

Some lyrics from a fragment I listened: *some foreign language* AHA, we used to say, 'the world are glad'(huh, not certain really, but something like this), a little thrust(or trust)...


Hey I'm looking for a song I heard while in a Hot Topic the other day. The lyrics went something like "I've been talking to myself, I think I need some help" and the band sounded like a pop punk band (similar sound to State Champs)

Jk hgf

Looking for a song that has a similar beat to taste by Tyga but the rap flow is very staccato.


im looking for a song that goes "your a bubble butted barnacle boy..."


Looking for a song as a soundtrack in Canal Street movie with lyrics below.
Help me to find the right words to say
I just want to fly with healing stars
Too many battles no strength to fight


I'm looking for a song that goes "you and i love to lie anything to survive" and it's Clare Siobhan intro music from Realm of Magic series on youtube
I can't find it anywhere, please someone help

Illy Queen

Im looking for a song ,sang by a guy that the chorus goes like this."girl i meant to be lonely,see that im sorry"
Please help me i can't het it out of my head


the first words are "say it to me" its a sad song that i think was in a movie?


it's sung by a female

Frank bc

Song from the 70s?
The other day / I fell in love
I met a girl, she is so lovely
Maria is her name
I saw the stars / shine in her eyes
And I kissed her
She is the taste of sweet wild honey
A free and ...... girl
Oo-ooo-oh, I fell in love with her

These lyrics are pretty close.
I've searched and searched....nothing.


Hi, I am looking for a song that has a modern piano beat background and keep going and the lyrics start like this:
 "baby please just take slow..." thats the only part I know.


Looking for a song with these lyrics somewhere in it, not 100% sure they're right, it's sung by a male.

When you get that feeling (get that feeling)
That your leaving (that your leaving)
Such a magic girl, mysterious
mysterious wondrous



I am looking for a songs with lyrics 'just love me baby, love me who i am..' i hear it on ads for movie these days. :))


Looking for a song from PewDiePie's video (Forbidden Memes)
And then there was a meme from minecraft "when youe gf texts goodnight at 6:30 pm"
And the song goes like this:
/Baby, please just take it slow./


Im looking for a song it sounded kind of green day-esk something about someones rise to fame through probably music and how they didn't need the other person. Its a male singer, singing to a girl i think. There’s some lyric about if she follows in his path/road he hope she fails or something? Im not really sure.


Hi I'm looking for a trance/house song that I heard a good few years ago the only words I remember are "love is gone aaaha aaaha ah ah " female vocals I hope someone knows what I'm talking about I can hear it so clearly in my head I need to find this song


i cant find this song that played yesterday on jewel 98.5, it was a duet where there a girl was singing most of the song and one of the lyrics was "i don't remember saying that i'll ever leave you all alone" or something like that and she and a man sang "don't give up" and it was similar to time after time by cyndi lauper but i can't find it anywhere!


Hey guys im looking for a song that goes with....i can feel it trimming through my body i nearly burned into my veins nobody done what you've do to me your lips gives me all the pain.... Something like that please help


Looking for a song by a female artist that had the words 'sweet july' and 'caught you looking at me' repeated several times


I am looking for a song that was popular back in the 80s. It had a MoTown-Esk sound the part I remember sounded something

something something
and--to dream, a dream
a friend/a friend/
we can reach the stars(oooooo aaaah )
And gets to super high notes sudenly.

Marvin Jenkins

I'm looking for a song, it's an old one, around before I was born 1983, I think it might be Disco from the snippet of the beat that I remember, but it sounds like a country singer singing the lyrics, which go, "I am the man, who will come, and steal your heart if he can, Ooooooh I am the man, you know me, I am the man, you show me, show me the way to love you, if you caaaaaaan, for I am the man" can anyone help me out?

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