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I heard this song today on Instagram that says "I'm going to write you my best song if you text me all night long" it was a slow song AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH


Tha make you happy...Long you happy

Marc Azar

Song used as break for a Netroots radio program that I can't reach. Show called Irreverent Testimony, Date sat. 3 nov. 2018 19:30 – 21:00 Pacific Time- Los Angeles
Girl singing, voice reminds me of Annie Aslam but not Renaissance at all. More like grunge 90s, 2000s . Not sure. Lyrics hard to decipher, need headphone, lots of reverb and effects and noise. Goes something like the following:

".... a perfect afternoon ... the same old movie scenes ... reality never to be the same, never to call my name, never to be held again? ...".

I believe the same group is used for the end of the radio program in question also.


I was in the H&M and i heard this one song but couldnt find it. The lyrics “you told me to be happy everyday you make me feel special you make me crazy that i could fall in love someone like you”. Its a female who sings it. Please help me!


Okay so I'm having a hard time finding a song I heard on the radio where a main line of the chorus said something like "I like being with all kinds of women" or something very similar. It was a country song, possibly old school If anybody knows the name and artist, please let me know!


Could it be
Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Elvin Bishop

I must have been through about a million girls
I'd love 'em then I'd leave 'em alone
I didn't care how much they cried, no sir
Their tears left me cold as a stone


I am trying to get the title of a song that has been in my head all day. It was played on the radio in October and November 1976.

It was about a father reflecting upon himself and his lack of understanding towards his young son.
It was a monologue type song similar to desiderata, not sung.

The only lines I recall from it are

“You were playing with your friends and ruining the garden and I shouted at you, I knew I had humiliated you.
Tonight, while I was watching television you came into the room, why aren’t you in bed yet., you said I only came to say goodnight daddy.
Tonight, while you were sleeping I came into your room and thought what is happening to me, you are coming to me with love, from now on I am going to be the father I should be

My child, my little boy.

Thanks in anticipation.

Rainer Bielefeld

I tried to find a song I heard today in the morning. Sounds a little glooming, piano, woman's voice. Text I remember is "Dancing, dancing, twisting" and "don't look down".
did not find what I am searching vor.
Any ideas?


Need help finding a punk rock song something along the lines of Blink 182. All I can remember is "...I cant really talk about it, duh duh duhhhh" very notable riff and drums


Please help I've been looking for a song that goes like this :
"I want you back but i know it's over now got nothing left but a couple of photos "


I’m trying to know the name of the song on Bella Hadid’s Instagram story but I just can’t make up the words


slow song, the chorus sounds like "dancing in the dark"
and maybe some other rhymes like "heart" and "start"


Maybe Ed Sheeran- Perfect


Has to be Ed Sheeran - Perfect

Noel Magee

I am trying to get the title of a song that has been in my head all day. It was played on the radio in October and November 1976.

It was about a father reflecting upon himself and his lack of understanding towards his young son.
It was a monologue type song similar to desiderata, not sung.

The only lines I recall from it are

“You were playing with your friends and ruining the garden and I shouted at you, I knew I had humiliated you.
Tonight, while I was watching television you came into the room, why aren’t you in bed yet., you said I only came to say goodnight daddy.
Tonight, while you were sleeping I came into your room and thought what is happening to me, you are coming to me with love, from now on I am going to be the father I should be

My child, my little boy.


I’m trying to locate an R&B artist that sounds like Ledisi or Syleena Johnson with the hook in the song “At All” but doesn’t have the tittle this song I heard was played on Pandora.

Samantha Brown

There’s a song and it has these are my people these are my friends during an almost solo portion of the song. It’s more pop/alternative.

bridgette rose

it’s broken by lovelytheband

Brett V

I'm trying to find this song, I saw it in a restaurant, so I couldn't exactly make out the words, all I know is that the music video is all the little symbols and lights from street lights and walk lights (like the little men on walk lights, or just the circles and arrows in street lights) come to life and come out of the their boxes. They then meet up in some sort of tunnel and just have a rave.


Not sure of the song, but it sounds like it was from the movie boxtrolls, you could check the soundtrack


I'm lookin 4 a song i geard once. Ths guy is driving and tje phone rings he answers apparently its his x gilrlfriend who is now married the lyrics i knw say' hello i can't believe you called after so long'


Are you thinking about Hello by Adele?


guys i’m trying to find this song for months now 🙁 it was sang by a woman ..ive heard it on tv for the series The Heart Guy (doctor doctor) goes like this...

Give me give me all of your kisses
Sugar sugar sweet thing
Candy candy

😞please help 🙂


Possibly “save your kisses for me”


Oh, I will :o


Hi! I have this song stucked inside my head but i forgot the title.
The lyrics is; are you for real? Holding me down.. i bought whatever..
Someting like that, and its a girl singing.


Looking for a song that is rock and the only lyrics I remember are “123 GO!! You gotta see my mind” but I’m actually not sure if he says see that

Jud Süß

Looking for a song I heard a year ago in a german store. The singer was kinda young from the voice about 25 - 30, if I'd guess. I recorded the lyrics and what I got is "You gotta give me back my morning twister?" "Give me back in time" "(Something, something) her face right up and she sees mine". Anybody knows it? Shazamed it and googled everything, but never found anything, could be either unknown or very unpopular from his time.


I am looking for a song I heard while I was out. I knew it because I was singing along but I can only remember the gist of a few words. I basically have what the two lines say but I don't think I have them exactly. I also know it was a throwback to probably like 90s-00s.

You'd be coming home with me tonight if you didn't already have a man.

Autumn Steinmetz

"Who's going home with you to tonight" by Hoobastank, maybe.


yooo someone help me find this song, i heard it on the radio and i could make out some words,, it goes "making all this money missing you, "baby just me and you all night"

Owen Rogers

Need helping finding a song that has the lyrics “then your life comes crumbling buh buh bum bum”

Andrey Chaliy

Please help to identify the song. All the lyrics I remember are: "Every man is a man until he hurts a woman"


Could it be a case of misheard lyrics, where this is actually “Have you ever really loved a woman”?


Quite a slow track. Lyrics I'm quoting aren't accurate, just what it sounded like.

Deeper man's voice repeating "where is my heart" and then "where is my soul", and a higher pitched woman's voice singing "keeeeep falling on" repeatedly. Think those are the only lyrics.



Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad


Spot on. Thank you so much


Something like a tropical house song, lady goes “but you can’t stop the rain from falling/pouring down” followed by the chorus melody breakdown - definitely recent, should not be more than 5 years old and more likely from 2016-2018

**** I found it just before posting this!! But thought I should leave the answer here just in case anyone else somehow gets perplexed by it like me - it’s called Call On Me by Starley

Another is a 90’s/00’s trance song with a female voice going “la, la la la la la la, la la la la la” - it’s not Di Da Di or All Around the World or Gypsy Woman. More dreamy. And no it’s not Sam Smith and Naughty Boy’s song.


Also for real can anyone please identify The Drama Savage’s outro song on YouTube? It sounds something like “we can fly/fall forever” in a deep male voice that then becomes a high pitched female voice, electro style


Akon I hear you I've heard that song countless times Like so electro but I've forgotten the title to.


I am looking for a slow and sad Rock or Metal Song. Sorry, I just know a few Words...and the may be not even right. Its just what I have heard. ;-) It sounded like:" Come down to the Carnival tonight, everybody gathers in the light." Next words I remember is: " I tried to build a shelter because of all the times I've seen the weather change " The Story goes like, this guy dont trust in sunshine , because the weather always changes. I would be really grateful if someone could help me! Thanx a lot :-)


I heard this song ages ago but can't remeber who sung it but I thought it was Meatloaf but I fon't think it is? Anyway, cant remember exactly how it goes but itnwas something to do with an angel in white standing in the door way and I think something along the lines of heaven can wait? That is all I can remember from it.


I think the song title was Step(s) and the singer I guess Mya, I couldn't find it searching ... what attracts me about the music video is that girl goes a nice twist dancing, at about two third of the track she does step, step, tap dancing, up and down stairs along with throwing of stick or umbrella. Is that another person another title?


Sounds like My Love is Like...Wo by Mya


classical i was seen in the tv arabic the man and the woman sing . white arplane fly. i cry when heared sing. very slow soul music. can find help. thank please


Learned this song in school a few years ago, but i only remember some snippets. I know it went "syncopate. concentrate / miss a beat, its too late / that's how you do the raaaaaaag / it's gettin' raggy, raggy tag taggy / doin the modern time raaaaag


Can anyone find this song's a male singer , he sings on top of the mountains and down the moutain there's a sea....the song go like this"like a morning sun, your light is so bright(so bright)" plz


"lika a morning sun your light is so bright( so bright) can anyone find the song's a male singer on the video he is standing on top of the mountain and down the mountain there's a sea


I am looking for a song that I can not to take out the melody of my head. The lyric would be " I am living like that....... My lady" My sister told me that sounds like "soul music" but I did not was alive when that kind of music existed.


I heard this song on 101.7 about half an hour ago. the singer is female and no results came up when I searched the lyrics:'t%20real%20things%20neither%20are%20your%20feelings%20there%20is%20no%20god%20the%20only%20thing%20real%20to%20me%20you're%20a%20big%20big%20man%20with

"your thoughts aren't real things
neither are your feelings
there is no God
the only thing real to me
you're a big big man
with big big expectations
and big big plans"

Sandy and Squidward


celleste B

WHat is the song where it goes to you-u-u-u you-u-u-u you-uuu

Grace H

calvin harris-this is what you came for?


Need help with such depressive song, i remember few phrases like ''snow start falling to cover up the things that i have done", "waiting for a house to burn down", "mama will you please understand" and "pushing pushin pushin to see who breaks first", "i broke/woke up in the atmosphere". And i remember album picture like snowy forest etc. Its mb kinda underground song cause ive looked everywhere and stil nothing


I only know one line out of this song but it says "I'm so used to being yours" or "I'm just so used to being yours" and I think I heard it on a country station but I wrote down that lyric only and I need help ;(


Looking for a song that I heard in a new look store. It was by a band that had an alternative sound. One of the lyrics that jumped out was “while you’re kissing my leg” something like that. Hope someone can help as it was quite a different song. Thanks :)

Johnny Smith

I was looking for a baby in the darkness I stumbled upon her and kissed her nuger.

That's all I remember from the song please HELP ME


hi i am searching a song with the lyrics like this;
just because you are still on myscreenphone
just becasue my lips still say your name in my sleep
..... doent mean that i still love you

Bubs and Tonny

I need help to find dis song please help

Sexy Romeo with a X

Please Please help me find this song, peeps, It goes like thiss.

Yo, need you to undastand me daddy, I ain't yo average babygurl, doin it dawg, I'm well established, I ain't tryin ta lead ya on, I just wanna ask ya if ya might wanna gimme yo name its on your status, ya know I seen you time to time, you seem available, that don't mean shit, all these bitches wanna settle you,

Jasmine Kookarrahala from Beirut

Greetings everyone,
I need help to find this song, I'm afraid I don't know what it's called But I do know most of the lyrics.
 I've searched all over the internet I believe you can help me, please
Yalla! SMALLA! Fatimaaaaaaaaaaa!
Yalla! SMALLA!
Yalla! SMALLA!
Yalla! SMALLA! Fatimaaaaaaaaaaa!


Tried EVERY single lyric site but can't find the old R&B song, female artist singing " Yes it feel so good to know you're always there when I need you Yes it feels so good to know you're always here by my side. You warm my heart up deep down inside.... You take my heart to paradise, to you at dedicate my life"

You've got to go way back to the late 80's I believe

Keren mejia

Lol anonymous


Im looking for a song i heard on the show "the middle" it was in s06e10 when axl is trying to get devin to date him. It goes somehow like "i have seen it all before, thats what i said". I think its pretty famous bc i know i have heard it before. Can you help?

Katy fairy

I think hats Taylor swift in the middle of the night,


Hi guys ! I’m looking for a rock song, it starts with « pa palalala pa palalala » then the lyrics begin with « I can’t see it it your eyes ». The chorus is just « I won’t let you, I won’t let you down agaaaiiiiiiin ». I can’t give more informations i don’t understand the lyrics well...

It sounds like a 90’s song

Thank you !

black jack

don't let me down chainshmokas
thats the song ur looking for


No sorry it’s not


Hey everyone:)

I’m looking desperately after a song
It might be published around 2005-2010
It’s an RnB song

The lyrics goes like this:

You know i die for you girl I cry for you
What ever it takes .....
.....Cause my love is here to stay, (stay, stay)
I’ll never leave you .... something like that 😅



Hi, Ortega93 was this sung by a man or a woman?


Hi Grace,
By a Man :)


I heard that soul song like from 70x or 80x was playing today on Snoop Doggs IG and lyrics were

cause i'm afraid of truth you can love me in the morning everything gonna be alright you don't have to give...

Please let me know what it is
Thank you


Has anyone heard the following lyrics? The chorus goes something like:

I hear your body calling, calling my name
Who needs phones? Who needs phones?
I hear your body calling, calling for me
Who needs phones? Who needs phones?

Major thanks to anyone that knows the name of th song!

Romona Rasha

I am trying ( no not trying for a baby) no I'm trying to find a song that acutely sounds similar to the one your looking for anonymous, but I can't seem to remember the lyrics, but it sounds like Kanye west, this is all I remember,
Your body wants me
Your body wants me
Who says you can't have two men (or something like that)
That's right I know
That's right I know bitch
Yep that's all I remember,
I hope it helps or relates to the song ur trying to find, or maybe we're even trying to find the same song.


Sorry, not even close. If it helps, the song has a bit of a tribal beat and has some other lyrics like "I'll take you to the promise land" and "Follow my lead".

lucy am

hey i'm looking for a song they used to play at H&M in early 2018 that's like 'you gave me 100, it feels like a million, is this how we found it, like innocent children?' and then something like 'we won't get our time back- but i'm all in' thanks x

Your full name

HELP! I don't know the name or singer of the song....and I only know ONE line!!! The line is, we're just friends...gotta tell ya about happiness!


Could it be “friends” by Anne Marie?


The song is from the late 70s or early 80s...lots of synth and the female voice was very raspy like Donna Summer ...couldn’t hear the entire lyric but it contained something like ‘fun figure ...I’m coming ..wanna walk with her’ . Major appreciation for anyone who can find the song

Craig Robertson

im looking for a song that starts with:
So what if i break,
Would you make me whole again?
Learning from mistakes,
We could rise above ourselves,
So let it all keep floating down the stream,
The flow in my veins,
Will always try to reach for you,
Open the sky,
Its in your hands,
Remember the secrets,
And your soul mend,
We are magical so magical
Our weight in gold,
And we would never grow old.

can someone please help me ive had this stuck in my head for the past 3 days cant find the full song anywhere shazam and sound hound are not working and google hasnt given me any results either :(


I heared this Song between 1999 and 2003 but maybe it is oder.
Sung by a man:

Girl, want you sacrifice The Love that i give to you. On my knees i beg you to stay let me be your man.

If you leave without a warning
i'll be lost without your love

If you stay until dawn... Breaks my heart in two
..... Flying high above...
Fall in love with you...

Please help me find this Song. :)

Andrew Martinez

Hi. I am looking to find out who sings this song from the 80s that the chorus goes like this:
are you crying,
are you crying,
are you crying for me.

Those all the words I can remember from the song. I can hear it in my head and It is a male voice and progressive rock. I am not sure if it's a band or just a singer but from the 80s, and I'm pretty sure it is a band. The words could be crying, lying or trying in the chorus but pretty sure it is crying. I have tried googling it so many ways and times with no luck. I hope you have better luck than me. Thanks.


I'm trying to find a song and the lyrics goes:
She bought herself worth at the fine-and-dine?,
Perfection is on sale for a limited time,
She likes it sugar with a salt kiss,
But it doesn't cover up the misery inside,
She'd rather just go on and live a life,
But did you ever think about it,
Yeah did it ever float across your empty mind,
Did you ever think about it,
Yeah did your motors have a stop to take a turn,
We see the world through _____,
Yeah did you ever think about it,
Yeah did it ever cross your mind...

nugur the dog

woof! woof! you know a lot of lyrics, it surprises me you haven't found the song your looking for

Matt Jay

Song goes. What am I to do to pass the time, am I a prisoner of mankind, I know I’m left here on my own, know one to have know one to hold. Woah woah.... oh what am I to do... what am I to do... “ cant find anywhere all I remember is the singer sounded like ozzy I believe.


matty jay, hi it's me, i think i know what the song is, i think your song you looking for is called Climax?


hi matty jay, I can offer lyrics which I feel is similar to the song you're looking for
I'm left alone
alone is where I'm left
I am no party animal
you cheated
gurl, you cheated


I was at Universal the other day and a song was was a female singer. sounded fairly modern and a violin playing in the background. a bit poppy sounding. I should have used soundcloud for it but i didnt and i thought i kept hearing her say either "sunk into your eyes" or "song into your eyes" so i jotted those lyrics was a catchy song and wanted to find a good techno remix for it. And i now cant find that song anywhere...does this seem familiar to anyone?


Made me think of the song Fall in Love by Phantogram.


Fall in Love by Phantogram?

Claudia C.

I honestly give up!! I spent literally years searching for this song but to no avail. It's basically about a white guy who cant find this girl and goes round the city pasting missing pictures of her but suddenly she appears in front of him but he somehow cant see her! Like he can see everything else but her! It's a very sad video and I heard the song when I was a kid and I've been searching ever since.

If anyone manages to find this song, I'll seriously be so so grateful.


Is it the man who can't be moved by the script?

Claudia C.

Nope, it isn't:( thank you anyway though. I don't think anyone can find it

black jack

Hi Claud its black jack from Black Street, yeah i think the song you're looking for is called gangsters paradise.

Robin N.

Hi. I can’t find this song. I don’t remember the exact lyrics but it was a female singer and the song followed a story.
Roughly, this woman’s husband(?) was heating voices, at one point she comments that the neighbours can hear too and that she can hear things too, and in the end he took his meds with too much whiskey and died in his sleep next to her, and her voice cracks about this.
Only lyrics I remember are sort of like: “he’s talking to himself again, and I can hear it too” and “he took his [meds] with too much whiskey, oh god why [couldnt I tell]” or something like that.

Reyansh ishna,

Nice Song?
But I think it might be 'Sorry' Justin Bieber

sharma mama durr-ake

hello son, i tink i know, some lyrics dat sound same,
he talks to himself at night
he wants to touch my fight
we try to make funk tonight
I can hear it too.

Robin N.

Yeah that sounds really like it! But I still can’t find it. Any idea what it’s called ?

Katie Sander

There's this song about a woman who is talking about her new place/apartment and how shes getting used to it but then reminiscing about her ex lover. She misses him but its over and shes trying to move on blah blah. Its a soft and pretty song, obviously female singer. I heard it on a 80's 90's and today's hits radio station if that helps. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me.

Bill Spencer

Katie, I'm not to sure what song your looking for so I asked Thorn and he was like Ridge wants to kill me, and I was like I tried to reason, so then I asked Brooke and she was like the song you're looking for is called "pretty" but I'm not too sure Katy. best of luck.


What is the song used in the God Friended Me episodes 2 - Good Samaritan Promo/Trailer. I think I can hear: Used to be a world of Gods and Kings. but I could be wrong


I’ve been constantly trying to find a song that I don’t even remember the lyrics to nor artist. The song was contradictory like she wanted him to stay but leave. I know it’s not Demi Lavato’s “I Hate You, Dont Leave Me.” The first place I heard the song was when she preformed it on what of the late night shows and that was back in about 2013. I know that she’s not a super mainstream artist. Any help would be great. I’ve been relentlessly trying to find it.


I look a song and is like this:
Somebody watch you around don't pretty things get always make to dance in a club someone pick the phone....


hi, Lola, this is lala, I sing for the kids, I don't know if this song is similar but here are the lyrics
pretty things dance in the bar
I say pretty things dance in the bar
now she's on top of the bar,
now she's on the bar
dancing on top of the bar
until, until, until
she fries!
hope thus helps

Jonah Murray

Looking for an old song R&B I think black guy saying something like "Oh baby oh baby now this is too much" and then I think the chorus goes "ill always be your baby" and it sounds like children singing this part.

Joey James

Song I hear in a shop I go in but can’t find it anywhere.
Male singer comes with something like these lyrics...

Under the moonlit sky
Ohhh and now I see it all, I see it your soul.
Ohhh oh I feel it in my bones
We used to have it all ohh ohhh yeah and now we have it all.
Let’s just stay up all night
I’m sailing in the sunset baby yeah yeah

CJ Resurreccion

Hey I need a song and I can't find it on this website. The song has a lady in a red dress singing in a church of some kind, singing about a sailor boy and a boat built for two. Any help?


Recently I heard a song in a Applebee's but i couldn't seem to shazam the song. I heard one line of the song which i think was
"falling down running (I?) couldn't even get up if I tried"
It had a heavy electronic sound and the voices had the same electronic sound. I can't seem to find the song with these lyrics. Does anyone here know the song I am looking for?


I heard this song at work. It's a pop song and the guy sings something in a higher key and I think it's like

I want to feel something tonight
Don't want to lose myself tonight

Or something similar but the tonight part is drawn out. It's been driving me crazy.

Ali Raza

I am looking for a song from the movie "A sister's secret". Lyrics are like "Break, i need a break, mistakes, i make mistakes, blame, i blame myself, strange i feel so strange, take me away from here". Please help me finding it.


Hey I'm looking for a song sung by a femal black singer where in the MV there is a couple dancing. The MV is in black&white. The title is something like dancing till the break of dawn oder dancing in the Night... Please help me find the song

black moma

That's what I mean, good on that black women, I think the song you want to find is called true colors, my sonny loves the trolls too, I'm like Sonny get dem heck out of mommas house if you're going to watch white movies.


I'm looking for a song sung by a female white singer. The title is something like heart in your hand. Lyric are like "you had my heart in you hand"
Thanks for the help


Could it be Rolling in the Deep by Adele?


No it's from a Artist who is not really know - Thanks anyways

Kristan Jane

All I can think of is 'Rolling in the deep' by Adele. Sorry if this isn't what you're looking for.


No it's not - thanks anyways

Black Moma

Have you watched the music video because if so describe it, so Black moma can help yau'll,


This song stock in my head, it is a rock song, i only remember so parts: so please (long) please save me(i think) now please (long) please save me ***music ** You stole my heart and you never let back (& you never let it back)background voice -not sure from the end- and The rivers (not sure)in my heart......


Im looking for a song that goes " so if you want my heart and soul then im gonna give you all " and then chorus goes to "let me light your fire" x3. I'am seriously going insine over this song. Pleaseeeee help me!! I really really like it.

Bob Pancake

I have been looking for this ridiculous 90's or something song, and could never find it. It has bits like "A eeeee aye, ______ (something that's 6 syllables) a eeeee aye, _____(and something I think is 5 syllables)
There's another part that goes something like; "You make me feel, better, better," and that's all I remember. Please help! It's been stuck in my head for days!

Kristan Jane

I think I know what song you're talking about, unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember who it's by or what the name is. Sorry...

Amelie Gewdolwen Fruhling

I like the song I went to a concret and I heard it and I started to humm it


I am looking for the title and lady singer of this Christmas song: Here we are, arms around each other The quiet scene Pretty lights all over Snow is falling, and everyone is here tonight It's a merry Christmas All the bells are ringing. Heard at movie On the twelfth day of Christmas (minute 1:18:30 watchable in youtube)

Chuck V.

I'm looking for the title of a song that was often on the radio during the summer of a few years ago (I'd say 2010+)
The chorus had the word smile in it, as in "all you/I need is to smile..." or something like that. Sang by a blonde woman, I remember her in the music video holding a megaphone.


Can someone help me with the song ... iam getting it ... the lyrics is something like .." i know u want me , u cant deny it ".......and then ... "i know u faking but iam too " ..... then its like ... 'iam looking like came from heaven , yeah yeah yeah' .... iam so much addicted to this song ... plz find it


Plz help me .. iam so much addicted to this song .. i know few of the lines and it goes like this ..."i know u want me , u cant deny it " .... and then ... "i know u faking but iam too , nobody is stopping ... then. " iam looking like came from heaven , yeah yeah yeah " .... singer is male.


I can't find this song I heard maybe 5 years ago. If I remember right, the music video starts with four women driving down the road in some sort of small convertible. They stop in front of a house and when they walk in, there's two or three men standing side by side and the middle one is playing a saxophone. The song title might have been something related to saxophones. Please help, I've been searching for years now!


I've been looking for years for this song from maybe 2010-2014, it's one of those dance hits. The music video starts with four women driving down the street in some sort of small convertible. They stop at a house and walk in, and there's two or three men and one of them is playing a saxophone.

The song title might have been something about saxophones...

The music video is very colourful. Could anyone help me?

Miss Natalie

I Love Sax I think the song could be "Dance" By laddy gargar


I've been looking for years for this song from maybe 2010-2014, it's one of those dance hits. The music video starts with four women driving down the street in some sort of small convertible. They stop at a house and walk in, and there's two or three men and one of them is playing a saxophone.

The song title might have been something about saxophones...

The music video is very colourful. Could anyone help me?

Kristan Jane

There is a song I heard on the radio a couple years ago and I've never been able to find it. I don't know the artist or the title and I can only roughly remember a small part of the lyrics. It was a soft song sung by a female I think, and the lyrics that I "can remember" are something along the lines of ' turn off the lights on the front porch... hiding under the floorboards'. I really liked this song and It's been bugging me for years that I can't listen to it again. Can anyone help me please??

Lena Chiary

This song drives me crazy, I can not even understand if the singer is a man or a woman ... I'm not english mothertongue and I could only understand some words of the lyric, with these I tried to find the title but I always had negative results
I made a video with this song because more people can listen and help me:
Please, help me!


hi i m seriously looking for a song that lyric is
boy come closer to me. i really need you badly. which was played in movie alex cross.

Chris O

Hey I'm looking for a pretty famous song. I think it's rap, but I can only remember the chorus, in which the singer always shout sth with a high voice, then some words, then he or she shouts again.
In my head it's like "WHAT......WHAT......WHAT"

Aroha SaiLor

Can u be more specific?


Sooo I have been looking for this song since forever. I think it is really old because I know from when I was younger but now I heard it on the radio and ugggh was too late to shazam.. even worse is the fact that I think I know just 1 sentence!! So it says: “It’s burnin like a fire, you only get to try one time!” After that I believe I- I-I- I-I-I-I (ayayayayaya) I reali-i-i-i-ise ............... HELP


I recently heard a song while I was on hold on a call. It was an upbeatish alternative/rockish song.
All I can remember is sit said something about leave you all alone a few repeated times during the chorus followed by a guitar rift.

This has been driving me nuts. Appreciate any leads.

Jenna Miles

Ref is somethig like:
I know what you want i know what you like
Be free be free be free be free that you need
Ooooh take my body take my body


I'm finding a song named killa it goes like "shawty I'm your dealer shawty I'm your dealer , come n get this killa come n get this killa ", I just can't remember the artis tho , help meeeee:(

Scott Bailey

Does this sound like a song you know?
We recently met, she’s got old feelings for someone else and wants time to heal, but we’re clearly into each other...
What song does this sound like??
Thank you!!

Please help me!

Does anyone know what the new channel 10 theme song is that they play in a lot of the program ads? Shazam doesn't work as there is always talking through it. Female singing, the only lyrics I could catch were 'feels like home'. Very upbeat song.

Theresa May

Hi, I recently heard a song with these lyrics: the colour in the paint is brought to life, the world is something more than black and white and broken. My friend says it's an Alex G song but I can't find it anywhere. Appreciate any help.

Pauline Grillet

hey i'm trying to find the name and artist of a song, i think i can remember the lyrics :

oh my god what have i done
wasting my life, i forgot have it all
sorry if i was angry sorry if i am
it was nice to meet you
nice to meet if we..

in the video clip the start is all in reverse, a piano is on fire and a guy is playing the piano , and there is a cliff
thank you if you can find it !


Guys, what's the song on the google pixel ad about Nashville Hotels that go "rolling with my friends, nights that never end, what a day"?


The Night That Never End - The Cat Empire


RNB song, chorus had: ''still lovin' you'' repeated several times with more lyrics sang over it.

Vocal was extremely similar to Always Never and The Weekend, but I can't find it...

Marieke Hermsen

Im searching for a song that I listened to years ago, but now i can't remember how it went. There was an acoustic version of the girl singing it on Youtube. It was a very angry song about her still loving, and also hating, a guy. She misses him and hates herself for it, or something like that? She had a veryyyy raw voice, with a lot of cracks and that kind of stuff. Some lyrics I can kind of remember:''I fucking hate that I miss/love you so much''. She basically starting crying in that video. I anyone could help, thanks, cause it's really bothering me that I can't remember.


I am looking for song that I heard in the radio was lady singing " I am down hold my love I shout down , let me hold " can any one help?


okay hi guys, there is this one song that I hear in different dance classes that is really catchy, and I cant find it! ive asked everyone I know and its driving me insane like close to tears. all I remember is that it goes: "I need you now" and this beat drop. its a very dance-y track with a fast beat and its all I have. ive tried midomi, soundhound, EVERYTHING.

Please help if you can!!!!! xx


Well, I've tried searching lyrics and got nowhere, leaving to much frustration and concluding that your site isn't great.

Nevertheless, I am searching for a song I heard in the documentary "The Working Poor and Homeless in the USA" (which plays at about 37:49)and I've tried searching lyrics but got nowhere.

Another song I tried searching for was one I heard on the radio back in 2008/009ish and it had the lyric "but she loves someone else" followed by some kind of drum solo. NO, it's not the song by Sting, especially since the tempo was lively, not slow.


Do you know what song is that Kim Kardashian was singing with her sister in a concert yesterday? It was something like this: to make you love me and the first day I try


Hi guys I’m looking for a song at the end of this YouTube video it goes baby tell me tell me tell me what have I done by a female singer any info would be great

Markéta Bereznaninová

Hello, I need a huge help. I heard a music video on Instagram, but I was stupid and I forgot to look, what's the song's name. It was nightcore (=anime) girl voice. She was singing:... You-u-u-u... And that's what I understanded. Please help me....If I don't know the song's name, it will be chasing me all night long...💔😫

Angelique Harutunyan

Guys i'm going CRAZY!!!!! I heard this song one day on my Spotify and it played on those app made playlists that change everyday. I didn't know that it would he gone the next day so I left it and didn't add it to my playlist! It's a rock song and it's in between a couple of bands. I think it's either Oasis, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Weezer, Led Zeppelin, Linkin park, Green Day, I have no idea! I'm going mad!!!!! I vaguely remember these two lines, they are probably not exactly the same but it's similar, my memory might have changed it a bit. I remember a line saying "I like your shoes" and another saying "I like your friends" it might even be some other band or artist, I have no idea. Please help, PLEASE

Elmer Rodriguez

can someone please tell me what the name of this song


Hey, I remember one song that had a music video of children shooting toilet paper all over people's houses and chorus went like "honey I need you". I don't really remember more. Please help.


Hello, I'm looking for a song with the following characterics:
1. Electronic
2. 2015/14 up
3. It starts as if the sound (including the voice repeating the lyric) is coming out of a box.
Any one remebers? I'm going nuts thinking about this.


Hello pls find this song
1. I heard 2-3years ago
2. Male singer
3. Troopical house or edm song
4. Maybe Lyrics is "you gotta Saturday night ~you got a ~ Um↘️Da↗️Umm↘️Da↗️Ohhh!!!"


Im looking for a song that I can't find ANYWHERE. I haven't listened to it in a while but yesterday it just was stuck in my head for some reason. I know I originally heard it on spotify, and I could have sworn I saved it, but now I can't find it anywhere. I've looked up the lyrics and possible titles based on the lyrics, but it never comes up. No one I talk to has heard it either, but I pretty much have the whole chorus stuck in my head, some of the lyrics might be wrong though. It's sung by a guy and these are the lyrics that I remember:
Every single tear that you have been afraid to show,
They now may finally start to flow,
But now we're worlds apart,
You've made another start,
I wish to do the same,
But I'm held back by my heart,
Until we meet again

If you can think of anything, that'd be great, thanks.


help me find this song please,,,what i am supposed to do lots of feeling missing you stay the long long time without you in the back of mine i see you all the time

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