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I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics.

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Does anyone know a song that has the lyrics "My obsession" and then it cuts to some... instrumental bit? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I really want to listen to the full song


Most likely "Obsession" by Animotion. It's actually a cover but was the more popular version. It's been used in quite a few commercials and on GTA Vice City radio.

Amora Elyse

it goes something like, "sky so (?) and they don't resist so, she threw her hand out on me dancing like how music plays, she her head out but love i all i can give to you ooh, baby I (?) the answer I don't have.." pls help me find it pls

Luke Maher

Hi really need help finding a drill song it goes something like “do no harm, came from a farm” something kike that sorry it’s not much hahah


im looking for a sing but dont know much. might be xxx or juice wrld, female background vocal: our people are trying to find happiness, they are looking for it .... happiness is something that you are


which every thing I pray come baby show me, there is a voice of shaggy and a lady

Elias Fredriksson

Looking for a remix of died in your arms tonight with cutting crew, but it is a girl singing and the "drop" is nothing line the original melody. It has a club/festival feeling to it

Emmanuel Yekwe

Am looking for the singer of this song (The word of God is potent
It’s the truth
Whatever it says you are that’s who you are
If u declare it in faith you will transform ur gonna change into another man
Into a champion.....
I’m invincible, indestructible
I was made in ur image oh God
More than a conqueror that is who I am
I am a champion yeah)..
Please help please


Does anyone know that song where its like "don't! blame! me! you can't do shit with a liberal arts degree"?


Hey I'm looking for a song about an Angelina. Woman singer and it goes like
"Hey Angelina Angelina love...
Don't you worry Angelie just hold on...
Never lose your smile again
You can always count on me"

Can anyone please help?


PLS HELP ME i heard this song on the radio it sounded like a 2010-2016 pop rnb?? song, like along the genre of chris brown, drake, jay sean, jason derulo. the chorus had the lyrics "smth smth down" then it was followed by "smth smth follow". It sounded like a song you could play in a party or celebration, like the song "2012".


Looking for an 80s rock song/ballad
Lyrics are (I think) …too much baaaaby/ can’t fight/ can’t breath, it’s hard to believe….
No fuckin idea what it is but it’s stuck in my head 😂


Love Bites by Def Leppard


🙏🏼 Legend!


Hello, I have heard a song at the television, i have wrote these lyrics (i am not sure of all these lyrics...) :
i'm down...
i am waiting for you
its heights...
can me rise...
so much better, without you...

(It's a woman which sing)

I have tried to search on the Internet but without success !

Many thanks in advance

Diarmuid Kelleher

Looking fir a song from 70's (I think). A romantic ballad with the chorus as I remember it

"Just for you, I do it all just for you
 Just for you, I do it all just for you"

That's as much as I can remember

Nathan Carson

Everything I Do by Bryan Adams


Looking for a 90's house track. Woman singing slowly something like:
food was good, and wine was good, and you know the sex was good.....

Axilleas kritikos

I m looking for a dance song 00's lyrics you makes my dreams come true I wonder why is it in your eyes or is it in my mind


Heelp! I'm looking for a lo-fi artis which released on YoUTube a song called Portland. I remember a picture of this song on youtube - stairs down illuminated by street lamps.

Luis mtz

Does someone know the name of an old Sinatra song that goes like
There’s no way I can deny the magic of you
All i know is i believe on the way you make me feel

Mr Mozza

Looking for an upbeat song with cool non-standard bass line - heard on ANZ hold music!

Main lyrics were youve been gone so long, im losing steam, look at what youre doing.. just bring your body back home...

Any suggestions?


The lyrics you gave matches this song :
Wax - Bridge to your Heart

Kevin Skubal

Looking for brettney black Ford please call Kevin at motel6 in pueblo Colorado rm #229


Hey, I can't find this song.
It's about a princess who runs away from her castle into the dark, scary forest and meets someone who tells her that she'll be safe with them. Also, something about running specifically I think?

(My brain keeps thinking it's "Alone" by Alan Walker for some reason-)


Lily - by Alan Walker (?)


Yes! Thank you😊


HELP! I’m looking for this song. it’s by I believe 3 European women (i think they’re sisters). a band. i cannot remember their name but they make lo-fi/distorted music. the title of the song is in the lyrics but it’s the part of the lyrics I can’t remember.

This is what I can remember:
“I am dancing with this guy just to pretend I’m fine…”

Then the bridge/chorus (not sure the term) goes

“all I’m asking is you to make a move”


Hey guy's please help I'm looking for this old deep house song that I heard on Radio I only remember small parts of the lyrics it's goes like 'All over the world voices call my name asking' that's the first part I remember and second part goes like 'Round and round we go' and that's all I remember and it's has the Blue six time of sound if anyone knows this song please help me out

Nathan Carson

Eiffel 65 - I'm blue


Help me out guys, looking for a song from i believe the 00s, female singer, I'd say pop/dance. The part I remember could be the intro or chorus, but I do recall there's a pause or very quiet music with it, the words are quite soft and slow. I'm sure it was a popular song back in its time, heard it pretty recently too.

The words are probably wrong but it goes like:
"no you, no way
There's nothing that I can say"


hmm could be "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" by Lady Gaga


i'm looking for a country song heard in Walgreens August 2022, its a fast tempo song with lyrics, male vocals
...friday night
...standing in line


Rock Star - Nickleback


ahh grandson i see you master the style of no style well i mastered the style of kung kung fu - dose anyone know the name to this song that line is from the intro

Nathan Forester

Looking for an 1980's song I remember it was basically one that had 'come back in to my life, can't you see i'm right, come back' in it, male band.


Hi I heard this song today and Shazam didn’t find it.
Some lyrics are « My girl is so amazing »
« I can’t wait to kiss/feel her lips »
« I can’t wait till we’re together »

I remember it’s mentioned at some point that she’s so amazing because she rides a motorcycle or something?

The singer sounds like Weird Al


Hi, 80s song. Male singer. He sings about the time he carried your books at school. It's not my eyes adore you. Thanks.


Hi bit of a desperate attempt here but there's an old country song that I just can't find and nowhere seems to know of it's existence.
I remember a few of the lyrics so hopefully someone out there knows what I'm talking about.

"Take me home, take me home. Lord I've been gone for so long. Take me home, take me home. Mommy and daddy are waiting to take me home."
Final Verse
"The years have not been kind,(this part is a guess, the rest I'm pretty sure of) and somewhere I went astray, now in this lonely prison, I'm down to my last day, for they'll strap me in that chair and I'll pay for all my wrongs, while momma and daddy wait outside, to take me home."


Take Me Home by Boxcar Willie!

Nathan Forester

I am looking for the title of a synth song from the early to late 80s, it's by a male band and the style is very much similar to Bronski Beat or OMD or similar bands and I remember parts of the lyrics like 'striking when the iron's hot' 'waiting for your voice to command' 'come back into my life, i need you in my life/can't you see i'm right, come back'. I remember listening to it along while back but don't remember the title, I seem to maybe 'make your choice' being a lyric in the song and I seem to think it was China Crisis singing it


party people Everytime i look into your eyes everything you want my baby we go shake the world korean nananana

Chloe Ellis

Looking for EDM song I heard on the radio.. Just caught the end of it.
Beautiful electronic (cinamatic vibes) and then I heard the lyrics learn to swim before I fly and song gone


Why do we shake in the cold ? - by Elderbrook


Hi, looking for a song,late 90s early 2000s song goes like (you've got everything or we've got everything)it beats and tunes sounds like Janet Jackson's got till it's gone.anybody got a clue?


Hi, does anyone know a song( possibly Korean) about woman wishing her husband would travel/return safely? I remember it being similar to arirang, as it was a very old song


i just want you to know there's nothing i wouldn't do you already know that i love you. does anyone know what this song is i’ve searched the lyrics on youtube but can’t find it, i’m pretty sure it’s a house music/pop song


Sunshine / by Tieks (?)


I'm looking for a song by female rock singer.
It starts with words "Just stay down..."
And in chorus she sings "You're beautiful haaa..."


You are, You are - by The Rocket Summer


OMG thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!
I looked for the song for 6 years!
You are my hero 💙💙💙💙💙


Hi Guys, I need help naming a song from the late 80's Early 90's
Lyrics are:
 she said the flowers need some rain and that's why I have come back again and she said I hate to see you cry so close your eyes and dream of me tonight
It was sung by a woman on Australia's ABC


she said the flowers need some rain and that's why I have come back again and she said I hate to see you cry so close your eyes and dream of me tonight


I am looking for a song that i cant find its name was trip or trippin by some lil raper guy it went like ive been making plays all day and you can say that i am great i am never pushing too much weight it never feels safe i am not trippin am just sippin all the packs


I'm looking for a song by female rock singer.
It starts with "Just stay down..."
In chorus she sing "You're beautiful"


I've been looking for the name of this song for a couple of days. It's a girl with ad-libs and guitar. It sounds Indi, crystal castles vibes almost.

bees knees

Sounds like "Running up that hill (a deal with god)" by Kate Bush


The only lines I remember are
“Feelin good, feeling good, feeling like I should”
“Oh what a feeling”
It’s not Sunday best.


Looking for a 90s type house/ dance song..with the lyrics

 :’’you think you need a little love….be what you want to be’’
 (or need to be )?

Pedro Dominguez

Trying to find the song to these lyrics:

If I wanted to see you I'd have to walk the whole way
And you will never meet half way
And you will never meet me in the middle
And if I wanted to see you I'd have to buy you breakfast
And you would steal my sweater and spill something on it...
But you have a way of reminding me of what I miss
But I don't miss the way my heart feels like it's in my throat
And I don't miss the way you always tear up my clothes
And if you need protection, I need a distraction to...
I need a distraction to completly ignore you


I need help with a song i dont remember muc of the words but i know its a musical or somwwhere close
When i heard it its a womens voice singin
She says something is never what you find or
Something is never what you want i dont remember
But she holds out the never so its like neeeverrr what you
I think shes latina or something around that


Try "Never Enough" by Loren Allred. It's from The Greatest Showman.


Omg ok ok this song has just been on my mind foreverrrr. I need someone to at least tell me the name.

So the song is a Christian song, but more like ballad type. I’m 99% sure the person that sang the song was a black woman. So all I remember is these lyrics.

We are, we are subjects of time and space
We are, we are child that drifted too far
Sometimes we lose and forget just how fragile we are

Please for the love of everything please find me that song 😭


This may not be the song you're looking for but you could try Fragile by Tasha Page-Lockhart .




I am searching for a song with the lyrics „oh i'll face all these things but without you it wouldn't be right“ from legacies 4x10


The song may be called Wouldn't be Right by Anna Schulze , Colyer .. but I wasn't able to find it on YouTube. You may want to Google this in case I missed something: S4E10 The story of my Life - Legacies Soundtrack


can someone help me find a song by “peezy” or featuring him? there’s a lyric that’s like “grab a pyrex jar and put __” it’s been stuck in my head all day


I’m looking for a song it’s an old song but I don’t remember the lyrics the only thing I remember is a woman’s voice saying ahh you love me. But it’s a old rap song.

Megan Pye

Can anyone name this song? It sounded like an old shanty song, at the beginning the man introduces the song stating it’s over 250years old.

It’s well known, a fast song and the in the chorus I’m sure if has three recurring words which are said and then repeated backwards. I.E rum, drum, humb, humb, drum, rum. Something like that. It’s not Wellerman or drunken sailor.

I don’t have much to go in but it’s driving me crazy!

Nathan Carson

Yo, Ho! (A Pirate's Life For Me) is all I can come up with.


help me... I heard this song off a boombox or smth and it sounded electric and had autotune and I remember it saying somewhere in the song "I cant" and Idk what the song is but it sounded like 2000 to 2015 or smth

bees knees

First thing that comes to mind is "I can't stop" by Flux Pavilion (matches your electronic/autotune description and the lyrics)


Sung by a girl most likely 2000s
Goes something like
Not alot of happy and not alot of sad not alot of good and not alot of bad
With a strong beat!! I tried everything helpppppp


Theres like a hiphop/rap song i heard that I think the chorus is like "girl...............ill let you know" and that's all I remember. I've looked EVERYWHERE and I cant find it, PLEASE help me!!!


i‘m looking for a song with a female voice and a pretty club type beat almost like house if I describe it correctly, and the lyrics are „Ba Ba Boy Please Don‘t Call Cause I Wanna Be Alone Now…“
I heard it in the radio in the gym and can‘t find it anywhere

Courtney white

I’m trying to find this old school song it might be 60’s or 70’s but it’s R&B (bare with me I faintly know these lyrics) and it’s goes something like:

————— I wanna let you know just how I feel
It’s been a long time yeaaa
 I —— want to love yaaa
——- for the rest of ma life awww yeaaa

Then the back vocals comes in like
I wannnnt (I WANT TO LOVE!) tooooo loveee

And after that I can’t make out the lyrics in my head lol but throughout the song there’s backup vocals and I believe the main chords is a guitar


I've looked for this song everywhere and all I find are gacha trends? Here are the lyrics I know :
Some fake little kid voice:Mommy are angels flying?
Mom: yeah there flying. Why?
Kid: daddy called nanny an angel. When. Will she. Fly
Mom: in short time
Its a pretty techno-y song automated sounding song and after the lyrics this music part (maybe in another language?) If anybody knows what this song is please reply!


I looked for a few minutes and all I could find where short memes to this song. The techno song you hear in the background is called : In de Ghetto by Crystal Waters if that helps you any.


darling you are, because you leave me stoned for a while, following my mind

Scott Sincavitch

Im trying to find a song that would have been popular in the mid 2010's, alternative-ish, and some of the lyrics are "I can hardly breathe" and "im the hungry shark" and yea, I know. Not much to go on, but I have been looking for like a year now. Any help will be appreciated!


Lydia / by Highly Suspect (?)


so i need help findin a song heres the lyrics it got :

red shooter i squeeze no shake up when we get on yo ass can't shake up

lmk if yall know , its rap


I have in my mind a song from when I was a kid (70s),, where a girl was singing "Honey (then some words I can't remember), Honey (again words unknown), then a longer strings of words ending with "I love you" . Does anyone have an idea of what song can it be?


I'm looking for a song sung by a man. I only know one line: ahh/ohh woman. It is a very calm song and even though the male voicemail is deep, the text is sung high. It is kind of calm house/lofi. Can anyone help me?


Looking for a recent country song that is a guy singing about telling his girlfriend he loved her and then she "switches things up" (not the words but he says something to that cincept) and she asks him how much...the chorus is his response to her...


I'm looking for a song with a male singing voice that goes: "goodbye goodbye goodbye" two times in a row and you can hear a background voice saying "one two" beforehand. It probably would've came out in 2009 or circa the early 2010s


Help! Looking for an old song that starts, every time I walk somewhere, it seems like I don't know ....


I’m looking for a song that kind of goes “love you, and at last it counts, you won’t even need me ohhh love me” it is sung by a woman. It almost echos in the song and had a harmonic tone to the song.


I’m trying to figure out what the song is on the first two minutes or so if this video.


Not completely sure but try " From this Valley" by The Civil Wars


I am looking for a hit pop song somewhere between 2006-2014. Starts with bass getting more and more intense and then before the lyrics start, the singer starts shouting/singing 'ou ou ou ooou ou ou ou ooou ou'. Male voice. Not sure if solo or band.


Radioactive imagine dragons maybe?


Actually I found it. Until June-Sleepless
But thank u anyway!


I am looking for a song which I think has a children's choir on it. The chorus goes "Star of the sea, have mercy on me".
I feel like this was sung by a rock band like The Polyphonic Spree or Flaming Lips but possibly it was less well-known than this?
Google gives me mostly hymns with these lyrics. Any other early 2000s indie rock nerds remember this one?

Barbara L Piatt

Maybe "Waiting for the Day" by Gerry Rafferty?


PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE! Looking for a late 70's early 80's R&B song. A woman is singing it I don't remember any of the verses or the chorus but she ad libs saying: "you can't treat me like a little girl cause, I've been all around the world and I'm older now" and that's all I got. Thanks in advance!!

Albert Bonongwe

Mine is not an opinion, I am looking for a song with a female and a male voice, the male one sounds like Charly Black. The song has "I dont know what you heard about me" but it is reggae or dance hall

amani warren

bro okay it’s this song i heard like five years ago. it’s about this guy that’s super lonely and i saw the music video. it’s with a guy in a dark house all by himself blah blah blah. it’s with this animation that’s almost like it’s drawn with all the scribbles you know? but i remember him whispering in the song “don’t you cry no more, don’t you cry, don’t you cry…” i’m prolly making no sense but i’ll PAY for someone to find it.


I can't find this one song and it's killing me it has this red lyric cover with two people on it and the only lyric I can remember (sorry this is weird) but it literally screams the word sex for a good minute it has a nice beat please help..


could it be sex by rich the kid?


Im looking for one song. In the video there was man who looked like st Patrick and around him was womens in sexy clothes. No lyrcis just were violins but pop style. The song was around 2009.


Does anyone know this song it’s from the 2000’s it goes “girl I can give you anything you want it’s fine with me cuz baby I love ya don’t wanna hurt ya”


i heard a song a year ago i still remember some lyrics but i am not able to find it the song name is 'you' but never appear
it is indie like song it says "i ve been thinking my whole life of you ......... but every...... lead me straight to youuuuuu"
those the lyrics i remember i really like the song i want to listen to it again


Looking for a song with first line "I went to jail for beating my baby and the judge gave me 90 days" mid 1950


Hello everyone. I tried using shazam and music recognition to find this song, but didn't have any luck. I would be grateful for your help.


Only heard a snippet used on a tv show in between scenes. No app will recognize it. Female rock band, heavyish guitars. Sounds a little like the band Warpaint, but it's not them. Lyrics
"Put on my lipstick so I /can kiss you goodbye
Put on my lipstick so I /can kiss you goodbye ayyye (vocalization)"

Marlow Thomas

I'm so In Love With You,

I can't remember, who sings it.

I love my jaycee, like I love my pa in heaven, but Katie brakes my heart.


Hi all! Im looking for a soca song, I only remember it going "whine to de top and drop it down for meh, whine to the de top and drop it down for meh". It was sung by a female, the voice is similar to Patrice Roberts and/or Destra. It is also not a recent song, I would say about 6-10 years old. Thank you!

Gen Dowling

looking for song by shania twain or another 90s female artist, lyrics are:

"little darling everything's better with you (oh yes it is)
you always make the sun shine through
you just don't know how much i adore ya
i just don't know what I did before ya"


Looking for an RnB song from 2010s
The song is titled "Under the influence" i guess
Lyrics i can remember are
"She got me under the/her influence.. "
It has upbeat music and rap verse too.
Someone please help, it's bugging my head for weeks now🥲


rap lyrics for song I can not find we got it we got it game starts from the back of a honda drippin in sauce shorty wan make the pasta gotta stay strapped with a pistol in pocket cause baby I rock from the waist when its hostile


looking for a song that starts off as "I'll never smile again" by tommy dorsey and frank sinatra, but then turns into a lofi kind of song?

Nathan Carson

Maybe just "Smile" written by Charlie Chaplin, first sang by Nat King Cole.

John Myles

Who used to play this song?
When you re without love, it's a new way of living.Stay with me,play with me, sat that you love me tonight. Dreaming, always scheming, how to make amends, how to stay as friends..All my joys are yesterdays sorrows are blowing in the wind?............

Gratefully john


looking for an alternative rock song that has the lyrics either “fear I’ll never be more than what’s around lately” or “i never want to be anything more than what I’ve been lately” the song has to be alternative. it’s not garth brooks or any of the top hits on google or apple music and I mostly listen to alternative


I have this song suck in my head it it goes because magazines have editor"and has the same beat as birthday cake by dylan corique sooo yeah.


I'm looking for what I assume to be an old song, an old dance pop/funk song I'm assuming? I heard it on Princeton's college radio but couldn't find it on the internet or through Shazam. The singer is a woman. I have quite a few of the lyrics, the chorus is mostly focused around the word “dance”. The song is also unusually long.

"i think that we danced and it was long ago and you must be that someone that i know danced how we danced

it seems to be from very long ago it makes me dream of someone i should know dance i think that i have seen him once before dance

"But don’t make the music stop or we'll be forced to speak / And I will find you’re not the one I seek / So dance"


There's some music video of a woman dancing in the desert then flying around in the sky, can't remember it for the life of me I think she had the word 'earth' in her artist name. It's a really weird strange song I just can't figure it out


Looking for a song from back in the day and it’s driving me nuts can’t find it anywhere it’s a male singer similar to blue rodeo …!!! I think the lyrics are like ( and I’ll think on it , but darling not tonight , passionate lover won’t you , keep me feeling I’m alright , im alright . PLEASE HELP !!

Queen unknown

I've heard a song in a commecial. I tried searching for it on Google, but no luck. Some of the lyrics are: "not a care in the world our heart so pure. See all I wanna do is hang out with you."(I think the next line is you're the best buddy in/of my life, but I'm not sure) Can someone help me? It's a male singer.


I’m looking for a song late 50s or 60s
R&B, male.
Lyrics: I’m just a man who’s lonely and blue
Somebody help me to make life worth living
Uhh, uhh , aah


Hi, trying to find a song from the 80s. Part of the lyrics is,
carried your books at school (it's not my eyes adore you). Thanks in advance.


year? no idea. he sings. They go in a club on monday and drink some more bull. He's lucky cause she knows how to dance. He love how they look at her.The music video was sw. Like Arcitc Monkeys (but not so punk) like the kooks (but not so sweet) like mando diao but not so mando diao. please. its making me insane.

Joe Martinez

Is there a song with the lyrics:

I am just a lonley soul so were i ask shall i call my home

Helen Froome

Im trying to find what a dance song is called.... it has the words thinking and wondering...... the music video had silhouettes of women dancing with diffferent coloured lights?


Hi all,

Im trying to find a song, I think from the 80’s. With ‘’fly (me) to moon’ in the chorus and at she’s also talking through a walk-in talkie or something, having a conversation from her end, it gives it a crackeling sound, and then the chorus is song a couple of times.
Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance!

Ursula Schobermayr

looking for a song heard on 21.10.2022 in Bettys diagnose on Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen on 19.25 p.m.
Can someone help me please?

My Friend

Hey do I am looking for the full lyrics of a song. I know the name which is “I’ll Set you free” which is on YouTube but there are no videos with lyrics and I can’t find them anywhere. I’m searching for a friend if you find anything at all I would be super grateful. Thanks.and the artist is Loic Ghanem


Hi I'm trying to look for a song the song is a slow song with one of the lyrics saying getting out of line getting out of line or it's getting out alive getting out alive


Im trying to find an rnb song from the 90s or 00s that is sung by a female and then at the second half of the song a man starts singing with a growly gospel like tone that I thinks sings "I just wanna I just wanna..." with a run on the I. Trying to put down all I can remember. Does anyone know what song im talking about?

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