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I'm looking for this song. I am not sure what the lyrics are but the intro sounded like this:

 "and you knoooooow, dancing on, dancing on, dancing on the south beach" OR "as you gooooo, keep her, keep her of the first trip"

The singer is like an old man with a deep voice and this is like a mafia or group song. The singer sounds like the vocalist of THE DOORS. Please someone help me


I'm looking for a song, whose words are But I can not find, can someone tell me about this song

come on feel you and me don't say falling love leave after movement coz coz coz coz coz

Luke Ofrey

this page sure a blessing

soooo i‘m looking for a song with the lyrics „nobody loves you like me, i got where you want, where you...“

it‘s not a old song and probably from an english hip hop/ rapper idk



Long time ago I performed a song at a show. I know most of the lyrics and I think it is quite odd that I have never been able to find what song it was, there is no record of it on the internet at all.
It was probably a Musical song and the lyrics were:

I can see there´s a change in me, something´s been rearranging in me
And I like it, I like what I am seeing here
I´m turning into a new human being,
and I´m feeling so well, it´s been a real big change

I can see there´s a shift in me
Something funny is lift in me
(i can´t remeber the rest but the refraing was:)

what living teaches is that everything is peaches and cream
like a dream coming true

and I cannot remember more


Mikaila Aira Pratama

I'm looking for a song that can make people inspired by it.

Maybe a rap or something

Mikaila Aira Pratama

It should be an inspiring song
Like maybe a rap!


check NF and ivan B


It's a metal/rock band song with lead female vocals, the lyrics go something like "I think I really really need to get FUCKED UP!" and another part is "your heart is beating fast now slow it down!" Idk any help would be greatly appreciated

Sami ibrahim

Am looking for a song with these lyrics sung by a male “ Make me love ,
Baby i am falling in, in love with out you , Baby i am falling yay, in love with out youuu


hello, hello how you doing this morning, how you doing this evening, man I'm alive, man I'm alive
What song is this ??? please help


Carpe Diem (hello) by Enyaphace


trying to find this song, I heard this in some youtube video background the lyrics are - " since you've gone no words, no phone......... "
please help anyone

Zak Nelson

Looking for a song, unknown genre , just lyrics “ All I wanna do
 Is just get on down the highway
 And I’ll be there as soon as
 I get on out of my way”

Julia schmalz

Hey, I'm searching for a song ist goes kinda like this:
I can't get you off my mi-i-i-i-nd, can't get you off my mind.
It is sung by a man with a higher smokey-kinda voice and is a bit faster.


Hi! Is the song you're looking for 'Lost in Japan' by Shawn Mendes? :))

Julia schmalz

Thank you so much but it was 'Stack it up' by Liam Payne and the lyrics was ' I got money on my mind'.

Lisa P

I'm trying to find a song that was just used in Shane Dawson's video The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star. It plays towards the end and mostly during the dedication to Jeffree's dogs. Please help! Some of the lyrics are "You, you," then high pitch sounds, not sure what theyre saying, then "I need you more. You"


there's a playlist on Spotify with all the songs from the series! it's named after the series

Lisa P

I checked that list a while back and it wasnt listed. I found it though. Thanks!

Jk hgf

Looking for a song that has a similar beat to taste by Tyga but the rap flow is very staccato.


Pls help me, I tried to find this song for 2 hours now (it's really annoyed me)
It sings by a girl (like 17-18 *I dunno) guitar and ukelele(?)

Looking for you pick up the phone
catching the () I'm coming home
back to the place we always known
seeing ()
We gonna have a lot of fun
It's when the summer alone (?)
I'm coming home I'm coming home------

Talia Al ghul

Hi I am looking for a song that playing in the background of this video

Jack Bauer

Driving me crazy trying to find this song. One line says...."flappin your mouth like your paid by the word". Another line of the song is "you can't pay the rent...." It sounds like it's from maybe the 30's or 40's. Maybe 50's. Very bluesy. Music features horns. Female singer.

Jessica Naylor

I have been looking for a song that I listened to in my childhood can anyone help pls it goes like this “there’s a party on down the street nobody invited me but I bought a cake”


Evening ladies and gents, looking for a house classic song with the lyrics:"we used to be soo in love and i'm gonna go on and on and on and on, i cant go on"


looking for a song. Sung by a guy with a pretty deep voice.
"When all of my friends are dead,
(??? ???) memories
living side by side,
it's always been just you and me
and (oh/I)...."


Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a song/artist that I found on youtube some years ago... I don't remember any lyrics! BUT I remember the music video/the musicians:
So in that music video the male singer (young guy, with blonde curls,80's voice) is walking through the desert. The color of the whole video is a very warm tangerine. Then there is a part where a guitar player pops up (topless, with long hair) playing a short solo/riff. The music is very indie/melancholic/slow. It's from 2009/2010 maybe...


maybe sting- desert rose?

Annie Ofa

So, I’m looking for a song that friends give me a title of the song is “For you” but I cannot find it it’s like a country mix jazz I think that’s even in the lyric “will go heaven and hell for you”


Please help! can't find this song! Here are some of the lyrics

Watch me, watch me as I lose myself,
inside the power that I have,

the power to make you shiver,
the power to make you wish you weren't here


Looking for a song with these lyrics;
I hope you make it through the ages, overcome temptation...I pray that i may not be shaken, though my heart is breaking...Taking over you, for you


Looking for a song by a female singer. Says something along the lines of ‘I wanna tell you how I’m feeling/feel’ ‘I’m hot’ ?? I’d say the genre was like indie/alternative pop. can anyone help please?


Hey, I can't get this song out of my head. I remember it from about 10 years ago. I cant find it anywhere with these lyrics! Anyone?
"I will walk, while you, you will run.
I'm tired but I will go on, cos I would do anything, to just make it right"


I’m looking for a song that’s about a ?breakup? It’s been awhile since I’ve heard the song.
I’m not entirely sure, but I think it may or may not have lyrics like this:
If it makes you happy, I’ll delete you from my phone

Jon Lind

I’m looking for a song that could be sad, about a breakup or both. I’m not entirely sure, but it’s not Sheryl Crow.
Here’s the lyrics, or variation of lyrics:

If it makes you happy, I’ll delete you from my phone
If it makes you feel better, I’ll delete your number


Looking for a song it's like a dubstep remix I think but lyrics are " I don't know why everything seems out of place I'm trying to find myself again because I'm falling down and I can't wake up because I'm falling down"


I'm looking for the a song, quite modern, first heard it in 2018. British female singer. The lyric I remember is "Boy you're picture perfect" and it's about a lying and deceitful boyfriend.


Trying to find this song
"I know, I know, I know
But you and I
We come and go, we come and go"
It's like soft rock, really soothing and chill. Stuck in my head. Please help. Thanks in advance

Maigyn matteson

Karma chameleon by culture club?

jin roxy

Looking for a song with lyrics "green shirt" and "one size bigger" was played as a background of a movie ending scene where the character was driving away as the music start playing


I'm looking for a song that says "people are talking about you or heard about you" or something similar, like a deep voice repeating it at the start then it goes into a beat. 2017 or 2018 cant remember! Any help would be amazing


I'm looking for a song about a boy who fucked a girl at a party and know she is lying about that

John Marty

Hi I'm looking for a song sung by a female vocalist who kinda sounds like chvrches. The beat is uptempo pop sort of electronic and the girl is singing about someone... the hook is kind of like "why dont you give it up , give it up all of your girls" (when she says girls it sounds like she could be saying whores)


I'm trying to find the name of a song that goes "I can see your house from I standing. I walk the last few miles from the train. I was hoping for a word or two, don't you know I want to marry you. oh no now it seems that its began to rain. take pity on the boy from a little town hoping I can make your hart come round"

Caz Bowyer

friend of mine found it, i was looking for it too.
My Love Remix By Shazad


thnk you


GUYS PLEASE HELP ME. I’m looking for a song that goes like “now you’ve grown out of a place where people like me fall on their face, but now..” I literally cannot get it out of my head but i can’t remember ugh! help!


There's a song that has been stuck in my head, sounds like a Black Eyed Peas song (electronic beat and feels), and a female singer (sounds like Fergie too). The part I remember repeats many times the expression "right now", like: "nananananananana right now, nananananananana right now, nananananananana right now, nanananana eh eh yeah yeah, eh eh eh yeah, eh eh eh yeah nanananananana right now"


Akon right now (na na na)

Larry Crabb

What is the name of the artist and the song on the new Hyundai commercial......lyrics "Lemme tell you what I got to say........"


Im looking for a song that went something like this (I think)- "I think I'm falling but I don't know [where I think]" I don't know if thats the words but that's what I remember.

christina arena

there’s an edit i have saved where it has this song i really like. i’ve literally searched everywhere, and i’ve come to the conclusion that it must’ve been some sort of sample song- not available anywhere else for some reason- it’s sampled with george michael’s careless whisper with some rap over it.

the lyrics go some thing like this:
“i can’t f**k with shawty she got too many pills.... i just wanna be your mans can i be your boo? i can buy you real chanel bags louis v too. i can buy you pretty things..”
-it sounds like it’s by an artist on soundcloud named haroinfather, a deep male voice, but his songs don’t seem to have these lyrics
i have looked eVERYWHERE. soundcloud, youtube, those lyric song finders, PLEASE HELP


Can someone help me look for a song I’ve got the lyrics but somehow the song doesn’t show up, “ hello again vibe with me dont you talk we're so crazy loving you can be so crazy i love seeing you on my camera seeing you so bad mannered you see what you want you go get it seeing you on my camera seeing you so bad mannered you see what you want you go get it everything was fine until i showed up at your door i got closer to you more but that didnt make this work everything was fine until i showed up at your doori got closer to you more but that didnt make this work heartbreak no change hello again vibe with me dont you talk we're so crazy loving you can be so crazy i love seeing you on my camera seeing you so bad mannered you see what you want you go get it seeing you on my camera seeing you so bad mannered you see what you want you go get it“

Simon Northover

Looking for a song that is on nhs couch to 5k app. week three. lyrics start:
Trees and fields and flowers in bloom,
Take a little piece give a little back


Searching for a song with strong 80s vibe, very minimal and kinda slow, lots of cowbell. Lyrics snippets:

”We think we got the answers, but we never get it right”

”I’ve been looking at the world, staring into space”

Katherine Stephenson

I’m trying to find this song - some of the words are ... “it wasn’t wrapped in paper, or in silver or in gold”. My son sang it when he was 5 or 6 - around 1999. Anyone know it? Sorry, that’s all I remember of the words. He came in walking holding a gift that was lighted. Thanks for your help!

Kristine Blanco

Hi i'm looking for this song.. "since when did love become so scientific" it says this words.. I can't find it.


Looking for a song I don’t know whose the artist and the lyrics I remember aren’t popping up anyway it goes like “lying to me saying that it’s no one else” “your only playing with yourself”


Looking for a song played by guitar and the lyrics may be: What can i do? what can i say... I can't stop thinking about that day before you loved me... Did something that i love. Travel a lot, see a lot, hang out a lot.....TT


Hi guys, I am looking for song where man is singing something like "ghost to me". It is somehow calm and nice song. I have heard it several times but I don't know if it is new or older song.


i’m looking for a song that starts out with a female singing and she’s saying gang shit or take it or something like that, then a male rapper comes in and talks about fucking a girls face or something lmao, it came on spotify and i guess it was similar to melanie martinez bc it was one of the suggested tracks when i was listening to her, i think it’s pretty recent too


So I’m looking for a hip hop/rap song. The artist is Cameron Philip, and it is in the end card for a lot of his YouTube videos. The lyrics I remember are something like “I be living af, I be sittin in this shit.” I don’t know if I’m mishearing those, though.


Hello people!
The song is R&B style or rap, on the 80's or 90's and the lyric goes: "you're mad at me.... I love're mad at me, cause you do, cause you do, do do... I try I try I try" in chorus... he videoclip is a guy seating on a chair and then is on the car.
Sound the bell to anyone? Thanks!


I'm looking for a song that has the chorus going somewhat like this:

"You don't understand my love/feels like I'm talking to a wall"

Many thanks for your help.


Pls help me find a song
Lyrics: everytime i see your face i'm losing track of time and space


i'm loking for a song, it says "come on baby let's dance tonight its so easy let me show how it's done "


Hey, guys, I'm trying to find this song, google doesn't know even though I've got a decent part of lyrics:
I'm dying to get this off my chest,
but I don't know how to say this
so I just keep waiting
24/7 you're in my head
but I don't know how to say this
so I just keep waiting

Plssss help me find it


some lyrics are " I used to take on the world on my own, for I was so strong", classical genre


The song starts something like this "Heaven send you to be part of my lover ...". I know it didn't make sense but that's what I heard over the radio. It sounds like an 80's pop song. Anyone knows the name of the song please?

Michal Novotny

tell it like it is cuz i need to know you were playing with fire can't you see


I’m looking for a song I heard on the radio. I searched up the lyrics but I can’t find it.
“So light the match, .... turn the wheel, .... and don’t you dare look back.”
That’s all the lyrics that I remember. It’s sung by a male. Familiar to anyone?

David Miller

There's this old song that uses steel guitar & female vocals, & I can remember the lyrics from the chorus:
"How often does that happen? He makes your knees go weak and makes your heart beat fast
How often does he tell you that you're the only one for him?
... holds the whole world in his arms ... and how often is often enough?"
Neither Google nor could find anything


Looking for a song has been played on uk radio recently, guy has a weird voice kinda like a muppet lol. Sounds like he’s saying... but they say that too much, the music that they love

Carah Leathers

Im looking for a song that should be around 2002 or so it has the vibe of "miss magazine" by romance on a rocket ship. It goes "hey, hey, what do you want me to sa~ay. Im no good for youuu" or somthing like that, heavy autotune, no the ref song and the one im looking for are not the same song.

Bart Riley

I’m looking for a song that had the lyrics “when I was on the radio” repeated, could be title I don’t know but there was also “I was a stranger when you let me in” and “couldn’t even let it show when I was on the radioooo”as ending(I think) pls help me find this it’s driving me crazy

Genevieve L

I'm looking for a song I saw on Youtube. The album cover was pitch black and blood red (something about a house). The voice was very deep, slow, and menacing. The lyrics was something like "did you get lost" and "what are you doing here?". I believe this is a recent song, not something more than 15 years old.

caleb hultquist

Song that goes "all I wanna do is pew pew pew and chch in the bag cause everyone's a winner"


Hi . guys , what's the background music / song of Sephora Belong on Youtube ? very gentle and nice girl song . it seems like one big guy gift a black girl a lipstick, and the girl show a happy smile. super touching . Then the slogan of Sephora : Shop Exclusive Holiday Gifts , only at sephora ...

Please help me , I am really enjoy this Ad on YouTube

sue melendez

i am trying to look for a song that goes nananananananana baby and a sweet salt


It is an acoustic song
The lyrics are:
My baby made me feel nice
Won't you please stay for the night
Everything gonna be alright
When you by my side


Roderick Porter - Baby (feat. Coasting)

Anna Torres

I'm trying to find a song that I heard on YouTube the lyrics go-

Lost one tell me do you want to be found you caught me moments before i hit the ground and I hear voices screaming to run away.


Hi guys. I’m looking for this song, maybe from the late 90s, 20s. It’s maybe a rap or close where the female voice says “So we set the course” and repeating in the background “we set the course”. Thank you for your help.


Guys, I'm looking this song where it the chorus goes..

"you make me Woooh!"

Its a duet song which one black guy and one black woman.


Hello I’m looking for a song called “I know he can do it”. Lyrics are:
Lord someone is there trying to see me not make it
Lord all while their there I just can’t take it
Lord there’s someone standing by me
They’re watching and waiting to see me fall...


Hey im trying to find a song and the lyrics are: and in the dead of night you can hear the people singing... and in the dead of night you can hear them far away

Jake pinata

I found this song in an insta story and I could not find out the name
It goes like..
My boys gonna go out, gonna do a workout, abs gonna popup , girls gonna freak out.
That's all I could get really appreciate it of anyone could help


i'm looking for a song that starts like this. sung by a man.
"today i woke up in california
and i dont know why i' thinking of ya..."

and somewhere in the middle it goes like this
"cause its summertime"


I have trouble finding this song, only remember those reff "Where we will go we could just slow down that light we could just slow down"
I've tried using those lyric but no one song that I'm searching for..


Help me to find a song the lyrics is like ,,hold up for anything strange am a bit shy,, i really like this song snd im very happy who really find it


looking for a song that goes sumthin like "we were young with wide open hearts we dove right into the world"


I’m looking for a song that goes I’ve been thinking about your smile for a moment for a while ..... when I’m stroking inside somethin like that

oakley woods

can you help me find a song that has lyrics that are similar to this
"face first fall into failure"
"born to burn but raise the odds"
"i'll know the perfect moment when i'm shown it by the gods"

Rebecca Spence

Trying to find a song thats a guy singing, high pitchef, kinda like ruel, the lyrics i remember, and get stuck in my head every time i hear it at work, iiiiii still love you, ...... time will tell, ...... come back to.. love? Maybe, not 100% what he says to come back to. It's annoying me that i cant find it. I can usually find anything.

Mark brown

I need this song I heard on the radio. It sounded like drake and it sounded like it had some sort of choir or it might've been just one person. I can't remember the lyrics but it went by the flow of something like, "ever wanna be more than just, *choir* then he goes again and does the same


Looking for a song at the store i work at...its sung by a guy ( i believe it is) the chorus goes something like this: "if i say the words i'll just make it work nobodys (don't know whats next)... so you just (don't know what's next).... Oh baby please please pleeaasse dont make/leave my heart empty cause i can't refuse ya and i can't keep on watching you faaall"


Trying to find the name of a fast paced song that goes like this:'everybody is walking down and running down to pakistan, everybody the has such a lovely suntan, (slower) sun tan pakistan , dadada da an' Its mroe of a rock song and is really fats paced.


Looking for a song with the following lyrics qinisela mtanami umendo unsima it was released in the 90s but dont know the musician


I am looking for a song that is about a girl whose friend lends her some pills and she goes home for her dad to start screaming at her then she goes to her room and pops 2


Heard it on radio today, a man is singing "say what you want, not ready" if any1 has any ideas anno very vague!! Ty


I'm look for a song that says something like ' sad days lord of a dancia ' then something real quick in foreign language then it breaks into a nice beat and doesn't have many other words in the track???? its like a club song , it was on a CD in the early 2000's and I cant remember what CD. not much to work with but any suggestions what it could be??? thanks


trying to find a song all i can say is that its a female singer and part of the lyrics are where do we go where do we hide or where would we go where would we hide its a slowish song please help me guys

Michael Hurley

Song search mostly brings up rap and hip hop. Looking for a song by a female artist with lyrics like I came in early or I got up early, it’s more of easy listening style, acoustic guitar etc.. Thought it might be Suzanne Vega sounds like but doesn’t show up against her.

Goh Hoong Zhang

I heard one song is kinda you make me feel... Sing by a guy and a woman... Anyone know which song is it?

Goh Hoong Zhang

It's around one year or two years song


I'm not precise on the lyrics but it had a soul music vibe to it. And it was about it doesnt matter what they say or. I dont care what they say about me, listening to music make me feel good or something


I'm looking for a song its got an upbeat tune female singer same general genre as seven lions and Griffin. The only lyrics I remember are
"When your tired of fighting and it feels like your drowning, I'll be your sunlight in the dark" sung in a relatively high pitch plz help


The village people!


Can someone tell me the name of this song,” What I’ve got at home is hard to find baby I’m coming home one bar at a time.”

Sarah Peters

Can someone tell me this song, Idk where I heard it but it's so beautiful
It's lyrics are something like 'i've been asked to slow down fireplace do you know how'


I'm looking for a song I heard in Lidl supermarket with a female voice on a deep house beat sang " We've got to save the world"


Hey beautiful people. I am looking for a song that is at the end of a Labrant Family video on Youtube (‘The LaBrant Family Official Intro Video!’). It has mad Imagine Dragons vibe and the only lyrics I could make out of it is
 ‘ooh-ooh-oh ooh ooh oh oh ....go, break in the room... you I got my own...’

Evy Nijveld

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics: 'shake down, what else? Say it!' And in the background you hear 'money money money money money money money'. It sound kinda like an old rap song, but I don't know for sure?

Innocent Chikukwa

Looking for a song with the following lyrics qinicela mtanami umendo unsima


Im also Looking For A song it sang by A woman .it goea like this

Im on the wings of an angel I fly Life Is Good To Me It Got To Be

Im Letting Go Of All The Pain I felt
Life is good to me It got to be

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