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looking for a song that has the lyrics “ i still how do i know, it just arrived while you go to get me home. and it sad, dont look follow me, dont look follow another way. cause anyway will get you home. you can get lost if you dont go way you go. and anyway will get you home” thank you


I'm looking for a song that has the lyrics "my life is ____. your heart is leaving. your dream is ____. my eyes are crying. why can't you stay with me" some lyrics can be wrong... and it's a woman singer. thank you


Hey! I'm trying to find a song. The lyrics are: "I can feel it _____ through my body. I can feel it burning through my skin.", "


Hey I am just looking for a song that I listened recently. I am not 100 percent sure for the lyrics but the singer (guy) says '' trying to make it better but I just can't get it all '' and e also says multiple times '' oh.. Oh'' something like that. It's pop/indie - not sure but it's definitely not rock or rap


Hey I’m looking for a song from the Tv Show „good trouble“ it comes on min. 31 on ep.1 ,does anyone know it? Thank u x


Twirl loves a beach?


Hey I’m looking for a song. I only remember he says something like ‘you light/lighted up my day’ 3 times maybe in the reff, and that song have a trumpet sound too. Can u guys help me find out what song is this? Thanks :)


I’m looking for a song it’s a rock song (older like late 90s early 2000s ish) and is sung by a man the lyrics go something like: “is there something in the way of this feeling that I get __ __ ___ ___ feelings of regret. Hold me now this way.” (The blanks are the lyrics that I don’t know. CAN ANYONE FIND THIS SONG? It has been stuck in my head and has been driving me crazy and I am going insane because I cannot remember the name of the song or band. I just remember it being a song I used to hear a lot. Have tried googling these lyrics and nothing pops up.


It's "Something So Strong" by Rasmus Walter. He's a Danish singer who debuted in 2011.


That’s not it. The melody is way heavier like hard rock.


Is his voice kind of high pitched and raspy?


It might be "something in the way" by nirvana


Looking for a song that has just popped up in my head, don't remember the exact lyrics. It went something like ...crashing down...coming to the...a way coming through-u xD And the chorus was basicalyy just you-u you-u and and a music that gives me Kygo vibes


looking for a song that goes somewhat like "after all that we been through, i don't... " and in the "hook" he just sings "yeah yeah oh yeah yeah" as you see it is somewhat of a party song and a guy sings it


Magnetic fields


Magnetic fields - yeah oh yeah - 69 love songs


I am looking for a 80's or 90's country song that has the words 'its a love thing'. In the music video the guy reminds me of Glen Campbell and in the video the singer and band are on stage in a bar with people dancing. Can not remember who sings it or the name of the song.

Kimber Kat

Keith Urban, It's A Love Thing.


I'm looking for this song ‘doesnt wanna be i dont wanna see see okay dont give up’ what song is this?


I am looking for a song that I just heard yesterday. I assume it is new and there it a good chance that it might not be that popular so you may only hear it on SoundCloud or other not so popular platforms. Anyways, it’s basically about playing football instead of being in the streets. It’s rap/hip hop and the only verses I even sort of remember go something like “id rather hit on the field that get hit in the streets” and I remember something about “strap up your helmet”


Does anyone know a song with the lyrics with something like “mom jeans or “high waisted jeans and vans” or “tennis shoes”? It’s not by SZA though


I'm looking for a song that I listened just now. I can't find it on google on youtube.
The lyrics goes somewhat, "Ohhhhhhh. cause when you love someone, you don't treat them wrong. You don't break their heart, you just play your part".
The singer is a female. Thanks!


I'm looking for that too! Huhuhu


Love cycle - Taliwhoah?


Looking for a song, can’t find it anywhere!!!!

“you say you got me but you steady lyin, if you know you got it why you couldn’t provide, if you gettin money don’t leave out your guys”


Lil Zay Osama - Changed Up


Looking for a Christmas song by a female artist. It sounds like Tori Kelly for reference, but is not.
I remember the chorus going something like,
"..that I love you, heeey now it's Christmas.. " something along those lines. It sounds like a pop song so it's upbeat and is new-ish I assume. Any guesses from pop Christmas songs with a woman singing would be helpful honestly because I'm stuck.


Looking for a song that have this lyric "you set my heart on fire" and uhhhh im not sure but "foolish lover"


Yo im searching for this song for around 2 years already. The song is easy listening and romantic genre. Part of lyrics i remembered are "tried to write a love song, couldn't find the words, tried to write all those feelings down" and the reff is "i'm crazy, so crazy over you" pls help im desperateeeee

Chris Waters

Looking for a song, that goes like "I'll never say never, never say never again" by (I guess) an English dude, from around 2011-2013. This guy I guess has a videoclip, where he showers, but thats another song of his, I guess.


Never say Never by Justin Bieber?


Can someone please help me? I've been trying to find a country song since it came out in 92 or 93 sung by a guy. The song start out with
"I got to wake up even though I don't want to wanna just clear my head. Give anything just to keep right on dreaming and just work from my bed"


I'm looking for a song I heard in a club. It's a rapsong with rather low beat. In the begging somone is whispering several times something like "just burning, begging" again and again. It's followed by a voice rapping, which is sometimes mixed with the whispering of the beginning

Mihajlo Sedlarevic

I am looking for a house song, can not find it. The lyrics are something like this (but I am not sure 100%): "I'm just a man {...} I'm on my way to you." And then some trumpet sound with bass :)

Donna R.

hi guys this song is from the movie Paradise starring Julianne Hough and Russell Brand when the two of them are standing on the dance floor
"nobody could love me like this heart that's breaking free;
And all the others better run for cover cause they've never seen this side of me....
Baby please dont you hold out now, we could have the whole night might just have our whole lives..."


Hi guys, im lookong for a song i head at the gym. I don't remember the lyrics but it was a male voice telling his girl to call if shes drunk or something and he will pick her up or be there. Please help


Hey looking for a song going: wish I could turn back time “ na na na na naaaaaaaa

And no it is NIT STRESSED OUT BY 21PILOTS!!!! 🎇❤️


If I could turn back time/Cher?


Yaaay thanks 😁😁


Corporate Slackrs Emma Zander - Electric Sky


PLEASE help me, before I loose my mind over here 😂

I am trying to find a song where a man sings «I’ll be there, i’ll be there for you». And he sings that on repeat at the chourous. He sings realt loud, so it is not a quiet song - if you know what I mens 😂
It is not the song from friends.


Maybe I'll be there by Avicii? :)

Halp Pls lol

i know what song gah its stuck in my head it Gone Gone Gone? maybe

Anonymous I’m trying to find a song that goes like ‘it’s always been you and me’ a guy sings it and it’s really joyful

Michael Trethewey

Can someone tell me the name of a song where there is a "punk rock" type voice... kinda nasal, very emotive, pining and whatnot... he is talking about listening to your heart... "its for me and for you... just listen" he is talking/preaching; not singing... can't think of the lyrics specific enough....


Hey! I'm looking for a alternative rock song sung by a female, published in the early 2000s. The sound is like that of "No Doubt", but it's definitely not.
I remember some lyrics of the chorus.
"All I want is answers, all I need are reasons why, all I wanna know is why things won't be the same again, again."
Does anybody have an idea?


We Were Us by Keith Urban/Miranda Lambert (Lyrics: you and me baby, all along) ???


Hi I'm looking for a song with these lyrics.

"walking by the waves as they're rolling in blue skies all i can see i wanna feel the sunshine on my skin riding high on a breeze saw you passing me by what you catching my eye reckon that you like the way I move come get onto the floor heartbeat asking for more living for tonight"

Shazam doesn't recognize it.


"i'm the last of it slow and without with among the living i am dead".. which song is this?? Please help me..


The song is from the movie A Simple Favour:
“Knowing you’re under my skin, we had better days,”
Was all I can hear clearly. Helpppp. Shazam doesn’t recognize it

Kimber Kat

Hi.. Look up the movie, then click on soundtrack. :)

Winsome ramsay

Am looking for a song a woman sing it goes like this jesus came into my life early one Sunday morning its a gospel calypso


Looking for the song of summer 2018 that says "cause this is what i'm feeling can you hear me now?" and also something like " stars in a movie"


Can you help me? This type of music is chillout. Maybe someone knows that song.
The text sounds like: All that is need is you, all that I cry was you, All that I want is
Do you love me? Don't lie me. Can you show me? She said "no, no".. alone


I'm looking for a song, a man (maybe soundcloudrapper) sang it with this hook:" you know what i do when i think about you then i dream i close my eyes just for you"


Hi! I'm looking for a song which I believe I heard on some NBC OST TV Series video on youtube. It has a really low view count and I wasn't able to find it for the second time. The artist name is his real name and surname and lyrics contain this "...I'm not a killer, but my only crime was loving you..." "...guilty of charge..." "...all night long I'm losing sleep..." "...deadly romance..."


I'm looking for this old song that goes " girl you know that (cries)"iiiiiiiiii" told you that i'd never leave you


I’m looking for a song where in the chorus there are kids that shout “yeah dad!” Then their ‘dad’ (the singer of the song) says a line then the kids repeat “yeah dad!” And it continues a couple times till the chorus ends. And the jist of the song is that the ‘dad’ is telling his kids an epic sort of story and the kids cheer him on in the chorus

Nikola Dj

I'm looking for a probably 90s disco song. Lyrics that I rembember are "take me high, take me low, to the rhythm all night long" sang by female voice, and I'm pretty sure those are correct lyrics I just don't know why I couldn't get any luck googling them, also I remember something like aye aye, then 2 strange words, then "aye aye" again. It has that techno vibe. please help :/ ...


Real mccoy or rhythm of the night by corona?

Kimber Kat

Gloria Estefan, Beat Of The Rhythm Of The Night...

Ally em

I’m looking for a song that plays in H&M currently, it’s male sung with a rap male voice the sung part is
“If we never try we never know
Where we going I don’t know
Once you get that feeling oh
Follow it you’ll never know”
And the rap part is something along the lines of
“Do something silly like rent a bodyguard for the day”
“Go kiss a girl go find a girl go fall in love and then make her your world”
“Invest in a startup invest in yourself”
I’ve tried searching for al these lyrics but I can’t find anything that matches



Ally em

No, none of the lyrics match

Heather E

I'm looking for this one too! Heard it today in H&M and can't find the song anywhere. :(

Ally em

I found it! Namaste by Mona on the Radio :)


Hey I am looking for a song the part I know is:
Caught me with my eyes closed baby I was dreaming for you... Thank you

The Man

Hey I'm looking for a song - think it's call Tell Me Why but can't find it anywhere - lyrics are We've been together for years you for me and me for you my dear? Thanks!

Anthony Fabila

It could be by the Los Lonely Boys - Tell Me Why. It's on spotify if you need a listen.

Clay Flynn

Hi. I am trying to find a song from the 70s or 80s I think. It’s a slow, bluesey type of a song. Words in song are something like this. Help if you can. Thanks.
I gonna walk, gonna walk, gonna walk right on home to youuu. I used to hang around with somebody...,.


Hi there!! im looking for a house song. From year 2000 i think... this son start with a trumpet and the lyrics i only remember that sais " baby" xD


Hey... Need your help. That quite old lyric song. Starts with:
"I will understand....tonight and I would be right I don't know. Oh I believe in it, oh i believe in it, when the darkness turn to light. And i will be right, I don't know. "

That is all i remember. Please help.


There's this older country song I heard on the radio, it's something about the old woman down the block, or she's known around town or something, and she's gets all dressed up in her best clothes to meet a visitor she's sure is going to come (death) and its sung by a man. I can't remember any specific lyrics and its driving me crazy! Kind of a slower, sadder song.


I know a lyrics but forgot the song. The lyrics are "you're the rhythm that I need to catch, you're the fire and I am the match" I don't know what it is called so please reply if you know!


I need to know song name with lyrics I think about u I cry about u I smile about u spoe slow slow


Hey, I‘m looking for a Song that I used to listen to around the mid 2000‘s, I think.
A male voice singing something like:

„And yooouuu see I belong to no one,
hope that my fears are gone,
I am here in my point of vieeeww“

Glory for the one who will solve the riddle. Thanks =)


Hey, I‘m looking for the song I used to listen to in the mid 2000‘s.
A male voice singing something like:

„And yooouuu see I belong to none,
hope that my fears are gone,
I am here in my point of viiieeew“

Glory for the one who will solve the riddle. Thanks! =)

Ahana Sarkar

I am looking for a song which starts with the line " Didnt know what I wanted I'll admit that still dont know what I wanted I'll be honest Im not ready to let you go..."This is all I remember please help.


Never mind is it bracelet by lauv


Song starts like Kygo remind me to forget but faster and lyrics are I know you think about me.. cause you're the only.. i know it hurts.. you're the only.. I can make you higher then a mother focker... I can't find it anywhere


I'm looking for music with word like "this is it you~~ this is it you~~". I heard this long time ago.

Kimber Kat

This Is It, Kenny Loggins?


Hey, I'm looking for a pop song, with a male singer (kinda sounds like Nick Jonas) with some pieces of the lyrics:
"I'll do it by myself.."
"When you do what you love"
"You gotta love what you do"

Bethany hill

I’m looking for a dance/electronic sort of song that’s fairly old school, about early or mid 2000’s (played at Skegness gatherings etc)... it’s a female vocals and it sort of sounds like she’s singing “up above the world” and “I feel aliveeeee” between when the beats drop, I can’t be sure but it’s worth a shot????


Hi, am looking for a song I used to cherish so much. Part of the lyrics says,' I don't know what you heard inside. What was said that made you cry............'

Alex I.

I’m looking for a song that I only heard a clip of, it’s a male singer and the lyrics are “Let’s just sit here every night, there’s no reason to deny, nobody will rescue us now. Everyone is gonna hear, have lost their hope and felt the fear, try to get ahold of the moment.” I’m not too sure about the second line but the first one is definitely it.


I’m looking for this exact song too! I’ve troed everywhere and it seems like it doesn’t exist

Estelle F.

Waiting for tomorrow - Aldenmark Niklasson.
This one wasn't easy to find.
Good listening to you!

Anna Theriault

Was this from the YouTube video: My Abusive (ex) Boyfriend's "Girlfriend"?


I’m looking for a song that has two guys talking in the beginning. One guy is trying to make the other guy feel better. Can anybody help me?


iSpy - KYLE ft Lil Yachty?


I’m looking for an old song
 (maybe mid 90s-2000s)
All I remember is a woman singing something around the lines of,
“I promise that I will love you until the end of time”
Please help me, it’s killing me


end of time, Beyoncé?

Kimber Kat

Might be Celine Dion.. She has two with that line. Check her song list.

Susana Banuelos

maybe "always be my baby" by mariah carey?


I'm looking for a song i heard in a turkish tv show and i searched everywhere for it but i can't find it
it goes " it's so magical (blank) there's no need to be afraid people they just seem to be (okay?)
someone help me :(


Ok so I have this song stuck in my head and it’s like: Dont cry baby cuz you and me we’ll last forever, a girl sings this song and I’ve looked it up but can’t find it


Please, help I'm looking for a song which starts by someone who says "where there's a party we are party" it is then instrumental till the end and it sounds like a Nigerian song kind of😭😭😭


Hello... Please help me find who is the singer of this lyric .. i heard it only half song and i have been trying to find the full song but i can't find it on Google or you yube.. please please help me.. the lyric is start with:
  "I still remember the first time i saw you deep blue eyes.. i never dream that one day they'll be staring back at me..but by now you know it's my favourite place to go.. I can't stay lost in your eyes forever.."
    Some of the words might be incorrect
I really really hope that someone able to find the full song..


Hey guys, i need some help to find a quite old song, it can be from 2009-2014. I remember that singer is a guy and there is words like “talk to me” said a lot of times, song is with a fast rhythm. I know it is not much but i hope you’ll help me.


I know this is very vague but I heard it in a restaurant. It was very noisy tho.. so i can only make out the 1st word of each line of the chorus. This song is sang by a guy and the whole song is literally guitar strumming. It is a medium-tempo song to the point that it is dance-able.
The lyrics goes something like..
"She's.... (something inaudible)
She's.... (something inaudible) like a fool
She's.... (something inaudible)
She's.... (something inaudible)"

David Guetta

I'm looking for a song that is rap and I'm not sure what the words are but it's something like "no fela)

very vague I know :)

Clay Flynn

Hi. I am trying to find a song from the 70s or 80s I think. It’s a slow, bluesey type of a song. Words in song are something like this. Help if you can. Thanks.
I gonna walk, gonna walk, gonna walk right on home to youuu. I used to hang around with somebody...,.


Hello. I'm looking for, I think an 80s or 90s song... It goes something like "Ooh ooh oooh nah nah nah nah" when it starts and the chorus is something like " I don't want to (be there), I don't want to (something) I don't want to beeeeeeee (something)"
It's sung by a woman or 2
Kinda sounds like Whitney Houston
Please help


Hey i can't find a song was on a trailer of new chucky movie and it sounded like (live live live it up live live live it up....he...his life) it was a female voice can you puuuuuhlease guess what this song is


Hey im searching for a song....The Lyric is "get the get the feeling whatever you have feeling that got you never lose my hope" please help me to find this song....

Radek Štěrba

Hey, im also searching for one song... 2 guys were singing in it and lyrics are "Dont let my weapons fall" and "Im sorry, I lost it"
Much obliged


Omg please help. I heard a song on a video and it wasn’t linked or in the comments. It’s a boy/group of boys. The lyrics are “the countryside is so pretty with the wind blowing in your hair. We can look back someday baby don’t you understand that we only get one love I wanna make it count honey come on now and take my hand.” and “hey darlin i love it when it’s me and you on the road with a couple of tunes in a car for two”. Googling has not found it so far :( please help!


The only thing I can think of that comes to mind is an artist by the name of Cody Francis, "Honey Take My Hand" is the title. It's a pop song. I have checked iTunes and found it's on there. Not sure about Amazon music or Spotify. Hope this helps.


Honey Take My Hand Cody Francis

Sharon Leigh

I'm looking for a song by a male artist.. with the background music of "your beautiful" by james blunt, but it's not a cover it's an entirely different song.. came out about idk 6 or 7 yrs ago i'm guessing.. ...but it's making me crazy because I can't google it! Please help!!


I think you’re looking for “Reunion” by Hans Zimmer. He’s a composer and that song featured on the soundtrack to the movie Spirit. But that tune in James Blunts’ song is an exact replica to the soundtrack.

Syd B.

I’m looking for a song, it had a male singer and I believe it was a decently popular group in the 2000’s, I remember it playing on the radio back then. It’s a sadder sounding song, and the only bits I can remember clearly are him singing about changing and making things better and it “being all for you”. It played in Applebees and they were playing a bunch of 2000’s throwbacks. I know this is sort of vague but I really would like to find this song!!

Chibi M.

Ok i'm desperate to find this song. Can you help me? This is the lyrics. "Ohhhh when you love someone, you don't treat them wrong. You don't break their heart, you just play...........nuhh i don't whats next 😂 help me to find the song.


Tired of searching 🙉. First line goes " when I think back when I look where im coming from it's been a long what what... so many struggles and some people thought I will not make it this far" chorus " I feel so what what today, and I know it's been you oh God that kept me to today " . Please help me find the lyrics 🙈

Neha Shakya

Can someone help me find this song?
This is the lyrics; "Baby when you hold me I'd rather lose my senses than be lonely..."


Hold me- Sheila E.


Please can Someone helo me find this song?
"Don't you tell me that I never
I will show you what I’m made of
Ready for the easy hey come on, let's go outside and play
What you say?"

Many Thanks!!

Susana Banuelos

Try "video games" Lana Del Rey

Leon Potts

Help plez I just need the name of the song from Grey's Anatomy's Season 15 Episode 10 trailer...helppppp

Ben hemphill

I’m looking for a song that’s a kinda of indie tune and all I know is the words “Don’t leave me at the side of the ro oh ad” and “You’re the one that’s going to take me home tonight”


Someone plz help!!! I can't for the life of me find the name of this song. It has a dance/trance vibe. Either way it's in the electronic genre

Lyrics go a little something like this:
I gotta a feeling
Damn, Im feeling something new
So if you're feeling me, say/the same-(I couldn't decipher if it was say or the same)
Because im feeling you
I'll be feeling you, I'll be feeling you

Thank you so much, guys


what’s that one that goes like “so many years, you face the world alone frightened that life might pass you by. then he appears, someone who smiles at you. this is no time to question why.”

Paige Hawthorne

Hello! I’m looking for a kind of lo-fi indie song where the chorus ends with something like “____ ____ and frieeeeeeeeends.” It’s like something you would expect to find on the Juno soundtrack, very Moldy Peaches-adjacent. Any help would be appreciated!

Gurpreet Singh

I m Looking for a song which sound as #day night day night i think about you all the time all the time you always all my mind i think i'm in love i m in love baby# can anyone please help me. I m Looking for this song for almost 1 year.

Susana Banuelos

Im looking for this song that goes "I cant lose you know cause whats lost is never found, Ill be your safe and sound". Its on this video that you can find on youtube called the twilight sage stories Alice and Jasper we've met before on 6:20. CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND THIS SONG PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!


I try to find a song i now only know some lyrics "you always such a fool bad a think when a replace me i'm in the place will never been it's was a lonely"

Arman Khan

Looking for a song, it goes smth along the lines of "flippin hard there's still some fire followed by a bass drop" that's all I remember. U could go to 9:13 of the video posted by Grumbae on YouTube titled "Hamlinz reacts to our montage 'we enhanced dakotaz gameplay'"

Jakub spychala

Looking for a song, country or something, singing by a girl. Starting with every single day.......... down the street


I’m trying to find this song ever since I heard it from YouTube or something. I listened to the lyrics as best I could from the crappy speaker and I thought I was searching the right lyrics until I couldn’t find the song.

It goes something like “I can feel it pulling on my ?heartstrings?”. That’s all I remember and it’s the second part within the chorus. It’s an upbeatish pop sounding song, sung by a guy if that helps? Haven’t heard it on the radio or anything either so I’m out of luck lol


i am looking for an electronic song
it has a chilled beat
male voice

he sings something like: you've got a friend, you're in my heart, you're in my soul, i trust in you...
pretty chilled electronic tune :)


Im looking for a song that satrts " youre the light step a stage


I’m looking for a song that I can’t find it’s hard for me to listen to the lyrics because I would hear it in memes😂 but it sounds like it says “That thing is way too slow” or something like that but I’m dying to find out.


hello there i have a song i believe is very famous but i cant remember it....
i think there are 2 singer and i remember not exactly the second half of the song one lyric that says something like this:

The music goes on all night long....i think its a rap or rnb song...maybe its say the best or the club instead of 'music' and maybe says day or on and on instead of 'night'

Any help thnx


I'm looking for the song that's in the start of the movie "Jalla Jalla". It's a reggae song and starts out by "Monday morning baby, working till the work is done". I can't find it anywhere and i've tried to shazam it, but it didn't work. Does anybody know the name of the song?


PLEASE HELP ME to find the song that includes words such as "come see me and slow, keep me in alone.."


Looking for a song sung by a woman with sort of wispy/soft pretty voice, the type of voice that saturates the chill vibes/house music scene. Most of the notes were high, and the overall instrumental of the song was pretty dreamy/slow but still had a solid beat. She wasn't enunciating the words too properly. Partial lyrics/words that I can remember and/or hope that I heard correctly: "I feel it in my head (or heart?), I feel it in my body(?), going down to my center(?)", "your feet on the floor", "I ain't getting over you".


Hiiiii I’m looking for a song that I heard in a store today, but all I remember is that it said something like like “it’s been a year” or “all this year” something like that, and also in the chorus something with “it’s a ride” or something. All I know is that there was a female and male voice, they sang it together, it sounded like the band Oh Wonder but I don’t know if it’s them. Thank youuuuu!

ivona malinic
i am looking for a song on fox life commercial 2019... it sounds like lana del ray and it goes ‘throwing under the table.. everyone here is carrying their weight but i’m missing you’ pls heelp :D


Early 2000 or older song.. might be 80's, female artist, don't remember a lot but it's about a girl who has lost her guy and he has found someone new and she sings something about does he look at you like he used to look at me and his smile was meant for me or something like that, anyone have any idea what song I'm thinking of?


I'm looking for a song with lyrics:
 are I bet you take her to places you used to take me
 and when you kiss her it's my face you see

... Some of those lyrics might be out of order but help

Jay Evans

I’m looking for a song about to tired of fighting idk the title or the artist and it’s stuck in my head. Please help


I’m looking for a song where a girl says something like and can’t you see that I still want you or it might say and can’t you see that I still need u


Hey I’m looking for a song that has been kind of popular lately with lyrics along the lines of:
Wrap my money in chains, when you’re sleepy yeah. It is a rap song that is fast paced. Also another part I remember is: Telling them lies
I don’t know if that is what he says considering it is mumble rap but please help me.


I am looking for a sound like “do I needed love this song solomon”... shazam won’t help me.


Im looking for a song that says something like "for the land what are we. So i say baby for losing for being mean to me" its on modestcubes instagram story please help.


I heard this song in a youtube ad and I'll never be at peace until I figure out what it is. All I can remember is that it's upbeat and in a major key, and I remember the vocalist shouting something about 'AND IT GOES LIKE" and immediately it cuts to a cello ostinato. I know it's not a lot but please help I'm dying


I've got a song! It was made into a meme too if it helps.

"I can't remember when you hurt me so bad, but now the table's turned apocolapse is coming, I can't remember when you left me so sad, but in the end I learned it rains in hell and"
That's all I know, but I hope I can find this song! 😀


Does anyone know the song that the creator of Bistro Miniature plays at the end of her older videos on youtube. She posted links to music she uses but its the site got the music and urban background sounds from so I don't where to look. I believe most of the song is in Japanese but the english parts go "Sasha, stay as you are, I want to walk over to you for all whille. yeah-uh All for you is peace and hapiness (and something else) stay by my side." and thats all I ever get to hear. If anyone knows or is willing to find it, I would be eternally greatfull


Hi im looking for quite an old song, kinda pop/disco and it’s a very happy song. I have no clue if the lyrics is right but in the ref there’s something like :” I just can’t put you down” or something. The song have quite a beat and is sounding really familiar to some Disney son something idek. I’d love some help❤️


hello there i have a song i get this song when i watching the movie i believe is very famous but i cant find this song, this is lyric "i wish i could turn back time leaving the moment a thousand time forever with you my love" thnx my bro, pls hlpme 😌

Jose Otero

Looking for a song that Shazam and Soundhound couldn't identify. Heard it on a country station a few years ago. The bridge and chorus lyrics are something like ...
"Taking my life back, (and) leaving you behind
Say I'm lost without you, but the truth is I'll be
Gather up the broken pieces
Take them with me because I'll need them
Far away where you can't find me
Leaving all my tears behind me
Somewhere you can't hurt me anymore."


I have been looking for a song since May of 2018. It was on my Spotify Discover list but I forgot to save it! It goes something like "were gonna turn it up so high were gonna burn it to the ground". The song also mentions something about "Bank Bail" or something similar. It is a modern song that was a guy singing it. I hope I can find this song its been killing me trying to find it for 8 months! Please help!

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