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Seb Bo

Hi, im looking for a bluegrass banjo song. its about a robber thats stopped by a trooper or sherif and the robber says something to the effect of:

My mama' is in heaven, my daddy is in hell, my girlfriend is waiting for me [some place] and i will see one of them tonight. [meaning the cop either lets him pass or he'll die in shootout.]

Does anybody know this song??

Kiplangat levi

I'm looking for a recent hit it might be from drake or something I really don't know the words but it's sort of like this..
for me won't u just follow me amma be your farmer.
something like that not so sure


though the singer says alakte movet movet idk




I’m looking for a cover of I like to move it
by some Spanish/french/Italian/Brazilian/Portuguese singer but nothing popped up


Don’t know who the singer is but I think it’s from a movie


I like to move it from Madagascar by Sacha Baron Cohen and Erick Morillo


I’m looking for a song where there is a woman singing then she says she’s going to try rapping but gets told to just keep singing

Amanda silver

Alternative rock song. Lyrics I can somewhat remember but doesn't come up when i search it.
"You don't know my name"

 "all i ask is to____ my name?"

"When all is said and done"

"All I want is for you to ___?"'t%20come%20up%20when%20i%20search%20it.%20%22You%20don't%20know%20my%20name%22%20%20%20%22all%20i%20all%20is%20to____%20my%20name%3F%22

Emily Smith

I've been looking for a song for years and barely remember anything about it besides that I loved it. It's techno/house as I remember. Lyrics are about a party girl. The only part I remember was that it mentions something about the bartender or DJ "driving her home at the end of the night" or something along those lines. Its driving me crazy please help!

Olivia Smith

how old is it? Cuz I know a song with "driving her home at the end of the night" that could be it... but its country! is it "I hope" by Gabby Barrett?


can someone help? It's a JAPANESE song i want to find. It has a cute chill beat at the start. Kind of like lofi but not really? It has a female voice. The only lyrics I know are "nee~ ima sawatte ... dayo... hazukashii... yo.." the dots are lyrics i don't know. those are the only lyrics i know. It's been stuck in my head for the past 8 hours, trying to find it. It's probably indie music.




Please help. Ive googled these lyrics for more than an hour and I really couldn’t find the title of the song.
Song 1: “Is More Than Who We Are. Holding On To Love… Holding On To Love… Holding On To Love… Holding On To Love. I Know You Wanna Save Me From Myself.”
Song 2: “Coz you are falling / pulling from me.. from me..”
Pleaseeee help!!!! 🙏

Anonymous Jesus Freak

Shania Twain, Holding on to Love?


It's an old, often used trap song I search.

A high piched womans voice sings/screams DREEEAAAAAMMM at the drop (then the music goes like it's played through a ventilation system) Would be awesome❤️

izzie v

i’m looking for an r&b song that was on the radio a while ago. the only lyrics i remember are “did you hear me cry it probably sounded something like this” and it was absolutely beautiful. there was also a part in the song about tears and being on stage

Audrey Pierson

Words “better than a peanut” in a rb/pop song in the middle 1980’s


IAM looking for song that heared on hold from Vodafone uk I don't remember most the words but it went ( even if you're around me ohhh I can see the sun shining) and I dont remember the rest


Looking for a song. Only caught part of the lyrics. But they are as follows. “Will you stand or will you fall. Make her laugh or make her cry...something something...remember you”
it was a male artists and he had a country twang. Any help would be appreciated.

Anne T

I'm thinking of a song I heard in early 2000s, so could be then or late 90s. Female singer, disco or dancepop, like Cascada but more ethereal-lyrics something like "iiiii feel like iiii could mooove to yoooouuu" the music reminded me of the music in Katy Perry's dark horse song...


hi i’m trying to find this song i used to listen to like two yes are ago. i remember that the album cover was purple and there was something written in whit rim pretty sure it was word “need”. and i don’t remember the lyrics at all but it was something like “drinking till you can’t stand up............ when girls start seeing them/themselves in the camera”
thank you 💓


Does anyone know a recent pop song, the singer is male, the music video had dancers covered in blood?


I am sorry for having very little info to go off on.

It was a pop song that came out in the last couple years

The singer was male

In the music video for the song everyone was randomly covered in blood.

Lyrics that I can remember: Chorus went something like "This life blank blank blank blank"

🤣I am sorry this is as much as I got.


Its a indie song, sung by a guy. It came out either this year or last year. The only lyrics i remember is
"So you don't inhale, no your too cool for that"
Something something "you didn't have to call my friends wack cuz they aint like that"

Ahh that's all i remember and its killing me, someone please help.


Hi All,
I am searching for the name of the song that plays in the background in the elevator scene of femme fatales season 2 episode 7 family business
"All you want is good times. Baby you've nothing to lose."


Hello everyone, I'm looking for a rock song, something from the 2000, 2001, 2002, it a band, a male singer, and says something like "every time you are here with me, every time you are here with me, everytime you are here with me, i can say what i feel its true", or "everytime you look at me, everytime you look at me, everytime you look at me, I know it's true". Please, help.

Tom p

I’m looking for a song that has been bugging me for ages! It goes like this: “let me, let me oooohh looking at my past expectation” I think the word expectation is wrong but it is similar. I think it’s sung by a black guy and it is quite an old song. If anybody knows this song, my future children will know who you are!


Keep hearing my teacher play this song in class very quietly as we work, I can only get to verses from it but I really like. A man signs and it’s like “Late at night I’ve been think of you, (something something), can’t make you happy or proud,” sorry for how vague that is


Lyrics: chorus: so why don't you make me love you, love you you i I

Andrea Morrison

Hi. Really hoping you all can help me with the name of this song. It's a dancey tune and includes the lyrics just gotta tell you that I do appreciate you and everything that you do for me.


I really need help finding this song. I know a few words that the music artist say.
I have listen to on radio couple times. This song been stuck in my head for 5 years and i still don't know the song name

I got knock out. mama, something something. oh oh oh. oh oh. i got knock. woah woah. oh oh..


Mama said knock you out possibly, by Five Finger Death Punch or LL Cool J


Hello, I'm looking for a song, its like electronic, but I guess its not famous or idk. If you search on YouTube "Falling in Love Ninakupenda", its that BUT I want WITHOUT that guy rapping over, because he didn't make it. Some lyrics are like "I'm just another one more problem because..." Please help me to find it!!


I need help finding this song it goes like " Damm my wrist just broke, I need surgery, I'm burning up, hot asf just like 3rd degree"


Hi ! I'm looking for the name of a Kpop song. it's a male group that sings. and in the song they say "We can take a ride"


KNK - Ride?


im looking for this song i love you no thats too soon you just met this girl this afternoon ok f*** shes looking scared thank you


Im trying to find a maybe mid 2000s rock band, I thought it was that one band by the name of Ra. But I cant find it. The lyrics go (i believe) "I dont think you understand or really give a damn. For somebody not willing to let me grow I think you shouldve known better" and then repeats that but replaces let me grow with "set the tone" PLZ HELP ITS LATE AND I WANNA FIND IT BEFORE BED 🤣


Im looking for what sounds like a rock/metal song from the early 2000s. I thought it was that one band not many people know about RA. But I looked through all of their albums and nothing. The chorus goes a little like this:

I don't think you understand
Or why you really give a damn
For somebody not willing to let me grow I think you shouldve known better

It repeats and replaces "let me grow" to "set the tone" please help lol


looking for a song which goes like.(tune)..... na ra nana heart attack .


I was visiting the shops at La Cantera San Antonio and I heard a woman singer sing these chorus lyrics "if you want a fight you'll have to do it alone" "this is all I've ever known" "not with you".


Hi everyone wish you the best and prosperity! I wish sooo many years to find one song , hope someone will he'll me
Female voise in jazz stile song slowly girl sing "I'm nasty come back from my shower...I can't remember his name ...Piter...where is my coffee"
I hope so so so much someone will help me!!!!


Hello! I've been looking for a song that goes:: ", my names slip pap" or something like that


Might be pimp named slick back.

Sandra Pro

90's alt rock...lyric goes something like "I should have looked at you instead I looked at the crack in the wall"


Hi I’m looking for the title of this song lyrics
“It’s been a while since i felt this way
the night was long and the sky was great
And i wondered if would always feel lonely”


Im searching for a very sad, kinda Lofi-like Song that goes:
I dont just know how,
Like see you again
I dont think thats the actual Lyrics but it sounds like he says it

El Psy Congroo

I'm dying to find a song that is briefly played in the background of the 54th episode of Attack in Titan (Minute 13:10).
It's a damn good one, so help is appreciated.


Hie I'm looking for this song that was in biological time Nigerian movie by Ruth Kadiri anyone who knows the tittle pls share yo gal

Help me plz

Oke i dont have a lot going but its a really famous song. Bit African vibes but could also be brazilian or something als. Only know the chouros that goes like: "prabouseee parabousaa oembuera" or atleast something that sounds like that. I hope someone knows it


Could it be Djavan? He’s a Brazilian artist.


I heard a song in the background, slow song with reggae beat, sounded like the lyrics were '' got no time for yesterday ''' ...... '' here to stay '' ...... with love that slips/drifts away

Danielle raye

The rap song that repeatedly says in a lower tone something along the lines of "dont talk about it " or "lets talk about it"...?

Jay watss

I'm looking for song pretty sure its an intro song to an album and its a female voice talking saying along the lines: its not the world the owes you a favor.
Possible by a band simular to a day to remember or heavier


Ok this one is a weird. No judgement here please.
I watch porn and dont get me wrong the video was cool but what really got me was the song, I was more into the song than I was the video, it was creepy, yet melodic

I want you
I want you
I want you
Take a look through your window
You'll be blinded...

I need to know that song

Chris James

Hi, I'm looking for a song that I think was made relatively recently. I heard it in the breakground. The lyrics go something like "[I feel the way?] I made my life, everything is...." shortly after something like "unto/until the end of my days". Not exactly sure about the genre, but it's got kind of a dubstep sound, maybe electro or rock. Appreciate any help!


I heard a song I really love
D lyrics are "you remind me of adam and eve cause I've been naked"

Manolito Bastasa

Hi, all! I'm looking for a song I once heard over a radio from the neighborhood. It's quite soft and a classic love song and it has these lyrics (not sure of I heard it correctly). Hopefully somebody knows much with this song coz I love it so much. Much appreciated for the help! The lyrics goes something like these:

since you've been gone
walk to the door
the more i think of you
that more that i can say i miss you
love will made you ...
so many thing

Manolito Bastasa

BTW, it is sung by a guy. :D

Daniel Sal

Trting to find a song with the lyrics
 jesus christ pride and power, jesus christ guilty they are. It's a metal band I think black metal. I remember hearing it in 1998 or 1999. Please help me.


I'm looking for title and artist of a late 90s/early 2000 dance song with the lyrics of a female singer : "I need a good life, I want a good life, don't mess with my life". Thanks!


Good Life by One Republic?

Heather C.

I am trying to find a old song that's a rock song, and it goes something like, "no I'm going, now! No i'm going back to the center of the earth" or something like that. It's stuck in my head and I can't remember what it's called.


I'm looking for a rap/trap song that had a young guy with some big glasses rapping in a party setting, all I can remember was that at one point a black guy interrupts the song, and a girl twerks for a couple of seconds and the song starts again.


Okay.. this is a long shot. My dad used to play this silly weird song and my brothers and I thought it was hilarious. I’m 30 now to give context.


Baa go crazy bah crazy as bah

Hahahaha let me know what you think


could it be "institutionalized" by suicidal tendencies? my dad used to sing that song all the time and it kind of sounds like that

Allison Moran

haha I appreciate you so much for trying. This isn't it. What a funny song though.

Allison Moran

Update: the bah/baa kind of sounds like a chicken... ? I wish that I could post a recording of me singing this..

pat pat

whats this song? female singer: “you know im * something* without your love” its a quite fast paced song

Sal Warner

I’m looking for a song released around 1998, the music video involves a rock band in a ‘thunderbird’ style plastic doll themed video, the rock band trash the room of the hotel in a story like video..the lyrics go something like “life is where we made them, I feel so cold my..” that’s all I got, can any of you help?


I don’t know if the lyrics that I’m writing are correct but it goes like this “When I see my baby gone....there’s a feeling that.....” it’s rock ballad song and the voice of the singer is close to the band «Staind»

If anybody can help me find this song It would make my day thank you

Bill P

I’m looking for a song but I’m not sure if these are the correct lyrics but I heard them like this “When I see my baby is gone there’s a feeling that I can’t....”

It’s soft rock song and the voice of the singer is similar to the band «Staind» Help me please Thanks!

Jaxon B

Hey I’m looking for a song that goes: “and I want (something something), and I want (something else) and basically repeats things he wants for most of the song


Is it R&B? Maybe Maxwell. He has a song called Somethin’ Somethin’


I remember parts of a song and I hope it’s enough for someone to help please? It’s a guy singing- I want a boy who keeps the bed warm when the whole house is sleeping I want a boy- something something idk it’s not much

Lonie miss lightskin

The song that goes roofasoni better ta lett em know-roofasoni please tell me I would like to know and these r the only lyrics I know of it


Im trying to find a song that I only know a few words of. I might be wrong about the details but it was around 2010-2014 and sung by a man. The only lyrics I know are ‘Open up your eyes, don’t second guess’ and I think it might say something about a heart beating in a chest. This part is sung with a harsh kind of growl if that makes any sense.

Andrew F

I am looking for the name of the song that plays at the end of this YouTube video. The comments are unhelpful, so i thought id turn to yall.

Stoyan Turimatsov

Greetings fellas. I’m looking for one “classic” World Cup soccer soundtrack. The competition was somewhere in Latin America and it is at least 20 years old but I can’t find it. I am sure about one part of the lyrics and it is the chorus where a lot of people are singing “PA PA O, PA PA O...” and after that continues in latino language. Pls help. Thanks a lot in advance

Lost not found


I can’t of heard tomorrow what I should have heard today.?

I gathered up my confidence dumped out my pockets for cents innocents?

I wanna hear you hear you say?

Does anyone know this song???


Hello everybody, I've heard a song on a video that I can't find and since that it's bothering me and I want to know the name the song I'll appreciate it if someone can help me
Some of the lyrics are : overcome fears...(guitare music) doesn't wait for you.
Thanks in advance.


Trying to find this edm song that has the lyrics "I just need to let goOOoo, i just need to be loud" sung by a girl right before the drop


Guys, do you know the name of the song where a guy is impersonating a girl at a club? It's edm/techno and has spoken word verses and it's very similar to Selfie by The Chainsmokers the only difference is that a guy "sings".

judy kennedy

Reggae tune female vocals 'and I promise myself that I would strong, for its more than I'd ever chance that I'm wrong.....I I I ve been had up before ...' 'and here I am waiting for you .....' 'on this very street everytime we meet.......

san r

From the 1970s or early 1980s. The song was featured on the 4th episode of the TV show "Otherworld". Do these lyrics ring a bell?

Lonely nights
I just can't sleep
Turn out the light
Still I feel the heat

My mind's running wild
Thinking what you might be doing tonight
I see you out on the street
I see you sleeping in your bed real tight

I've been a fool
Should have seen it coming from the start
Such a fool
Now it's breaking my heart


I'm looking for the start song they play at the Race for Life, she's a black artist, and I can't think for the life of me who it is.

Lucas Charles

Hello plz I’m searching for a song, it goes like this though I can’t get the words right “ Never know what I was going through, but u know life is suicide, and u know I can’t take it...all I do is think of u”

Chalicia Stenson

I'm looking for a song with like a r&b hip hop style to it.the only part I remember from the song was back it up on with my back against the wall. It has alot of piano playing in the song also any help


Hey, I heard a song on a TikTok compilation and it has been stuck in my head for a few days now, I'm pretty sure the song is from Beetlejuice but I'm not quite sure so don't judge me if I'm wrong, I haven't seen the movie in years. the lyrics are "You'll learn what I already know, I love you means you're never ever getting rid of me."


Please help me find a song...

without your live... just tell my life who said goodbye the rain you call to call a while to kiss me goodbye

Stella D

ive been trying to find a song but forgot the name, I've tried this thing but it didn't work, this is the lyrics i can remember, idk if they are exact but if you know the song it is please tell me! trying to get you off my mind, leave it all behind, tryna make it work i can't make it work


Am looking for a song “ i gave you many chance you lied even i know you lied it's fine because i love you i still dey cry when i know i dey die inside you made me do things when i no like taking alcohol over the night smoking the stuffs i refused to buy i should be death but i got my life now i'm a victim oh for this matter mp3 download

Pls anyone knows the title and who sang it ??

Stephanie I.


Please I'm looking for a song I used to listen to in the early 2000s , it was sung by a woman

"She stays, she gets down on her knees and she prays
She looks at the ring that he gave her..."

Something like that, please any help will be greatly appreciated. It has a fond memory attached to it.

Thank you

Stephanie I.


Please I am looking for a song , it goes

"Back seat of a chevrolet, she's young he's a little bit older, her kiss starts to fade away. His hand moves down her shoulder....."

Then the chorus

"She says no, noo I wanna get out
 She says no, noo is this what love is about"

Please any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.


Hello! I am looking for a TikTok song that goes:

"____ darling you are my best friend.
but there is something you don't know.
the reason I borrow your lipstick so often.
I use your shirt as a pillowcase
I wat to ruin our friendship
and be lovers instead."

Please replay if you know I can't get this song out of my head!!


That is Jennie by Studio Killerz! Hope I helped!


Studio killers- Jenny

Mpho Kgatla

I'm looking for a old house song sang by a lady that goes something like(not sure of the actual lyrics): eyes wide tonight baby dont cry /tear out tonight but its alright


Hey guys,
I'm looking for a hip hop song. Maybe late 90s to 2010s.
Slow, dark and melacholic theme, some Piano sounds.

The verse is something like
" i got do much trouble on my mind, refuse to lose
This music is all that i got when im Down and out, singing the blues"

Can you please help me out, thanks and love to you sll

suzanne sledge

Did not help at all. The song I'm looking for was sung to me by my grandmother back in the 40's & 50's. So she probably learned it in the 1920's. It's a sweet song & most of the ones brought up by this program are nasty.

 mable knew a thing or two before to school she went, that she had a baby stare and she won a millionaire by saying in her childish way. Ain't you glad you found me


Do you know the song that has the lyrics: "I bought a house out of the city. But you made a home inside my head.

Stacy Martin

Soory I'm not giving a good summary of the song i need help with. Does anyone know this song? Its a Spanish song that a guy sings and its a solo song playing guitar. Its goes something like this. "Oh oh oh que tu something wue tu vake yah something usta yah .. sorry I don't really know the words but I can hum it. Its like a heart break or love he's signing for that girl.


So the song is acoustic (guitar) with lots of instrumental, its a guy who sings softly, probably came out in the 2010s sometime and the lyrics are:

"I was a lost boy now i'm found, you put me back together _____ _____ _____"
"I was a lost boy now i'm found, broken by the water/weather(?) _____ ______ _____"


Heyy, please help me. I’ve been trying to find this song for like a week now. Lyrics:
I had my chance and I blew it all
You know I be, be a better man yeah


hey so ive been looking for this song for ages, I know its on tiktok but I cant find it anywhere!!
baby boyyy u dont have to *transition when u turn ur head to the side* say it
baby boy u dont have toooo *same transition* do it
*something like* show me what u doooo *same transition* do it

its sung by a girl that kinda sounds like Beyonce but isnt I dont think... PLEASE HELP IM GOING INSANE

Infron Sunners

Help, please!
Not sure in accuracy of words, but remember some parts of text. Song is old, i think 1990-2000...

My forgotten memories
Wherever i stay it takes my away
My memories
Im losing control my body and soul
My memories
I feel i can crying, i feel i can dying...
Round and round and round and round
My memories


Hi I’m looking for a song. It’s either country or pop and it’s by a female artist. The song is about her not wanting him to come into her house because she needs somewhere where she isn’t always reminded of him. I remember she mentions that a coffee shop is okay and at one point she says how if he were to come over then she’ll always be reminded of him while laying on the bed “begging him for more” while looking at the ceiling fan


I've being searching for an old song, I think a line in the song says "I was riding by my side. I just can't understand"

Emily Curtis

I’m looking for song. I heard it in a Christmas movie. It was a about a lady waiting for her lover
to come back and it had a flower field.


so ive' been looking and i cant freaking find this song! roses are red, violets are blue, im such a fool, why did i fall for you? i gave it all to you. somthing like that.


Hi All, please I am looking for a song but can't remember all the lyrics, pls someone should help me out, though it's an old song and it goes thus
My baby, my baby u're the one, u're the one I am calling, I'm calling baby, I'm calling i'm calling girl


I need the name of the artist so I can search with it or the full details of the song


ive been looking for a song that goes somewhere along the lines of "she's got everything i need, this girl shes driving me crazzzzyyyy" or "this girl is the one for me, yeah shes driving me crazzzzzyyyyyy" its a hip hop song from the early 2000's sang by a male.


Trying to find this song.

“Just keep dancing just keep moving
Tonight we dance our cares away”
Oh and this lyric below has this line
“today's a brand new day” I heard this song in a YouTube clip from channel moviehog before it was deleted. Can anyone help

Alexey chi

Guys, I search track which sounds very similar with a kelvyn colt’s track “bury me alive”. It may even contain a sample from “bury me alive”. Afroswing or hiphop... 2019-2020 I think


I am looking for a song with the "Midnight (The Hanging Tree)" remix music, but "are you, are you coming to my room" lyrics in it....sorry, I don't remember more


i'm looking for a song and some of the lyrics are "why did you take my heart along when you went away, why can't you see that it's all wrong leaving it here this way, i can't fall in love with someone else not while my heart's there with you, i wish i knew just what to do, why did you take my heart with you"
it's from the 40's - 60's and i've looked the lyrics up and can't find anything


Can someone please help find this song....
It’s a females voice and it’s a dance/house track. The lyrics sound like “ oh girl oh girl, don’t worry bout it....” and I see ya.... it’s then mixed with a really popular beat that goes like “ ah ah ah ah ah ya ya ya ya ya “ then goes into a pulsing beat.


I'm looking for a classic rock song which had lyrics or lyrics that sounded like I looked just like you or I was just like you and when they said that the pitch was kind of high and it was sung by guys

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