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I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics.

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Hi all,

I'm looking for the song title/artist with the ffg lyrics:
...stolen kisses in the garden,
at the beginning , baby this is Eden
I wanna lose it all for you,
oh you are my chemistry,
this love is like a ministry

tried shazam, find lyrics, all platforms but unsuccessful....can you help?


Please, when you find it, let me know


Where you able to find this?


The Beginning
by KVR i think


I have in my mind a song from when I was a kid (70s),, where a girl was singing "Honey (then some words I can't remember), Honey (again words unknown), then a longer strings of words ending with "I love you" . Does anyone have an idea of what song can it be?


Could it be "sunny", not honey? Then it would be Boney-M


Could it be called Honey by Bobby something, however this song had to have been from like 1966 or 1967?


hey guys,
i‘m looking for an 90‘s techno track but i don’t know the correct lyrics..
it sounds like
„i cant stop walking“ or „i just want walking“ smth like this..


Can some one help me with a song

It goes
Baby do you love me
Than show me you do
Give me your trust


Looking for a song from back in the day and it’s driving me nuts can’t find it anywhere it’s a male singer similar to blue rodeo …!!! I think the lyrics are like ( and I’ll think on it , but darling not tonight , passionate lover won’t you , keep me feeling I’m alright , im alright . PLEASE HELP !!


Trying to find a song that goes like “i know what you need, what you need need need” Still havent found it, please help


Spice Girls - Wannabe?


Hey, I‘m looking for a song with a male Voice and tuba, trumpet and maybe trombone. It is from 2005-2015 maybe. It is a Pop Song and the words from chorus I remember are ‚please‘ and ‚won‘t let you down‘ or something like this.


I won't let you down?


Theres like a hiphop/rap song i heard that I think the chorus is like "girl...............ill let you know" and that's all I remember. I've looked EVERYWHERE and I cant find it, PLEASE help me!!!

Manu Fields

I heard a song a few days ago in a pub. The app Shazam didn't get it because of the low volume and the people and the only things I know about it are: It's english lyrics, it's a female singer, folk styled song and it says "over and over" twice in the chorus, but that sentence doesn't have to be the title of the song. It was so nice I really want to find it.


coney island by taylor swift feat the national!


I'm looking for an acoustic song, male singer singing somewhat lazily

"Come on baby just ride on me..."

90s or maybe 2000s


Im looking for a song i heard for the last month while working at mcdonalds ive searched and got nothing the only i know is that singer is male and the parts of the lyrics ive recorded are "from your body to..." "your lips" and "do you think of them" can someone spot me in here and help me


I am looking for a song that goes "You can be my [name I dont remember] from 2004" "I ain't playing Im for real"


Ms. Jackson, by Outcast?


Looking for a song that goes dun taka ruku dun tuku ta ruku dun dun


Looking for a song within the last 10 years or so, only thing stuck in my head is the phrase in the chorus, "Here we go" that's said by a background voice, almost like a narrator.


bang! by ajr


O. My Goodness!
I owe you a donut or something


Song playing through the football stadium speakers. Anyone know it and the artist?


I think it's Everlong by Foo Fighters


Thank you.


You're welcome **

Ben Edwards

Everlong, Foo Fighters




I'm looking for a song that atarts with "techno" keyboard and then it becomes kind of a rock song. Then at some point the singer ( I dont remember if it was a man or woman) sings something like "i will never let you go".it was popular on tiktok

Andy Russell

Looking for a song from late 70's, early 80's, club type anthem. Something like
"Everybody's waiting, waiting for something, everybody's waiting, chik a boom chik a boom boom boom boom boom
or could be
"Everybody's waiting, waiting for someone, everybody's waiting, chik a boom chik a boom boom boom boom boom
lots of verses along the same theme
"there's a guy in the parking lot, waiting for his wife"
"there's a guy in the subway, waiting for a train"
"there's some guys in the mortuary, but not a word is sad, they're not waiting, they're all dead"


Just waitin' by Hank Williams Sr.?


looking for a 80s maybe 90s song only thing i can remember about it is a woman sang it about her witness a kid being abused and stuff but it was a catchy song


Suzanne Vega - My Name Is Luka


I'm trying to find out who sang "I saw... yesterday at the ..... cafe. and ... (then it goes) You can tell him he was wrong. Sam and I we get along. Just as well as two people ever can. Tell him life's a lot more peaceful. Without him and his songs. He was wrong. He was wrong. He was wrong. (I think this song came out in the late 1970s and possibly from Ontario. I sure would like to know who wrote it and who sang it.


Did exist in 90 hits. a group name. I.O.L. Fields of love i cant find it ?


A song from the 90s?, sang by a female, upbeat maybe rnb, a line in the chorus is "because i love you"... or.... "and i love you".

A song that you feel like you can dance and clap to.

Haha ive been racking my brain and am providing some very vague descriptions here.


I love you always forever- Donna Lewis maybe?


That's the same description I'm looking for. Oh my heavens


Hi! Looking for an obscure 90's gothic/darkwave song with the lyrics "You'll never sleep til youre dead or buried" "If they find us, we will fly like witches..." cant find it ANYWHERE in any lyrics search!


Only heard a snippet used on a tv show in between scenes. No app will recognize it. Female rock band, heavyish guitars. Sounds a little like the band Warpaint, but it's not them. Lyrics
"Put on my lipstick so I /can kiss you goodbye
Put on my lipstick so I /can kiss you goodbye ayyye (vocalization)"


Hi! Looking for an extremely obscure parody song from years ago sung to the tune of Cielito Lindo. Here's the verse I remember....
"Ay, ay, ay, ay...
Mister Spock sucks on photon torpedoes".

I vividly remember hearing it years ago on Dr. Demento. Lol

John Myles

Who used to play this song?
When you re without love, it's a new way of living.Stay with me,play with me, sat that you love me tonight. Dreaming, always scheming, how to make amends, how to stay as friends..All my joys are yesterdays sorrows are blowing in the wind?............

Gratefully john


I just touched down city full of bright lights New York home of great night life Yankees the Mets . It’s a rap song from a series on Netflix called stay here

Ed Patterson

The first lines are:
Oh when i leave gone to time, when I'm dead and gone will I feel fine, who'll lead me on
The melody is a haunting melody.
The last line is:
try to find something that won't fade away with time


Looking for the song that the people start singing here

Lyrics: I don't even know, you know, you know know


Probably a blooper generated lyric or an outtake lyric or a lyric being sung wrong


Nah it's not that


Hello! I need help finding this song. It's a Christian hymn for which I only have these lyrics:

We gather round Your table, Lord
You prepared the bread and wine
We do this to remember You
Until the end of time

Kenneth Pickering

Please help, originally a give away record with a magazine in 1979/80, to promote a new artist. Lyrics include "smelly sweetly of sex" chorus high pitched voice in background singing what sounds like "I'll do what I want with my pony, yes I'll do what I want with my pony" for some reason an artist/band name of "orangie" sticks with me. Copy appeared on YouTube about 20 year's ago, now gone.

Kenneth Pickering

Please help, had cd 20 years ago, now lost. Mixture of dance / trance music. All tracks various artists. Very much in the style of "man 2 man meets man parish". One specific track by a unknown band. The only bit I can remember is a background chorus of "I'm a little cowboy, I'm a little cowboy".


The beginning of the song is a guy opens the truck from behind because he is moving and it shows he has arrived and there's a ghost lady singing and jumpscares the guy throughout the house that song was catchy but i forgot it


Looking for an RnB song from 2010s
The song is titled "Under the influence" i guess
Lyrics i can remember are
"She got me under the/her influence.. "
It has upbeat music and rap verse too.
Someone please help, it's bugging my head for weeks now🥲

Elliot O

Mayhaps "Troublemaker" by Ollie Murs (Featuring Flo Rida)?
It's decently upbeat, from 2012, and has the vibe of the lyric given.
If it's not that song, I apologize!


Hi.. I'm looking for a song it is deep house a lady sings these lyrics I know, u know, that this thing is just a matter of time the man most says aah aah aah it has an instrument that goes whii whii(not like a police siren) in between and the lady also says its gonna be alright you will see it will be... The man has a deep voice


Hi all! Im looking for a soca song, I only remember it going "whine to de top and drop it down for meh, whine to the de top and drop it down for meh". It was sung by a female, the voice is similar to Patrice Roberts and/or Destra. It is also not a recent song, I would say about 6-10 years old. Thank you!


Possibly "Throw Wine" by Shanta Prince

Helen Froome

Im trying to find what a dance song is called.... it has the words thinking and wondering...... the music video had silhouettes of women dancing with diffferent coloured lights?


Looking for a song I heard playing in a store.. Female singer, acoustic guitar
The lyrics I heard were:
and i wanna let you know
that i could never let you go
and i just want to be yours

I just keep getting results for Arctic Monkeys :( cant find the lyrics online


Looked forever for a song: cheap drum machine, fuzz guitar : 'Lets have a war, it doesn't matter what we're fighting for. dum duh dum dum....Let's have a war, it doesn;t matter if we're wrong or if we're right... ...I've got a feelin, it could happen pretty soon could happen any day now..."
It's not the band FEAR's song made famous in RepoMan.
-There was a site I visited in the mid 2000s that had all sorts of free downloadable protest/resistance/truth songs where I dl'd it.
 I tried internet archive using key song titles oof other songs there as they were spelled after downloads - but nothing.
There were a few dozen songs including; sonofabush, 10secondfreefall, whatwouldyoudo, bushkilla, fu@kawar....and the best mix ever of 'message from sponsor' (Jello Biafra) aka 'Martial Law' - "This territory is now under MARTIAL LAW " - it was a hard rock mix, but not the Black Sabbath or the Ice T one.. I looked forever for it too.... I have an mp3 of it saved and am going ro put it to a video and then up on my SKZX rumble channel. It should be out there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi I'm looking for a song that contains the following lyrics:

(sort of "drop") "I just wanna ________, catch you when you fall"
"I gave my heart to you, 'cause baby you're my ______"

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Please help me

I cannot remember it too clearly but it sounded like
“We are prolly going upside down ———- inside down”
It was sang by a female singer (not sure tbh) and it had an addictive beat


Hi I'm trying to look for a song the song is a slow song with one of the lyrics saying getting out of line getting out of line or it's getting out alive getting out alive


Hi, Can someone please help me find a rap song 🙏 I think it's from the late 90's maybe early 2000's. I remember the video clip with this tall dude dancing on a stage, the song starts with a very weird monotonic synth that plays throghout all the song. the rap is pretty fast i think. I recall a female in chorus singing somthing like "alright, tonight" or something like that. And then rapper jumps in with somthing like "wobbly sayeed" (I think it's the name sayeed). This one really hunts me and my brother, We are searching it for years, It envloves a pretty big bet between us who will find it. If there is a place that can be helpful, I bet it's here. Thanks allot 🙏

Mcadams dall

Looking for an rNb song by a female singer she sing "all that I need , is one more (lie)? (Night)? (Try)? I don’t remember the last word


Please help me find this song, it's in the movie EO from last year about 55 mins in (the scene with the truck driver). I'm not too good with music genres but i'm guessing it's some sort of metal or hard rock?? There's a death growl in the beginning (i think that's what it's called, it's lyrics being growled) and then there's normal vocals singing something along the lines of "i ain't never lost my baby, you never ____ (call? go?)" twice
It's not listed in the soundtrack, shazaming it doesn't work and i can't find anything from the lyrics and i cant get it out of my head since last month, any help is greatly appreciated !!

Joe Martinez

Is there a song with the lyrics:

I am just a lonley soul so were i ask shall i call my home

My Friend

Hey do I am looking for the full lyrics of a song. I know the name which is “I’ll Set you free” which is on YouTube but there are no videos with lyrics and I can’t find them anywhere. I’m searching for a friend if you find anything at all I would be super grateful. Thanks.and the artist is Loic Ghanem


The song and lyrics are on Apple Music. If you have a friend or family member that has Apple Music or maybe even Spotify they could possibly send you a screenshot shot of the lyrics. Just an idea.. good luck *


I’ve been looking for a song abs i don’t remember how it goes but it has a lady on the cover in a boat and it has weird shapes on it but it was a good song though.


I'm looking for a song with a strong bassline (like a cello or double bass) and Piano. The refrain is literally like " babababababa babababa" and I know that the male voice sings "one thing one thing". It's like a smooth pop Jazz song, but from the 70s or 80s.
Can you Help me?


I am trying to find a song that was running through my head as I woke up this morning. It is sung by a man, it was a popular song from the last 10+ years. The phrase that was running through my head was "I am, I am, I am the lucky one", but the phrase does not seem to be in the title.

Thank you!


Hi, I remember a 90s or 2000 (?) song by a female singer electronic, house or something of that genre, lyrics that went:"i want it know it and i want it now"


if you wan't me better make your move and show me show me with your lightspeed
when i'm faster than my cd's, quicker than a train and i'm faster than a bullet bullet i can write a bolt of lightning raise a shooting star i could take a trip to heaven cuz heaven ain't so far if you want me better make a move show me


I heard this song yesterday on the way to the mall, it was playing on the radio station, I forgot the song's rhythm, but it was repetitive and I remember the lyric "Are you happy now", the song had a slow BPM, it was calm, there was a guitar and maybe a xylophone in it, the singer was female, and the song seemed brand new. I have looked EVERYWHERE for the song, on song finder sites, nothing! I remember the world "babe" in it aswell.


Happy Now - Zedd, Elley Duhe (?)


help. i have been trying to figure out this song forever. it has guitar that sounds like 0:21-0:30 of Everlong by Foo Fighters and it’s sung by a female probably late 90s early 2000 rock and all i can remember is there is a part where she repeats the same work over and over again i think it starts with the letter V.


This probably isn't what you're looking for but worth a shot - Naughty by Skulker


Another song came to mind - Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders


Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders

Shelby Coonfer

Country fans! It’s a song by a woman, similar sounding to maybe Lady A but anyways, a song about a girl alone at a bar after being single and there’s lyrics about her getting a name on a napkin, leaving the bar and it’s raining possibly even crying in the bathroom?! I can hear it in my head, but I cannot for the life of me know what song it is! Anyone have any idea?!


Trying to find a song from either late 90's or early 00's... it was darker and I can't quite remember the lyrics... it was something along the lines of I'm not giving up, because I'm not built that way... the world can't bring me down, because I'm already there


Helllpp! I've been looking for a song sang by a female artist....I heard it over the radio again this morning but can't find the's easy listening....chorus goes like this.."i'm at the crossroads don't know where to begin.. it's too late to turn around and start from the beginning"............"i'm 22 still stuck in my room"...the end goes like this.."do i carry on this way?"



Trying to find a song but I don't know the full lyrics, I just know it contains these words:

Randomly in the song:
This life I've been living
At the next show

Part of the chorus:
I've got big plans and big dreams
(This part varies since I can't recall it.) I'm gonna make it to the big leagues

Last lines of the song:
I'm still wondering when you'll come around/I'm still wondering when you'll understand.


Looking for an r&b song from 2005-2009, peak of the MySpace days. I don’t think the artist is someone super famous, could’ve been a MySpace artist. Male.

Part of the chorus
“I love the way she wind it, wind it, wind it (oh)
-(Can’t remember this line)-
Shorty’s got it and ain’t scared to let it show (let it show)
Baby you know I just wanna get up witcha
I gotta get that picture when you wind it, wind it, wind it, (oh)”

Other lyrics
“Mami can we get past the floor,
And out the door,
Lemme know (lemme know)”

“Cuz you know what I want
And I got what you need
So baby pleaseeee”

I remember the chorus being “wind” like a wind-up toy. But it could be wine/whine like the dance move.


I'm looking for the song inside the movie Bad Company Protocollo Praga, when the boy is at the disco like DJ, thanks


Breathe in Breathe out / by Ali

Don't know

Female voice. Lyrics i remember:
I see you
I see you
I see you (lies, eyes?)

And i run away,
run away,
run away (with you?) to paradise

Oh, oh, oh are you ready, are you ready, are you ready.
Oh, oh, oh are you ready, are you ready, are you ready.

(To come with me to paradise)


I watched The young and the Restless Season 50 episode 3. During the party scene, There is a song playing in the background that has the following lyrics: "It's the way you look at me, It's the way you make me feel when your smiling it gives a chill, now your mine." Does anyone know this version of this song? Also, Not the ones like Alex bright, George Mello, Bassca, and the others. I'm referring to the one found in that soap opera show.

Anonymous 2

I was watching The young and the Restless season 50 episode 3. The party scene was playing a song in the background that goes: "It's the way you look at me, It's the way you make me feel when your smiling it gives a chill now your mine." Anyone know that version of that song?


Can't hurt to try. This one song I found it before but I can't remember it. All I know is it's a song from 50-60s from those girl groups. Like the supremes. Similar sounds The first part has bells/ dun dunna dun dun. The lyrics went along "I know what you think/heard of me and the chime chours. I swear it was in a movie too

Stella selovic

Hello please help I have this music video stuck in my head I can't remember any of the lyrics from the song but I remember in the video there were 2 girls that were singing and dancing with one chair in English. They were both white with dark hair and black clothes. The song was made in 2013-2014. It is similar to song pink "OH MY GOD". and some of the lyrics go something like "I dance better by myself without you"

Mr curious songy song

Just heard a song in the radio but missed the artist… was a male singer, Rock type song and he’s talking about losing his possessions, I remember him saying he’s losing it near the end… I’ve tried searching the lyrics without success… anyone got ideas?


Looking for an 80s r&b song.sounds like a group like Rose Royce. female singer..words I think include "when i get close to you I totally lose control. I dont know what to do with myself". .thanks


Looking for song with these lyrics, 'Pi PiPi when I see a cutie drop holla holla hey .......but it ain't nothing like being with you


Looking for song with these lyrics, 'Pi PiPi when I see a cutie drop holla holla hey .......but it ain't nothing like being with you late 90s early 2000s


Hi , I’m looking for a song that is sung by a female singer . I’m not sure what the lyrics are but I think in the chorus she sings aaah aaah aaaah or aaaa aaaa aaaaa. I’m also sure she mentions cigarettes in the song. It’s a slower paced song .


Halsey - New Americana (maybe)

Christopher Heckman

This has been in my head for the past month or so.

* Synth pop, recording suggests it's from the 1980s. Drums (if any) mixed low. Bass is a synth bass. "Crystal"/bell sound during "chorus"
* Single male singer.
* main portion (chorus?) is slow tempo; there's a second part (bridge?) where it speeds up a bit. Fades out with the chorus.
* The chorus is fairly short: 2 syllables, 3 or 4 syllables, then two groups of 4 syllables; the second group seems to repeat the previous, but at a higher pitch.
* The chorus ends with lyrics like "here for a while" or "we say goodbye" (these aren't them, though; maybe the vowel sounds are right).
* The bridge comes up a few times. One time, it starts with something like "I never wanted" (again, these aren't the actual lyrics)

Avi bess

Looking for a song I heard in the 90's by a female singer it was a pop song. The lyrics I can remember and how it starts is.

As you see, misery building up in my heart _____ was your act when you walked out that door.

Chorus: baby why'd you have to take you love from me? Just open up your heart so you can see x2

Verse 2: so much pain, day day by day, no one heard the sound of this heart of mine crying out why'd you take your love from me?


that's all I can remember and some of the words are or could be wrong but I've been looking for this song for 20 years and if someone knows it please TELL ME!
I'd appreciate it verry much since the person who gave me the cd past away not long after and it was precious friend and the song was special to me so plzz let me know


Hello guys im searching for a rock music that goes like this: i never wanted another try your all i wanted and you know why (i will take these bullets into my chest because of you i will never rest) smt like that xD some help?

It’s been to long,

PLEASE if anyone know of or have any idea the name of this song or cover or artist please respond with any possibility’s I’ve been searching for it for over 10 years yes 10Years! my friends mum was playing a mix of reggae love songs old and new in her car one day and this one just touched my soul.

It goes something like.

“You could be anywhere in the world but your here with me tonight, so sexy your my type of girl”

I think it was done over a lovers riddim I’m not sure or if it was an original but it sounded new at the time and not so much like your old time lovers rock music it.

The riddim and lyrics just made me want to slow dance and wine up all at once wish I could find it

Nathan Forester

Looking for a version of 'my baby shot me down' which was used in a Lady Dimitrescu cosplay tiktok video.


I need help finding out a song it's for real now it's for real now a lady sings it it's and old song

Chloe Williams

I need help. There’s this song I remember from a long time ago. The one lyric I remeber is “so let’s set the world on fire” it’s kind of a slow paced song and it’s country. Reminds me a lot of hey there Delilah with the pace. It’s not Pink, it’s not we are young, and it’s not McGraw. I really need help it’s bothering me sm


i heard a song on the radio but now I can't find. a few lines that say " tell me how you hate me, ooh" but i search those lyrics and i dont get what i wanted


Hi does anyone know the title of this song "i hear strange voices in my dreams I hear you calling... you're tired of hiding,.. And it won't be long you can tell your secret you dont feel all alone anymore"


I have been looking for soooo long. But the only part I remember was when the person said “coffee Chan” it’s either in Korean (most likely) or Japanese by a solo male artist (something about love I think)


This has been driving me crazy for a few years! A song on the radio in the late 80s and 90s about a relationship break up with a lyric something like “I don’t have what she needs” and something about a wind or breeze through trees. Vocals were my a male (not she’s like the wind but similar). It kind of reminded me of the theme from Miami Vice TV show.

John Doe

I'm trying to find a song: It's a female singer and the refrain goes "oh what you do to me" (that's the only text i remember). It comes along with some trumpets playing a very soft melody. The whole song is very soft and a little bit melancholic.


I’m looking for a cover of Santa Claus is comin to town but it’s a bit like Mariah Carey’s version but like a female voice screeching the words it’s driving mad

Note:I probably found it it could be the Jackson 5 version they’re not female at all


Hey ive been looking for a retro song for ages, all i. Know is its a woman singing something like ‘ive been seeing… insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddeeeee”
Can anyone help me with that? Its kinda a famous song


Stick with me I’m tryna find a song that goes

Lalalalalala know me better
Ah Oooooooh/Yoooooou
It’s the (sounds like “bus/quest”) that always/only brings us back together
Cuz we got too/so much (sounds like “his terry”)
Here with you is wellamentoobee
Even after ALL THE (sounds like “pine”)
I do it all again
Cuz we got too/so much (sounds like “his terry”)

Sung by a female
It’s driving us all crazy
If you’ve heard it do you know what song this is
HELP MEEEEE, It drives me wrong


History • Joel Corry & Becky Hill (?)

Ousmane Dembele

I heard a gospel song once sometime and I've never heard of it again. And it goes by the lyric na he weh dey save my life, the voice was a male and also a Nigerian.

Henk tank

I don’t have a sample unfortunately, but the song is a house like song, and there’s a speech sampled in it, with a rather intense voice which goes like: be kind to the person that is sitting in front of you, and then something like: for that person could be sitting next to you one day, or something like that. And there’s a lot more text in it, but I don’t know that anymore. The song itself sounds kind of fairytale-like.. I’ve been searching it for months but I just can’t find it can someone pleaseee help.?


There is a song with heaven in the title it’s like an alternative or rock song but it’s sung by a woman I believe, i also know the song art was a purplish color

Ousmane Dembele

I'm looking for a gospel song which the singer might be Frank Edwards or Moses Bliss or any other male gospel artiste which goes by the lyric na he weh dey save my life.Does anyone know of this song pls.


Please, can you help me find a song?
It's DnB genre, woman vocal.
Some lyrics from this song:
Can't you see, let me show
And sound woo-ooo, sad sound
Explain how I could 🥲


Touched by an angel episode TIL DEATH DO US PART
 Part of lyrics
When I first laid eyes on you….

All I need is one more chance that might lease to romance

Amy P.

Looking for lyrics to a song in CSI: NY Season 9, Episode 5 at about the 6 min mark when Lindsey is in the lab before it transitions to Flack boxing. It's more of a rock song I think. Lyrics are for the most part like this:

i travel through the night hoping to find my peace
you see these worlds collide waiting for someone like me
i know you’re waiting now
i know you’re waiting now
i know you’re waiting now
it’s time to believe
yeah i’m falling
wait for the moment
say what you wanted to me
why you stole the world for me
i know you’re waiting now
it’s time to believe

Mitchell Smith

Looking for a popular song, i cant remember much of it apart from i liked it at the time. I remember it being vry popular i think around the time 2018. It had 2 male singers. They may have been rapping. I think it couldve been about drugs maybe. Thats all i remember ty.


Doues anyone know the outro song in this make up tutorial on youtube? I'v been trying to find it but I couldn' come up with an accurate result 😢

It has a lyric like:

"I wanna breathe you in, breathe you out..."

"I tried to let you know, what I know..."


Gloria Tells -- For Your Love


Need help locating a song. It was playing in the Range this evening but Shazam would not pick it up. Its a male singer with a guitar (kind of slow) Only managed to catch a few lines.

"I can feel her close even though she's not around"

"I know she's gone but part of me keeps holding on"

"But she takes me away, takes me away, takes me away..."


Late ‘90s / Early 2000s.
European rap/rockish. 4-5 members. The band name starts with 'J'
I don't remember the lyrics correctly.
Lyrics: "Until it was you I didn't know what to do, but I, ....that I blew... succa Mcs wanna love me, wanna hate me"


Quarashi - Stick Em Up

Cloudy skies

Im looking for a song please help me find it goes, baby when I’m hurt next to you, I’m doing too much doing to much

Chiuna makayi

I’m looking for a song all I remember is the video it’s a group of teens in a fancy old resort and I remember there was screaming from one of the girls as the song starts.They are also driving a car,the only lyrics I remember are I’m in love with you as the opening lyrics

Erica Battiata

I’m busting my head thinking about this, it’s a 2017-2018 song by this not very well known blonde girl, she’s singing on a really nice bed and the dance bridge is her in a suit with men in suits as backup dancers. The entire song is her talking about how sexy and rich and cool she is. The big issue is it’s so basic and she’s so unknown that I can’t find it just by detailing the music video and I don’t remember a single line from that song. Please help


Erika Jayne -- Xxpen$ive (maybe)


Help please help me find a song all the lyrics I know is im doing too much doing too much, kinda a classic and a black man singing it, if u know please lemme know, thank you.

Jo C

Looking for song that has very similar chorus to “still feel” by half-alive. Must have been produced around 10 years ago

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