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all the feelings that i thought were gone, came rushing back to me at once................ the truth is, i never got over you, the truth is, i wish i was standing here with you
been missing
hey lush, have fun
it's the weekend
hey lush, have fun
hey lush, have fun
it's the weekend
hey lush, have fun
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
hey lush, have fun
it's the weekend
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
hey lush, have fun
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
hey lush, have fun
it's the weekend
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
hey lush, have fun
[forget me, it's that simple]
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
hey lush, have fun
[forget me, it's that simple]
it's the weekend
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
[forget me it's that simple]
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
hey lush, have fun
[forget me it's that simple]
it's the weekend
[forget me it's that simple]
(no I don't think that you know
what you've been missing)
hey lush, have fun
[forget me it's that simple]
hey lush, have fun
[forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]

whats the name of this osng i have the lyrics but not the song
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
[just forget me it's that simple]
just forget me, it's that simple
You probably already know by now but i just thought i'd tell you anyway incase you don't. It's called Truth Is by Fantasia Barrino
hi im lukin for the artist that sings the song "sexy cinderella" with the lyrics " every time i see you boy u make me feel so hot" n e help would b really thankfull ! cheers x x x
i want to take you on a roller coaster (followed by heavy electronic guitar)
your own disaster by taking back sunday
brad's got it
looking for the song with these lyrics (it's a fairly new song)..."when the mood is down....get on up"..or something like that.
i know the name of the songits called "sexy cinderella" but i dont know who sings its i have searched every where.... "everytime i see you boy you make me feel so hot".....
lyden david hall
A kiss from a rose on the grave...its a love song
its by seal..its called kiss from a rose
i need to know the name and who this is by, een tho i only got random lyrics here, not even in order either: Ginger worked in a cafe, billy '....'
he held her down in the river, he looked her dead in the eye,.... he whispers goodbye" or something like that. its old-and i need some help!
i don't know who sings this song or what it's called and i can't see to find it anywhere, help me out! i swear if you come back in my life. i'll be there til the end of time oh back into my life. and i swear i'll keep you right by my side coz baby you're the one i want. it's some boy band but it's not boys 2 men - i swear
i think blue sings that loz
i dont know what the song by 50 cent that goes... god gave me your smyle.
in my dreams god is talking to me, in my dreams i am down on my knees, in my dreams im begging you please, let my soul rest in peace, life is too short too short to live in anger,cant stand these negative vibes, life is too short too short to live with danger, please help me god to survive.
did anyone find the lyrics to the song posted by Lil on Aug 10? I am also desperate to know who it is by and what it is called!!! please help out!
who sings this song- so am i still waiting for this world to stop hating
sum 41 - still waiting
She is the prom queen, i'm in the marching band, she is a cheerleader, I'm sittin in the stands,

She's Mrs. America, I'm just the girl next door....
What is that song?
Its Girl Next Door by Saving Jane
lord send me an angel from me heavens above.send me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes
its angel by amanda perez
I dont Know who wrote this song or what its called
"To you this is just a song But to me this is what i call life"
The person who sings this song is City High and the name is What would you do
ever since the day you went away and left me lonly and cold, my life just hant been the same, oh baby no..
This song is called Going Crazy by Natile
I need to know who sings this song its a R&B singer and it says you hang up, no you hang up, on three hang up. please help me:)
i don't know the name or who sings it. the lyrics are.. i don't know what i'd do without you babe don't know what i'd do. you're not just another
I think this may be a remix that came out a few months back, but it's just one verse of the original song called "I wanna Kiss You All Over". Try Googling the words "I dont know what I'd do without you babe". Also try
loz - I believe the song you're looking for is Something About You, by Live Element. Anyways, hope you get this message considering its been a month since you've asked. Hopefully you've got it already.
if it aint grey an blue staying true you know i like it baby and i wanna rock with you and forever boo il show you how the gangstar do
I can't think of the name of this song whatsoever.....but it goes like this "Butterfly tatoo, right above your naval. Your belly buttons pierced too, just the way i like it girl" It's new and I should know it but I can't think of it.
its by bobby valentino n its called slow down
2 songs :) any help please..

"remember us and all we used to be"

"why me, why can't i be free" - one of the girl's on missy elliot's road to stardom sang it and it was beautiful - but i don't know what it's called or where to find it!
I'm not angry all the time, but you bring me down atleast you try and I dont want you, I must be running out of luck cause your just not drunk enough to fuck
Old rap/hip hop song where the guy gets busted smoking pot and rhymes his explination to the judge in court. I thought it was total devistation but I must be wrong.
it goes like this and sounds like kevin lyttle...' she drives me crazy on and on, what a beautiful lady ona nd on, there is no if ands or maybes" something like that someone please help
i don't know the name or who sings it. the lyrics are...
"i dont know what i would do without you babe, dont know what i'd do ... your not just another lover, no your everything to me ...
everytime im with you babe, i cant believe its true ... when your layin in my arms and you do the things you do."
^^^I don't know who sings it.. or what it is called :( anyone know?!! i really luv the song but cant find it anywhere!
WHOOOOO HOOOO!!! i Found it!!! The song is called "Something About you" by Live Element!!! Finally!!!
i dont know the name of the song or the lyrics...someone pleeeeease help me out!!!

I'll be the one the tuck in at night
You can't find nobody else like me
these r the lyrics..iv been looking for this song for months
"its just you and me..and all of the people..with nothing to see..and nowhere to go(i think) ...and i dont kno why...i can't take my eyes off'a you" ***** please tell me if yu kno this
OH SHIT i JUST found it!!

you and me - lifehouse
wut an AMAZING song lol

MARTIN - 16th August 2005
scott aug 18th
fall into the nite, comeon and treat me rite and fall into the nite
hug me squeeze me like a keylime
scott aug 19th
this song is a bluse based little no.
with a girl singer sounding a bit like tracy chapman and bonny rait
any help would be great.

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I heard a song in a radio and I couldn't hear all the words I just remember something like " no matter how I .... I'm always...." The singer is a guy and a girl sings with him too from time to time if you know the song please tell me or write any one you think it is and thank you so much!
we’ve had our share of trouble maybe more than others. With a little love and understanding— as long as it’s you and me girl there is nothing we can’t do.
I am looking for one beautiful song
It begins softly piano chords and later mam starts sing:
when lights goes out
you are in my mind
i close my eyes so
it's just you and i
and i told myself
you will be back again
when stars are light
are we dance...
Somthing like that

Have a nice day and sorry for my english ;)
It’s called “when spring is coming” by ever yearning ft Michael stenmark
Michael Stewart
Looking for a chilled dance song with a summer feel from maybe early 00’s. The lyrical hook is “’s cooler when I’m with you, knowing that you’re close to me, hand in hand, side by side” but can’t find it anywhere on the internet 😢 hope someone can help me so I can feel the nostalgia once again 😁
david stacey
True Steppers Feat Alan Chan - Sunshine
Jin Scarlet
Does anyone know a rap song with this lyrics:

"Deep crush...

Cheeks flushed..."?
my full name
who knows this song? singing by women and i think its a new song category: i know i know we always 'strong' we got we got a lot of.. i didn't sure about 'strong' my ear can't get those words perfectly, and more, i guess they have featuring a male singer too
Eros Semper
Please help. Heard this song but only caught a part of it. The lyrics are "my baby loves me when we're alone no no no" (i can give you the moon the stars. Make up your mind. Is it him and you or you and me.) Thats all i got. Help please.
Looking for a modern song. Kind of dance music. It is very short and a woman sings it.
Something like:
Was it all because of me? Cause now you pretend


You know i never gonna lie

Can anyone help?
Jaren Iwu
This one is an 80s R&B song, all I remember is the time and this line, "It's raining, pouring...."
Any ideas?
does anyone know the song it goes like this “do i make since, to somebody. yeah you make sense to me. imma make sure you good. if anybody ever go against
please do anyone know the song the song that was sang in the background when Andrew was introduce as the movie rags...the song goes like this... the light take me away to the night with I certainly realize time is now nothing to prove...I need to download it
There is a place I belong
It is with you wherever you are
Only you can make me strong
but it's too far
So I can be with you
The only one....
It's you who i want to
Share my life with

Someone who can help me with this one?
Anthony Cutajar
Looking for a recent song launched around April/May 2018 with a verse in the lyric that goes: "We've come so far yet to fall so low". Singer is a female.
Looking for the name and artist of this house song: Don't stop me, I know you've heard this before.... But baby, forgive me for my honesty but I... can't move when you're in my way, I cant speak when you hate what I say, I just can't I just can't go on this way... Its quite an old house song, but I've been searching everywhere and cannot find it.
Looking for a song by a female artist before 2001. All I can remember is the line
Wake up sleeping beauty get your story straight.
Could be in the classical, inspirational or soft rock genres.
Jhonedel ramos
Looking for the song "what am I supposed to do cos im still in love with you, ...... what sm I supposed to say cos U want you here to stay. singer is male a boyband I guess.
i'm looking for a song with a choris that says, everything i do i do for you.. and it's not the one by Brian adams.. it is a more recent song
Looking for this new song.. A woman is singing in it and I know the following lyrics: ''I need you, I want you'' its like very energetic pop kinda.. if anyone knows it, help me out
Looking for the song used in Darker Than Black episode 2 starting around the time Li kills Jean. It goes something like "though it's all over times i wonder [?] still i can't [?] turns out all i ever did" but it's hard to hear over the dialogue.
Looking for a song with lyrics that go "just watch just watch, watch how we do cause we do it like that yeah we do it like that". Heard it from an HBO commercial on youtube and ive been dying to find out the name of the song.
Anyone knows this song that goes smth like “ you don’t love me you just like the way I love woah oh oh oh” and theres a part when she’s like “ you can take your m (some word that starts w m) I don’t want it back no” .Only girl sings it
Does anyone know the song singer is male I cant remember all the lyrics here is what I got .. going where cold winds blow to the ... where the sun no longer shines I'll will shiver the whole night... Live
Ok so I’m looking for a song and I only know a few parts of the song, and even then the lyrics I have are shaky at best. In the song there’s a man and a woman taking turns singing. The man starts off with something akin to a dating profile that says stuff about himself and what kind of girl he’s looking for. I think that a part of the lyrics here are, “Must enjoy the sky. Must enjoy the sea.” or something along those lines. The woman then replies back with her own information in the next part. They eventually set up a date but the man bails on the woman and the woman says something like, “I thought I saw you, did you see me?”. That’s about all I have, unfortunately. I know it’s not a lot but it’s be great if someone knew it.
Sars childers
Our Grandmother used to sing this song to us

Every evening

Let Me Call u Sweetheart, for I’m in Love With You

Let me Hear U whisper that You Live Me Too

I don’t know the name of the song nor the Artist?
  I was a young girl then. I sure hope someone knows this tune? Thanks
Shannon Quartet - Let Me Call You Sweetheart (I'm in Love With You)
Search this on google hope that helps :)
Ellora Flynn
There’s a song called “Reason For The Rain” that I’m doing with my choir at school. I tried looking it up on YouTube to practice, but nothing came up. Does anyone know what to do? I believe that one part of it goes “Bigger, Better, I’m stronger. The rain won’t last much longer. Just need somebody to believe...”
It's "Stronger - Kanye West" I hope that helps but if doesn't be more specific :)
Can anyone help me with this? I wanna know which is that song playing at 1:03 in this video
Yolonda Washington
I have heard a song when I was younger and I still have that one lyric in my head. I don't know the song but it has the lyrics...Let me find out...Let me find out....something about let me find out that you can't step to this girl. The song is more of an upbeat song and it was played on the radio back in the 90s. It was a guy singing and a bunch of guys in the background singing let me find out. There was a part that he also said...Ha we go. Does anyone know of this old song? Please help!?
There’s a song I can’t remember the name of or who sings it and I only remember one part and not even the right lyrics probably. It goes “so I will (love you through all of my days?) and I will (kiss you)? Something something something” I feel like Ed Sheeran sings it but I’ve been through his songs and he has none of those lyrics.
Not taylor swift
Hey, looking for a song with a singer that sounds like Taylor Swift but isnt...

These are some of the lyrics:
we got connection
they gonna hate on us all i wanna do
all i wanna prove
cause we're always working

We just staying true. we got connection. Cause we're always working
Mary Hope
Chorus says " love me, love me , love me " followed by a super catchy beat. It is kind of a haus / party music. And was thinking that this song might be new since I've only heard this song like just this year. To be exact last last week haha. Been going crazy searching it in goovle & youtube & none of them led me that particular music . Please I really help some help.
Maria Adamchuk
Please, help! Anyone knows the song with words: "just calling your name"....The man sings...Not modern song. Thanks a lot!
Peter Bengtsson
Found at least 5 songs with that phrase. You can click each and hopefully play a snippet from iTunes or watch the YouTube video.
Did it work?
please help i'm looking for this song with a female vocalist it goes; purple clouds light up the sky and you think you wont succeed just listen to your heatbeat... the title is purple clouds
i"m looking for a song with a female vocalist,it goes ; purple clouds light up the sky and you think you wont succeed just listen to your heatbeat
Isfanuti Lorin Iorgovan
I am searching for a song
But i only remember the musical line
Like some raegee
And this artists keep saying like ....
If....the world
If ....the sky
If life
The ideia like if things he say could hapend .
I die for that song
But have no clue of one corect lyric
Please help me
Isfanuti Lorin Iorgovan
Was something like
If the world would end tomorow
Or iy my live................................
I really can not remember corect lyrics
Stephen Berry
Help me!songs first line goes"I got a call from my woman telling me she was feeling bad..."this song sounds like soul and ska with horns
I want to know the song with the lyrics as "Since I met you down at the cafe ...wondering if you feel the same ...Let's start the fire " please help me out
Vishwas Gupta
It's the song "Dreaming" from album Dreaming by Morado & Schwarz.
But i think the album is paid as of now.
Vishwas Gupta
Reunion song, right 😂
Niki Dalby
looking for a song, think its 80s early 90s are you ready to come on home, are you ready not to be alone, somebodies coming to carry you home and if your ready you can come alone!
I am looking for a song starting with the lyrics she came to me and said that do you have got the time........and the chorus has the line all you need is my time
Kamil Awad
Hey guys ! looking for a famous EDM track with these lyrics :
Ain't got nothing left,
But a Silhouette
Dancing in the moonlight
Only you and I
And the Satellite

I cant remember what track it is nor the Author ! Help please :)
Sabrina Dunn
There's a song, I'm pretty sure it's new. It sounds like Of Monsters and Men but it's not... " ill always want to be alone with you" or something like that.
Kennide’ Hicks
I’m looking for this song , it’s goes like “ you know me yeah give it all to me “ and the guy is in the background like “ yeah , yeah “ ... or at least i think that’s how it go but if anyone has a clue please reply i really love that song . I have been trying to find it for months .
Nadine A
I’m trying to find a song that says “I’m happy that you took me home” followed by instrumental music, I can’t find anything about it in the internet. Please helpppp
This is stuck in my head!! It’s a girl singing it. It’s a very upbeat and simple song

I’ve got a love to take me
Anywhere a walk could take me
Any place I’d ever want to go
Bob lawblaw Law Bomb
Looking for name of song that's goes like "it's not impossible. Let get the money moving. Did it once, do it again. 20 years and I'm doing it over, 20 years and you haven't done shit."
Meg Weaver
Does anyone know the song that was played in Season 1 Episode 5 of Captive on Netflix? It sounds like a late 80's early 90's song. Sung by a man.
I don't know what I'm gonna do cause I'm still in love, still in love with you
Trying find the right words to say that will make you love, make you love me
There's a hole in my soul and it's you I need, it's you I need
You got me breakin, got me breakin my heart
cause I'm still in love, still in love with you
Tarazed Aquilae
I am looking for a song that I've listening about 1-2years ago. It was a cover made by a foreign dark haired guy, pale. At first it seemed like an arabic music and the only part of the song that I can remember is: Love me (...) One of a kind (...) baby you know what I want know what I want (<-- Chorus)
Hi. I’ve been listening to this song for the movie commercials and can’t find it at all. I’ve been using Shazam but nothing. It goes something like this ‘there’s a change coming, I can feel it in the air.. Better hit the ground running, get out the way I came to get mine,.’
same, still not found it.
Oh man, I've been looking for this song as it from HBO3 hd when lego batman sits in the cinema?
Wrote to hbo customer service and still no answer. I really want this Song.
I'm searching for the song to. Anyone found it?
Same ! I am looking for it , Yes Its on HBO advert when Lego Batman change the tv source.
looking for it too
it goes something like "Paid my dues I did my time, get of the way, I came to get mine"...?
Its been a week since i am looking for this song if you know the song please tell me!
Tim petersen
I‘m looking for a song.
All I can remember is that it‘s something like:
„And then you said it‘s okay“ and after that there is a beatdrop and it’s a female artist singing.

Thank you!
I'm looking for a song it's an old 80's due between woman and a's driving me crazy I can't remember the real words but the woman ask something and say " what about your love to me ? " and he reply " I always love you so " this the mean part for the song they keep repeating it .. the music feels so 80's and the tempo a little bit fast , please help me
I'm looking for a song it's an old 80's due between woman and a's driving me crazy I can't remember the real words but the woman ask something and say " what about your love to me ? " and he reply " I always love you so " this the mean part for the song they keep repeating it .. the music feels so 80's and the tempo a little bit fast , please help me
Szücs Levente
Hi everybody!
I'm looking for a song. It's a rock song. At the beginning a man whispers something I think 2 times. And it starts: This is my...(and I don't know further because it was 8 years ago..), It's a quick song. The end of the refrain is:
"nothing is okay
your feeling is wrong
i wanna feel..."
(... equals I don't know)
If somebody knows what song is it, I would be very happy, if you wrote this song's name.
Thanks in advance!
Kayley Stuart
This isn’t much to work with but the only line I remember is like “don’t come let it go” or maybe “dun dun let it go” and it’s a woman’s voice.
can't it be Avril Lavigne it (feat.Chad Kroeger) - Let me go?
(There's part in it where lyrics "don't let me go" are repeated.)
It's a male singer and it says "I'm happy to.. Even feel.."
And I'm not sure but I think it continues with "love at all"
Simen chan
Aaah im really thinking about song the lyrics i remember is "I been working all night baby when you wake up imma be gone"

Pleasee give me the answer
Please help i’m looking for a song that is used a lot in contemporary dances. It goes like “i’m here i’m here when i come around” (not the exact words but the same syllables) the guy that sings it sounds kind of country and that’s all i know
I'm looking for the song it says "she makes me go wild" then something about on a stage. I need an answer
The lyrics are " they talk about you when you're doing good they talk about you when you're doing bad *gun shots* let me hear you talk when you're dead " thanks
Goddy john
"I just wanna role up, get high, get drunk I just wanna forget my past"
i'm trying to find a song with the lyrics "I'm not afraid to say that i really don''t want you to go"
Who knows the song with the lyrics "You're the one that i want to have by my side you're the one that i want to see day and night can't you see it baby"
Does anyone know what song with this lyrics you're the one that i want to have by my side,you're the one that i want to see day and night, why can't you see it baby oh yeah' its a guy who sing this song...
Trying to find a song with the lyric "prove me that you will be there cause you are my babe queen and you deserve the best of me"
Smash Smith
I'm looking for a song that I think was early 90s and I thought Seal sang but I am having no luck... the only part of the song I know is "come back" at the end of each line.. hoping someone knows what I'm talking about! Thanks :)
Hi. I'm looking for a song from the 80s, the lyrics go more or less 'dancing in the summer night, looking like an angel, (muddle) with you baby' really cheesy, funky song typical to the 80s, by some boysband I guess.
Saw videos last night on MTV live and some guy sand a song about someone dying and he's saying it's time for you to move on and be with somebody new and spread your wings... what song is this and who is this guy that sings it... someone help please
Vaskar alpha
Its a rock song and if i remember correctly tge singer kinda looked like steven tyler but i did not find any song that is this song that i am searching dor by aerosmith.... in the chorus it goes something like this, mind you i dont know the lyrics i forgot but still i got the hymn.. and it goes like " i really go and i say but it just didnt matter really wanna go but it just didnt matter ohhhh, like that i know that the "just didnt matter part is correct but the others idk. Do any of you know which song this is?
I’m trying to find a song with the lyrics “ All I know is now you standing here, tomorrow won’t be the same. And you say and you say this could change everything”
I'm trying to find a song either sung by Elton John or Billy Joel, or maybe they did it together, it's got a harmonica in it.... it's the way it goes or the one thing that I know...then there's a high pitch "seeeee"'s just a matter of pride/ it's a matter of time "priiiiiiide"/"tiiiiiiime"'s pestering me not knowing which singer and song it is
Got it!

Leave a Tender Moment Alone by Billy Joel
I vaguely remember a song I used to hear and I can’t find results for it anywhere. It starts out like “I found a letter, with a rose, and I bet it said I don’t think I can love you again”
hi guys
please help me find an upbeat dance like song with the lyrics: " i try to hide how i'm into you ... boy when we are skin to skin...". It's sung by a female artist and i've only heard it once while shopping at factory
Anyone know this song with lyrics like: I found the little love and then its crazy you and me together this is amazing.
I've been searching this song for months and I cant still find it, and there it goes..

"How could I love a little ... If I ... How can we try to stay together or we want connection"

Thank a lot ! Xoxo
Trying to remember a song i heard before, it’s a very old song from the 70’s or somewhere around then, the lyrics go “this is the life, having you by my side” it’s a guy singing
Trying to find a song that keeps playing on the radio about please don't break my heart. One of the lyrics go something like this, you breaks hearts but don't let it be mine. It is such by a guy. Please help, can't find it on google.
Hi guys! I've been looking for one song in particular for like 3-4 years and can't find it anywhere. I heard it on the MTV show "The Valleys" season 3 I think? Just before they head off to Liverpool. The lyrics I heard are as follows (not sure if they're 100% correct, it's what I heat lol)

Started with:

"You got me walking into work late // cause I had to take you to your court date // and then you drop me off in my car // ?????? I don't know where you are // your baby mommas calling my phone // trynna see when she can bring the kids home ?
That's all I heard, the rest of the lyrics are inaudible due to it being background music and the cast talks over the song.

The song sounds like it ends with "No, no, no can't do no wrong" and it is either a female who sings it or a male with a high register.

I'm also sure this song played on the MTV show "Beauty school cop outs" years ago. Not sure what episode though.

Please someone out there must know this! Help! Thank you in advance
I heard a song I don't know what it's called but it's indie music or indie rock and the songs lyrics are only oh-wah oh wah oh wah oooh and aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaah.
Job Rono
Hello i have the lyrics kindly let me know the name of the song and the artist

Many things have happened
In our lives
So far
Meeting people
Then they go astray
But there is always that one
You never forget
You keep going back
Going back to her
And you singing
Here I come again
I didnt know its not the same
Something in my heart that keeps telling me you love me
Time and time again
We play that old game
The player has changed
But the game is the same its a shame
I think its over now
Who can stand the pain
Who can stand to stray
Jah is not to blame
Coz He's been calling us again.
Now that you know
How much you mean to me
I hope you understand
Memories are those times
We spent together
Keeps sending me
Sending back to you
So lets sing baby
Here i come again
I didnt know its not the same
Coz the sun wouldn't shine
And I cant find myself alive
Many years ago
When love was all we know
The love in my heart
You cant tear apart even if you want to
I think its over now
Who can stand the pain
Who can stand to stray
Jah is not to blame
Coz He's been calling us again
Liv Costantini
I don’t know what this song is called. I heard it on Ik it’s a song but I can’t seem to find it on the internet or anywhere else. The lyrics are kiss me at the next traffic light, who sings it and what is the name of that song??
I search a song which i heard in the radio... "every time you spend the nigh-igh-ight"
"Cause you sexy sweet in paradise"
"Let it show-ow-ow-ow yeah yeah yeah..."
I don't!
Holuwatosyn Olaogun
Pleas help. I am looking for a song, I am not so sure if a Nigerian sang it thou. And I don't really know how to sing it, I heard it last in 2011. " I found you, I tried to keep my eyes off you, the more I try I feel in you, but they say I can't find a good girl, in the cluuuub I found you". Not like d lyrics is really like this though, but this is how I know it. Thanks
I don't know the name of these lyrics "it's cold and it's empty, the light us getting dim, i'm sitting here without you, don't feel like staying in"
You probably already know the name of this song
Hey I NEED help. This song is stuck in my brain and I cannot find it anywhere!!! Its a female voice and kind of a mix of vocal and trance song. These are the lyrics I have though:

"Deep breathing, feet can't touch the ground,
 floating high off the ceiling,
hearts beating, thoughts whisper loud,
 is this more than a feeling"

"Don't know if Im awake or fast asleep,
Something in the way you look at me
makes me feel like we're having a daydream." (x2)

"So don't wake me"
I'm looking for the same song. No luck. I heard it in this video
Found it!

Daydream - Giulio Cercato [GMV]
Looking for a song that I last listened to on youtube over 5 years ago. The only lyrics I remember are "purple clouds got me so high" and at the end of the rap song the singer ends it with "purple clouds biyitch". Its more upbeat than the melokind purple clouds instrumental. Its similar to doin time by sublime which is how I remembered the song, but it has a faster beat and less deep tones, it also has a chorus that mentions purple clouds. The rapper is male. I thought the name of it was "purple clouds" but there's too many recent searches.
Please,who sing the music sang in the movie title " Gate Man " it goes like this, when you are going up on a ladder be mindful of people you meet you never can tell when you will be in need, take it easy on another nice and friendly is the order........
Emily louise
I'm trying to find a song but I only remember one line of it, its sort of a slow rap song and the bit I remember goes something like 'now I'm answering unknown callers hoping its you' anybody know it?
I’m trying to find a song.
I can’t remember the words exactly but something along the lines of “i just want to do things, things the devil hasn’t done/wouldn’t do”.
The singers voice was female.
Lady singing. Begins with lines like:
" I will be alright " ... etc..
Later in a chorus:
(Because) "I've got love.. in you"
Thought I will remember a song to find it later but I failed. Stupid me.
80s sounding song with the hook saying "I'm looking for the right girl but I'm all by myself running alone". Please he'll :(
I found this song, Love me - Wasted Ceremony but it's remixed. Anyone know the song that's not remixed? The original one.
The lyrics are something like this:
Nothing ever comes to me
In a .... dream
But you gotta keep on going
You gotta live that dream
Instead of letting it go
I let it stay

Pleasse help!! 80s sounding song with lyrics as "I'm looking for the right girl so she can be my only one but I'm all by myself running alone " what is this song???
Brianna M
whats this song "im paralyzed by the thought of you lost in the shadows and i cant move say you com back for me one day please come back for me one day" thats all i know
Hi folks, I have a problem with a music sample from a youtube video, and I don't find nothing with all apps. Lyrics are just like that (but is subjective): ”All in stormy weather / I'm not had in blues / But nothing ever stop me / The dust is in my shoes. / You may think can see me / Falling to the ground, / But I throw my umbrella / When reach can sitting down. / Yeh, yeh, on a bad day. / Yeh, yeh, on a good day. / I don't need a sunshine / Cause I'm dancing with the rain” (2:43 - 3:23 = Thank you very much, cheers!
Mary Seecharran
I also need help with a song . ..I heard it on the radio back in the 90s. Maybe around 98. It sounded like left eye or the other member from blaque ..saying bang bang or ...then some of the lyrics went like. If you wanna ride baby..something some thing what you wanna do? Then another part I remember is look at me that's all I remember . Kinda sounded like tlc but I don't remember. Can someone help . Thank you
Eric Kay Kalerwa
looking for a reggae song that starts " redemption redemption redemption" pliz if u kno tell me
Help pls. There's this kinda jazz song that I'm looking for. It was sung by a woman and the lyrics go: "Come hold me and take my hand. And I will love you all I can (I need your love) Ooh hold me and love me too. And I will always be with you. I need your love. Oh yes I do."

I believe that the song's title is "I Need Your Love" but jEsUS cHriST there are so many songs with that title.

Pls help me :'( THANK YOU ♥
Plz who know the name of this song ( special many night we do anything now i know i don't waste my time again )
Hello! There is this song that I need help finding. It's been stuck in my head like crazy and I can't seem to find it anywhere on YouTube. It goes something like this:

I really like (or love) you but you're not the one (or youre not that right) for me.
And then goes on and I don't remember the rest of the verse but I do remember it saying: To find the one
I will live you till the day that i die I I I I

Please help! It's driving me nuts!!

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