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Daniel Frank

There is a song I am looking for that I think is a tictoc song and in a commercial in the commercial there’s people dancing with a purple and blue background and it’s a part of the song where you can barely understand the words but it’s like a party song and I have been looking for it for days and I can’t find it it’s in a female voice

Heather C.

I am trying to find a old song that's a rock song, and it goes something like, "no I'm going, now! No i'm going back to the center of the earth" or something like that. It's stuck in my head and I can't remember what it's called.


i'm looking for a song i listened to years ago. i believe it was by usher and the lyrics may or may not go like this, you don't have to be a star, baby just show me who you really are, and i just wanna dance. for you, yeah you, that's all i know.

please help!


Let me love you by Mario?


Let me love you-Mario ?


I'm looking for a song which is probably from Withney Houston, Mariah Carey, or a singer with a Powerful voice like them. And the style is like the one from Withney Houston.
When you hear This song you think about a sex scene or a stripping scene.
Surely it was also used in TV spots. The Year of the song could be from 80's ti 2010 max I think.
The only words I know are (probably totally wrong) " and just ****** oh, ****** so now I'm Happy, oh ". Sorry but I'm Italian 🤦🏻‍♂️. Anyone could help me please?

Linda McCarty

Does anyone know the song that plays at the beginning of the Hallmark Movie "A Beautiful place to Die" The part of the song that plays is "oooh not till the light is changing" oooh I feel the light is changing" . It's a male voice and is a slow song. Sounds like a country song. I have searched and searched, can't find a thing about it. All I found was the person in charge of the sound of the movie.


Does anyone know the name of the songs in this episode, at the moment when Jane speaks what she really thinks of people in the ballroom (lol)?


Looking for a song with lyrics that go like: takes a strong man to feel weak...

almost remember the artist's name as Jesse Rope or something like that don't think it's the Jesse Roper you get search results for on google as I looked through all the songs listed and none of them were this


Hi guys, there is his song that frequently plays on my radio it says: (I should've know better)-> this is a female singer someone like cardi b or ariana grande and I think she's with Chris Brown


I'm just guess but I think your looking for Should've Known Better by Clean Bandit. If I'm not right I'm sorry.


Looking for a song back in 2000 I think, it's done by a female RNB group, lyrics starts with "ta bada bada... ta bada bada".


Okey, praying for help guys
Looking for this song around 3 years already
Its like indi-pop smth of that kind
Lady with deep voice singing
As for lyrics, what comes in my mind ( maybe messed up) it starts with :
„ Its on the light (night) you let me down ...”
Than I can remember from bridge smth like „its terrifying night, can kill you my darling . Wherever you go Ill be falling”

So yeah, not that much, but maybe


Heyyy, I’m looking for a song with lyrics that go like : “I’m fallinggggg (..) (she repeats it many times) I don’t know when (or what) I’m ....”. It’s a female singer. I know it’s not very comprehensible like this but she sings it many times in her song and and we hear mostly this. Thank you!!!


I think the song your looking for is Falling for Ya by Grace Phipps. The lyrics that made me think it's the same song you are looking for are listed below. If it isn't the one your looking for I'm sorry but I tried my best.

And now I'm
Falling for ya, falling for ya
I know I shouldn't but I
I just can't stop myself from
Falling for ya, falling for ya
Can't hold on any longer
And now I'm falling for you


Thank you so much for your answer, but it's not this one. I tried so many times to search it but no results.
Thank you for your help <3


I tried to search using and perhaps it's Amerie - Falling?


Hey, it's not this one but thank you for your help.
 It's a slowly song
Have a nice day


It's an old, often used trap song I search.

A high piched womans voice sings/screams DREEEAAAAAMMM at the drop (then the music goes like it's played through a ventilation system) Would be awesome❤️


Hi everyone wish you the best and prosperity! I wish sooo many years to find one song , hope someone will he'll me
Female voise in jazz stile song slowly girl sing "I'm nasty come back from my shower...I can't remember his name ...Piter...where is my coffee"
I hope so so so much someone will help me!!!!

Emmanuel Myles

I'm looking for a song and this is the lyrics : Baby you're my everything, Guy you all them diamond rings, let's go far away so I know it's just you and me


Looking for a song that has the main chorus as something like "I was only looking for a friend" repeated over and over. It's a male singer and sounds a bit 80's.


Maybe Joy Division - Interzone

Favour Charles

Looking for a song with this verse "baby lemme put your trash down"


Please help me with this song.
The lyrics : the morning is lonely. The evening is quiet...... and i wish that i could just close my eyes and go back to the world that i made up in my mind and i had a dream about you where we were fine ..all of my friends even liked you. I was yours and you were mine.
I searched in many app but still couldn’t find it .ToT


I'm looking for the name of a song that goes by I can I can love you better coz you're period pains.. I can take you so high I can be your shelter..


Based on what I searched maybe Tellaman - Whipped.


Please help me guys. Recently heard the song , the lyrics were kind of:
when I see you , I just can't get off myself
No matter how I've tried

this is a mix, dancing song , very rhythmic. definitely modern, not old song.

Tried to find the words at least thousand times, but no success yet
maybe someone heard it.


So the song is acoustic (guitar) with lots of instrumental, its a guy who sings softly, probably came out in the 2010s sometime and the lyrics are:

"I was a lost boy now i'm found, you put me back together _____ _____ _____"
"I was a lost boy now i'm found, broken by the water/weather(?) _____ ______ _____"


I heard this song from a Webtoon (The Kiss Bet) amv I think. I've been looking for it for quite some time now. I've tried to look back at my history but to no avail. At some point of the song it talks about trusting your partner when their with other people I don't know what pronouns we're used. And right after this line the songs then follows it up with something in the lines of cause I know you love me. I hope that someone can help me find this song.


Hi I’m looking for the song at the end of the video 03:55

Bb brown

Hey please am looking for a song part of the lyrics are ,my girl you fine ooo breakup can not make it up again oo

Ron Swanson

There's this song that won't go out of my head. It is sung by a man, but I think he's part of a band. Maybe it's from the 2000's, but I'm not sure about that.
The music is bright and happy and there's cheerful whistling in the background.
I don't know much about the lyrics, but it's something like:

And the people walk in, I wanna know
I wanna know when you're walking through the door.


Maybe it was sung by Duke Silver

lily reed

Please help! I've been looking for this song for almost a year now. The only part I remember is something along the lines of "Slowly the earth goes would you dance with me" and then it sounds like it says "you're chained down" It's a guys voice singing, but its a soft gentle ish voice. If you have any clue what this might be please respond. It sounded like it was most likely an indie song

pat pat

whats this song? female singer: “you know im * something* without your love” its a quite fast paced song


im looking for a song and its the words 'blue, black and white' over and over. I remember that the cover was a girl sitting in the back seat of a retro car with her legs up. I think the word 'gold' might be in there too.


theres this song i heard in a bboy remix and iv been dyinggg to find another recording?

it goes:

when you first saw me baby, you had to think about me twice

im gonna show you baby, i can be twice as nice

it sounds like a super old jazz (?) tune ??


I am looking for a song that was used in season 3 episode 1 of ABDC in Quest Crew's performance: It has that sick drum beat and I don't know where it is. I know for a fact it isn't the main song "Hero".


Hello everybody, I've heard a song on a video that I can't find and since that it's bothering me and I want to know the name the song I'll appreciate it if someone can help me
Some of the lyrics are : overcome fears...(guitare music) doesn't wait for you.
Thanks in advance.

Stacy Martin

Soory I'm not giving a good summary of the song i need help with. Does anyone know this song? Its a Spanish song that a guy sings and its a solo song playing guitar. Its goes something like this. "Oh oh oh que tu something wue tu vake yah something usta yah .. sorry I don't really know the words but I can hum it. Its like a heart break or love he's signing for that girl.


I am looking out for the name of the song from the trailer of Fast and Furious Crossroads trailer which was release on last week.
If someone know the song name please reply. Thanks, :B

Kavita Krishnamurti

I am looking for a song that goes something like "i still feel just as home.....I am still at all....among all the stars...I just want you to know, my moon you are". The Shazam app can't recognize it. Can someone help, please?


hello. i'm looking for a song. i guess 95-05 played by a women. some time she sings " need you in my dream, need you in my life". i guess it's beggining like " i never had my ...."


I'm looking for a song and I only remember one lyric. It's a narrative style where a girl is singing about a boy she likes and she refers to him as "you". I don't remember the whole narrative, but she ends up sitting in bed with him and talking, which leads to the only lyric I can remember, something to the affect of "just talking, always talking, only talking in your bed". Might be "my bed". I think the lyrics occur around what would be considered the bridge. It feels musical theater-esque in style but it's probably not from a musical and more likely from a song book. I just heard a woman on youtube singing it at a live event.


I'm looking the song by a lady "I'm looking to the night " like this only but I not sure and its a nice beats songs


Can someone please help me?? There is a song i like but dont know the title it goes like this (not sure with the lyrics) ... "i dont know where to start .. without you here in my heart" ... its sang by a male singer more like Dan Fogelberg kind of voice .. its a very calm song like "leader of the band"

Kezia fraser

Does anyone know this song “girl i cant help myself oh ho you know i cant really help cause girl am falling in love oh yes i am”


Maybe Kem - I Can't Stop Loving You


Guys im looking for a song that goes like California people, you look happy all the time.I cant find it anywhere so if you guys know please reply

Elemin Ohpe

uh so looking for a song, probably from around 2009 since the place i heard it mostly played songs from that year. it's a female singer and the chorus is something like "whatever we/you do(in') we are changin', rearrangin'" (or maybe just 'we are changing, we are changing'). it's got a soft pop vibe? like, if you heard it, you'd guess it was from the mid 2000s. that kind of sound. it's been several years since i've heard it so i don't remember any more of it.


ok so I haven't heard this song in the longest time but it went something like (it is pretty upbeat, not a long song and its sung by a male artist)

Cuz you're the best, the best damn thing I've ever had, and I was ...... obsessed/upset/idk (this obsessed part is sung a little higher than the first part.)

and the you're is stretched out for like three seconds. I searched it for a long time but the only thing I find Is not the song im looking for.


Best I’ve ever had- drake


no, I think this song was released around 2010 or something like that. And it was like kind of a cute song. like more indie pop, dont think it was by a mainstream artist (popular artist)

Charles Plaggemeyer

it was a song i found browsing youtube years ago but i remember "we've come to a fork in the road, and what's to come baby I don't know," and the chorus is something like "and the lies and the cries and you just don't realize what you do to me. my baby, never gona be my baby" "one day you'll realize i'm the man for you there's no disguising, too late to realize you've said your peace and now i'm leaving, i've had enough and now i'm leaving." it switched between a slow steady and a more driving rythm. I rember i went on amazon one time to find the album and it had a listing but wasn't available,


Does anyone know a song that goes something like this .

i been so far i should be a millionaire and when times get rough im gonna be here im just making that clear

Catherine Chen

Hi, I’m looking for a song that goes like “cause I tried and always tried” it’s stuck in my head and I really want to know what its called....

Jessica Perry

Help lol I heard a rap song today from someone's car and can only remember a few words but I know it's something I would like to add to my playlist if I can find out what it is...the only lyrics i remember and not sure if they are completely accurate is "not my yana or anna" or something like that...if you have any clue to what it is i would love your insight tia


Could it possibly have said "not my mama"? Check Your Mama's on crack rock by The Dogs
FYI: not safe for kids


There's this song and all I can remember is it being sung in a low voice with a line that sounds like this: "and we walked through the city lights then you brough me to my knees" and a part where the vocalist goes ahewahewahewahewah in the same low voice


I’m about to lose my mind!!!
I listened this song on the radio a week ago but can’t find it anywhere :(
It’s a new dance/ house? music, very catchy. I think both male and female singers sing.
It goes like:
‘Why do you feel so good
Why do you feel so good.....’
Blah blah blah blah blah
And than ‘if you want it oooh
Baby you can take it oooh
Baby if you want it ooooh
Baby you can take it ooo...

Any ideas???? Am not making this song up, right?


I am looking for song by male singer with guitar.
Words from lyrics which I can recollect.
Pls help if someone knows the song.

You're my sunshine, you're my moonlight
I will wait that long...
Ice cream, coffee, ...


Hello I’m looking for a song that goes hu hu hu hold me never felt so fucking lonely I think it goes like that can anyone help me find it if you know


okay i got two but here we go 1st is (woooooooo im bailing/dieing so ill take yout to pradisssseeeee 2nd is (fashion /lyrics\ fashion /lyrics/
ty for viewing or replying


Part of a song I'm in dire need of knowing. Ty ! If you need more lyrics I will try and put more!! "Hold me, darling, you're honestly home, (who are you to) feed me I know I wanted you whole. Only the places you're not to supposed to go." I'll love you forever! Ty!

Also its sung by a male. Kinda gives off an indie vibe!

Pretty Red

I'm looking for a song I heard a guy playing on a boombox on a bus in the LA/ Longbeach CA area around 1998 or so. The lyric I remember is "you figure what we need round here is another dead n***a"


Maybe Too Short - Survivin' The Game

Pretty Red

That was it. Thank you. It really took me back


I’m looking for a song where there is a woman singing then she says she’s going to try rapping but gets told to just keep singing


Trying to find the song used in some silly video I found on tumblr. I got these lyrics by ear but nothing turned up on google:

“Heard somebody say
It’s not about the things you do or say
It’s more about the ways in which you play(?)
?? Can choose the way to find an escape
And I’m gonna find a way”

“Say they don’t care no more”

Eb Julian

"down to the fire, you're in the fire again i stand with you"

I tried to find a song with this lyrics.cant find any.can you guys help?

Freya keenan

This has been bugging me for days now, I can’t find this song anywhere and I really like it, I heard it on the radio a few days ago, it goes like this ‘ promise you I’ll love you like a wave ’ someone pls help😩😩


Hello everyone, I'm looking for a rock song, something from the 2000, 2001, 2002, it a band, a male singer, and says something like "every time you are here with me, every time you are here with me, everytime you are here with me, i can say what i feel its true", or "everytime you look at me, everytime you look at me, everytime you look at me, I know it's true". Please, help.


I heard a song on Snapchat and I don’t know the name of the song and the lyrics were like this “ Back to the sky now our voices found the light we are the friends from the sun we are the world” anyone here know the song?

peter githinji

Looking for these songs,
1. 'You got me so turned on, got me so turned on....o yeeah by a lady from the 1980s.

2. 'When I touch you my heart skips a beat'...male singer from 1980s

3. 'Ooh let me be, your only lover.....uuuuh please let me be, just like no other....female artist 1980s


I watched a movie called ONLY and have been unable to find the sound track played the lyric's go like this : ~~~
Now that you know there's no turning around to buy those tickets to that same old show
and you tried to insist that you could resist but what is the point your name is on the list
So if it's alright with you
If it's okay
I will keep on loving you this way
If it's alright with you
If it's okay
I will keep on loving you

Reply if you know what song it is.


Hey! Actually lol i don't remember any lyrics from the song which I'm looking for :< buuuut i remember in that song scene, there was a boy who ran from his family because his dad was really bad on him and i think he always hurt his mum.
That's literally all what i remember :< thank u for a help ♥


I've been looking for this song for almost a year. I've only heard a few seconds of it but from what I can hear I think the lyrics are "slowly the earth goes would you dance with me..." and then I think maybe it says "you're changed now" It's a soft male voice singing. It's most likely an indie song. There's guitar in the background. If anyone has any idea what this is please help


trying to find a song that a male sings it and parts of the song is open your eyes and what can i say when love is around you and you can get stronger and oh oh oh smthing like that

Marius Pape

Hey im looking for a song .
Its from the beguinning of the techno/house time of the 90s.
A woman sings/speaks in an erotic voice :"falling from the sky and everybody is gonna be high"
After that there are two more lines and then an instrumental part starts.

In the music video there was a roboter who was running thru a desert


Hi im looking for the name of a song i heard in sports direct,
the first part has the lyrics are you afraid of the dark
the chorus has the lyrics heres one for the lonely hearts, run now run now anywhere, truth or dare and look the other way
thats all i can remember


Heard a song and I managed to get a huge chunk of the lyrics but couldn't find it anywhere on google the lyrics are
"and i see you now
try to wear me out
and i see you now
trying to break me down
and i see you now
gonna fix it somehow"

Does anyone know it????


I need help does anyone know a song that in the begining has (probably) a black guy singing "umbali umbali (pause) umbali umbali" its a famous song but I cant remember


I'm trying to find a song it was on tubidy in 2013 and titled make a move by afrojack but I can't find it....the lyrics I remember is "I'm not going away oh baby did you know oh baby did you know your my move I'm gonna make a move" please help


SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME (It was all just one big game I guess. Thank God that it's all over, what the hell was I even thinking anyways. No I don't want you to come over, don't wanna hear another word you got to say, but you can miss me with that. Keep it all to yourself....)


I tried finding the song in this video , it goes for a couple of minutes but the lyrics are a bit difficult to hear. At 9:38 it sounds like the lyrics are "and I'm on the road..." but that's proven too vague for all of my searching.


I really need help looking for a song. A woman sang "cause you got a"... something. I don't know if she said "rough heart" or "work hard" before the sick beat drop, and she was repeating that same line throughout the drop but the drop is rather short imo. I heard this song somewhere but I can't find it anywhere and I loved it. Please I seriously need help!


one thing I forgot to add.. there is a (somewhat weird) sound that sounds like i don't know someone coughing or a creaking door, it just lasts for a split second before the specific line and the drop. hope it helped.


Help me find this song it's indie 2000's it's R&B i think, the male artist sounds like Albert posis, 4tune or Bei Majeor the lyrics has this "the time place and where" the song is about the guy will do everything for the girl.


A song that starts as prod Lucas and then says it’s funny how now she be calling me back, she see that I got it I’m stuck in the trap. Fully autos ima run it right back.
It was in randi 2k’s YouTube channel in his face creation but I can’t find the song?


I'm looking for a song that used to play in the store I worked in all the time. It's been a few years but I remember the chorus ended with "someday you're gonna make someone real happy/but that someone is not me" There was also a line "I'm into magic but not into tricks". It was a male voice. Kind of a rock/pop vibe. Up tempo. Any leads would be so appreciated!!


I'm searching for a electro/dance type of song. The song is sing by a man and a woman. I remember only the chorus "it's my life and i give it to you". Thank you by advance for your help.


This is probably wrong, but maybe Cezar - It's My Life

Amazu ifeoma

Song that goes like this ''you don't need nobody to make you feel like a special somebody you be diamond o you be gem and your grace they can't comphrend

Nicklas Jung

I am looking for a song that I heard in the radio, I wasnt able to see the name but I remember the lyrics "When my Daddy said your a little star, when my daddy oh dont you cry" or somethong like that. Someone mind helping out, would be awesome!


Who is the artist of I wanna get closer, closer to your love, that's chorus, It possibly was in the 70s or80s


Maybe Al Jarreau - Closer to Your Love or New Horizons - Love to Spend the Night


Hi thnx, I tried AL jarreu, I am fanatic of the artist, then I tried 7 other videos of different artist, no go at all, kind regards, nothing on that song, I have a short recording, few seconds only I was at a supermarket, the last I listen to that song was when I was a youngster, I collect old songs but I just can't get this one, I have short recording only

vanessa k.

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "this ain't wwe you cant take my belt" its rap that's all I can tell you.

Jessie Hussey

Please help I have this sad nostalgic pop song that’s been stuck in my head for so long it’s literally living there i think it’s by Beyoncé or Alesia keys it’s hard to tell the lyrics i think it goes “never needed to hold on we’re almost letting go” or “never needed to move on we’re always letting go” or something similar to that then it goes “and I already know I already know never needed to hold/move on” and I SWEAR it’s a POP SONG because I heard it when I was a little girl and my mom only listen to pop my dad listens to alternative but that song doesn’t sound anything like daddy’s music do any one of you know I tried to search the lyrics but I keep getting nothing but wrong songs such as that James Arthur song “say you won’t let go”


The beat of the song reminds me of bust your windows by jazmine sullivan but the lyrics go around “dont give it to now” but when she sings now it sounds like shes saying meow? its a song from the 2000s. thought it was on the NOW! albums but cant find it. help??

Kat Christiansen

Hi I'm looking for an aesthetic type chill song but with a good beat. (kind of slow hip hop) I remember at the beginning a (it has that kind of chill lofi vibe sound to it if you know what I mean) male voice said something and then a female voice said something like "hip hop is a style" Thanks:)


Hi guys, I am looking for a song I heard when I opened a youtube link to the song "The Color of Love by Boyz // Men" but what was playing was sth. totally different. The song I heard was sung by a woman and included lyrics like "you make me feel like home" (or "I feel like home with you" and "now we have a daughter"...

since I thought I could listen to the song over and over I typed it into spotify but of course what played was the actual song of Boyz //Men and when I used the link again, the song played wasn´t the same as is driving me crazy, how did this happen? Such a beautiful song but I don´t remember many lyrics and can´t find it


Hi guys, I head this trance/EDM song on the radio and I can't find the name of it its really bugging me because I need to hear it again i hope someone can help me the song had female vocals and I think she was saying " you are the voice inside my head, you are the voice inside my head"

Andrea Morrison

Hi. Really hoping you all can help me with the name of this song. It's a dancey tune and includes the lyrics just gotta tell you that I do appreciate you and everything that you do for me.

Abdul Yakoob

I'm looking for an r&b song it's doing my head in it goes like this
You say that you love me ....
Id do anything for my love
And has the word shamrock in it with a female singer aswel.
Can anyone help?

Basil Mark

Looking for a classic rock song that starts with an electric guitar And enters with the lyric “Here we go!” And then continues from there


*** not 5SOS Amnesia lol ***

I heard this song today and it says something about liking the girl with her mascara/makeup running down her face? “you look the best/i like you best when/with your mascara running dow your face? it sounded like a male punk group early 2000s vibes


There is Odd Project - A Perfect Smile and Butterfly/Broken Wings, but it's metal..


I'm looking for a song, the singer is male and it was hacking a lyrics like
"the windows open, windows, windows open but i'm still down in here
yo are lose caannon"

Eduardo Hermansson

I am looking for a song that goes like this 'this is the world it moving it is is reality we are women…...' maybe with a singer that sound like Survivor.

lost and confused

hey guys do you know if you can find the song i’m thinking of? the only lyrics that i have are “smile that you wear” and when the word wear is said, it’s stretched out and has auto tune. the song sounds similar to songs made by juice wrld or other artists like that. it’s got a sort of sad rap feeling to them if you know what i’m talking about

help me

ok guys i’m looking for song that’s kinda popular on tiktok it goes like this: “do you wanna sit on this face or do you wanna pull on this lace” and the voice sounded like a bratty girl yk?

Elissa G

The song is featured in the Netflix show The Duchess starring Katherine Ryan. You can hear it on episode 6 at 15:47 time mark.
I need help finding the title please! Anyone! The melody has been stuck in my head, but I can’t make out the lyrics.

Abraham Wafula

Hey I'm looking for a song that goes... Baby I'm sing you you are my dream come true odo yewu.

Roman Talo

What's the one song where the guy says something like "me and you togetheeerrrr" and then it gets more up beat and then it's like "for all my liiiffe" with trumpets going *du dun duuugh*

Tyler a Stewart

Can someone please tell me the song where the lyrics are all twisted and the rapper says he will give whoever can decipher them 50,000 dollars????


Can anybody help me finding this song ?

I only remember some parts. It goes like "Oh, Oh baby, it all comes to me" with a rather high pitched voice. There's the sound of crackling fire between the oh baby and all comes to me.

Joao Souza

Hey I been searching for a song for 7 years no luck but I hope you guys can help me. It goes like this “ I see your eyes i feel you from across the room you’re on my mind.... I can’t control the way you make my blood flow... because you make me free and alive and on top of the world tonight”. Thanks to anyone who tried or is trying


Hi everyone , please can anyone help with finding a song on the 7th episode of get even show on Netflix , on the 12:21 of the episode the song was playing on the background and the lyrics was like " beneath the cloud that say you..."


Help!! Im looking for a song! Its a dancey song! Has a Female Vocalist, Lyrics might be slightly off, goes like "Eeeeeeevryyyydaaaaaaaaaayy, I'll do what you want, I'll do what you need,wherever you need me"

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