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I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics.


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Kirk Kevin Paran

Please help me find this song, like pop rock genre song.

"You're strong enough to face your darkest blah blah blah"

It was played during running man episode 152 58minutes 20seconds.


You're on Fire • by MxPx


"I can see the suns going down, another night in this dusty town, Here I am so take me now, Forbidden things can be allowed"

Then the beat drops

I've been trying to find this song for over 15 years


I'm looking for a song, i don't remember lyrics just melody and the feeling of sex with no sex. its about a mysterious woman this man sings about her i think he saw her in passing i don't know. it kinda gives off the same vibe as "who is she " but also a "cooler than me" vibe but its pop/jazz early 2000 late 90's. maybe i'm wrong early 10's i listen to it alot in 2022 but i do remember the name at all i know it played on the radio when I was growing up


Hi everyone, I just heard a very chill song with a male singer. The chorus started with "Baby it's never to laaate" and goes on to say "Come sit on my face". It was very much summer vibes, very laid back. Can anyone help?


I am trying to find a electro-pop (synth?) song from the mid-to-late 1980s that I heard on alternative college radio out of Cleveland, Ohio around 1987. It was a techno drumbeat not too dissimilar from the Amen Loop with a woman's voice calmly defining certain sections of floors and areas in a building or complex or something. There is a reoccurring line of her saying, "You are here", as if someone looking at an automated map might hear if wandering around lost in the building/complex. At various points in the song, she says things like, "this way to the lobby", "this way to computer-assisted destruction", and so on. I once had it recorded onto cassette tape, but that has long since been lost to time.

The driving drumbeat and the spacy lyrics and her calm voice are what will make me instantaneously recall this song, if I were ever to hear it again.

You are here.


Hi I'm trying to identify a sort of trancey rolling techy house track with a really good melodic synth line from the late 2000s with a male vocal that says sonethig like "i wanna make you shake, i wanna make your mind shake". The vibe was quite dark and hypnotic but sort of uplifting at the same time. Its been going round my head all day and driving me mad! I think it was a big ibiza hit...

Lilian Onyango

Am looking for a song I heard on the radio. I got a bit of the chorus.... We can change the world together... know that you are not alone. Seems it sang by a group of people.


I can’t find who sang these lyrics!! I don’t remember where they came from. Can anyone help me find the artist?
“we’re spinning round
Going our own ways
Everything ends someday
It was meant to be, but now,
It seems like it was so far away
If I ever forget you, I’m sorry
Even though we’re growing apart,
I miss you , and
Even though I’m falling apart
I (hope you) miss me too
You’ll always be special to me”

Maybe it’s a translation?

Annonymous 1996

I've been looking for a song I used to listen to in my late teens- it was male singers and the music video showed lonely people in storage units & one guy was playing video games and then slowly they started coming out into the sun and living life.. lol!

I'm going mad trying to remember the lyrics or name.

Please tell me I'm not crazy and someone actually remembers the name!!




I'm looking for a song from a apple watch advertisement, is a ballad and maybe sounds most like a lullaby but the lyrics were
"honey do you love me?
like I love you so,
honey will you kiss me?
just before you go...
before you go"
I had been searching this song through years!


Im looking for a song, it kinda sounds like the guy is giving advice, not vienna, and he repeats the couras like 4 times but in the second and fourth one he changed it up a little and the advice sounds like hed sorta playfully punch the shoulder of the person hes talking to while singing it.


Hello I am looking for the song “ this feeling inside I feel every time I see your gorgeous smile “ from the movie Aloha with love. Can anybody help me with this?


Hi ... the song is called My Beautiful by Samuel Diaz . I haven't been able to locate the song on YouTube or any other platform yet


Anybody can help me with the song from the movie “ A Royal in Paradise”?


I'm not sure what song you were looking for but I was able to find the full movie on YouTube ( free with ads ) The songs used in the movie can be found in the rolling credits at the end. Here is the timestamp 129:15 ... wishing you the best **


Does anyone know what the lyrics are from Devil's Call by Scxr Soul?


in one of beyonce's country songs she sings down down down .....the way she sings it and the 3 times down - this reminds me so much of another song, also sung by a female i believe. Anyone knows what singer that might be, and the song?

Dianne Owen

I'm searching for a song please if someone can help. Male singer- possibly country. Has to do with a me that leaves a female. He says he can't stay in the same place and has to keep moving around. He tells her not to cry for him. I though it was lynyrd skynyrd but this guys voice is deeper


the song they plaiyed at pace hight for the girls weight lifting it goes i leave all my cars running does any body know who its bye???or if thats the right tittle????


Hi I’m looking for this song that’s called Television it’s pop and it’s by a female with black hair, I don’t know the lyrics but I’m trying to find her music again. The album cover has a car on the front of it that’s pink I believe and there’s red lip stick prints as well, I know that one of her songs starts with the sounds of sirens whaling and the approach sound of heels clicking on pavement. If anyone can find it that would be appreciated even if this is super vague.


i need help finding a song it goes i leave all my cars running i think. do y'all know who its by or if thats the right tittle for it. if so please let me know


Hi ... it might be the song -- Runnin by 21 Savage


Does anyone know a song that has both male and female singers (possibly a collaboration) that sounds like a k-drama song. I do not know the words since it was in Korean (i think), it has been bothering me a lot that i can not find it anywhere.


i dont think thats enough information, do you think it could be an IU song? like can't love you anymore


Hey, im trying to find "lost song" here is lyrics
But mechanical people
My mind is occupied
With answers I can't seem to find
So I wonder as I wander
Is this by some sh*t bull design
Or am I wired a different way

I might as well go back to bed
To my-
If there any way possible to find this song, just tell me please!


Hey! Can someone help me find this song? I heard it like a few weeks ago on TikTok and thought I saved the song, but turns out I didn't :,) I don't really remember the lyrics well, but it went on about his sister knowing that he's high and she yells 'Go away!' and something else through the door. Yes, it's not clear but it's been stuck on my mind


Could someone find this sunshine pop song?

Here are the lyrics:

-rainy weather
a change is overdue
let's get together
hey everyone look at the sun coming through

If anyone is familiar with this song, I will be ok about that


It starts with a male, then goes to a female for the verses "give me your eyes, for I cannot see with my own, give me your smile" is all I remember...which might not be right.


The Paper Melody -- The Transparent (?)


its a guys voice singing I did it to myself~


Radiohead-Just ?


Just by Radiohead?


mightve been a female voice instead to be honest. I only remember the rhyme of it and this one lyric. she sings i did it to quickly and myself extended.

Asiah Forbes

I’m looking for a song that might have came out in the 90s or early 2000s, I heard it again recently at rebel night club I luv R&B. It’s a slow to medium song with a unique beat especially in the beginning of the song almost like it was EDM or something

Mike B

I really hope someone here can help me out, been searching for this song since the 80s and it was popular from 1979-1981 or thereabouts, the artist is a girl and the song is a bit jazzy and a little fast beat, here's the lyrics:
so tell me, where can I find those beautiful eyes
i'm in love . . . .(some missing words here) . . . world
cause I never, I never, I never been in love before

Thank you whoever can help out!


I heard thus song it sounds like: help me understand (understand) and give your love one more chance/try? i know its old and it has a high pitch voice.

Dominic DAngelo

I’m trying to find a 2010s ish song that goes just wanna have/spend some/this time or something like that and I can hear the music in my head but I can’t find the song it’s a pretty popular song like a summer song kind of thing.



Mothers, Fathers talking - they just don't seem to know ...

She's a lover and a friend
And she'll do it all again,
she needs her man

George Miller

Looking for a song. Lyrics = A tear may appear when you hold me near but that's for the sweet things you do


If My Heart Had Windows • by George Jones


It's a country song with something like

...your dress... floor...
...the neighbor telling us to be quiet... tell me we should stop doing this as you come in for another kiss...

These are the parts I remember


Ohhh, that's definitely "T-Shirt" by Thomas Rhett. Love that song! 😊

Jack Barnes

I'm looking for a metal song because a line keeps getting stuck in my head. I beleive they were quite small and american the lyrics I remember are: "Your not happy where you are or where you've been". I am then less sure of the next line but I beleive it went: "So why'd you go so goddamn far, to only begin".


Advents ▪︎ Relentless


there's a song, i think it's Kpop (probably from twice) and it sound similar to the chorus or favorite girl by vcha (the part where it says cause i i i) and I've been trying to remember it, anyone know what it is?


Looking for ths song love R&B close my eyes and watch you eight ball, corner pocket been working on my perfect game


The singer sounds vaguely like Robbie Williams. The lyrics that I think I heard are:
"I just wanna be your happiness....(smth,smth) by your success"
Any ideas?


looking for a soul/R&B/funk song by a female singer from recent years.... chorus has "riding the waves" (I'm pretty sure that's the song title)
.... and something like "I know ... I know ... I know.... riding the waves"
The voice is very powerful and I think the artist might be well known... but can't think of her name right now

Ness S

I can't remember the song of course but they lyrics went something like slip away my butterfly or fly away my butterfly i think it was a female singer and it was slow tempo sad song i orginally heard it on tik tok and now I can't get it out of my head

Khalil Simmons

Trying to find a song that goes "I give you all my my love." It sounded like a song made in the 50s or something way. I thought it was a great song to sing for my vocal range and I liked the lyrics

Khalil Simmons

A guy sang It it sounded old timey and

Jo Do

I just heard a song playing softly at a restaurant that sounded familiar, but the only lyrics I could hear were “here I am”; it has a slower song with a soft sound and a singer-songwriter feel. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman. The next word after a pause was something like “floating”. I think it’s from the last 10-15 years, but maybe a little older.
I know that’s not much to go on…


Looking for an electro song with a lot of electro beats where a female voice says "period"


Okay so I heard this tiny bit of a song, and it went like ‘feel the heat of the night’ or something like that, it almost sounded like she of the tiger, but it wasn’t that?


what song goes like 'dun dun dun oooooohhh' (its not lyrics like a sound)
its an old heavy metal song


Im looking for that song that is in those videos where it goes "hey guys look at this" and then plays the song, but not the lyrics it just goes 'bow bow bow bow bow bow boowwwww bow bow bow booww bow bow bow bow' no much but thats i knoe


hi, i need to find song of male singer that says in lyrics "i want you to want me" but the way "i. want. want. me......." w little pauses and next chorus is faster. it's probably not named same. it might be alternative rock(?)


hi, i look for male artist song that says in lyrics "i. want. you..... to. want. me." w little pauses and next chorus is faster. it might be alternative rock (?)

Hana lia

Can anyone help me find the title of the song that i've been heard from korean variety show "Three meals a day, doctor"

It was on ep. 8, in 3.40 minute when they looking for sunset


Conor Albert & James Smith - Crescent Moon

Brad Cook

Looking for a song, possibly an alternative Australian band, with a female singer from around 2005 - 2018. I believe the opening lyrics are "the light of" and the chorus goes "uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh" then she sings two words. It's a soft song that builds in the chorus. Hope you can help. Thankyou

Steph Bonilla

Hi looking for a song that goes something like this "I'm on my last straw, I hope she don't try to kiss me. I don't want to cry" haven't been able to find it. It's been like 3 years and I'm afraid it's gone :')

just me mye

whats the title of this song that goes like this..from a male singer
   dont ask me why baby ive worked so hard just to hide my emotion..


Carrie Ann • by Styx


Its an older song, possibly 2000's maybe 90's. A man's singing and it reminds me of tears for fears or something like that. The vocals go up and down at this one part.

The lyrics I remember are , _ _ keep on tryin, _ _ fear behind and.

I've been searching for this song for weeks, I just need a hint or something like that. Sorry if this is a bit vague

Luanne Bareham

Looking for the name of a 1960s song about a boy/man growing up in a one-room house and his momma was a drunk. Was on the second side of a 45 single.

Basic Level

90s African Khwaito Electronic Music group called MOB MASTERS. One of their song is Palamba

ness whitey

I'm looking for 2000's R&B song it's sung by someone like faydee, Jason darulo, jay Sean something sweet like that and the only lyrics I can remember is can't seem to let you go and it is not can't let go from faydee

Planet man

I’m trying to find a rock song that drops to a whisper and says I can feel it right in front of me and then goes out of a whisper any ideas?

Gurkarn singh

I’ve been trying to find a song I saw it on TikTok like a couple months ago. I had it saved put the video got taken down. It was pretty upbeat. It was a male singer and the only lyrics I can remember are something like “you know I try to let it go” and I don’t know if this was right after that, but in the I think it said “but this is how it goes” and sometime about leave me alone I don’t know, but please let me know if if you guys can find it. I really like the song.

Henry Paetkau

Hi I'm looking for a song or chorus that goes :

"Brother of mine walk in the sunlight
So that the world can see Jesus in you
And when they see Him living in you,
Then they will believe, brother of mine.

The world is walking in darkness, looking for sunlight.
How will they find sunlight, except they see it in you?
And when they see the sunlight in you, then they will believe Him,
And have the sunlight living in them.

Stephen A

I'm looking for a song I once downloaded from Waptrick that was sung by a lady possibly a Maria or so.
Its a short music that contains
"search for it... back to where we came from cha cha cha..."
It is followed by an instrumentals and also ends that way.

Tim Dami

in the late 1950s or early 60s when a song was released that my Mom liked. Today I googled it and just could not find it. But back then I used to sing it so the words stayed with me . If someone out there knows the song and can find it on Google kindly post it. Here are some of the lyrics:
" There's a beautiful lady with silver real hair
She sits all day in her old rocking chair
She cared for me when I was just a kid she soon in everything I did.
Whilst she said to me my son my son I love you much more than anyone
I'd climb the highest mountain and swim the broadest sea,
Because my son , my beloved son ,
You're much more than life to me."


I'm looking for a song. A female singer, a sort of soulish ballard. Maybe 90's. I remember only one line , the beginning of the chorus.

"Hmm, I'm very well"


Hey there. So I'm looking for an uptempo guitar/bass guitar-heavy intro song, all instrumental for maybe to first 60-90 seconds (kinda has the feels of an 80s sitcom theme), then the vocals start with "Since we ..."
And then lines like:
"I know what I feel for you got to be real"
"I feel so much better than I did yesterday"
"I tried to make you happy, you thought you found your fool"

Just can't find the dang thing anywhere.

Clive Vedmore

It's a long-shot but I hope somebody can help me here.

What are these three songs?

They all came out about 5 years ago(but probably not long before that) and I only know some of the lyrics.

Song 1 - Female singer who could be Irish. Slow, electronic sound(i.e it doesn't feature any conventional old instruments like guitars, drums, pianos etc).

The lyrics go something like:

...and all the places that we've always been and all the things that we have always seen and all the secrets that we have, laid down in a jukebox, baby and all the dreams that we have always dreamed, they're all gone in a jukebox, baby, jukebox, baby, jukebox baby, ooh you're my jukebox baby. You got me feeling so low.

Song 2 - Female singer. Fast, electronic. The first line is the start of the first verse and the second line is the start of the chorus:

Why do we treat each other like robots, every move automated?

I wanna make you feel something, feel something, turn that metal into flesh and blood.

Song 3 - It's a female singer singing an electronic song.

Part of one of the verses goes "Cigarette burns on the floor" "Hiding by the lakes is what we live for".
The chorus was harder to make out. I think it went something like "Summers come by, summers come fast".



i'm looking for a song for my dad, he recorded a bit of it on cassette from the radio 35-45 years ago.
All the App's like Shazam and the other's don't recognize the song.

So far the lyrics I understand are:

She's Gone,
And I Wonder Where She Is,
She Is Gone,
Can You Tell Me What I Do,
You Made Her Leave,
Please Believe,
She's Gone,
Wonder Why She's Gone,

It's a female vocalist, hope someone can help me out.
Much appriciate.


im looking for a song that i think is from the 90s-2000s.
i cant really remember the melody
but i know that at the start of the song a man is kinda screaming.
and the only lyric i remember is "im lonely"
maybe it was late at night i get/am lonely


So I was at a store that played a song which I believe to be an edm track around the 2012-2014 period.

but I could make out the melody of a male vocalist which kept repeating the lines along the lines of "streets for me" the "for me" was repeated a lot throughout the song.

Please help me figure it out

Kerry Patterson

Female singer, last couple of years, chorus possibly 'daddy won't you leave the light on for me
Daddy won't you ........ home for me'


A song that says maybe you can maybe you can’t maybe you’ll try running straight to your mom


Hello I need some help, I used to work at B&M and heard this song all the time - it was a woman’s voice and the only lyrics I can remember were something like “walls of the city” it was kinda mid tempo with a catchy simple synth riff

Jennifer Eloff

Hi, I’m looking for a song, all that I can sort of remember is one line that goes something like
‘Can you forgive yourself’ or
‘You need to forgive yourself’ or
‘If you can forgive yourself’ or
‘You must forgive yourself’ or
‘Can I forgive myself’

It’s got a sort of sad vibe and it’s quite slow

Looking for this for 2 days now and I’m going mad
Please help!!

David Orellana

Hi I’m looking for a K-pop song from 2021 or 2022 or 2020 from a male solo K-pop artist
but it was a K-pop song about a guy at like a party and he was playing like beer pong or something and the song also used to have a TikTok trend where it was a dance where you lean back and walk but I can’t remember the name all I remember is that it was like live it up dun Dunn dun

David Orellana

I am trying to find a kpop song sung by a male solo that was like a guy at a party and the song had a trend on TikTok where you lean back and walk but pick up your hands and let then down repeatedly but I can’t seem to find it and now I’m sad can you help


Ok I looking for an older song about a man who lost his memory and his love came to visit him and he didn't even know his own name saying something like '' I you give me his name and my crayons I'll write it down

Kat Watson

What is the song with a white guy singing the hook of a collab of many rappers? I believe including Techn9ne?

Silent memory

I’ve been looking for a song on YouTube shorts that has lyrics that go something like either it goes like “they be falling in love falling in love” or “they be looking for us they be looking for you” and it’s sung by a woman it sounds maybe around 2020-2024 and it either has a techno beat or edm or dance beat


I’m lookin for a song. I don’t know what it’s called and I think it was popular on tiktok. The lyrics could be something along the lines of
come on baby sing it
sing this song tonight
if you’re really feeling
my sweet love tonight
we bump the hills to paradise

the first 4 lines are sung very short and go down in notes until the last line goes back up the the note of the first line. any help is appreciated


I am looking for a song that I have listened today I think that it was released in the 60's or early 70's: Some lyrics: " pray pray for your love.... please


Hey I am looking for a song that goes like this:
I can't get you out of my mind ehh
.....still I can't deny it
So now I know how you make me feel
I love you...


I have this song stuck in my head right after i woke up 😭 I'm not sure if it's the exact lyrics but a female singer made it, it's probably a sad song and it's usually sped up on tiktok
 I think the lyric is"Maybe we could all just call back" ?

Nucking figgers

I’m looking for a song that’s like “he ain’t ready for the water he a knee deeper” and it also has smth like “I can make your bed rock”


I looking for a song that goes I feel like falling down down so high high

Nancy lived

I CANT FIND THIS SONG ITS KEEPING ME UP! All I know is the melody and it has the lyric “till I don’t remember.” And says Hey ___ Timber! And it’s a country song, please if someone can help me I need it asap!


The lyric is: ” i can't make him understand their maybe someone else honey you're not the only man that's true”

I can’t find it,please help.


ima trying to find a skramz/metalish song i found on sound cloud that isn't in my history and more and the only bit i remeber is a female singing "you build a wall" and yelling "to tear it down" and i literally can't find it anymore please help😭


Can't find a song help, it's a dance song, female vocalist, however throughout the song there are whale/dolphin noises. It's a catchy number but I couldn't make out/remember the words the woman was singing


This site it perfect!!!!

Mediocre rat

Whats the name of that one song that is about a guy talking about his love for a teenager and it has like a very 2000s rock feel to it but kinda upbeat? Its apparently made by someone whos dead now and was kinda old like 20 something years or less?


Ok there’s this one cover of 505 by Arctic Monkeys that is sung by a woman. The voice is mature and soft. It made the song sound so much more slow and soft. Kinda like a bedroom vibe? I know it definitely isn’t just a slowed/reverbed version of the original song and it’s definitely not Nessa’s cover of the song. Idk who sang it, but I really wanna hear their version.

Angie Marie Hinton

Looking for a song by a group with two men and one woman, vibey song I think maybe a love song and the music video has a car ride with the top down and colorful lighting. I think it was posted on YouTube sometime between 2020-2024. There are point in between the females singing where she does very light vocalizations.

Olaf v Renen

This 70's (I think) pop song - ballad - on a hit parade has been evading me for decades, sung by a band with the lead solo a high tenor, song done in (waltz) 3/4 time signature. Only lyrics I can remember are: "I had a love of my own", and "she took a train, changed her name".


Try to find song, maybe 2000, i remember de vídeo clip but no name or rythm...if anybody can help me.
Vídeo clip shows: Band singing the song on yard, bus and town. There's are a Young girl drawing circle on the road. At the end of the song, everyone in town dessapear..
Sorry for my english, i'm trying to do my BEST.
Thanks if anyone can help me. Thanks.
Ill thunks its pop rock song or nu metal.

Katie Jones

Hi! I'm looking for a song, pretty slow and soft and mainly acoustic guitar, with a male singer who has a pretty country sounding voice. The only lyrics I have are "eyes close to mine".


The song had a lyric of 'you're a liar' and it was used on FOX to tease house


Hi, PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!!! I've been searching for this old 70's ballad "- time signature 3/4 (waltz) - for decades. It was on a hit parade back then. Very high MALE solo vocal. All I got is the complete(!) melody stuck in my head, and 2 random phrases of the lyrics. Here they are, and I'm capitalising the word for the downbeat (ONE two three, ONE two three):
"I HAD a love
of my OWN"
"She TOOK a train
changed her NAME"

Tony Taylor

Dear Peterbe, I had an ear worm and could only think of 4 words ! Thanks to you - Victory! …and my sanity is restored. Cheers TT

Lachlan Milroy

I’m trying to find a title of a song that I’ve heard. The lyrics go somewhere along the line of “ who’s got the home feel, who’s got the home feel feel feeling” Someone please help me


Song by a female singer, in the music video there where a bunch of women wearing dresses and brushing each other hair, sisterhood vibes in the vid, I don't remember much of the lyrics but the end of the chorus was "like no other", song it's from 2023 I believe

David Bigandt

looking for song about the site of Manhattan skyline getting old after seeing it hundreds or thousands of times

Ashley Bailey

Im looking for a song that is by a country guy with a deep voice. I only remember one sentence of the whole song so this is hard.
I remember the beginning to the chorus and i think it goes something like this,
"Baby, take them....and.....the..."
Thats all I remember. I know he has a deep country voice.
Can anyone help?

Jennifer Eloff

I can’t find my original post, but I found the song!! It’s Various Storms & Saints by Florence & the Machine :))

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