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I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics.

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Pop/upbeat catchy song that says “Let’s lay low and run away don’t tell anybody, no, where we go and no one will know, we won’t tell them, let’s be selfish, let’s just lay low” it’s a guy singing and it sounds pretty recent


Hey! I'm looking for an older song (probably somewhere in the 60's-80's range) and All I remember is the line "So now I'm on my way" and then another line which is something like "and I'm losing all my sanity".


looking for this folk song (sorry don’t know many lyrics:
you say that i’ve been loved too much...
...go tell those lies about me
they’ll lie with the roses and tell you they know your pain
again and again


Can't find the lyrics of "Transcendence" by "Collapse The Control". Please help


I have been searching for the name if this song. Its in the movie L.i.e when the boy broke into the house and stole things. I just want to know what that song is


I'm looking for a song
"rain on me"
 at the end of song
And in the middle the male singer says
"Are we not man,not robotic man"


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Allison Lee Johnson

Its on Netflix the lyrics, on the show Bella and the bulldogs, I really want the title please!!!!!!!!


Hi there !
I was looking for a song for years but failed. It should be an old song with some of the lyrics :
can't believe but this is true
I will always love you
and I always willing to..


trying to find a song but i can't remember the chorus
i can only remember a few random words and i know it's an old song

try to get out but the sun feels good

try to remember every single word

and it says 2 AM somewhere in there



The old song trying to make it through


I’m looking for a trap song that goes like “you never noticed you don’t care” it’s a female artist I can’t remember if it remixed or not it might be in from 2019 or 2018

Trent Clasen

does anyone know the name of the song played on the jukebox in the movie Bloodmatch? it is in the beginning of the movie in the bar scene and is played by Hope Marie Carlton. driving me crazy as i have heard it before.

James Abram

I am looking for a song pre 1969 with lyrics " and the king's daughter" could be from a musical


I’m looking for a song that starts out sayin somethin like “ I wanted to write a song about how it feels to be sitting here with you” and it’s a piano song. They’re sitting by a lake I think cause there’s water sounds in the song as well. I listened to it almost 2 years ago and have never been able to find it. HELP PLEASE!


Country/folk singer, a woman, sings a song about giving her kid up for adoption. It’s very slow and powerful, and I swear the lyrics involve a broken / twisted family tree. Thinking of using it in a project but can’t remember who sings it/what it’s called!


i cant find this one song??
i remember seeing it on a music tv channel when i was younger
the lyrics say something about one direction (not the band) and the music video is in black red and white and i remember the lead singer being at the front with the hand behind her and the words “one direction” outlined in red behind them.
it’s somewhere from the 2010s i believe or somewhere around there.

Jade louise

Hi Im looking for the name of a song and the artist.. I only know the lyrics go something along the lines of

' Amy please just get up off your knees'

Pop punk ish band early 2000s female singer


Christian song, maybe mid-2000s. Lyrics may not be exact, but something like this:

I’ve been a lot of places
And seen a lot of things
But nothing compares to the joy your presence brings


looking for a song that was wrote about elk City Idaho called Ida and there's a little bitty town at the end of the line of Idaho 14 it's a doggone pity can't call out City mine all mine for the fish went by and elk run high and the tall tall tree for your son


I’m looking for the lyrics of a song by Cottonwood Firing Squad called “Happy Death” & can’t find where they are, if anyone knows


"Sitting in the cell", i'm not sure if it was like that, I heard it twice on tiktok.


i was watching this edit and i really like the song in the background but i can’t really hear the lyrics since there’s someone talking over the song, but some of the lyrics i can make out is “ tell me what’s it feel so i can…” but i think it says “ tell me whats it feel so i can comprehend??? “ pls help


Hey all, trying to find a hiphop/rap song, don't remember much of the lyrics, just the hook which was something like "cuz I got that henny on deck, goosey on deck, hey shawty--' it was a guy and a girl did a verse as well. I thought it was from Young Joc or something but apparently not. Also I believe both artists use autotune if that helps (like noticably)


What's the title of below Christian song?
I hear your voice like a tender whisper, it's God in my way
Each time i fall i know you'll be there to pull me through


I'm looking for a song about driving a girl home, but it's not "Drive" by The Cars. The only lyrics I remember go something like this: "I'm gonna drive and take you home, mmm".
The singer is male with a soft voice with a little hoarseness. The music is played on the guitar and it's slow & mellow.
The song is at least 4 years old.


Nightcall by London Grammar?


Looking for 2 songs. The lyrics similar to these. They won't be 100% accurate but I know for a fact they're similar but I can't seem to find any matches similar.

The 1st: "Everyone seemed surprised, just last night he seemed just fine he was having a good time" (it may have "he was out of his mind") in it too.

The 2nd song: "Ever since my homie (or friend idk) went and killed himself, I lost more than that man it killed my health."

Again sorry this as close I got to knowing what it is but I'm sure someone's heard 1 of these 2 songs.


Hi. I'm trying to find a song that plays for about 10 seconds in Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 6. About 15 minutes 30 seconds in a song plays with what I can hear is the following: " i'm lost and i can't see the world can't find my way....". Have tried Google and Shazam but cannot find anything. It's now giving me a headache!!!! Any help would be appreciated.


Hi. I'm trying to find a song that plays for about 10 seconds in Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 6. About 15 minutes 30 seconds in a song plays with what I can hear is the following: " i'm lost and i can't see the world can't find my way....". Have tried Google and Shazam but cannot find anything. It's now giving me a headache!!!! Any help would be appreciated.


could someone tell the name of the band or singer


I'm looking for a 70s 80s pop rock song with a melody/rhythm like the song ''Part of the game - The Wynners'' with the ending lyrics: ... I can't stop loving you. Has anyone heard? Help me.

Shaeril McBrown

I used to listen to a song in the 2000s. I hear a r&b/soul song at Burger King. It begins with a piano playing and the voices starts to sing and gets higher when they sings ever. Please help me find a song


I cant find this one song that goes like "I'm just so tired I cant fight it , yeah, i just cant sleep feel like I'm drowning yeah. Its sang by a male and has some guitar and drums


Anyone know the name of the song in this video (or the artist)? Here are the lyrics: "perfect night, I feel pain, this holy light drifts away, I know that none of this was worth it, I just wanted to be perfect, hear my cries while I'm alone to kill my thoughts of suicide, I break myself so you feel better, I just wanted to be perfect"


The Sinner season 4 part 2. I need to know the song at the 43 min mark plzzzzzzzzzz

Dan less

There’s a song, think 80’s to 90’s era, that is a higher pitched man’s voice singing and says “fallen for a” then sound like “maaan” in a higher pitch. It’s slow ish for this part I can remember

Laura Lea Smith

Hi,I'm searching for a song that's on a video making app...chorus is something like...your mind says your singing so clear I just csnt believe what I hear.


Someone was playing a song in this super indie coffee shop I was in today, the first verse said something about a guy playing smash bros and having tattoos on his arms ? Pleaaaaaaaase need help finding this song


Hi guys. I can't remember who sang this gospel song. It goes like this;
"I am your Lord"
"And I know your name"
"I died for you"
"Yes , I shed my blood"
'" Then you say, give me your hands"
"I've got something for you"...…..

NB: The lyrics might not be accurate. But I really need to find this song. Thanks in advance.


I'm looking for a 80s pop rock song with a melody/rhythm like Part of the game - The Wynners with the ending lyrics ...i can't stop loving you.
Has anyone heard of it? Help me


Van Halen - Can't Stop Loving You?

Thanks but not this song.


Hey everyone. I've been trying to find a song that has some lyrics like "he thinks/says i'm jealous of you, could/can it be true" and something along with "child/childrens name". I think I heard the song last week and it had 1.4M views on Youtube. The singer was a white male with blonde hair I think. Has anyone ever heard of this song?

Please help me find this song.I m looking for it few years now It's and old classic rnb or rap song.(60s 70s 80s or 90s) its sang by Black Female Artist with deep voice like lil Kim kind of voice. I don't know exact words but it's goes like this..
Feel na na na it is such a feeling,
Feel na na na it is such a feeling
Everyone put your hands up,
For the be or blind
Love get send back
You stay alive
I m not entirely sure about that "for the be or blind"
It my be something this in stead

Feel na na na
Love, is such a feeling
Feel na na na
Love is such a feeling
Everybody put your hands up
For the be.. .. ..
Love get set back
You stay alive
Or You stay in line instead of "you stay alive"
 please help,

Thank You all who try.....


hey, i’m searching for this song that i really liked four years ago? all i can remember are the lyrics, which were something like this:
“i burned the rest,
i have you.
now i know.
i, i, still love
an (word i can’t remember) boy
an (word i can’t remember) boy”

i’ve tried typing in the lyrics, google searching them, but i can’t find it anywhere 😭


Hello guys!
I've spent literally hours trying to find this one song (the one on the first video)
I have no clue what the song is, I tried to listen carefully to what it might say, I heard "sit around....I'm on the couch... I want to sit... if you're running let me sing" I might be wrong (probably) because I couldn't find it with using these words. HELP I'm going insane, I literally read all the 13k comments on that instagram post to be able to find one comment that guesses the song, in vain lol
Save me from my demise

crow mackenzie

theres this song in watership down (2018) in the second episode when Hazel enters the farmer’s house that goes like
“save my from this slow
silent vertigo
when all these voices say i should let go
i only want you more”
sung by a male singer. i cant find it anywhere and it wasn’t in the credits i dont think. i really hope i can find it, it sounds so beautiful


Saw a big dark skinned male with gap between his teeth, on TV early hours Sunday morning 16th January 2022, sing a song with the words:
"We sing for Love; We live for Justice; We long for Freedom; We dream of Peace..." Don't remember what channel or program - may have been Rage or Volumz, but don't think I was on either of those channels. LOVE the song & really want to track it down. The lyrics are so meaningful at this time, with all the insanity we are going through.


Someone please help. The song i have in mind is a bit older, and it is in the same style as old lady gaga and stuff. I can vaguely remember a bit of the chorus and it goes like "you gonna give it my ha, tic tac tic tac tic tac"
Some lyrics are also "say the word and, i can give you what you want ha"
At the start of the song some dude is making frog sounds


Sounds like “4 minutes” by Madonna and Justin Timberlake :) I have no idea about the frog sounds though lol

Riley Arthul

Your smile is as bright as the starts in the sky. It’s in an old Country/Polka song that I thought was called meant for me, but I can’t find it anywhere! It’s sung by a woman with a deep voice in the background


looking for a song sung by a male artist. i think its an alternative or rock genre? kinda fuzzy on what songs are what genre these days. found the song in a Spotify playlist a few days ago, but all the playlists i looked back at recently changed all their songs to keep the playlist fresh and non repetitive. trying google keeps referring me to Kesha or Red but neither of those are what i'm looking for.
the only phrase i can remember is something like..
"do you think we're x? no we're not!" x being i think it was either broken, helpless, weak, etc. he asks it about 2 or 3 times, ending with a different word each time before singing the next part. "because... we are who we are!"

Adam o rourke

I’m looking for the lyrics to a meme that goes one four all and all four one musklehungs are all ways ready

Some of it sounds like:Darctanian or dur Durham

So it's a country song by a bloke, somewhere in the 2010s. The line stuck in my head is "She's got a tattoo in a place, let's say not everyone can see" it's the first line of a verse, maybe even the first of the song.

It's killing me that I know the song so well but just can't remember more than that line right now.

I've spent over a week Googling and I've got nothing. :(

Any help would be super appreciated.

Brittany Marillier

Hello, I'm looking for a deep tech/minimal tech track with a sample from a radio commercial in the US, a man is saying "call 1-800... all American gold... all American gold dot com". Thanks


Looking for a metalcore / rock song. The chorus is "Take me Home" (almost certain this is the song title also) and then something like "In my dreams you said that you loved me." I think in the first verse it says something like "you were better than me." Very energetic and melodic with heavy guitars.


The song is a single man singing to an acoustic guitar. Lyrics are like "You're standing there, and I could be drowning. It doesn't mean, it don't mean a thing." and then something like "Been too late to tie the knot. I'm never gonna smile again"


I´m looking for a song that starts "you wouldn´t let me love you although i wanted to". I think the title is Love will come and love will go.


the song im looking for has not lyrics its jut a girl glitching song and its on tiktok and people do glitching to it i do remember the name of it has something like " lonely girl play with marbles" something like that


I’ve been looking for this song that a friend was playing. The first lyric said something along the lines of a guy playing super smash bros and having tattoos on his arms. Super indie sounding, not sure what the rest of the song sounded like or any other lyrics because I was distracted hahaha

Help! This song has been stuck in my head all day and I first heard it 3 or 4 years ago. All I remember is that it's by an alternative rock band with 3 black kids, but I know it's not the band unlocking the truth. The song goes something like "I'm falling in love and I'm losing my mind under 21." I could've sworn it was called under 21 but YouTube & Google doesn't show it 😭 thanks! The video is also black and white I believe if that helps!


Looking for a song I heard in face care video, the lyrics started out with “ ive felt the winter cold, lying next to you” another part of it goes “ but it wasn’t with you oh no oh no” , it was sung in a very feminine voice and I cannot figure out what song this is!! Plz help


Hi! Please help me to find a song. I’ve heard it at McDonald’s today. It was an acoustic indie song with some piano chords and a cowbell. The singer is a female with a sweet voice. I’m russian and I’m not so good at spoken English so I didn’t understand most of the words, but a part of the chorus was “only on for me” and it was repeated a few times


Maybe your the best, forget about the rest, we'll be together till the sun is in the west! I herd this late one Night on a TV Programme & has been bugging me ever since. This woman sounds like KATE Bush....Vocal wise. Anyone Herd this track????


Maybe your the best, forget about the rest, we'll be together till the sun is in the west! Herd this one night & it Sounds like KATE BUSH!!! It has been bugging me ever since...........anyone know who this is????


Looking for a Christmas song I heard in Five Below. Upbeat and lyrics were something close to just because I love you. Male singer. Any idea.

Can’t find the song on this lg ad
Plz help


Sounds pretty. Thanks for asking. Try posting on their (LG) facebook or twitter to ask? Could always try an email to LG.

Daniel Arthur

Hi ive been looking for a song for years and its doing my head in...Last time I heard it was 2005. The instruments are just an acoustic guitar strumming and 1-2 men saying the words. The words sound something like "here we are, here we are, although again" or "liveah, liveah, although again". I live in Australia btw because it might be from that country and not widely known

Amy Morkel

Hi, I need help to find out the song and name. I remember the video - it’s a guy comes into his friends music studio and his friend is asking him to listen to a song but he’s busy texting a girl, asking where to find her? So he flies on a plane to find her.


i have been trying to remember this song, and its so bad i cant even remember the lyrics, but the song is sang by a skinny white guy sounds kind of gospel, either has storm, no , tomorrow, today, yesterday in the lyrics cant remember. song was popular, .
please help guys, hes also a good rapper. song was i think from 2013-2017in between those years.

Paulette Palmer

Hi there
looking for a song that I can't get out of my mind. It was used on TV as background for a couple of seconds and an off voice was talking over it - hence no shazam...

It's an upbeat, happy song, male voice (not the strongest) and it goes something like this:

give me everything I want
I need you to see

sounded like something new, no oldie, no rap


Sometimes life goes easy, Sometimes life goes do do do do
Sometimes minds go crazy, Sometimes minds go do do do do

Never mind, I found the song. It's called Piggyback by Dan Pundak

Karina ^°^

Hiii! I'm looking for a song that I heard playing in Walgreens. It was sung by a female and the only lyrics I seem to remember goes like "You make me (and then a guy exhales.) So it's like "You make me *exhales*
sorry for the bad explanation D:

Maddison Bilodeau

High pitched (male, I believe) voice, chorus is like “you can take that little ___ ___ ___ right outta my life”. Pls help!


I once heard a song growing up, playing in the car that I’ve failed to ever find a trace of again (90s-2000s). It was a dance/techno song, male vocals and my lyric memory is so foggy and unreliable due to the time gap that all I remember is 1) The chorus was something like “love come down, love come down, love come down, love come down” in succession. 2) The verse I think started with “take me to a…” and 3) A piece of the prechorus sounded like “negativity just disappears, flying is so easy once you know how…”. My memory could be completely incorrect and trying to fill gaps.


I heard this song from another phone and I can’t find it anywhere!!! The lyrics I heard were
Why don’t we go out?
We could be a thing this town would forever talk about
It was a girl singer and sounded very tswift but I don’t knowwww someone please help I need to know it

Kiki hunt

I have tried looking for this song for 7 years I'm not entirely sure on the lyrics exact but can explain. It is a song a dance song sung by a woman with a famous dj mixing the song I thought it was tiesto but cat find this song by them. It's very similar to clarity from zedd but what I can remember is the word home in it I'm sure one line says it feels like home and I'm sure parts of it talks about being on the dance floor in club obviously the lyrics are talking about someone and they feel like home to them when there with them is there any one that can help


Looking for an r&b song, possibly 90s or early 2000s, female singer, and I think part of the lyrics go:
Ooo, ooo
Missing you
Each time I close my eyes
You're everywhere
And you're all around me or And your arms around me

Looking for one I used to hear every Christmas.

Pop rock, mid-'70s or so.

I only recall pieces of the lyric: "You can deck the halls with Holly if you want to" ("Holly", I think, is the title...) & "I think I'm woman enough to fill your nights" (& "...fill your life").

Melody's very melancholy.

I've Googled the lyrics; no joy. Not on the title, either.


I need help finding a song I heard inside FYE.
I think it was a Kpop group. It was definitely males singing. It wasn't a sad song, but upbeat and fast.
All I could understand was "need to stay" and then something "go"

Mila L

TXT - run away?



hi, please help me find the song where a man and a woman sitting on a chair and singing on the street, the boy has a small guitar in his hand. The age of both of them I guess in their thirties. It's an English song. They are facing each other. It's a love song


Like the rain I’m following for you
Something something
And I know just why

i seen an ad on youtube and a song played but couldnt get a shazam on it, the lyrics went something like, for a while now, ive been all in my mind. it had a guy sitting on the hood of the car driving towards the camera alone. song looked like it was released recently.


Hey, i'am looking for the song playing at minute 8:42 Google , Shazam etc. can't find it. i hope someone here will.


Hello, right now ive got a song in my head, its a chill happy vibe song, sung by a lady, some of the lyrics sound like this "And a few os us said" "so you can open your eyes oh at the top of blah blah" and then the chorus is like "na na na naaa na na, na na na naa na na"
The song might be some tiktok something i dont know, its annoying me so much


Im looking for four songs actually. I dont know the lyrics but they sound like these lyrics

1. said Im and my bitch...we living notorious living notorious rious living notorious living notorious rious...ah let what you gonna do...thats the money on the other line calling

2. toss and turning lay up all night...until the morning light Cause you burning in a city...Ill be with you all i know o o o o ill be with you all I know Like I dont know Ill be with you all I know

3. Oow Oow we going no where
When I was a boy eating (I think this part was another Language)
The chorus; Oow Oow we going nowhere

4. She tells me my love you shouldnt do these things no no no thats not your job MAMA yeni ye a MAMA


I’ve been looking for a country song by a female that says “and baby I’m gonna miss you…” I can not find it anywhere


I'm looking for a song that was on my youtube playlist 10 years ago and has disappeared. It was by a black female artist I think, and had lot's of clapping and the screen was split into smaller screens, changing.
It had a very upbeat tune and was maybe named something like "Everybody" or something with "Ever". It had the lyrics "Everybody got (???) _______, we're not different, we're the same". Or something like it.
I have searched for it, but the lyrics don't show up, so maybe I got some parts wrong. Can someone help, please?

Abardo Beletae

I have this song I've been looking through and the lyrics are either "For the first time in a long time its in me, looking back at you," or "for the first time in a long time its in you, looking back at me," and I'm pretty sure it's sung by a male voice at a medium tempo. I've been searching for it forever and have never been able to find it and it's literally driving me crazy lol

Mila L

this song I heard on the radio at home. It’s a country duet song with a guy & girl. All I know is one of the lyrics which stayed in my head. I heard a girl singing but no lyrics stuck with me during her part. The guy was singing with a deep country accent “I knew I loved you” over & over till the end of the song I think…it sounded recent too like 2020s either 2021 or 2020 maybe even this year idk but please help!! the song sounded chill & sweet! 😊


lyrics "this empty feeling im feeling right now is gonna be the best thing you ever had"


What is the song played at the start of the movie What Lies Ahead? It's 1 minute in on the YouTube version. Lyrics are something like "who knew then it be forever i should have known better" but it's hard to understand.



does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the original karate kid disco scene where daniel walks in in his shower costume? the lyrics go something like “looking for you as you do that hasn’t been easy for me i’ve been so afraid on my knees breathe into me ooh”


There’s a techno/electronic/dance song I heard a couple times on the radio sometime in the late 90s/ Early 2000s in all likeliness. The vocal was male. I was too young to catch the lyrics, but what I think I remember is a chorus that just repeated “live come down, love come down, love come down, love come down…” The pre chorus might’ve had the lyrics “…negativity just disappears, and flying is so easy once you know how…” A verse might have started with “Take me to a…”

Indigo Britt

Please help me find a song that goes like
“ Dive in and then you give me the sauce, yeah, knocking, I got the key yo your heart yeah”
It once played on Teen Mom


Hi its been so long im looking for a old song it has a rap in it and a woman sings at the chorus.. probably rnb and hip hop . it goes likes this.. Oh boy you make me so crazy ....and it hard for me to forget. that is the only line I can remember so far please help me out


I'm looking for a song that came out early 2000s I think and it goes like this "cuz, it's the end of the worllllld. Cuz, it's the end of the worlllld" the music video is a cartoon. The main character shoots himself in the end.

John Archivolt

Hi, I'm looking for a ballad from the 1980s which played on the radio. Single male vocalist. "We are parachutes tonight, falling down against the sky a candle burning bright ... will you love me tonight"


whats the end song of superstore


I would like to know the name and singer of this old song
 The lyrics goes like this

How long must I wait on you
It’s another that broke your heart in two


Looking for a song..only remember some lyrics..its a woman who sings goes:
I'll always be there for you
I thought our love was true, but now I'm not so sure if you feel the same way too....

This song probably comes out in the 80s maybe early 1990s..

Please help!!


Hi i am trying to find a electro club song from 2000 s. A woman singing "my first love broke my heart/head, I will never forget what it felt. I am dreaming of you, tell what can I do. I am so in love - baby you made this love, baby you made this love, baby you made this love..." and nice beats. Does anyone have an idea?


Title of the song in the movie "The Fable" in Netflix (Japanese movie). Around 1:49:30, the song started playing when Akira gave the drawings to Misaki. I was trying to type in the words which i can hear but won't come out of search engine. Even the movie credits doesn’t have it. Thanks


Im looking for a song that goes like «and i love you soooo» it sounds a bit like dido could write it



I am searching song from the Netflix orginal The Kissing Booth 3. The song starts at 40:04 and ends at 41:04. It plays in the background so I can't fully understand what they singing. I tried everthing and I can't find it. The song is not on the soundtrack list.


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