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Hi, I'm looking for a song.The lyrics is Crazy have thinking you was mine..The singer is a girl


Help! Been looking for this song for 20 years. It goes...

"I wanna know how it feels, (oooh,oooh,oooh,) is this love for real. I never felt love like this, never ever felt love like this."

Vanessa Evangelista

Hi, i hope. you can help me find this song, Tha lyrics were" There she's stand Beautiful in white & start to shade that it feels right, I promise that I love you till the end of time, I always knew that I'm lucky too till the end of time, I keep your heart with mine". please

Eder Fonseca

Hello, I'm trying to find a song from 10 years ago that wasn't really popular but that I personally loved. It goes "I... have found somebody to love, someone who won't let go, of me when it gets cold." The singer is a man

Peter Sparkes

I'm trying to look for a song any help would be amazing,
the first lyrics go
"do you remember that night, it was a party at mine"
it's kinda of in a sorta country/folky tune

Lauren H

I'm looking for a song, it's a softer type song and has a soft piano melody/tune playing throughout it. It's at the end of the movie "Mommy Would Never Hurt You" and I can't find it anywhere. These may be some of the lyrics to the first verse (from what I could make out in the movie)

Leaves are fading
Tears are falling
Far away
Hear them sway
They touch the ground (the word again may be at the end of this line)

I'm desperate! Please help me find this song

Sherri c

I'm looking for this song too! I hope someone knows what it is!

George D. Gyuriska Sr.

The song starts off On a cold winters night by a church yard I roamed when what to my eyes should appear.

But there on the ground over a new made mound a youngster I saw lying there.

I spoke to the lad and these word he said "I'm trying to keep Mother warm?


Im trying to find this emo song i think and its about a dude who wants to pursue a career in music and so he leaves the girl he loves behind and comes back when hes finally famous. Like he says something about the crowd cheering and hes on his way back i dont know the exact lyrics but thats the whole concept of the song.

Kevin P

Hi everyone, I am looking for a song in which the start of the chorus part, the lady sings "Sud-den-ly..." and that's all I remember about the lyrics. The way she sang that word is that she breaks it into almost 3 parts "Sud", "den", and "ly", and very high-pitched when she sings that word. As mentioned, the singer is a female, I think the song is out between 2012 - 2016, the genre could be Pop or EDM. I am very desperate to know, please let me know - thanks a lot


Maybe suddenly I see from KT Tunstall?

Eric Bassi

I have having trouble finding a song, it goes like "Please dont/no.. fail to hide__________ will burn...

Sorry, not much dude to the audio not being the best quality but I have a file (12 seconds) which shows the song in a snippet.

I can give it out if needed.

Judah Rowe

I can't seem to find a song, I think it was by an Aussie rock band and the song was called "IF I". The lyric to the first line of the chorus was ' if I could be the only one for you then i, I would be anything you need'.

I can't remember much more than that, but the tune is driving me crazy in my head

Taylor Nguyen

I was at the club and listened to a song that not bad at all! It sounds like country but no! Something out of town, oh, coming home? I guess! I was drunk! Some people like and some not! It might just new released!!!! Thanks


Heard it a few hours ago, this is all I could remember: "cause every time you leave me somewhere into eternity sorry if i hurt you i think we're even"

Jeff Mctoots

I’m looking for a song I heard at the mall but I can’t remember it... Can anyone give me suggestions on what it might be?

Gerry Alvarez

Hi im lookin for a song that has lyrics like this: "I've got what you want and I got what you need. I got 797 ways to make you please"...


Hey Guys, Im looking for a song, I don’t remember the lyrics but I thought I was something like: goo somewhereee (where everyone goes.) in the middle of the song. It’s like a soft song, can anyone help me out here😂 here is the link to some songs: but I did not see the right one yet :(


Hi, I'm trying to find a song with lyrics "I'm losing my calm I'm losing my mind I'm searching for something that I'll never find. They gonna take me they gonna take me down to the river".
It's by a male singer and the song style was rock, I think.
And I'm desperate because even Google can't find it ;(
Help me please.
Thanks a lot for your responds.

ross edwards

looking for this 1980 jam I skated to in the skating rink,with a nice bass guitar "I just wanna do it for fun"

ross edwards

that was the lyrics that I remember and then the bass guitar came in and it repeated,real nice jamming song,all male R and B group

Jenn C

I am looking for a song - rock style - sung by a man about ?Eileen ?Irene and how she is the coolest woman in the bar but she is a lesbian ?”would rather sleep with your sister” and I think he mentions that she is half ?Japanese

Please help!


Come on Eileen
Song by Dexys Midnight Runners?


No. Not come on Eileen.


I'm looking for a song. It was from the early 1990's, maybe 1989. It was alternative rock, and it had a music video. The main chorus was "The simple things come easy, when the best things in life are free".

christian viljoe

Looking for a song that I think would classify as rap. The guys voice is sort of croaky. Goes like "I just wanna know whats up with me and you, me and you I dont know I dont know why.


I am looking for a song and I just know that the guy in it always says baby goes/got ooooo oooo ooo and I don’t know what’s after that.


hello guys I'm searching for a song that goes " we did it for love/fun , we did it for free(fun?) " and then there is a beat.
its not Yosemite by Lana Del Rey but it is similar.please help me


“ lately I’ve been missing us your kiss and the way you touch to bad I’ve messed it up “ i heard it on ex on the beach 2 episode 3


Also another song I heard on ex on the beach 2 episode 3 “ alls fair iv love and war” i want to find these songs so bad


hi guys :) i am looking for a song that has lyrics like this(it was a male singer):
" i wanna know where did we go wrong
could we ever, ever change this song
into something beautiful like the beauty ......
i am asking you lover why do you have to be ...........
and as we go lets get close dont fool me
you re the only, you re the only wanna sees right to me
and when i call you......."
pleaseeee help me i am trying hard to find. Thank youu :) x


this is a worship song and I can't find it anywhere:

all my hope is in the name christ has triumphed o'er the grave
yours is the victory for all eternity
all my hope is in the cross on the hill where darkness lost
yours is the victory for all eternity

Giancarla Pettuci

Please help me find this song: pop sound, lyrics by a female vocalist include something like: wasn't hard to love but I just can't seem to find ... (enough?), ... i think this is the end of us, I wish this could be (over now?)


So I'm looking for a song which says
I wish I could stare at u
All the things that I would do
I just got to see the truth


I am trying to find a song that is sung by a male. The chorus is "Hey, come on my love. hey, come on my life. Hey, come on with me" and it's kinda upbeat.

Lauren H

I'm looking for the song that plays through the last two-ish minutes of the Lifetime movie called "Mommy Would Never Hurt You" it starts with a soft piano melody and then a female singer with a soft voice comes in singing something that sounds like this:

Leaves are fading
Tears are falling
Run away
Hear them sway
They touch the ground again

I've been looking for this song for days now and cannot seem to find it anywhere. Lots of other people are looking for it too so if you know what it is, you'd be a huge help! Thanks! :)

Nora kasilag

I'm trying to find the title of this korean song.. Because i love you look at me Because i only love you come to my side If you're willing to take first step i will be there waiting for you I just want you to stay I'm sorry because i can't I can't be with out you this cruel love calls only for you but you don't know

Angela Devall

I saw this video on Facebook that had a song playing and it started off saying

"I'm a long long way from home but when I saw your face I hoped that I would see it again. And maybe we're Written In Stars Above and the odds were against any space for love. When my Aces were gone I still bet on us. Look at us now.

And then the chorus and it's saying everything with you is Magic. And it was a female singer.


Silly almost parody type song, I thought was by The Oceanic Six. Lyric I have is "because in a bit you might be dead from aneurysms in your brain"
Something about tell someone you love them before you fall and hit your head?
I have a vision of Desmond and Penny from Lost attached to this song. Could be relevant or not.


Idk the name or lyrics but its Kryoz sing that he plays at the end of his YouTube videos


Ok so I'm looking for this song, one part of the song is all I really know "all these things I hope to do I'll spend my time forgetting you" then it kinda pauses after that

Tirza Maestra

Hello, can you help me find title song ?
"but im really go and finding way back from now i'm thinking be myself get up early i go to work and not much changes i matter girl shes"
Thank U ^^'m%20thinking%20be%20myself%20get%20up%20early%20i%20go%20to%20work%20and%20not%20much%20changes%20i%20matter%20girl%20shes


Hey I'm looking for an old rap song, the rap gets more intense in each verse. I can only remember the parts of the chorus " because I've only gone too long"

Marco Arena

Hi, I'm looking for a song (I think it's from first 2000s) and I remember only few words. There is a male that says Somebody.......this way (and a female electro-type voice says "what you need"). This song is like a funk-dance song


Hi, I'm looking for the song which has the chorus like this: I just wanna (gonna?)..... (Melody matches the beginning of the chorus from "Are you lonely"). It was popular in 80s or 90s and I remember that was performed by female artist.

Shauni Redwood


I’m looking for a song sung by a young female artist. Probably recent and it may even be an original. It’s a slow song really gentle about love.

Lyrics :
please can you say, you see me shaking and i can’t get your

Thanks so much


Hi someone please help me find this song.. The song is sung by a female and has a nice beat and it goes like "you wont find somebody like me , you wont find another like me.

James Campbell

I’m looking for a song but no google searches have shown anything I swear there is a lyric that goes
“Now you’re happy but it’s not because of me”
This ring a bell to anyone?


I'm looking for a song there are some lyrics I know.." Discover the feeling just give us a sign, close my eyes as I say goodbye"...the singers are Male and Female..


Possibly a cover of Boston's "More than a Feeling?" Has a line "I close my eyes and I slip away..." Don't know if it has been done as a duet tho.

Sandeep Sidhu

I need someone to help me. The song goes lets do it again .. butt butt .. jump jump


I'm looking for a song, however the only thing I really remember about it is that it was about how music never really changes. The music video had the band members change costume/dress style to reflect the different eras.


I am looking for a song the lyrics are on the line of we can buy time tomorrow?
The first part of the music video on youtube is a girl walking through a desert?
in the second verse I'm pretty sure she mentions yin and yang. It's not old but not new and sung by a girl, I would really appreciate it if you could find it!


I'm looking for a song I don't really know the lyrics but it's something like " she is so sweet and makes me say wow wow wooow" .
The singer is male and also it is likely to be recent maybe around 2016-2018 but I'm not sure.


i’m thinking it’s OMG by usher


I’m looking for a song by a woman and I believe the name of the song is about a distant lover or something and the only lyric I think I remember is like “my baby’s got your eyes” or something to that effect. Please help I’m stressing myself out


I'm looking for a song it goes something like " she is the sunshine ... of my life. She is so sweet and makes me say wow wow woow." The singer is male and it is likely to be recent maybe around 2015-2018. It is kinda fast

Meep morp

Hey. Looking for a song. Its late 90s early 2000s. Its just a guy singing about not wanting to be in a serious relationship and as he sings this girl lip syncs and she like morphs into others girls the whole time. But other than that i dont remeber a single word. Other than something along the lines of him not wanting to meet their mothers .


Ms.Jackson .. OutKast?


I think there is a lot of songs to find in there. I hope you've found some of it.
But.. are you listening? You are the best song writer in the world. I've never met a one like you. A best song writer of all time..for me. Uncoutable.


Hi, I'm looking for a song I can't find
It's sung by a woman and it says something like:
"... For someone who's treating me as his best friend
I don't know when this fire started burning this way..."
Please can't somebody let me know the name?


I dont think its eternal flame.


Hey I am looking for electronic music
music lyrcs are like supaseeeee jejenaa


Hey, I'm looking for song, it's electronic music
I can hear only 2 words in lyrcs Supaseee, jejelaa.
please help I'm looking for this song more than a year


hey im looking for a pop song that goes like: he said hey what you're doing for the rest of your life i said..
i dont know the rest of the lyrics. it was a girl singing and she sounded like bebe rexha


The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha - Call You Mine
You were right about Bebe Rexha lol


So I’m looking for a song, starts with “you said” which is repeated throughout.
I think there’s on line that goes “and you said that all your friends are staying late so I said...”
Then this might be a few lines mixed together: “you said you don’t know, but this is a love that we can’t let die”
It’s kind of an upbeat electronic song a lot like Matoma or something.

Jessica Alexandre

I’m looking for a new song (2019) that goes “i can’t do relationships they” and then he mentions 3 different girls he met from different places and that one has a sister that gives better head or something. The guy who sings the song sounds like chance the rapper or like Tyler the creator. This song would be in the hip hip category

adrien menard

i'm looking for a song sing by a girl :
"bringing back the fire fire fire, it's burning with this?????, now i take you higher"


Pls help I'm looking for a song It's from the 90s and these are some of the lyrics
"This is the dawn of our love and war could have not given anymore "
" I've died a hundred times but I never told a lie so I'll always ... "
" hard to go to work hard to love hard to learn "
It was in the Marc Jacob spring 1995 fashion show

Alexis Wilkes

I need help. I have a lyric from a song stuck in my head. It is “I don’t want to hear it anymore” it’s an r&b song I think?


Hi I'm trying to find a song and the lyrics goes like this
It must be love because it hurts like hell it's edm or progress


Looking for a song which has the following lyrics somewhere in it:
What if we've wrapped ourselves up in clothes so delicate


Im looking for a song which i think is about losing someone.
Ond of the verses is something like "they Think im doing fine/better but im screaming/exploding/something in the inside/inside of my head.

Chase Ward

I'm looking for a pop song that's says:
What's your name, what's your name.
Not by don and jaun, or lyn skyn


Can someone post me lyrics of the song “nothing is funny” and “ on the briars” by the artist Munroe? I cant find it anywhere and since im a foreigner im having a bit if hard time understading completely the lyrics. Please help.


hi, i am looking for the songs with the lyrics, “remember the times when you felt soo lonely, remember the times when you trust nobody”


i'm looking for a song in an amybeth mcnulty edit on instagram. it's french, i'm pretty sure. i unfortunately don't speak any french so i have the tune in my head but no lyrics

Anna Estruch

Looking for a song heard in a Dodo video. I have already heard it in two videos: " We all have our ups and downs ... we all want to be happy, find ourselves a family. It's a happy song, song by a male singer. I would love to find the whole song.


Hi, I'm looking for a rap/pop song that has these lyrics: "if you're feeling what I'm feeling & you're chilling, we can fall in love getting stoned getting higher than the ceiling. And forbidding us from love can always seem so appealing, I dont know about that all I know is that I want you."

Pls helppp


Does anyone know this song?

im feelinf the crowd there's no stopping me now im winning im einning im winning


I'm looking for a 80s song that I found on a tape and I can't find on the internet, it's a love song and says something like "Tell me why you runaway (...) you'll be high along the time"

ann come

song by a guy about realizing what he had after he lost the girl.. he says something about thinking his ex was crazy while in the relationship but now he misses that

John Russel Gutierrez

It goes something like this

and baby i thank for the stars but i should have broken heart and i know that you know cuz you are my baby my baby i give up my love but i should have broken heart and you turned my heart into a song

Hope you can help 😊

Abdul jakul salsalani

What is the name of the song with the lyrics of "You are the sun in my sky, you are the days in my nights baby"

Numaiya Hasan

Can you find a song for me? Unfortunately I do not remember much..
"You don't fit with the crowd"
Its a soft love song or longing the song is not anything about being different this is just one line so I can't really finds it

Brandon E Bolhuis

i've been looking for a song, for several years now. when i was jist shy of being a teenager, i knew it by heart, and forgot it when i grew up and life got in the way. it's a 90s country song, and i want to say that it was Lonestar but i'm lilely wrong about that [or i might've found it by now lol]. not during the chorus, but just before the first refrain, it says something about, "You were on your way up, as I was sinking down," or something like that. thank you.


Someone please help me. I've been looking for a song which has been stuck in my head. The lyrics I remember are "give it to me baby give it to me good you know how i like it keep it straight hood" I've searched the lyrics online and still cant find the right one.

Phattay Terrell

Looking for song, bouncy, acoustic pop song on the radio, female singer, chorus is minimalistic, goes "you make my heart beat right", with a fair bit of space between each word (I think these are the wrong lyrics, as googling them doesn't lead me where I want to be)



Hi, im looking for a song but coulndt find it. It goes like this " I want you to know that I ve been here, that I am here...." and at the drop its like " I wanna. I wanna. I wanna."

Would be great if someone could help me out. Pleeeeease I wann. I wanna. know.


im looking for this one song, it goes
“open up what you’ve been hiding,
lost my mind girl, lost my mind now i can’t find it,
open up girl, open up what you’ve been hiding x2
i wait for you, you wait for me
wear my truth all on my sleeve
wish i knew what you could see girl”

Mehdi kamij

A song that goes like: when you gonna come get me..... saw you from far can i get inside your car..... driving to the sunset


I'm looking for an older alternative/rock song from around 2003. Part of the song goes “you look so beautiful” and right after I think it says “as I lay you down” I tried looking at Adema, Cold, and Crossfades lyrics as that’s who I thought it would be by and I don’t believe it’s theirs.

Chandrani Ghosh

Looking for the song having lyrics “i push you in the knees ,
my feet move out ,move out


I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "look inside there's just a baby..." I know its on tic tok but I do t have the app I really want to know the song!!


I was listening to a Netflix parody show and in one of the episodes (the Wild Wild Country parody) this song played
“Babe I want to tell you how i feel about you i need you to know i fell in love with you”

I can’t find it anywhere and I’m wondering if it was made specifically for the parody.

Palak Singh

I'm looking for song with lyrics..."I'm not scared of anything so you better run "....I heard that on the one of the star movies ad......pls help me find this.....'m%20not%20scared%20of%20anything%20so%20you%20better%20run

Abeyie Patricia

I'm searching for a song played at d background of the telenovela"Mara the only one"when Daniella was crying after she lost her daughter to Miguel.... and it played somehow got a broken heart,I gotta leave it or forget it


Pls help i can only remeber two to three lines of this song it goes like this in a female voice
"You're in my head, you're on my mind
  You're the only one
   I lost my head, I lost my mind
   Your the only one"


looking for the song with "the best thing i did and i want you to know was letting you in" part of the lyric


Hey, I’m looking for a song with the lyrics “so you wanna know the difference between the broken and the lost...” I found it on the Netflix show ‘trinkets’. It has slow kinda sad music.


Hi, am looking for a song I used to cherish so much. Part of the lyrics says,' I don't know what you heard inside. What was said that made you cry............'


I'm looking for a song with the following lyrics in the chorus. I can't find it anywhere:
"This is how it we talk when your walls are falling,
This is what it means when your heart is calling,
This is how it feels when your love is burning,
This is how,
This is how"

It was played near the end of PewDiePie's most recent YLYL video.


Hi, I’m looking for a song that reminds me of ”saint bernard”, but I can only recall a bit of the lyrics which goes ”Saint ’name’ listened to everyone’s problems” and ”but there was no one there to listen to him”, then I also remember something about him wanting to die, but I’m not sure. I would really appreciate it if someone knows it!

Kevin Davis

Im looking for a song that goes...."she throw it off the backboard, she leave im coming back for it".


I am looking for a song that i heard on instagram as an audio of one fan edit. The lyrics are
“Tell me so we can go, go all day all night
A-all day all night, a-all day all night, a-all day all night.” And it repeats the “all day all night” one more time (maybe more idk).


im looking for a song that i thought was black eyed peas but its not.

in the chorus a girl sing something like:
get you back,
then some will i am voice goes: g-g-g-et you back.

not sure if lyrics is correct and its a slow song


Im looking for a song that goes i dont think that im meant to be in this place and it sounds kinda like harry styles.


Hey I'm looking for a song. I don't know the exact words but it sounds like she yells "even" then after it sounds like if we don't stand together...kind of a dance/pop song. Definitely upbeat and happy. Female singer.

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