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Jerry Can

If you can help it would be great, its by a british male artist the video is of him in the middle of the screen not moving but the sets do and the song goes like this,

my love, (others shouts my love), my life (others hout my life). my my my my life, if you want to XXXX things just faded away a ay.

Thanks in advanced!


Dont know Artist. Song name Change or Changes. No its not XXX or Tupac. Music is similar to Ivan B and Ryan Caraveo. First discovered it on Ryan Caraveo Radio on Pandora. Didnt check history in time.
Remember song lyrics along the line about how the singers trust isnt the issue its girls low self esteem.




Hi, I've desperately been searching for a song I heard in a store six years ago. It is a man singing, but in the background there is a children's choir and parts of Severn Suzuki's speech. I remember the music video starting out with tv screens..? The song might have had something to do with the environment and climate change, but I'm not certain.
I don't really remember the lyrics, but I believe the choir was singing something like 'why can't we believe in our children/nature, why can't we stop/start'. Again, it has been six years so I'm not sure about anything, but I'm dying to find this song! Please help!


Its a simple slow paced song i dont know what year.
Its a really chill song, male singer, simple beat.
I can hear the rhythm of the song but the lyrics are blurred out.
I think the lyrics are somewhere a long the lines of
“those crazy nights..., time goes by.., ill be here forever”
I cant find it anywhere ive flipped the interenet upside down looking for it


i need d name of the song, in d song d rapper said
baby i run up the cheque, i never take cheques


cheque by asco?


I need to find a song in which lyrics goes "you will always be able to make more money but you cannot ... make more time" just before the 2nd drop

Martin Piskura

I need to find a song in which lyrics goes "you will always be able to make more money but you cannot ... make more time" just before the 2nd drop

Duku radu

Ok so please can someone help me identify a song that starts like ride it by jay shan with that instrument that sounds lime something a bit oriental and goes like dum dum dum (I think it s string based) the song I m looking for is kinda modern and it mentions something bout mountais or seas I can t really remember

sharma mama durr-ake

hello, son, sharma mama durr-ake is here to help mif dat boy, we tink da song you looking for is dus
I like beans, bake beans for short
you tink you can mess me up
i grab your ear and twist it a lot
then daddy come and say
I think the mountains can hear you
so why dont you just stop talking
then i go in daddys bedroom
and I see his bit on the floor crying
i really hope these lyrics will help you,

Bicash Prasad from Fiji

Hello mate,
I strongly believe that I can assist you with some of the extra lyrics I believe is from the song you are searching for.
It goes like this:
you climbed the mountain
he climbed with you
ohh he climbed with you
you got married
then you pushed him off

Defiant Turtle

I have a song stuck in my head. I don't really remember the lyrics that well, but I think there's a line in it that goes "voices telling telling me" or something like that. I thought it was either by I the Mighty or Monty Are I, but I can't find it. Please help if you can. Thanks.

Lv 999 murabito

There was this song, I can't remember the name and it's driving me insane, lyrics went something like "now that we're gone and older "

makenna johnson

i heard a pregame womens basketball song sounded like some sort of rap song by a girl definitely had the word dont in the chorus maybe dont make me..... but i cannot remember

Javier Montiero

Female singer, fun, upbeat pop song, ends with "...when i met you." and i know its a recent, modern pop song. Plays at my gym all the time and they only play trending songs.


Could it be: Eighteen by Pale waves


Alright I’m starting to feel like i’m just going crazy and this song doesn’t exist. I don’t remember where I heard it but I heard it several times when I was a kid. The voice singing is like a mix between vertical horizon and shinedown. I only remember fragments. The first one (probably the chorus) “you say...woawo dear...and I sayyy...weee just run away run away run away” another (early lead up to chorus): Here in your eyes (maybe in your arms?) [blank] [blank] [blank] [blank] [blank] [blank]...[blank] [blank] [blank] [blaaaank] (some guitar, song speeds up a little) [something somethiiiing (forever?)] [something something...(together?)] and then the chorus (you say...etc.) I know this is a mess but I’d really appreciate the input. I’ll be serious impressed if someone can name this.

John Connor

There's a song I remember from this Portal 1/Animatrix machinima from quite a few years back on youtube. I can remember the lyrics almost word for word, but I can't find the song anywhere. It goes like this: "We were designed and built; by an eccentric group; of engineers and doctors; who had so much to prove; They made us feel what they felt; while knowing what we know; (I forget some of the lyrics that came right after this) -Our vision is pragmatic; our metal hands are clean; we offer you protection, submit to the machines(x5); When we took all of their guns; and repurposed all their tanks, we were not surprised to find that; humans had joined our ranks."

It was about a machine takeover, in case it's not obvious.

; = *beat*, as in pause


Looking for a song!
Maybe 80s or 90s I think. I’m sure it’s a woman singing, in the chorus gets a bit of a grungy voice when she sings yes/yeah, but the song has a bit of groove to it.
Not too sure on the lyrics ->

‘Yes’ I will give you my love
‘Yes’ ...............
‘Yes’ ...............
I don’t know where I’m going..


Looking for this song, its pretty recent one, good beat, i think i goes something like this:
"I dont wanna tryyyyy-yy-y, all I want is youuuu-uu-uuu-uu".
Dont know if the lyrics are correct, prolly not. Heard it in the mall the other day, cant freaking find it. So im guessing lyrics are way off. PLS help!


Heard a trap song yesterday, I couldn't really get the lyrics but it went something like
"I go fast........kinda forgot this part but it ended like"
"That's the shit that I'm on, That's the shit that I'm on"
Also the dude kinda sounds like future

Louise Skree Sørensen

Looking for a song.
Shes a bus/busy girl, and she dosent wanna play/be with me

Theo Oliver

I'm looking for a song sung by either women or kids maybe idk. I dreamt about it it was a like alt. Rock song or pop rock maybe.
I remember lyrics like
"I thought you might find
A little peace of mind
I know hell you've been thru
------------------------ (blah blah i forget)
So (something) (something)ly
Forever (something)ly so wherever we could be somewhere perfectly together"
Thats all I can remember I feel dumb typing this but I need to know if this bop exists or if I made a bop

Corkey Geronimo Stilton

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................... How can you find a song you dreamt up?


I'm Looking For A Song of A Guy Singing "And I Promise You'll be Mine." My Neighbor Played it And I Tried to Use Shazam, But it Wasn't Loud Enough. It's Been Stuck in My Head And I Can't Get it Out.

Please Help.


Looking for a song (everything is changing you wake up a machine) sung by a boy and girl please help


Hello Chimp; song called "A wrinkle in time"

Abigail Stephenson

Help! I’m looking for a song sung by a man, but the only lyrics I can remember are “I can feel it in my bones and I know...” and the word “righteous” is used in the song. It sounds like a song from perhaps the 80s or 90s? Sort of guitar/very soft rock genre


it could be "the howling" by rich mullins but there is no "righteous" in the lyrics. the date that the song is published is 1991, so i think that also helps.


Isnt that Radioactive by Imagine Dragons? it goes like 'i feel it in my bones enough to make my systems blow'

Rossie Lucia

I've been looking for the artists of this song containing 'Time'. It's an old R'nB song with lyrics containing...

And if you cry,
It will only be cause
My love is driving you insance

And then it goes on...

In time, you'll feel much better
Oh, Time will make things right
Time will make our love grow stronger

Kitty Lucia

I think the song is called
"hello" by Adel

norila anim sampong

i am looking for a song tittled and wen i hear u on a radio

gnopmas mina aliron

If you know the title you should be able to find it mate,
Good luck with ya song.


Hey I am looking for a song from a movie that came out sometime around 2003-2009. It was a hip hop dance type movie, and I can’t really describe the lyrics because I was so young but the artist sounded a lot like Cassie, but I don’t think it was her. I wish I could sound out the notes to the song, but if i were to try to speak the lyrics it would be like this “ I feel like trying to get to you-ou-ou” oh “the way I feel the beat”

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


One of the step up movies or Honey with Jessica Alba?


FInding a song with,if you want to walk, so baby lets walk. Is a female songs.Very comfortable and some village feels inside.


I am looking for a song from a female fronted rock/metal band. Since I heard it from a twitch clip I could only understand part of its lyrics. So the chorus goes like this:
But he's on move(mood) in silence(inside) to take us down. But he's(it's) so much inside your soul....
also from the part after chorus I got some words like: give up.... thousand lives(laughs) here for long....
thanks for your help


Hi, I've been stuck on a song for over a month now - I think I heard it in a movie, might be several years ago, and as I recall it's from a scene, with a very lonely and sad feel to it, though also some inner strength in the singer (who might be a woman or man, I think perhaps a woman).
I think he/she is standing on a stage, with the lights dimming around him/her as she looks around him/her a little afraid, the camera slowly zooming in on him/her, there's a spot on him/her, as he/she sings something along the lines of: "And now I'm standing here", a little sad and not so melodic in the voice. It's a solo song.

I am losing my mind, and I can't remember more. Please, someone help!


i'm looking for a song. um its about a girl that's special it's by a band that's related to irritation idk the lyrics




hi nananana i'm fcmimimi, so hi again,
your song is called "I can eat you in one bite" I think at least thats what its called

janbalah from Beirut

Hello Habib, I know only one song that every one wants
halla! Yalla! Habibi!
Shake that ass!
I got all my habibs with me we are going to have a party!

Susie Gingersnap

I need help finding this song please is u can.
My milkshakes Dead,My pizza's dead, my cup-cake is dead, My dounut is dead
Eat them up and turn them into stuff we cry over their graves but you cant cry enough
when you miss someone you love you cant cry enough


Im looking for a song from promo seal team s2...


im looking for an edm song with chorus [... all i need is love me bit]


Hi everyone, can't remember this song and it is driving me nuts. I think it is a late 70s or early 80s rock song. Goes something like ahhhh eeeeee, ahhhhh ahhh. playing with disaster if we can't stop it's never gonna matter, ahhhhh eeeeee, ahhhh, ahhh. Somethign like that.

applejack mccrack

Oh, do you think you could be talking about Donnie Iris - "Ah! Leah!"?

Twilight Sparkle Mhheroine

I think it might be that song it sounds a lot alike
I actually listened to it and it sounds the same.

Twilight Sparkle Mhheroine

I actually think the song is called " Why I love ya" by Emma


Well? Did he or dint he?


Hi everyone, trying to remember a song. Late 70s, early 80s rock song I think. Lyrics are something like ahhhhh eeeee, ahhhh, ahh, playing with disaster, if we can't stop it's never gonna matter, ahhhhh, eeeee, ahhh, ah. something like that.


Ah Leah by Donny Iris. Let me know if thats right.


i cant find a song through this, i only know a few lyrics but im not sure if they are fully correct
it sounds quite sad and is a bit slow
lyrics are something like --- falling down .. dont drag me down? ...

i dont think its a popular song and sorry if this isnt alot of detail but its all i remember


Looking for a smooth hip hop song which I thought was called better off livin by hardtarget but I can not find it anywhere. I’m almost certain that is the title it was on an old computer of mine. Any feedback on whether people know what the song is and where I could find it is appreciated.

Audrey Ramakers

I need help cuz I'm going nuts xD
I remember that some time ago i saw a video of 2 black guys singing and one was wearing a purple pimp suit.. thats all i can remember but that hasn't got me anything so far... does anyone know what song I'm talking about. I think it's from the early 2000s but I'm not sure


In the song lyrics I can hear will you let me feel the same.
But I don't no the artist likewise the song tittle can someone please help


It goes like this I got these feelings for this guy I really don’t know why what is it called?


Looking for the song that’s has the lyrics girls just want to have with it graaaa

Sophia Parapran

I need to find this song it's kinda of a slow song it's called Girl but I can't find it anywhere it from 1990s although I don't know any lyrics

Please help


Girl by the Beatles. Oh Girl by Paul Young. Please dont go girl by New Kids on the Block. Here comes my girl by Tom Petty. Theres a few ideas.


I need a song which was placed in Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas sangeet ceremony... something like deep into the wild. Plzz tell me exact name of the song.


Im looking for a song, performed by woman, it goes like this:

you are the only one
for the rest of my life
mama told me life is hard
I know she was right

any ideas


Hey Krzysztof, Elsia here,
I know some more lyrics for that song it goes like this:
I know she was right
right we won the fight
now shes in sight
I lunged myself onto her tight
we made Love tonight

I hope this helps from Fugme


Hi Elsia, this is Annia , sorry Elsa and Anna couldn't join us there busy making frozen two, and Olof his dead he coked out, so guess it's just you me and krzysztof, and a whole lot of fantasy violence,
Elsia I think the song your looking for is called let's be fun

Trevor Hale Love

Looking for what I think is an 80s song, definately a dance song. Sounds like male british singer, and has a fast tempo. Hard to make out the lyrics as I catch glimpses of it on radio. . Sounds like "do re me. . do re me. . . I want everything-" the tempo then doubles to a really fast pace. . been searching forever!

ella, cinderella

Hi I know the song your looking for, here are some lyrics
do re mi !
oh a deer
a female dear
i look at her
now i'm staring at her
i cant get my eyes away from her
she sees me looking at her
she yells Nǐ hǎo!


Looking for a song, couldn't find it via the lyric search. Male singer, uses instruments not synths. Lyrics are
"Woke up with this feeling, is it love is it love is it love" ... "Must be love must be love must be love"
"Leave your baggage at the door" "don't think I've felt love before don't you lie to my face" here's the search results but none of them are the right song


Hey Guys, Im looking for a song, I don’t remember the lyrics but I thought I was something like: goo somewhereee (where everyone goes.) in the middle of the song. It’s like a soft song, can anyone help me out here😂


Hey Guys, Im looking for a song, I don’t remember the lyrics but I thought I was something like: goo somewhereee (where everyone goes.) in the middle of the song. It’s like a soft song, can anyone help me out here😂 here is the link to some songs: but I did not see the right one yet :(

A. Ghaffar

Hi guys! I heard a song on tv, a guy was singing and I only remember one line " who said nothing lasts forever " can anyone help me to find it. I tried to find it but in vain.


Guys please help! Looking for a Christmas song about a girl wanting to go out with her friends and bf but he doesn't want to. He wants to chill with her at the fire place. It's not baby it's cold outside. This song is driving me crazy coz i forgot the tune but i really enjoyed the song! HELPPP

Corkey Geronimo Stilton

It's Ariana Grande "Dear Santa" ;D

Lesley Hall

Haai, I'm looking for an electronic pop song, sung by a guy and the song is like a David Guetta song. There aren't many lyrics, but I'm sure some of it goes "and watch the suuuun riiiise." Please help it's killing me!


Hey guys I'm looking for a songs name. I know parts of the lyrics . It goes like "youre my love and my ((here it sounds like cobblestone to me)), youre the best thing that ive ever known, i love you baby oh oh" im not sure if the lyrics are a hundred percent correct. Especially im not sure about the exact words (hence cobblestone). The song is indie/alternative and probably on a spotify playlist which has lots of similar songs on in (eg relax&unwind). I couldn't find it on there, but I might have missed something.

Anony M Ous

Perhaps "The Righteous Brothers - You're My Soul and Inspiration"???


Can’t find a song with this in it
Kspending time looking at faces, just walking around to fall in love ,fall in love again lyrics


I'm looking for a song and CAN'T FIND IT I'VE TRIED SHAZAM,GENIUS AND GOOGLE SOUND SEARCH NOTHING its a male singer and i think he says "you,you knew i'll drive, baby i'll find life" PLZ HELP CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD

Daddy Long leg

Lecrae "I'll find you"
your welcome


I can't find this song anywhere. Some of the lyrics are:
still thinking about how we met,
yeah I'm with you now,
oh I think that its plain to see,
best thing in this life for free

and there I was with my world falling apart

Alyssa Alden

Hey guys, I'm looking for a recent song sung by a male: "Hold me, darling you're honestly home, feed me I know I wanted you whole" "Only the places you're not supposed to go" "Ooh my love, you're patiently waiting"


I'm looking for a song, all I can remember from it is they sing, "so whyyyy are we tryyyy" it's a female song and I think it's only a few years old so it's quite new. Anyone now what it called?


I'm looking for a slow indie song song by a girl, about a breakup or argument I think, it has a pattern of

"Tears don't fall now, voice don't break now, eyes don't well up, heart don't race" etc. followed with "because if you do, I've failed/lost"

Please help me find it :'(

shake that funky funky

hi, I can offer some lyrics that might help
I got tears in me thighs
I got to get out of here!
the italan bitc* is near
she made me fail my test
for that, I will hit her in her jun
watch her scream when her jun explode!
followed by like crazy punk music

the songs called crazy for you.


Let then tell you!@

Zaiah M. Gettle

Looking for a song, CAN'T FIND IT!!!!! the lyrics are as follows:
"She said Oh, my god, i've heard this before"....
can't think of any other lyrics... IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!! OOOOF


Well, I found my song but apparently a lot of people sung it! I'm trying to find the original. It's called River. The lyrics go..

"Oh, I wish I had a river so long, I would teach my feet to fly"
"I'm so hard to handle, I'm selfish and I'm sad, Now I've gone and lost the best baby that I ever had, Oh I wish I had a river, I would skate away on, You tried hard to help, to put me at ease, Lord,"...something😂 Made me weak in the knees oh I wish I had a river I could skate away on"

It's a really great song, very xmasy! I recommend you to hear it. Btw, I'm looking for a male singer so all female singers aren't the right one! If you can find the original singer or just know it...Please tell me! I look forward to anyone's reply


got a song in my head help soon the lyrics are sorta like this
"drowned in my confidence your an angel from above" Help please!

Mick smith

Hey i dont have much to go off by, but the only lyrics i can remember is

"Ill punch you on the lip leaving you looking like a f%#king barramundi and shit"

I do know its hip-hop/ rap artist i owned the album years ago and by the life of me cant remember ! If ANY ONE is able to help it would legitimately take alot of frustration away!

Small Kay

yo hey, there Mick Smith, here are some more lyrics bro!
we slither like a Barramundi's in the hood
scrabaling for shelter, food, shit and coke
punching, fighting, shooting
brothers being served in jail, momma's in bed, cousins are cooking
uncles, aunties, sisters are hu hu hu run the business check the wiseness
we all feel orange, you know perfectly well nothing rhymes with orange
we are Barramundi's in the hood


So this rap song that is kind of slow paced and has lyrics that all go together in this order "it's a homicide cause i'm down to ride" but could not find it on here


So I’m looking for this song I think it’s about summer I’ve heard it so many times before and the intro is similar to the first 5 seconds of ‘Take me out’ by Franz Ferdinand. Please help. It’s like in a couple movie scenes of people at the beach it’s like from early 2000’s late 90’s

Abdul jakul salsalani

What is the name of the song with the lyrics of "You are the sun in my sky, you are the days in my nights baby"

Talisa Cooper

So just finished the criminal minds from last night. Wanted to download the song but apparently no one can find it so here's the lyrics lemme know if u know.

"When you hold me you can't even see the pain my face is hiding you don't even know how much my heart is breaking but now that it's over and I'm sober the stuff that I feel is so real you led me on, and I followed you you're my drug of choice what could I do? It's beautiful, isn't it? But now that it's over Beautiful.
And I'm sober the stuff that I feel is so real"


did you found it ??


Sober by Taps.


Sober by Taps.


Taps - Sober


Sober by Taps Mugadza


I came here looking for the same song for the same reason! Such a good episode and beautiful song! I finally found it, it's called Sober, by an artist named Taps.


Trying to find a song... it sounds alot like Atomsphere but not sure... In beginning of the song he tries to start his car and it wont go... he says something like Not today Not today I need to go to work. Any help would be appreciated.

johan söder

Looking for a song and it starts with: (girl) Is something wrong? and the guy answers: Yeah I just feel lonely right now and the girl answer: Why are you lonely? then the guy answers: When I was younger I used to have alot most friends and something like :don't worry Cath, I push people away, don't worry.
And I don't really focus on the fact that the ****** aren't there.

Is that why I personally feel?

Then the songs kick in.


im looking for a song,all i can remember is they sing "we loved you n there is no one do keep me n my love safe away from heartbreak"


hi, alisha this is michelle, ummm looking for a song ay? I can offer some similar lyrics
we are n
we are n
you are n
me am n
n means num chuck

gope this helps


im looking for song, all i cam remember is that (girl): we loved you when there's no one do Keep me and my love safe away from heart break


i am looking for a song


Hey I'm searching for a pop music which I only remember the clip video. Some naked women were getting some sort of honey or sirup on them... ?


Hi nelly this is Cornelius, I'm looking actually for a similar song, but the difference is I'm looking for a song with naked turtles rubbing Capilano Twist & Squeeze 220grams on their bom (honey)
please it would be a grape help if someone could help meh and nelly find this song we need


The lyrics go:
Turn the syrup off in this place
and she sticks just like honey


I'm looking for the song title of this, sounds like more than one female ,has a fast beat

 Chorus goes... [I think ]

 You can Run You Can Hide {but}I'll be right by your side
You can Run Yn hide But I'll find you


I am looking for a song which I heard this morning
The lyric sounds like
Do anyone know this song???

Count Dracula

I do not go BLA BLA BLA. I didn't know what song you were talking about, so I ASKED mavis she was like "Daddy wheres johnny?" I'm like my adorable blood-sucking baby Dracula I'm trying to help Evralia find the song, so then I asked Johnny and he was like it's good for you by Selena Gomez.

Brooke Spiker

Just type in the parts of the song you only know then read all of the results untill you find the song you were looking for!

Conner Ó Bastend

oh, brook spiker whats the funk in that. get groovy.

Shosh s

I really need help finding a song and it’s been killing me to know, I know it’s a little older like in the early 2000’s and that it’s a band of guys that go to a drive in movie and they see a girl they like (and then I think something with zombies happens but don’t quote me on that). Then the song is all about how they want to be with the girl but she like drives them crazy, any help would be absolutely amazing!!

Mr Lorrie

Hello, boys and girls, I'm looking for a song,
here are the lyrics
I want to lick my own feet
wrap my tongue around my legs
Bitch I have so many teeth in my mouth
and want to have stupid with all the teacher's pets!
(Piano music)


Hey guys, can u help me? I'm looking for a song but I can't find it anywhere... it begun like this "On your way to the sky, don't look down on the night..." this part is sung by a girl but I'm pretty sure there is a guy in the song too. PLEASE HELP ME
Thank you

Kim Stiansen

hi i heard a song on the radio a few days back, the lyrics i dont know but the chorus goes like this: dont know what, dont know what what you gonna do" or something like that, all help will be gladly appreciated


do you have a feeling in your heart
like someones there behind you in the dark
its always been there no matter how far that you run
settin' sun

does anyone know this song?

Soohi Nemi

does anyone know this song?
the chorus goes like this:
“i'll be by your side trust in me, love of my life”
and bridge: “we dont know for sure what the future holds”
the singer has a soft and relaxing voice and the song tears me up. Please help me know the title!

Dane halili

Hi i heard some rnb music in fm station pls can someone help me..the lyrics goes like this (Take a look around take a look and slow down and see what i can see baby why i act the way i do...(chorus)do what i gonna,do.see what i gonna see..something like that..thanks in advance

Berk Öngün

I don't need love
I don't need cash
I don't need nothing but me unless
I'm on my feet
Standing right here
The only thing I have is me I guess


I search for a song sort of rocksong
think mid 70s starts its in my head for days and ask several people but they dont know.
It starta with a kind of organ riff simple based on two chords ..than vocals are
like two persons woman and men..
starts/sounds like...pleaase ill give it all back (2x but I dont think these are the right lyrics but sounds like thht)...than they sing something based on the beat /drumriff/guitarriff...the pace difference of the singing based on drumm/guitar makes it continues throughout the song alap that intro organ riff comes back in the song .its a classic seventies rocksong ...but unfortunately dont know the title and artist...who helps me?


Really trying to find this song and I forget the name I remember it from a long time ago, it’s from a boy band I think, it’s regular vocals and then it sounds like it goes in a different tone with what it sounds like “do what you want” or “do what do what” thanks for anybody that found it!

desteny drake

please help me ive been looking for this song for so long

 can you tell me you love me to my face ,cuz if you don't my love will fade away
 and all these thought I have about you will go towards another dude
and maybe you'll understand how I felt
when you left me and my heart to melt

desteny drake

please I need this song
( can you tell me you love me to my face , cuz if you don't my love will fade away
and all these thoughts I have about you will go towards another dude
and maybe you'll understand how I felt
when you left me and my heart to melt)


Looking for this song that has lyrics along the lines of "I'm not mad at me but it still hurts though"


i heard this song in the movie "Mail Order Monsters" but i don't know it's name. it goes something like
you found me
all alone
you helped me build a home
i tried before couldn't pick myself up....
i cannot find it. i've been looking for it. pls helpppp


I dont know this song
It goes like this;the chorus

And i would give my eyes of i could see you one last time
And i would give my arm if i could hold you in mine....and theres this part 'i wouldnt give for time'' somethimg likr that...
Can you help??


So this songs vocal is sung by a woman. Dont even remember the genre of the song but it goes something like this:
«Here i goo, on my own, dont tell me (unknown), dont tell me (nanana). Maybe wee will be running from ourself, chasing someone else, its all we ever nanananaa»

Thats all i remember, please help.


looking for a sad song
cant really rememer some lyrics but in the video there is a black men on top of a car and its raining
the song is not new and not very popular


i'm looking for a song thai goes "hey hear me when i say that you stay inside of me and let me tell you something is not an easy thing"

Katie jongling

You shouldbut some Cristian's songs right it's cristmas


Looking for a song I heard in H&M, really upbeat. Chorus goes

"Dive in. Hold my breath, close my eyes, let the sun kiss my skin.
Gonna dive in. In a sea full of strangers, I'm an island of sin."
and the Chorus is like,
"Imma make a scene, imma splash around, I won't leave until somebody kicks me out.
Im gonna start a fire, gonna start a riot, im the best guest you never invited.
Can I get a hell yeah, I just crash a pool party don't know anybody here."



I'm looking for an electronic song with a girl voice:

''heyan, take it, you can't keep me heal, don't game, waited, wasted to my deal..(then the electronic part)...take it baby!
Anyone knows? I heard it from the youtuber frenzii latest video on 09.12.18. It starts around 07:05. Thanks.

Cedric Trollo

A song by an Asian singer I heard in 2010 that is about running out of time and missing a lost love. Not upbeat but has dramatic guitar and the main part is that the beginning of the song has ticking noise. Then the woman starts singing quietly but the music is quite modern, not like the other Chinese songs that are melodic. Some time in the song the lady whispers “I love you” or “I miss you” in English before she continues singing in Chinese I guess? It might be Korean though.

But the most important part is that ticking noise in the beginning.

Lucy Arnold

Desperately searching for a song heard in geko's snaps a couple of times:

I know you seen girl boys in the club,
a n*gga talk shit we gon' mash him up
my n*ggas came den came thru with da pump,
a n*gga talk shit we gon' lift him up

Very melodious tune despite content of lyrics.
Pleaseee can anyone helpppp??


Searching a song. Lyrics of the chorus go along the lines of this:

How do I dream without you
Drown in the sea without you
How do I sleep without you by my side
Stars never shine without you
Words never rhyme without you
just can't go on without you on my mind
It's always the same
Someone's always changing the game

Been searching for this song for years. Thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction.

Sam Feldstein

I'm trying to find the name of a 60s song that had one of the lyrics "You may think I'll take it but baby I won't" and I think it might be called something along the lines of "Baby I Won't" but I have no idea who it's by and when I tried looking up the lyrics at one point nothing helpful came up on Google. It was recorded on a tape cassette that had a bunch of songs from the 60s on it and I'm thinking it was by a band that was popular in the mid 1960s (Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Monkees, The Turtles and The Yardbirds were also on that cassette so it may be an obscure B Side from one of those bands). If someone can help me figure out the name of the song and who the band is that would be greatly appreciated.

Jesus Garcia

I’m looking for a song called Angel by someonce called Suge Jackson I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find it Shazam couldn’t even name the song but it was playing on a classic hip hop radio station

Mike M.

I am trying to find a song from my youth. The lyrics go something like the following.... Dear World I really love you. And I wanna hold your hand. I know my arms can’t reach you all. But I’m sure my heart can. Seal a letter with a kiss and send it on a prayer. Dear world take my love and pass it on.

It’s not exact. But I think it’s close. Any help would be appreciated. I want to play this song for my brand new baby boy. Born Monday.

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