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How all I'm battling to find a song. The artist sounds like darren hayes but some of the lyrics are "even if you ask me to stay, theres no turning back I'm walking away". Any idea who the artist is and song title please?


I’m looking for a more recent song it’s got like a punk rock white boy vibe...goes something like...every single night I dream of you oh wa oh Lol

Jason Pineau

Looking for a song where like the final words of it are something like, "you go oh go oh go oh go away," sung by a woman with a song bird like voice. Other words in the song include her saying, "I don't wanna cry. I don't wanna lie," but that's probably not word for word.


Hi, here is a tricky one:

I heard this one in one of the mixes on POOLSIDE on

" like a bird across the sky, .... , you can see ......, "

The genre must be ambient-rock or psychedelic-rock or soft-rock.
A slow and very melodic song,
with a repeated soft-tuned E-guitar with a bit of reverb. The loop of the E-guitar has approx. 5 Notes in it.
Its ver clear- and well-produced and down-mixed, but sounds a bit like it could fit into the 1970s or so.

This song is pure heaven and relaxation.
unfortun. I heard it half-asleep, so couldnt look for it right away.
Any hints are highly appreciated <3 <3 <3 , or tips where is a good place to look for this special genre song.

Ammina Pounder

I'm looking for a song where a car is riding his motorbike and then it crashes. I can't think of what it is. Anyone help

John Roberts

Terry.? By Twinkle


I found it now thanks. It was p diddy I'll be missing you

gaming ant

Could you guys please help, what is that song at 0:12 seconds?


There was a song that goes "why did you leave me on my own, why did you go away? I did not want to be alone so please come back again." I don't know the name it was an animated song about this little boy that was in love with an older girl. Please help me find it.

John Simth

Is there a song that sounds like 'batch you keep me no' * 4 with the phrase sung in progressivly higher notes, then holds a word like 'sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo'


This is "A Little Respect", originally by Erasure. Those lyrics are "That you give me no" x4 and the held word is "soul".


Looking for a song that goes kinda like this (It’s a woman singing.)
Baby baby cant you see i’m not alright…
and then some part of the song goes:
if i wanted you to have me (or help me) i’d run for you myself


I’ve been looking for this song that plays at my work, i know most of the lyrics but cant find it anywhere. It goes smth like
"Im stranded waiting for my heart to... Each and every night ...
Please don't ever stop ...
Just to leave me in the dark"
And also the song brings up "Pleasure and the pain" a lot.

Hiker Prof

There is a country song from the early 70s by a female singer. It has a line that says "He said he liked me cause I listen, that most folks just wait to talk." I think the gist of the song was that she had made friends with someone who worked on the farm.


Looking for a song where the main line is
Playing with myself is never enough.
Electronic style, female lead singer, between 2000-2012
Heard it on the radio once and found it on YouTube many years ago.

Maxi Bailey

Im looking for a Song that was played in Zoey 101's Anger management episode, Its where Lola and quinn argue about the fact Lola ate the nuts that quinn didnt, and Quinn pulls the mp3 player out of the dock and they talk over the music so its hard for me to hear most the lyrics, I did get some but i feel they are mostly incorrect, I love the song and i love the beat but i cant find any song that seems to fit the beat that shares similer lyrics, Here is what i have thus far: ...your smile one night stand up we're at the end of the line. when you had to drop out did you think it would be roses or did you seem surprised and didn't think i shoulda noticed?


“You’re begging me to stay but I gotta go caught up in the game gotta get this dub” the lyrics are something like that. Someone please help me that’s the only part I heard and I want to find it!

Joan Abi Raad

Hi I heard a song that has an electric vibe to it and has these lyrics” I don’t want to hurt you the way that I can”
It is not by Billie Eilish and sounds like a 90s song.


if you told me that u love me

feeling heart ...

take away ....

what you do

what the music

Jeff Johanneck

I'm looking for a song that is about a girl named Jenny who gets hit by a train while she's on the tracks. I believe that it's from the late 70's or early 80's. Hope someone knows the answer.


Ok help i need to find this hip hop/edm/eletronic ehhh type song, sung by a female singer, made from 2009-201some. *Repetive* lyrics: "gonna/i will find a/my way out, way out, out, out, out" after that there's these piano and violin sounds playing but they sound modern, the instruments go on a little then i only remember some parts like: "need a revolution" and something about confusion. ***●It's very melodiac and the music style is similar to thefatrat's●*** id listened when i was younger and didnt understand much english then and have never read the lyrics so this is all i got


I think it could be Aaliyah - we need a resolution


hey so im trying to find this song where the beat is literally almost the same as graveyard by neffex, but its not that song (obviously). im not sure of the lyrics but here is some that goes that way more or less: "yeah its been a long weekend party's gonna go all night" "im a number thirteen gonna get you queen" "everything that you do makes me wanna f*ck with you"

Santana Seals

the song im looking for goes like " days like this to be free of fear is what i wish and to fall in love with just one kiss" i dont remember the rest. please help!


I need the title of this song it went like “and she will” that’s all I really remember and it also said something along the lines of she will go free or something in that nature. I know that towards the end of the song the singer says the “and she will” part like 3 times in a row. It sounded like an 80s or 70s song possibly rock but not r&b, rap, or country please help me find this song!


I am not sure but is it "let her go" by passenger?
This is a link to a youtube video of the song:

Francisco M, C.

*"I know a girl she wants a job in the departement store and when I say what is your name and she said, I don't know, lalalala, lalalala!!!*" This is the Song Lyrics!!!
It's a very old song, more then 60, 70 years ago, maybe!!!?!?


I am looking for a song. The lyrics go like this:
First line: If I get to heaven
Chorus: I will be your guardian angel, pride and joy, your secret spirit, cosmic toy. Guess I'll have to wait and see if heaven's got a place for me.
Mail singer / band

Julia Buntele

Am looking for a song which plays a lot on tiktok which goes like I know you like,I know you miss me,I know you love me but baby put a ring on my figure. Pliz who sang the song.


Like the one that goes
"Put a ring on my finger... put it on and make him wanna marry me."

Otherwise I am not sure


Lyrics: chorus: so why don't you make me love you, love you you i I


Hi/ I am looking for a probably 1980's song ( I heard it in 1990). It had lyrics that sounded along the lines of:" Don't let the danger through the night, the tears inside they hide the sight". Thanks.



Lillian M Stacey

what song is this
i know in my heart...
and there is more but i forgot it is an old song and it was bye a girl

tristan jamesman

Hi, I am looking for a song, which is most likely mad between 2016 - 2020 i don't know the lyrics completely but it goes like this: she be playing with my feelings yo, now i'm playing with a really ____. thanks

Frankie LastName (I’m not telling)

Heya! I’m looking for a song, possibly on tiktok not sure though, it’s a female voice that goes something like “I’m myself a disaster” and then a couple more lyrics and then “every time I see you make my heart beast fasterererreeer” (long note sorta) I’m going bonkers. At first I thought it was from that movie clouds for some reason, but I don’t think so. Help!

Yolanda Zander

I searching for a song. Its like a Pop Song with good beats. The girl is singing something like :"hi guy.... you should go outside." And "i said it to you so ..." the sentence "you should go outside" comes 3 or 4 times in the First couple sentences.

Genie Gee

Looking for a song that has haunted me since the early 70's when I first heard it. I've done a million lyric searches & can't find it. I hope someone here can help or they know someone who might know. The group singing the song had a brass section but I can't remember the name of the group or the song & the person who had the album has passed. The lyrics, as I remember them, are below:

As I gaze upon the earth I realize my birth
I am this clay He churned to the dust I shall return
Sing a song for me Michael, play for me your harp
Pray that I am not too late to escape this day of wrath

The heaven's all begin to move the world is going 'round
**********I can't remember this line**********
Soon Gabriel will blow his horn and you will hear that sound
Don't get caught with your feet still on the ground


Got a song in my head, not sure where it comes from but it's a rock song, "just keep breathing, you're not alone, can you make it on your own?". Really stuck, would appreciate the help. Thanks.

V Nog

You’re Not Alone by Saosin


I heard this on TikTok and im DYING to know. i dont really know the lyrics but one part might KIND of go like this: baby I guess Id travel a hundred miles... I think its a pretty sad song too. it was background music for a scene in friends (in the TikTok) but I dont think it was actually in the song.

Harmony Lasko

I'm looking for a song that i heard yeeeeears ago on a radio station.... It seemed to be sung by a punk group because at the end of the song there was a really fast guitar part where they rocked out. The lead singer was a woman whose voice kind of reminded me of debbie harry but the song was in 3/4 before the super rocking part and the only words I remember are "....what i know now....
seems to be lately, that i've never fooooouuund, yesterday morning(yesterday morning) lying around...."
If anyone could help me that'd be great, this has been bothering me for years now thanks!


Hey guys , I'm looking for a song that goes like this " hold me as if you love me , oh love me ohhh ohhhhh , cuz I want you around me ohhh around me , tara bi ya toe " . the rest of the song doesn't feel like an english one . I know it's hard , but please I'll be so thankful if you helped me .

Olivia Gryglak

I don't have much to go off, but I'm looking for a song for my dad. He says it was on the radio all the time in like 2015 and it was about a guy taking a bus (possibly to galway altho uncertain) with his guitar and he meets a lover that lies. That's all we have and we spent hours looking for it, it definitely isn't galway girly by ed sheeran or by Steve earle. Thanks for the help :)


What genre would your dad categorize this song being in?


Looking for a song from the beginning of the final episode of the new Netflix Night Stalker series.

All through my days I'm coming up with ways to make you mine.
Even my hands are coming up with plans to take the time.
I'll find a way under your skin


Hey it took me a while but I was obsessed with finding it, so haunting.

Basically they had a song but the artist wouldn’t let them use it so they had to create a song for the opening scene, the music director new a woman, called Moa, it’s not been released yet but she had a channel she’s posted a few songs up so it’s likely coming soon, search MOA NC on YouTube.

Sarah Newman

Thank you soo much ~ I am literally obsessed with this from the moment I heard it on Night Stalker. xxx


Yes thank you! I’ve been looking for so long trying to figure this one out.


me too

Jennifer Gray

Lol you and me both!!! I’m trying. To find it too darn night stalker got me hooked on it ! Haha


I was going mad looking for this song for the same reason NightStalker




Omg 😳 I'm not the only one hypnotized by this song. I came immediately looking for this same song. Thanks guys


Me too!!


Me too!!!

Doug Ayrer

It’s on band camp


It’s called “Under Your Skin,” by Moa.


My god I thought I'll never find this song... Thanks so much Gem, C. COSTELLO, Doug Ayrer and Kwoo

Kit Catalano

Suh-weeeeeT! It's a good one fer shooken. TYSM


I’m lookin for I guess recently new song that has a very mellow and chilled vibe,its a song by a female singer.
It could be billie eilish but i just cant find it and the only words I know are the ending of chorus that goes like "im the best I've ever been".


I'm looking for a song that when the ball rolled in the middle of of the scene and the song started to go on I'm looking for that song


I'm looking for a song by a solo UK male artists and the lyrics go something like "you used to call me on my phone, now I'm just calling to wish you well" it's like real lo-hip hop. Very slow track


I was visiting the shops at La Cantera San Antonio and I heard a woman singer sing these chorus lyrics "if you want a fight you'll have to do it alone" "this is all I've ever known" "not with you".


Hey! What’s the name of this one - I believe it’s a rap/R&B song and the only lyrics i remember are
“*naa nananana* now,
Ooh where do we go now”
Please help I can’t get it out if my head and I basically only know one line so it’s playing on repeat :D


So.. I found a song from DW Deutsch, from an advertisement about insomnia or schlaflos, it goes like this.. "I can not sleep, because your voice is in my head.." It sounds like a James Bond song, but I can't find it on the internet. Please tell me if you know the song!


Can someone help, it’s an older song, I think it has a male and female in it or maybe not but it goes something like, when the “something” starts to “something, yesterday. Come with me


I need help, this song is not old and singer was Ella something (not sure)and I think song name started with G. It's something like driving on the highway and like going to a party in a t-shirt and stuff PLEASE HELP:-(


hello, im looking for a song which lyrics goes like this "..if i ever feel like giving up on you or leaving you, baby please say no.." idon remember the exact lyrics... i think its either sung by the band Queen or eagles or beatles ,im not sure. if you know please suggest me


I need help I don't even know what the lyrics are I just know how to hum the lyrics
But typing the hums might not help
Here is what I think the lyrics are
Gazzle bout are thang, are so so thang, just doing are thang
Hope that helps you idk if it does but please reply

Ophelia Cumpian

I don't even know if this is a song, but it starts at 16:17 and ends at 16:60. . FYI I skipped to look for audios, sorry for how sad it is. I am looking for tiktok audios, if you know any, please put the name and the time it starts and ends.

andrew miller

Hi, Do you remove searches posted by people after a certain length of time? I couldn't find mine.
Andrew Miller


I need to find this song. I don't remember the exact lyrics. It's a sloooww song with the meaning of the lyrucs goes something like this.
There's someone or something outside my window. Someone to bring me down. Is it just me or my shadow ?!

Plzz help me. The song only have a few lines.


Hi everyone, this song was pretty popular, so I hope someone will recognize it.

In the chorus there is a line which is repeated 2-3 times iirc. The lyrics are (not sure):
I walk away (<- loud, mb screaming) so I change on the other side (<- calm vocal).

The singer is male, the genre is rock iirc.

If you recognize the song please let me know. Thank you!


Hi i'm looking for a song i think came out in the 90s or 00s and i think the chorus goes like "here's to someone, something" if you find it thank you

Shnyia Batiste

I want to find the person that song "I got to be I got to be the on you love I got to be I got to be I got to be I got be the one to feel you like a sunshine."


I Gotta Be by Jagged Edge


I am looking for a song that goes by the line " she is the one that makes me smile anytime I look at her she makes fell so happy
She kiss my lips in the morning and I cannot forget her the whole day.


I need to find this song “this is as far as we goo, this is the end of the roadd, carry mee dhehw (I forgot from then)”. It is from a female singer, and she sounds like Lady Gaga from Shallow, ish.

Jack Markey

What is the song called from the show the astronauts on Nickelodeon that goes like I can’t tell exactly what it means take me. That’s all I remember and it is episode 4

Jesse james Rungo

I cant remember this song name: if i could take all of your pain, and hide it all away. “You could say one things for sure, you know i hate it when you hurt, and youre worth every mile away.” Something like that and it was on acoustic guitar

Nate T

I'm looking for a song where the vocalist sounds very similar to Rob Thomas, but isn't. The lyrics i can vaguely remember from the chorus goes something like "i couldn't change but yeah wouldn't you, -something something- the world goes round and round....." it probably isn't close to those lyrics, but it sounded something like that :b if you can help me that would be amazing


Am looking for a song that goes like " one time some more one time some more.what can I do to please her.


Hi people, I have been trying to find a song from probably about 10 years ago and cannot find it anywhere. I Can remember bits of the lyrics but cannot find the song anywhere and often get the tune stuck in my head might be a Trance type song -
“Every time I close my eyes and every time I say goodbye, you are *something* next to me”
chorus was
“Take my hand, come with me, this could be heaven, this could be heaven”
I think or I have just invented a song in my head which is why I cannot find it. Any help greatly appreciated.


It's a song I heard in zumba class, an upbeat one, at the and there is a woman saying 'now i feel better' and a man replies 'me too baby'. It is a woman singing for sure.


What's that song that goes "I'm bored of my routine life there is so much of the world that id want to soak up with my eyes"

Time traveller

Zee Avi - Just You And Me


Does anyone know a song with the lyrics "I'm getting tired of talking and I need more of a show right now"


Searching for the last song in Jay Alvarrez - Summer 2015 video, Lyrics goes like: And we will never be sad again, save my liiiiiiiiife. Thanks :-)

Christy Martin

I am looking for a gospel song. Don’t know the name of the song and the only words I know are the last 2 lines of the chorus which is “ When I knelt at the cross, look what I lost”. Heard it this morning on radio and only caught the chorus. It was performed by quartet of men if that helps. Thank you in advance for your help.

Time traveller

At the Right Time
by The Epleys ??


Does anyone know this song. It is a nice upbeat lofi-ish song. It is found on tiktok by cosplayers and I can't seem to find it. Through slightly muffled voices it goes

"I'm in (Blank)"
then a voice repeats that.
"I'm in (Blank)"

"me and you"
"me and you"

"Hand in hand"
"Hand in hand"


"Me and you"
"Me and you"


Time traveller

3 O Matic - Hand In Hand ?


This is another one I can't find to save my life. It is a very chill lofi song. It goes like

"Do not enter's written on the doorway why can't everyone just go away, but not you, you can stay"

I heard it in a Dream SMP edit and can't find it no matter what PLEASE HELP


It sounds newer, but there is another version of it that sounds much older. It is a female singer with very strong piano cords played as the tune of it.

"My sweetheart's piano is (Blank)Filled and mine is infested with (Blank) The music we make is unnatural but it sounds (Blank) like falling in love" Please help!


I think this one goes from Japanese to English. It is mostly found on Weeb TikTok or Cosplay TikTok. It goes,

"You and me You and me You and me, (I think it says lovey-dovey in Japanese)
You and me you and me you and me, (Same thing)"

Time traveller

故にユーエンミ - Yue ni You and Me or Therefore you and me (check on youtube)


I’m looking for the name of the rap song playing in the background during the PBS party on the finale of The office (season 9, ep 23) around the 38.28 mark.


I have had a vague recollection of a song that I have asked everyone I know about but no one can help which is probably something to do with the fact that I can remember almost no specific details of the song. What made me think about the song again was those armed service adverts where it says if you can repair a bike you can fix a car you can fix a Jet etc. And the song I remember I believe has a similar idea in that the singer is listing off a load of things he can do starting with small things and getting bigger, I think one of the lines is "I could lead an army" this is towards the end of the list, This is not a lot to go on but if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful need to get this thought out of my head.

Time traveller

The script - Hall of fame ??


Listened to this years ago, I remember a girl fades in singing “last call.. last call.. last call” and maybe something else, later she sings “and it’s two in the morning”. A guy also sings/raps later. I think they join in the last verse together overlapping different lyrics. Thought it was called “last call” or “2AM”, vaguely remember it’s about some girl and this other guy who go to bars until the last call at 2am and neither feel like going home. I’d say it’s kind of a r&b rap style with a very somber and defeated feeling to it and semi chill beat.


Hey I’m looking for song it like motivation song
And I just remember
Don’t let anybody getting you away do what you wanna do


Hello all, I've been googling for a few days now but I cant find it. I'm looking for a song with a line in it that goes 'give me something I can cry about'. And something is elingated, so 'give me soooomething I can cry about'. Not sure about the word cry, maybe it's 'lie'? I really hope someone knows what I mean.


I found it! Thanks to the search engine on this page. It is Don't stop now by Crowded House.


I'm looking for the song that goes "So baby please don't say you love me cause i don't think I'm truly ready to take a piece of my heart and give it away" I have a cover bit if it helps

Alex Gaskarth

I'm looking for a pop punk song, possibly by All time low

It goes
"All that I know is that I could say no to you, funny how some things never change" in the chorus
These words may not be exactly right. Man do I hope someone knows this song


a song that goes "you're ... likes with someone that's not me" or something similar to that

Sofus Lassen

Hey guys! Anyone know what this song is called?

Starts with "people wanna hate, everyday is okay, i dont wanna wait, so i put them in the plays, people talk down on me, promise i am straight"


This song was made a few years ago I think by an unpopular singer and it was an unpopular song but it is sweet sounding it is a female’s voice. She sings about how she she was fine in life basically not even thinking about a relationship with anybody. Until she saw that one guy in a bar and all the feelings came crashing back. And I think she about the feeling for him coming back literally hurt her...because she was so fine never seeing him for a long and finally he is back. The song was made a few years ago I think. Much appreciated if anyone can help I haven’t found this song in like 4 years

Yesenia Martinez

Does anyone know the song by dynasty ... It's an island song .

Only lyrics I know is ... I love the way she hold me and tell me I'm her teddy bear...I will never leave u lonely something something ... Police known this song for ever but I can't figure out the songs name I know the album cover is a man and woman.. and the song starts with a sound . Like papapa papapa. Then the lyrics


I'm looking for the rest of a song dating I should think from the twenties or thirties. My mother always used to be singing it, and I can only remember one line-" My big sister Julien all day long she cries whats the use of a pair of trousers if you haven't got the bloke inside"


Can anybody help me find the song, please? It's definitely pop. I remember some lines but not sure they're right.
"I swear to you
if you love me
I'll always find the way
i run to your broken glass
no matter what
I keep the..."
There's male voice in it

Onyenemere Genevieve

It is not your fault. You owe me nothing at all. But I'd wish you could hold me and say I'm your favorite
I am looking for the artist and title. I heard the title is Original


I knew a few verses. An older song with a lady singer . Here are the verses I remember

Then you came along
When I was down you were by side
When I was lost....
That I love you in a very special way each and every day
I pray that you never take your precious love away
Don't you ever go away

Let you know my feelings are true
Don't you ever go away

yuridya zacarias cano

I'm looking for a kpop song and it goes "your lovely from head to toe I'm proud that your my woman" please help


I'm looking for a title to a song Shazam can't pick it up where I work and it doing my head in.

The only lyrics I know is

I was looking for some time g or serving like that. I know rs not much to go on lmao


Looking for a gospel song from the 90's or early 200's.. it goes like this " Growing up is not so easy, you're going to have hard times, but you can make it, I know you can, growing up is not so easy buy you can make it.... we all have hard times but you got to stay on the right path...babies having babies in our land, in our land.. but you just sit there and act like you don't care"

Jon fee

I have been humming a song for ages. Driving me nuts . I think the video of the song had a guy who said good bye to.his girlfriend . He walked up the street to his car and forgot his keys . He went back to the apartment and when he got back he caught his girlfriend with another guy . I think its an Irish band . Maybe had the words. I'm checking in I m not checking out


Please I who know the title of this song
Rain the beat mama for head you pay one for hotel use your head before them go use am for you no be to be a biggie man sha u get the sense

George Daniel

I am looking for a song singed by teenagers like a couple, i only know this lyrics "My dear, im not gonna lie you are so..." and "I'm losing, fight in everyday", i can't find the song...i search for this everywhere...please help


I don't remember the name of a song by Peedi Crakk and maybe others, but he says something like "He's Tony the Tiger"


Found a slower beat rap song off of someone’s public Snapchat.. “I swear to god I’m bout to take every chance every try” “fallen victim to time like when your heart stop tickin” would love to know what song that is.

Ross Hart

I heard this song as an intro to a Norwegian crime series season 1 episode 5, "Jump in don't fight the feeling, we'll build ourselves a boat, sail off into the evening, go with the flow, we'll get these hearts a beating". It is driving me crazy trying to find the title


i've been trying to find this song for hours and it's driving me crAZY- it's a TikTok song and it starts with a man singing "i don't care what you say let's get one thing straight" and then the female singer sings "they don't love you like i do"


Trying to find a song it’s in ex on the beach uk season 3 episode 6 when Kirk is crying with Jordan when he says he’s gonna leave.
The song is sung by a female and the lyrics are

“When your all alone, when your friends are gone Do you think about me”

Then there’s something about “when I’m in ur arms” and “like a house of cards”

brittney gray

i’m trying to find a song that goes like “throw out them out ones, and go and buy some new ones” it’s a rap song.


I am trying to find a song by a tik tok artist it's a dude that sings it I think it says "I hope u part 1" on the top text the last words of the song were something like "I hate you because i love you" or something like that.


Trying to find a song! I can't remember any of the words, but it's a rap song and he talks about meeting a girl, and they end up in a car chase while she's lighting blunts and smoking. And then later in the song they end up on Mars, and on of the feature artists wants to stay but the main guy says "No man, you can't stay on Mars, rappers belong on Earth" or something along those lines. Someone help! it's driving me mental

Amber Jayde

I'm looking for a song. I can't think of any words from it. It says something like "just ride" or "drive with me." It has a horn section in the beginning. The album cover has a guy sitting on a yellow car.


I'm looking for a song and these are some of the lyrics:

If I wasn't me Id probably be you

the thought of new york city art schools makes my stomach hurt, can you let the doctor check under your shirt

can you hear the train from your bed at night

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