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it goes like "I wait for that day I see your face" "I miss you girl" and it has very classical-like music in the background? please what is it


What song goes" as the night falls I start to move, I've always been your___"

"I've always told you that you can't lose, I've always been your ___" .... please help


does anyone know the song where it goes oh baby oh baby oh baby oh baby i think its jusin beiber and i know its not baby but he sings that in a deep voice it was an older one of his songs?


hi i'm looking for a 60's 70's maybe 80's idk but its like a jazz or blues music i don't really remember the actual lyrics but it goes like this:
"halleluuuuu HAAAllelujiaahh" (now is the part where idk the lyrics) "if u choooose that out the wayyyyy" so i kinda replaced the lyrics by smthng i thing is the closest thing to the actual ones.
i used to sing this song with my dad but he passed away so it would mean the world to me if someone finds it

Tim Parkhurst

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Thats the only song I can think of like that.


Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" ????


Lyrics: ...give a man a garden, give him rose and green(?) and grain(?) give him soil to grow the world that he would never work again. as a grain turn to flowers and flowers fade away, as a soil turn to spoil(?) spoiled man just walks away....
What song? - this video on 6th pls


Paint in black rolling stones?


Hi all, I'm looking for a reggae/dancehall song. The music video starts with a guy's phone ringing and in the song, the artist is blaming his girlfriend for getting hurt because she found out the passcode for his phone, released before 2018


I heard an EDM song in Victoria’s Secret today that was sung by a woman. I think it said something like “I ___ you now” the beat dropped and then it repeated those lyrics. Maybe the lyrics were “I need you now” but idk it doesn’t sound right…


Song from the 1980s maybe, new wave genre possibly (Cutting Crew/A-ha flavour), male vocalist I think, downtempo.
I don't know why-y-y-y
I don't know why-y-y-y
I don't know why (I know this can't be love)
I don't know why (You're not supposed to be the one)


Does anyone know the song in the background of this trailer ??

Thank you in advance 😊


What is the Hydro commercial song with lyrics “Today imma wake up a new man, driving a new road, develop a new plan”?


The song played in bad education as a Mumford and sons tribute I can’t find anywhere. It’s so lovely but I’ve searched all the Mumford and sons songs and none match. Help!


I am lookin for a song that starts with something like ,,With pain in her eyes and blood on her skin. The blade in her hand was driven by sin''


Hi. I’m looking for a song where these words appear in: ‘If you need a friend or lover or a place where you can hide. I will always be there, even though my hands are tight’
If I remember well, it is a duet (ballad) between one of the female singers of the pop group ‘Steps’ and a male (I think he sings Italian or Spanish). I’ve been searching for a long time now, but I really can’t find any trace of the song.
Thanks in advance for helping 😊

Cotswold Girl

Faye Tozer sings with Russell Watson (classical english tenor)
They sang 'Someone like you' live at a BBC summer concert quite a few years ago. You can find the live concert recording of this on YouTube by the channel Stepsgeek
Happy listening!


Hi, am searching for a song played in The Nanny, season 3 episode 6 shopaholic around 4:30mins into the show. "just keep that chin up just keep a smile upon your face put those blues away in time you will see that nothing matters"...

Been searching google and using sound hound etc but can't seem to find it


Looking for an 80s r&b song

“Help me get down” or it could be “help me get outta town”
“All I wanna do is make sweet love to and the things we’ll feel”
It’s sampled in the Cities Aviv song “Escorts”

Victoria micheal

Please I am looking for a song that has the lyrics.
"I am begging baby, pls just take me back I know you hate me but I love you more and I miss kissing you goodnight so bad forgive me girl is all I am asking for if I can be yours".


does anyone know a song that goes somewhat like this?

tell me why, tell me why ... [cant make out the words] you should, you should... [same again]

I know its not much but you cant quite understand the words
its a girl who sings and is accompanied by a guitar
it seems very emotional and the reason why i cant understand the words is because she starts to sing louder and sings the words longern
Thanks in advance <3


Pls who knows the song with the lyric "I'm a prisoner in my head
I tried not to listen but the voice is plenty"

Anne nomanus

Trying to find this song. Its a song that begins with a G#4, an A#4, an F#4 and a C#5 (sorta), and there's a man that sings a chorus along the lines of baby baby, loving you (something something). I found it at Safeway and it had a sorta pop-esque to it. Its killing me, I tell ya.

Olivia Espinoza

What is the song its either a rap or hip hop style r&b song from 2000s or something

it goes something like:

and you never callllllllll and its been soo longggggg
**want you to come homeeee.. ***

da na na na na na na na na na
da na na na na na na na na na

Olivia Espinoza

nevermind i got the lyrics wrong, its by Kanye west: flashing lights


I'm looking for a song that was played on the radio and all i can remember is "dont make a sound" it kinda had an auto tune effect and i can't find it anywhere it's really bugging me.


is it body by loud luxury??

Joshua Rizzeri

Hey guys, what is the song called and it goes something like.. “ your love is bigger than that, your love is better than that, give it up give it up give it up” it sound like a Rihanna song.. it has deep house vibes.. I cannot think of the name for my life.


Song sounds like mid-80’s British dance pop, like ABC or something, lyrics go “Run, run, run away… all I feel is, all I feel is (love me love me)”
I Heard it in a dream, want to know if it’s real.

Tim Parkhurst

The lyric you quote sound vaguely like maybe Just Like Heaven by The Cure. Yes, it was an 80s dance song 1987.


I listened to it and it’s not that song. Thanks though!


chicago runaway? from the 80s

Ernest Roberts

I'm looking for a song that sounded like old-time gospel. Lyrics are saying to not sin cause god will fuck you up. One lyric is about Lot's wife. "it was that bitch's own damn fault when god turned her into salt" The last line is, I think, "and now he's married to a presbyterian"


Hi, i';m looking for a song
"some say i'm insane, i'm to (something) (something) for my brain"
"i'm sending into overdrive(?) all the time"
and the intro is just du du du dodudo du du do or something


hi. does anyone know this song. i think its from the 80s or 90s. i really like this song but i forgot the title. HEres the chorus of this song.."Always be there like a friend who cares....coz im always be there like a friend who cares. i really forgot the lyrics but its a love song

Mark S Denison

Looking for a song with lyrics that are similar to "baby are you with me, maybe we can make this work"

I'm a musician and it's killing me lol. Please help!


Looking for a song, it’s upbeat with male vocalist (similar voice to juice wrld but idk if it’s him), tiktok song says ‘like that’ every two sentences or so ‘love me like that’ may also be a lyric. Been trying to find it for hours with no luck please help


I can't hear the song clearly the only part I heard is "moni don get lost" is sang by a man an a Nigerian artist

beyfan pokefan

I am searching for a song with lyrics
It's a big big world but you know where to find me
We'll be together and we're gonna do it our way
We'll discover we believe in each other
On Adventures with my friends like every day
I don't know more than this!


search online for the journey starts today lyrics


Can someone help? I have these lyrics but can’t find the song

Looks like I'm back to square one I'm losing it,

Now I'm talking my self out of leaving this,

Cos every time I go to pick up the phone I cant call.
Now I'm packing my bags not staying here

This broken man aint been going no where

Always tryna run before I walk and walk before I crawl.


Hi, I’m looking for an album of kids songs sung by a small (unknown) group. It had songs about an echidna (Rover Clover Dover) and a Daddy-long-leg


Does anyone know song which has below lyrics
“ see you in a party, dancing so divine
Thought am a bad boy…”

Anne Kiusya

I’m looking for a song with parts going like this
Tina you are so nice I love the way you smile
Sing you a song

Get me the artist and song pls

Dean Killen

Hi, I’m looking for a song that’s sang by a woman. I’ve typed the lyrics in to lyric finders but I’m having no luck. It sounds like she’s saying “I can’t help it, I keep on doing this, I do it to you every time” if anyone can help, please do! Thank you


I’m sorry this isn’t very much to go off of but it was an alt song in a playlist with artists like Green Day and fall out boy. It had a lot of electric guitar and the only lyrics I could pick out from the and were:

(Something) “but all I got were” (something)

Son of Sam


I'm looking for the song to an female african american gospel song. Slow tempo. It's probably over 14 years old. I think it was sung by one of the winans but i can't find the lyrics. I think the chorus goes like this:
you're my little baby girl you know you really rock my world and i'm so glad that i've....(found you?)

Latiek Harris

I'm lookkng for a song I know the lyrics bit don't know the name and it goes like this;
If I could tell you
What uou mean to me.
Would there be a chance for loving
A chance for ecstacy.
A knight in shining armor
Is what I'll be to you
If its a dream dont wake me
Just letsleep it through.

It's from either a.late 80s or early 90s R&B group

Can any of you older generation help me remember a song from the 70s could this burning desire never leaves me alone that is the 1st line on the song,


What is the song that is by a girl and goes like this;

I hear you say I own the night I need you by my side

And another one that's on tik tok and is by a boy but I only know these lyrics

Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah- That's probably not very helpful but pls try ty


Looking for a song with lyrics "you can tie me to a tree" The song is sung by a female and it's about sex, has kind of a rock / punk rock feel to it. It's from the 80's. Thanks in advance for any and all help!!

Amber killen

"i wanna run away with you i wanna fly to the moon i miss the way you hold me" title please


Does anyone know I song that goes. Why would you complain when that's your horse. Your innocence is all about your class next time I do complain please kick my ass

Claire Do

2 choices by Updog


Hey folks. I used to work at Planet Fitness in the early 2000's and heard the song on the radio but was never able to find it elsewhere. The artist is (presumably) female, slightly deeper voice. The song is fast paced with a decent amount of bass, could be good dance or exercise music. Here are a few of the lyrics not in any particular order. Any help is appreciated:

I'll/I'd never run away
I'm begging you to stay/say
'Cause I know that you love me too
And I know that you feel it too
Turn around
How much you mean to me


Looking for a song with lyrics, I am searching for the love that have before, or the love that we have before


I'm looking for an 80s/90s power ballad with the first lines "everyday is a fantasy every night is a dream" ...I just can't remember the song & it's really sad coz I used to listen to it quite often as a kid...lots of sweet memories attached with it.


Hi, I'm looking for a song and the lyric goes like this.. "i don't wanna live without your sweet kiss you're reaching for my hands singing and flipping your ponytail to your all time favorite band my chemical romance i still don't have a clue." And so on. Not really sure about that. Please help me. Thanks.


I've been looking for this song for years:

Vous êtes beau quand vous venez, je suis celui extatique
Vous êtes beau quand vous obéissez, je suis celui extatique

Sherlyn Osuna

PLEASE HELP ME!! ok so i heard this song in a video but i cant remember the name so please help me... it goes like

" i think you know tonights the night that i..." ( take you kiss you show you ) something like that


I'm looking for a song, upbeat, rock n roll, heard it in movies, most likely I Do Until i Don't from 2017, female singer, loud and emotional soulful. Believe it includes the lyrics "I never knew love, until I met (found) you" not sure. Electric piano type of song. Please help me find it


Can someone pls tell me what this song or sound is called it goes "like we're to different we're not the same why oh why do you expect me to change" I think it's a tiktok sound


I'm looking for a song lyric "take a look around, take a little look around" (I think it was the hook) It's a female voice and it was on at my gym. Kind of remix song, not real fast. Might here something like it on CHILL sirius radio. Did not sound old and was not a remix of Limp Bizkit

J v

I need help finding a song it’s techno and I think it goes “cause you know there ain’t no stopping ain’t no stopping yea”


I'm looking for this song, its definitely a slowed version.

the lyrics as I understand them to go something like "walk without it burning and everything is lost in the sky"


I try found song i hear this song in radio
It sounds something like this, and it's a dance song:

uh i love you with you like that need you

Claire Do

I’m looking for an electronic music song (might be a remix), often used in workout classes. The only lyrics I got were something like “one more time for the guys in the back” and then there’s a drop. Heeeelp!


Looking for a song with vocals that were quite fast tempo and more aggressive sounding. Had some EDM elements so probably closer to metalcore maybe. Lyrics had something to do with "light & darkness"

Joe swanson

Please help, I remember these only lyrics when I was driving home.. It goes like this:

Baby, take your chance tonight, loving you feels like ( Every night..? ).

It was like before 2000s, and it was sung by a male, PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU THINK YOU REMEMBER!!!


i did and still do to much wrong. it goes like: we messed it up.


I cant find this song. I only got this one line but here goes: hop through the window, and we go ra ra ra ra ra ra ra. Hope you know it :)


I am looking for an alternative rock song which I heard at a clothes store but I couldn´t understand its lyrics properly. I have some parts only: "If you want me/it first, without you, girl, crazy.
There is also a rap part later. Can you help me?


Can u help me find the song that goes like girl I hope u understand I wanted to hold your hand but I can’t wanted to be your man back then


its not an official song, but its on a tiktok page @boywithuke and its a minute long song
Hope it helps!


Heard an R&B like song, sung by a male vocalist, when I was on hold for something. Only lyrics I can remember is “I went to the party for you” and I think “I guess I don’t love you”


Wow after enough digging I found it. Used to Love U by John Legend


I'm looking for a song with Lyrics by a female "Take a look around, take a little look around" (sounded like the hook) The Type of song you would here on Chill radio but it wasn't a slow song...if that makes sense. Sounded a bit like a remix/sample

Danielle Greene

I need help with a song, I overhead it playing from someone outside, but they were too far away for me to make out more than a few lines, and by a few lines, I mean one line that was repeated, I think it was the hook, or the chorus, or the pre-chorus or something like that. The line was “I’ll always love you-oooo” repeated like 3/4 times. The song had very garage band, indie rock vibes, and the guy who sang the line I wrote down had a very raspy voice. I hope someone can help me out!! I fell in love with song but don’t know much about it!


song from 70-80s that is upbeat and then goes, "cant get anymore(loud), some poeple say duh duh, some people"


"dashing trough the moon search my heart for you"
that is all I remember it playing in a lot of movies and I am pretty sure in the end it goes "Make me brookeen."

Muhammed awwal

Please I am looking for a song that goes like this..."tell me why this things going through my eyes yeah" is a reggae song.


Anyone know the name of this song?

I know the first and last words, but I'm trying to find the middle word, I think it starts with J

"The (J) Song"
Any help? Thanks in advance


It’s a slow love song. Male vocalist. All I remember of the lyrics is:

Said to my love, when will you come back to me and leave the past behind. You’ll find me waiting passionate, for you


Searching for this song, It goes like:-
and I wanna be with you
but I just can't get
down on my knee
cause you deserve the world
and that isn't me so
I'll be praying
that one day you will find your man
who treat you the way that


whats this song it contains the following lyrics

singing a song about.... far far far away... i wanna love you ooh...

pop song, sang by female

Guchi addicted

Away away away

Roberto Rosas

Heard a song on kxlu (LMU los angeles) on Wednesday night between 10pm and 11pm. Kinda hiphop techno. Some lyrics went "do you really need me/do you really love me"


The song which I'm looking for is I think it's old songs I'm not sure it's a male singer & but the chorus goes like this
*Say say say say (females background singers)
 (Male)- Sweetheart how about you take a little little chance on me cause it's not ours....
  #Please find this song for me 🙏


I am looking for a reggae type song released probably in the 90s/00s that has a chorus that goes like "call me and give it to know how i want it to beeeee.." and then theres a bit where someone that sounds like sean paul sings "give it to me, give it to me"

Sourav Sardar

HEY guys need your help ...
Can't find the song
It's lyrics something like ----
"you can find doing it "
"Hit /Heat the sky doing it "
"You and I doing it "

I'll give the link listen 🎶 mainly 41 sec to 45 sec


It's making me nuts trying to recall this song from early 2000s or earlier maybe.
Female vocalist, the genre was pop or disco...not sure what to call it.
Sounded like a prom night song..the lyrics were quite repetitive. One specific thing was that the music would stop all of a sudden and the singer would say something like 'will you come home with me tonight?' :D


I'm trying to find a song sung by Netnobody on soundcloud that has just vanished from the face of the earth it seems like the lyrics went "I feel like i am trying i fell like i am dying i dont want to try anymore" anyone have any links to this song or anywhere i can download it at?

Guchi addicted

Opera mini

A concerned parent

To you most prolific poster KB , have you heard of this song it goes “ neenorneenor your phychopath and going to prison , abusing and prouncing evidence is there - even if you delete now they got “


Hi, I'm looking for a song that ends with "promise me you'll stay." Heard it in some shop - sounds like a song by a band, lots of guitar. Vaguely remember the lyrics in between: at the beginning it was "cause you know____you do" and then an entire verse with tell me____, tell me ____, tell me____. Really like the song but I can't find it. Does anyone know it? Thanks!


I'm looking for the title of these lyrics
 ohh my sleep last night oh my restless day thinking of you my dear i am tired

Bruh Moment

looking for a song that is sung by a guy and has the lyrics "love will make it better" and then after it the lyrics sounds something like "glasswork on the tires" which aren't the actual the lyrics but it kind of sounds like that.


I heard this on tiktok I can only remember this:My family. You can change my mind i wanna see. The properly talking to the edge. or something like that. someone can help me pls

Random person

I'm looking for a song that goes the reson why you stay by my si-ide, it's you and i-I

Jake Roberto

Please help me find this song sang by a female I think it's a 90s soft pop I heard it from a Spotify playlist ad bit the song wasn'ton the playlist. It goes like this:
"You go your way and I'll go mine, pretend that we could just rewind..." thanks!


Looking for an early 2000’s pop punk song that was mildly popular. The chorus includes the lyrics “all-by-my-selllfff” then I think it goes on to “I don’t wanna slow us down”. But I’ve searched everywhere and I cannot find it. Someone help it’s stuck in my head


i’m looking for a song that i heard the other day. i think that it goes like this
“i have a big crush on you baby. did it hurt, did it hurt when you fell from heaven”
that’s all i can remember of it. Can someone help?


Crush'd by Say Anything?

Aaron James

Its a eletronic/remix music,. But I only the lyric "Stay in" and "I Follow directions"

Aaron James

Or "A Follow directions" plz some one


I have this song in my head for like ages and I know I heard it on SoundCloud it goes like:
"Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
An empty mind put together broken dreams"


need help.. I can't really hear much from the lyrics.. it's like "so drink it away" or something..
this is the link
it starts at 2:08..
just that one song.. pls


I'm trying to find this song and I think the lyrics go like this:
And i'll be on my way this time tomorrow far away
And i'll be driving solo wiping tear drops from my face
But if you wanna heave your heart the night I might just stay
I'll be on the road this time tomorrow if you don't change


Please help me with this song
You are the sunshine in my life
You are the friend I know
You are the light in the dark
You are the friend I know

Alina Imamutdinova

Hello there!
There was a song sang by young woman in 1990s
I had it on my tape
Something like
"All day all day I've been thinking of you.."
Repeating couple of times
Then in the bridge "in sold my soul without thinking twice..."
Something like this......

Makayla Jackrich

There's this song I like buh can't find it I only remember Baby I put my trust in you they talk say love is blind but I don made up my mind baby. Plz help me

Vince The Spider

A rap / rock / electronic song sung by a woman "Hey! Get Out the door! we need some more! Let's bring this to! the! dance! floor!" "Hey! Get back the key! I wanna be! Rocking on! the! dance! floor!" "Hey! We wanna say! Bring back the day! We're dancing on! the! dance! floor!"
(I believe it's called WANNABE! but I don't know the artist. And it is not spice girls)


Looking for a song from probably the early 2000's. The song wasn't in english. my guess an European language. Female vocals. The only bits I remember is that about a minute into the song she goes into a long note for 30ish seconds and then the song continues. Something along the lines of "aya yaaaaaaa(cue long note).....". Starts off slow and then picks up after the note. Any help would be appreciated.Dance/Club music


Hi there !
I was looking for a song for years but failed. It should be an old song with some of the lyrics :
can't believe but this is true
I will always love you
and I always willing to..


Looking for a song that was sampled in a vaporwave track, unsure of release date, probably early '80s. I've got a very clear chorus, yet I can't seem to find the original song anywhere.

"All I wanna do is be with you, girl without you in my life I'm blue,
Tell me that you feel the same way too, cause I can't live without your love,
I love you in a very special way, you always turn my midnight into day,
All I wanna do is be with you, cause I can't live without your love"

Elina Akavan

Ok I found this thing which will do the opposite you say the song and it will show you the lyrics and i only know part of the lyrics i need all of it it wont show the lyrics. its called every lovely (lovely day) it a TAMAGOTCHI song and this wont help do any of you know PLEASE???

Random person

I can't find it if any one knows what it's called please tell me I NEED to know


Ok so the song I'm looking for goes boys like you can't tell when they've got something really real girls like me we stayed just cuz we feel the way we feel it's your loss now I was once down stop talking about you miss me now it's your loss now

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