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I want the name of this song. Please, I need help I want to listen to the full song. I think I heard lyrics of "Let it go, let it go, let it go back" and "mine, mine, mine." This song is quite soft and mellow. It's sung by a female singer.
The link above has the song I want the title of. The song starts at 1:07 to 2:23. Also, 2:24 or 2:25 starts off with a different song, which I don't care really for.
Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


i dont know this song that says : ain't love when i'm break through to show to you the... somtething and then i work it out i work it out


does anyone know that song and its like "holding my breath and im ready to go i catch you laughing and im ready to go i found what i want and i know where on top and i dive in and im ready to wo-o-ah"


Guyyys im looking a name of the song in this video:
and its starting in 4:18 !!!


I'm trying to find the newest intro to Jatievlogs. I can't seem to find the song anywhere!

"Holdin' my breath and I'm ready to go
I found what I want and I know that we're on top
So I tap in and I'm ready to whoa-oh
Holdin' my breath and I'm ready to go
I catch you laughin' and I'm ready to go
I found what I want and I know that we're on top
So I tap in and I'm ready to whoa-oh"

The vlog intro has a female singer but Katie couldve sung a cover of a song for it maybe.


Ashley Dewolfe

Song is about not believing in god

"You have alot of explaing to do
All the disease you cause"

It's for like 2016 is maybe sooner it's a woman signing

Sam fisher

Hi, looking for a song that I believe is pretty popular but I forgot it's name, maybe a pop or club song, lyrics goes "come closer and I need your love, and I need pick me up" sounds similar to that. Guy singing it I believe.


The lyrics say: I could stay inside but Sunny's outside. And it's sunny outside.


im looking for a song starts with "you'er so cute" then she loughs
it's deleted from the soundcloude
please help
the singer voice sounds like airplane mood by limbo


I'm looking for a house track. I guess that in chorus it goes like "funky feeling when you look into my eyes and i see you smile" than "I got " and music starts goin on without any words. I think it may be some house interpretation of song from different kind. Please help me because I can't get it out of my head!


Guys help me! I have had thos song stuck in my head but i can't remember what it's called all I can remember is this part:
Do you wanna be famous? And to be the one its from the 2010's


I'm trying to find a song and the only lyrics i can remember are, "i should write this down, i should hand around" its not that song by george strait
please help!


I m looking for a song lyrics are something I will travel the world ...a girl singing (skinny girl with long dark hair ) it's kinda dance / mix melody..any ideas? Thanks

Georgie Boy

so i’m looking for a techno type of song..
it didn’t have a lot of lyrics to it honestly but i remember it saying something like take off your shoes.. and i think like the person was saying get wild? or get crazy?
idk it was an amazing techno song.
pretty sure it was like deep techno or maybe electronic music but i’m pretty sure it was techno.


This song is by boys ll men- it’s called I’ll make love to you


Hi, I'm looking for this song that was a quite a popular British indie rock song back in the early 2000's. It goes like "The one, the one" then into another verse? Can anyone help me please.


Looking for the artist and title: "She took my mind, took my mind, but she's suppose to take my heart and my soul, body & soul...….1982 or sooner New Wave era......


Maybe "Don't think twice, It's all right" by Bob Dylan?


Thanks for the reply AnnaGabs but Bob D is a folk artist from the highpoint years of the 1960's - 70's. The song I seek was recorded in the the 1980's by me on a cassette from the radio, but I never knew a title or artist name. Has the classic 1980's new wave upbeat tempo.


Rock song
text: "... We just want to be loved.."

I heard only this
please help ;)

Josie thomas

Looking for a song by a female artist with a soft voice. I can’t remember much of the lyrics but it’s something among the lines of “i still you love you but I wanna die tonight”. It’s a newer song probably in the 2010s or later. The bass drops and the chorus goes very softly “laaaaaa” or “ahhhhhh” PLS HELP ME FIND THIS SONG


Please help me if u can! I catched the last bit of this house song coming from my upsters neighbor. Unfortunately I didn't get any of the lyrics (maybe something like: "i think about it" and the word "body"). The singer is female and she repeats like 2-3 lines and then the chill and sad sounding beat plays.
ANY ideas are appreciated.


Maybe it’s I Miss You by Bahari and Grey?


Hey, I’m looking for a chill song. It goes like
“Take a slow dance
I could make it I could make make sense
Don’t breathe dark...


Looking for a song i heard on the radio the other day and can't find it anywhere! It goes:

Trying to get through to you,
After all we been through, It's just me and you,
I won't give up on you,

Any ideas?


I think it is " after all" from Peter Cetera :)


looking for a song with the lyrics

but indeed you got a friend
cause our love will never end
don't matter where I go
loving you is all I know

Andrena Hughes

Looking for w sing that was actually an advert I think for jeans. The guy jumped in and out of a few swimming pools and I think the words were “it’s all about the boy”


Got this song stucks inside my head can't remember the word but it goes oh oh oh oh
Wakes me up when when I'm lying in my bed
Cause all I hear is oh oh oh oh
Listen to my heartbeat

What song is that?👆


Please help me I'm trying to find a pop rock/country pop song (mostly acoustic) from either late 90's or 2000's, the was a female singer singing something like "lifting me up, pulling me down, I don't know what is worth for", or something similar. The singer sounded lot like Faith Hill/Shania Twain/Meja or other similar artists.. I had no time to check the song with shazam so please help me


I am looking for a song that say something like "don't think to much....knock knock...", it is a Miyavi's song from ID:Invaded. It appears in the first episode of the serie.

Sorry, English in not my first language.


1980's song, lyrics: "Are you one of those people, running away, running from yourself, escape the escape", artist and song title? Can not find on YouTube or Google search. Thanks


Help me. Ita from deichmann commercial. And i have a lot of lyrics
But this song just doesnt exist, i tried with shazam and nothing
blu sky up above
 long road in front of me
I've been fighting myslef
Who it is i am gonna be
Talking about freedom
Freedom been hard for me
Wont someone come and set me free
I was walking all alone for such a long long time
I found out heaven aint a place its someone you can walk beside
Now we're free i can finally say the waves
Its been us all along
Yea and i gotta say
Come on and say it
pray pray now
Its a maddening love?

 I think i got most right. Help me and i will bless you so that you will have plenty of healthy children and lots of money and i will name my firstborn after you.
Although i think this song just wasnt published, and strictly made for a commercial, sadly


I'm looking for a song that have a lyrics like this "where will we all go to when this is all over"


When it's all over by RAIGN?


Please help me, tell me the tittle song and the singer

"Number one you have brilliance smile, bright blue eyes that i cant spoke all my mind away, number two you make me love all day..."



I think it is from Amanda Ong.
name: You don't exist.

Salem Seraphina

I'm trying to find a song, it's got a really upbeat 2012-2014 Wiz Khalifa kind of vibe to it, but I swear the chorus goes something like this,
"I said youuuu dont really wanna fuck (mess/run/not sure) with me, I said youuuu dont really wanna fuck with me"
I wanna think it was a bunch of people collaborating on a song together?I know it used to play a lot of the radio/youtube. Tried Shazam with no luck. TYIA!


I've looked for this everywhere but I can't find It's name. I even got a bit of it recorded, but even soundhound and midomi couldn't find it. It's a male singer, sounds british to me. Help please? ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯

"There ain't no reason to live --?--,
It's so much better out here instead.

The sunlight is dancing, the sky is so blue,
so long as I'm here, i wanna be here with you.

La-da-da-da la-da-da-da
Be here with you
La-da-da-da la-da-da-da
As long as I'm here, I wanna be here with you"


I looking for a song , its a bit slow paced, male singer
Lyrics : You love flowers
             And i love the way you look at them.
             You love flowers..


I have very little information on this song. It was something me and my best friend listened to often like 6 years ago. It's a male singer, on piano. It sounds kind of. 30s-50s perhaps. I'm not sure if it was actually that old though. Sounds like a normal love song at first. But it gets dark towards the ends. Not a long song at all either. Maybe 2 minutes long. It's pretty upbeat. If I remember correctly in the recording of it you can hear the crowd chattering a bit and kind of laughing towards the end. Anyway. it says something about him holding this womans hand and then Cutting it off and keeping it I think? I've been searching for years for this and I know I have no info but. I'm trying.


Hi you all!

I've been searching for a song a While now, and i don't have much to go on.

Of my memories are correct the music video is a woman i think in a red dress, i don't know if she is falling from a building or standing in front of a building.

The lyrics are something like this: when i was just a little girl, i was a year of .... and i think it was nine, but or also can be eleven or something.

Its been so long i think between 2002 and 2008.

Thank you!!

Kurt Hoskins

I need help. I'm trying to find a rap song/love song where the guy is asking her how she feels about the situation and if she's okay with it. I'm going crazy trying to find it.


Whats that song where its a music video of a white kid with gold teeth rapping at a snowy gas station and in front of a green screen with lightning being projected on it i think he says something like "all i rock is suey clothes and taylor nation" or something like that


im looking for a song that theres a rap part like this "the loser is someone who shows they care and feeling pain"


Guys can anyone help me please. I am looking for song that has got lines something like "i have come from far i will stay for long"


I’m looking for a song from a male singer .. i don’t know and I’m not sure but the lyrics are sth like this : “ Sometimes baby I, think about you at night, will am I stay tonight ... “


theres a song that is same but faster/similar to the opening of RHCP's otherside (4-6s) and the voice of the singer sounds like Louis Tomlinson. i think it was pretty recent, at most a few years back. I NEED HELP the song has been stuck in my head

Alonge Joy

I am looking for a song-Come oh Lord and fill my heart,Lord i want to see your face,Lord i want to know the ways of your glory come oh lord and fill my heart

Sara C

I heard this song today and it says something about liking the girl with her mascara/makeup running down her face? “you look the best when/with your mascara running? it sounded like a male group kinda punkish lol like it could be in a 2000s teen movie


Excellent! I looked a song for a long time. And you find it. Yesssss!


I'm looking for a song that the Jatie Vlogs channel uses as their intro
it goes like this:
holding my breath and I'm ready to go
I catch you laughing and I'm ready to go

Chery Manniello

I'm looking for a song that begins with "When You Really Need A Friend". It may be called Girlfriend

Payton C

So I’m looking for a song by a black male rapper, like mid 2000 Like maybe 2010-2012 and in the music video he throws a party when the adult leaves (famous dude) and he throws a wild party and in the song he says like get wild and stay wild and dance on the tables wild and there’s other famous people in the song


Hey folks, has anyone know this one song, sounds vaguely lofi-esque, with a female voice and the lyrics "see the light?" I've tried Shazaming it, but I can't hear much of the lyrics over the voice in the foreground. I heard it today in an Instagram story; anyone ever heard this song?

Brittany Bitch

Does anybody know this song I only heard like three lyrcis thooo

''I had a girl then I turn her to my wife, I may be goofy but I still take your life, I got a degree in jamaican(?) stuff like''

thats all a know but I cant get it out of my head

Megan Elizabeth teachey

What song is like, "well it might've something whose to say, something something yesterday"
It's a guy kinds 80s sounding..


Hey folks, I heard this one song in an Instagram story post today from Jamie Chung, I can't make out much of it because there's dialogue in the foreground, but it has a female voice and somewhere in the lyrics is "I see the light." Anyone else know this one?


I’m looking for a song that goes like this:
But the people from the past have a hard time letting go...
It was on an ad on tv but i don’t remember and can’t find it anywhere

Maui ransfield

I'm trying to look for the song close to the end of "Always a bridesmaid" movie 2019 with these lyrics when I see you it always makes me over that feeling that puts me in the sky

Minerva Sabawil Islao

im looking for a song with the lyrics " for we had a lifetime more,
Time is something asked in mind
love i but a memory


heyy i need to find a song that goes jennifer i wanna show you love. but it’s not by jennefier lopez. i can not find it anywhereeeee.


I’m looking for a song with the lyrics ‘im Going home with you yeah I’m going home with you, I’m going home with you’ and it’s bugging me


I'm looking for a song in the series " The brightest star in the sky " it's at ep : 9 timed 32:10 .


im looking for a song that goes "this dream will never end" in my memory its probably wrong buut quite similar! also the notes sound like the opening of RHCP's otherside

joe timestamp of the RHCP otherside clip


There's a song that has some where in it where it says sheriff gon fill us full of lead or cops von fill us full of lead, but it wasn't like a rap, so every time I look it up, a rap comes up. I've been trying for a while now, so if you can help that would be awesome.


Help I'm looking for a song,that goes like it's time to die its when the sun comes up shine,no woman has time to even cry,just close your eyes

Tamie Taylor

I am looking for the name of the song on season 3 of the hills. When audrina and Justin Bobby were on the motorcycle and on the way to brodys beach BBQ.. it goes, I like it here cause where I am from you can wait forever just to see the sun, I like my sunny days in southern california...
I have searched online as much as I can and i can't find it. So weird, I even googled the lyrics.


Lyrics are as follows, they aren't exact I'm sure but it's something like this tempo, the chorus is a deeper male voice
Minute maid
Minute maid
Take it out
Drop it down
Minute maid

I know those aren't the exact words but that's what it sounds like he's saying, also I think big krit is in the song, not sure though


I need your help.
Looking for a song where music video are clips of an old movie about a grown man dating a younger woman. At the end of the video a car crash a tractor and two men come out of it and celebrate with the grown man and the younger woman.
(sorry for my bad english)


I heard this song a while ago at the end of a YouTube video. The lyrics I remember go “and she said, step back I’m about to attack, strap on your goggles and get ready to react.”


theres a song that has been stuck in my head for months and i can't find the name for it...
it goes something like this - , =how many beats in between
hollywood march ,,, let it roll ,, Something something something something something save our soul

-I don't even know if those are the words?
if you can help me OMG thank you


I'm searching for a dance song of 2000's
I remember some word: i don't know why, i don't know why, everytime, its so fine...
I don't know why, everytime you are around, i just can't handle this feeling that i have inside..." i really can't find it


I am looking for the name of the female artist and song with the chorus "don't give up, dont give in, you're all I've got baby please don't go". song was popular around early 2000s. song loosely about girl cheating on man and asking for forgiveness and wanting to save the relationship. can anyone help?


I am trying to find a song for days now, I can't hear the lyrics well because it's played during a trailer for a movie on TV and the annoying narator speaks during the song. All I can hear is "I know ... ", "where(when?) does it start where(when?) does it end", and in the end it goes something like "it's just another way we fall ...". There is a piano and it is sang by a guy, his voice reminds me of Hozier. It's a slow and sad song. Please, someone, help!

mary lou amaral

This song is from my high school years and it Hi-energy freestyle however you'd like to call it. The lyrics I know are " How can I love you when you're with my best friend... I sit here wondering how did this happen..... Can anyone help????


Hi, I’ve been trying to find a 80s funk/soul song withe the lyrics “ Just a fool for your love, if you’re going to a party you talk to every girl that’s there, you always leave me standing alone trying to pretend I just don’t care” help please!!!


Cant find tiktok song im feeling love or something like that with high pitched voice.


Falling in love by Dennis Kruissen? Maybe?


I'm looking for a song for a presentation but I forget the name it has a lyrics of "needle to the left needle to the right cross your feet tap your shoes 4 times"


there was this show on Oxygen Network a couple years ago and on the 17th season, there was a song that went "can't touch my town, everybody knows where it's going". the clip where it's used is on YouTube and is named "Bgc17 Cast Intros". please help!

Cormac Moore

can someone tell me the song with the lyrics, “i might just be the greatest, no one can handle my power”


ok i'm looking for a song i listened to when the oh ipod was out. i think the song came out 2005-2009 i think its called new world. not from aladdin. and the cover of the album the song was on has some branches in the shape of an arch with a guy walking into them.


i need to find the song from gta that goes
“all the things you mean to me” “make you last forever, if we can work together”

Nansi kiri

I'm searching for an 80's song ..i dont know the singer bat its a man who singing i dont remember all the right lyrics ..."and then tou tell me you need me ...take it all again make me love again


I’m looking for a song that I don’t know the name of and the song crash this Train Acoustic by Joshua James vaguely reminds of it and I believe some of the lyrics are ”every time I go away” “little girl” something like that I’m not sure its more like they are saying sentences more than they are singing its an older song

Please help it’s driving me crazy


Looking for song: lets sit at the table and talk about life, and people peiple hurting other people.

a n o n y m o u s

a song sung by a male with a deep voice. i heard the slowed down version but it goes like
"(the first bit was cut off) -dont you, wow wow wow wow no i don't want you (want you)"


I’m looking for a song it says “turn up the ___ (you lied to me), turn up the ___, turn up the ___” and that is repeated through out the song. Sounds very R&B and is slightly reggae? Popular song I’ve heard many times but can’t figure out the name or lyrics right off the bat. From 80s-90s?


There's a song stuck in my head. The chorus starts with a line "I wish you'd stay" or "I want you to stay" (not quite sure, the emphasis was on 'stay'). It's sung by a male singer or it could be a band. The song has an alternative rock sound and is definitely 2013 or older.


I’m looking for a song that has a lyric that I think says: “cause I need you here, and I need/miss you here”. The it’s the end of its chorus and the beat sounds similar to Bazzi’s Mine or Mø’s Kamikaze. I’m pretty sure it was a pop song from the 2010s too. I’d really appreciate if someone could help me find the song!


I'm looking for a song, there was a part in the song that says "no girlfriend no problem, I'm single not searching"


"No girlfriend, no problem" by Roger Lino

Angelica Medina

I heard this song playing inside a dept store years ago and still haven’t figured out who the singer is! It a female singer with a strong and full voice, the song has an upbeat rhythm. These are the only lyrics I could jot down:

Oh is this me
Is this me
Easy as 123
The only difference.... cause that’s the way.... carry on this way
Who’s inside this unstable mind....confusing me..... never ending
Find yourself know yourself
What’s in our dream is what we believe
Why couldn’t you be what they see


What is the song that goes like
The world is yours to take
The world is yoursss to take
I ain’t got time to worry about nothin A hustle....

Douglas Weatherhead

I am looking for a song which has the lyrics Here is where I want I be .....sing by a baritone make

Douglas Weatherhead

I am looking for a baritone singer singing "Here is where I want to be ..."

Pharrel Ansah

Help! I'm looking for the that i heard on vh1 jumpstart. Listen closely.


Hi guys. I'm looking for a song that had been in my mind. I heard a version of it but I couldn't find the full and original song. It's in this video:
If anyone can help it would be much appreciated :((

Please help

i'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics chorus "and i needed you so badly and iknow your love is true oh for only you


Hello, I'm looking for a song, with male singer, the video it's in a school like a talent show, a kid starts to sing, a part of the song said something like 'took me in your arms...' and in other part said like ' accepted accepted accepted..' and in the other part said like 'show me the way..' the kid is singing to a person who maybe is his teacher or his mother

Dallas Byrd

I’m looking for a song. It’s got a girl singer. I was 100% sure that “you can ask my mom, you can ask my dad you can as all my friends” was in the lyrics but I can’t find it anywhere.

At the end of the song she sings Na na na na na na. Na na na na na na. Na na na na na na. I don’t think it’s a super old song. Probably between 90s and now. It’s a very upbeat song

mike hardy

From the movie "the gift" that came out in 2000
At about the 23 minute mark, the group is in a country club, and
a band is playing in the background, and some of them get up to
dance, and you can hear the song ending with the words "im doing
my best not to open with I love you. Itrs a rock ballad.

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