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Classic Movie Scripts is a site that hosts a long lists of, unsurprisingly: movie scripts. The list isn't very long but keep it in mind, it might grow. I was happy to find the script to Annie Hall by Woody Allen. One of my favourite films of all times. This is taken from Annie Halle:

       Tsch, I know.  A relationship, I think, 
       is-is like a shark, you know?  It has 
       to constantly move forward or it dies. 
               (He sighs) 
       And I think what we got on our hands 
               (Clearing his throat) 
       is a dead shark.


Bertie Williams

I have a complete movie script, third draft from Warner Bros. studios for the Batman movie that stared Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as The Joker. It is dated February 29, 1999, is labled third draft and is unbound but in very good condition. Would you know anyone interested in purchasing this? I cannot take it along with me in my next move and want it to get into good hands. Thank you for your consideration, Bertie

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