URL: http://www.minrivertea.com/

I just ordered tea from the Min River Tea Farm I just ordered myself one bag of Jasmine Pearls from The Min River Tea Farm that my friend Chris has recently launched.

As soon as I get my tea I'm going to take a picture of myself drinking it and send in my pic so that £1 gets donated, by Chris, to the Mind UK charity.

If you live in the UK and love genuine sourced Chinese teas do check it out. The ordering process is lovingly easy and safe. Although I'm an Earl Grey fan myself, I love having some good jasmine tea available at home without having to worry about the caffeine in Earl Grey tea keeping me awake.

Best of luck to Chris and his new site! Please take the time to browse and read about his teas. If you're outside the UK and you want a bag, just send him and email.


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