URL: http://www.delorie.com/web/lynxview.html

Lynx is a web browser that is so basic in functionality that even Microsoft Internet Explorer is more userfriendly; sometimes. It's not graphical which means that you can run in on the command line of a computer where graphical applications aren't an option such as SSH access.

Another more important thing about Lynx is that it indicates how a blind person might see a website. (Remember, Google is blind) If you want to make a really accessible website that works universally you have to make sure it works in Lynx too. For non-Linux people it might not be so obvious how to install Lynx, and that's where LynxView comes in.

Here's what you see if you browse my website with Lynx and the IssueTrackerProduct.com

So if you're serious about your website please do make sure your site works reasonably well in LynxView.


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