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Madonna mugshot Yesterday it was Madonna's birthday. To celebrate her 48th birthday she put on a concert somewhere in London and after the concert throw a little party at the Lounge Lover. The Lounge Lover is a uptown cocktail bar tucked away on a little side street off club row where I live.

It was a lot of commotion. Staff of the bar swept the floor outside and put up barricades. Some paparazzis came already at half eight but the first celebrity didn't arrive until half nine. That was Gwyneth Paltrow

More and more celebrities came. One of the early arrivers was Kevin Spacy but he came in and walked past us so fast that I never had a chance to take a picture of him.

There were a lot of people that the paparazzis seemed to recognize that I didn't. In those cases I just took some wild pictures in hope that someone can explain who that was later. (for example, Lawrence Dalaglio who my flatmate had to explain to me who he was. Sorry Lawrence, I don't watch much television)

Last night was without a doubt an experience. I haven't seen that many nice Mercedes lined up since I was in Monaco a couple of years ago. Pet Shop Boys was the only people arriving in a limo and Jason Statham arrived in a regular black cab.

Now, let us see the pictures


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Wow!!!! Coolt alltså. Ingen dålig granne du har. :)


Chris Curtis and Madonna gave a great concert !! hes said on mtv on how sad he was they he could not go to her birth day party because he was with Joshua Jackson in Dubai


I hears Chris Curtis is not going to Russia with Madonna because of security reasons. Hello magazine said that there is a plot to kidnapp Madonna ! yea right ! like that is ever gonna happen ! no one would dare touch her !! these people who gave the threats are a bunch of losers ! amatures ! real kidnappers would never announce it !! dont worry guys i know that its just some sick joke !


Where did Madonna do her birthday ? And when is she going on tour With Chris Curtis ?

Peter Bengtsson

Read the blog text above and you'll know where she did her birthday party :)


I saw the new Carlo Ventura boots that Chris Curtis wore in Amsterdam on tour with Madonna yesterday !! the insider said that the shoes are made of black shark skin and the sides of the boots are made of dark green crocodile skin . They are soo vintage !! Carlo Venture is very unique ! no wonder Chris likes him cause he is one of a kind ! hes not commercial ,His design is very exclusive !


Madonna and Chris Curtis Tour Dates
[ http://fhm.cabanova.com ]


Paparazzi pictures like never before ! Confessions tour - Chris Curtis going to Japan



Security Alert !!
2 guys arrested for trying to to meet Chris Curtis !
While Chris was performing 2 guys were trying to brake in backstage to see him. Police say that the to college students only wanted an autograph !


Peter Bengtsson

Who is this Chris Curtis anyway?


your master


Chris Curtis security waiting for Chris and Madonna http://www.upqt.com/image.asp?image=27389


Chris Curtis and Madonna gave a great concert in Osaka - Japan !! >>http://www.journalhome.com/paparazzi


Madonna H&M commercial : http://www.zshare.net/audio/madonna-hm-commercial-mp3.html


Dwoanload H&M pictures [ chris curtis - madonna h&m ] > http://img167.imageshack.us/slideshow/player.php?id=img167/7350/1161120230kwd.smil


Madonna Adoption news

Chris Curtis Message :

I am outraged by the press and most of all by people’s spiteful attitude towards Madonna’s adoption. Two reasons why there is so much chaos in this world :
1- Everyone always wants to be right .
2- People worry about other people’s lives instead of their own .
Madonna has every right to adopt the entire orphanage if she likes . I know hundreds of people who have adopted kids from Africa ! Why should Madonna be a target for doing a remarkable thing . When you adopt a child , [ You give your life to that child … ]
That child becomes your own .







You ate my mom!


Chris Curtis is very Awsome !!official site rocks more !!

- http://chriscurtis.tvheaven.com


cool site

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