Serious flaw in Bose headphones

23 April 2005   7 comments   Music

Mind That Age!

This blog post is 13 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

Perhaps you saw my praise over my new Bose headphones with noise reduction a couple of days ago. Well, now I've discovered a serious flaw that I didn't realise before.

When you run out of batteries, like I have now, the headphones don't work at all. Granted that the noise reduction feature can't work without batteries but I should at least be able to listen to music in them don't you think?

It should work like this:

function listen2music():
    if hasBatteryPower():



carry extra batteries and have the best souond with the most comfort possible


batteries? get urslf n mp3 playa m8 n stop usin ur cassette walkman. no batteries, no worries n no fuss. out wit de old n in wit de new. u go2 roll wit de times man.


He's talking about the HEADPHONES running out of battery power, not the device that is playing music into them.

You speak like a 2-year-old being taught ebonics in school. Stop.

Peter Bengtsson

Thank you!

Spam Robot

My hi-fi stopped working at home when I didn't pay the electricity bill.

Now THAT's a serious flaw, man!

Dj fuQ

Agreed - anyone who denies this flaw or comments otherwise is a complete idiot. I was just searching for a way to disable this bug.


how do you replace the batteries in the headphone??

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