gulp-header is the best!

09 April 2015   1 comment   Javascript

For Autocompeter I develop with gulp. It's like Grunt but better.

One thing I wanted was that when it makes the src/autocompeter.js --> minify() --> dist/autocompeter.min.js step I also wanted to put in a little preample header into the minified file.

First I thought, since UglifyJS supports a --preamble option that that'd be the route to go. I didn't get very far.

Then I thought I had to write my own plugin. So I started reading the documentation about how to write a plugin and partially thinking "Oh I don't have time to do this" and also "Oh finally a chance to sit down and really understand how gulp plugins work". I was wrong. The documentation for writing plugins say:

"Your plugin shouldn't do things that other plugins are responsible for... ...It should not add headers, gulp-header does that"

Oh! So there is already a great plugin for this! Long story short; here's how I used it. The output is that the version number is now on the first line of autocompeter.min.js.

I'm starting to like gulp more and more. There's even a dedicate nice index of all available plugins.




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