Today as I was lying in Regents Park when two young girls approached me and my friend pretending to sell something when in fact they just distracted me from protecting my mobile phone which I had bluntly left open. As soon as they left and we check that nothing was stolen I realised that they had stole my mobile phone. I started running after them but very near from where we were there was a road crossing and from there they would have been able to run any direction so it would be impossible for me to catch them.

I have now reported it to the police and I will now shortly phone Orange to render the phone useless and claim my insurance. Hopefully I'll get a new phone from the insurance company but I'm not sure that I can keep the old number. So for a little while now I won't be reachable on my mobile number. Until then use: mail_AT_peterbe_dot_com

I called the Orange customer support number that the police officer gave me. So I did, from home, and after having selected the correct options through the voice menu they disconnect me and say: "Sorry. This service can only be used if calling from an Oranage phone". How stupid is that? It's like having your car stolen and when you drive to the dealership to report it they refuse you unless you drive in the car that was stolen from you. Pisses me right off!

I tried twice; both times the same stupid refusal. A third time I selected to go straight to a customer representative. On my way there the voice menu system asked for me phone number, but when I finally got through they asked me for my name and mobile number again. They said they would cancel the subscription and when I explained about being refused on the customer support system they wouldn't believe me.

Apparently I'm liable for any phone calls made with my phone from the time it was stolen until now when it's been cancelled. I admit that I didn't run to the police office but the nearest police office was closed so I had to go to another one in Holborn where they were very helpful. The police officer was held on queue with the Orange customer support so long that we had to give up and he adviced me to try again later from home.


This post is old and stupid. DON'T POST COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR LOST PHONES. Idiots!


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