URL: http://m.fwckungfu.com/calendar.ics

I've got a public ical at: http://m.fwckungfu.com/calendar.ics

This works in Google Calendar and in the iCalendar Validator but when I try to import this as a file in Apple iCal I get this message:

"Error subscribing to the calendar

Data downloaded from http://m.fwckungfu.com/calendar is not valid."

WTF? Who's ass have I not kissed to get this working in Apple iCal? Does anybody know any reason why Apple iCal is being so trixy?


Arnout Engelen

Actually, the feed currently does not validate: it specifies a TZID for an UTC time, which is forbidden as per section 3.2.19 of RFC5545. Both the validator you link to and my more restrictive one at http://arnout.engelen.eu/icalendar-validator point that out.

Peter Bengtsson

Great! Thanks. I must have been sleepy when I last looked into it.

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