Göta Kanal 2004 holiday photos

12 July 2004   0 comments   Photos


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Göta Kanal 2004 holiday photos This morning I finally uploaded the rest of the photos from my Sweden holiday. These photos are from the Göta Kanal part. It was Henrik Hjalmarsson (aka. Hjalle), his brother Johan, Kalle Ekberg and myself. We travelled with the Hjalmarsson brother's parent's sailing boat along the canals due east from the middle of the country out on the east coast of Sweden. Then was sailed down along the country only stopping on little islands for having dinner and eating.

We ate loads of really good food. Hjalle is a chef by profession so he knew what he was doing when he was cooking. We also drank lots but never too much to get drunk. It was wonderful all together.

The last two days of the holiday I spent in Stockholm visiting old friends. Here are the photos from Stockholm


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