URL: http://industrialpainter.com/

Worst Flash site of the year 2010 If you ever wonder, how do I make a website that is just wrong on every front: Turn up your volume and tune into http://industrialpainter.com/ Oh yeaaaahhh...

It's got it all.

  • completely irrelevant background music
  • epileptic flashing animations
  • uber-geeky loading counters showing you how many kilobytes you've downloaded
  • new Flash file for each annoying page
  • a counter
  • blurred mugshots
  • telling you want day it is, what date it is and what time it is in three completely different locations on the screen
  • marquee text scrolling by
  • being Flash




Those SWS guys and gals do it all:



I quite like the soundbyte at the start!

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