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Most spectacular photo of 2003 This really is spectacular. The winner-photo is really breath taking. One can stare at it for a long time. The second most spectacular is also really impressive.

How come I haven't seen these until now. They're great. Much nicer than the usual photography winners of photos with crying bombed palestinian children, whom I care for whole heartedly but it's a bit sad.

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Nevertheless it's a spectacular photo no matter what animal you see in the picture.

amy beba molina

oh my goodness i would have just fainted right there and than if i was in that moment of time thats really something cool i guess but good shot of that shark dude!


dats so totally auesome dude i would like if that waz me dude u rock!


are these spectacular photographs real or a work of photoshop?


You can see where they croped at the crest of the wave. Great idea, but not real.


anonymous, dont spoil it. i say real


It's a real photo, not a work of photoshop, but the whole story behind it is that...IT WAS A DOLPHIN! the guy who took this followed the "shark" with his camera, and it leaped out of the water revealing itself as a dolphin


whoa and amazing picture, you have to admit! it took my breath away and gave me a sense of fear! wonderful potography!




its not a shark its a dolphin!


Kaylee your random that is a shark not dolphin you total geek!

Noel Granite

Palestinians that kill endangered sea turtles to feed to children(total BS) makes me wonder a bit more than photoshopped palestinian propaganda.


but it IS a dolphin


This is working in photo-shops... Who is here photogrphing... Picture is great... but no realy... bye-bye....


theres no need for arguing. If u really look u can tell its a dolphin the dorsal fin is curved an the tail is flat. a shark would have a straighter fin an a pointed tail. this picture is awesome an really doesnt matter if its photoshopped cause just the surfing would b gr8t. i would love 2 have been there!

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