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If you've heard me talking, at length, about Ricardo Semler and his company: Semco, but you haven't or will not be bothered to read the book. Then, this is for you. It's a 13 minute recorded story about Ricardo Semler that is for people who want to learn English; business English in fact.

It sounds to me like this talk is a summary of his two books: Maverick! and Seven-day Weekend. I still insist that you read the book(s), but if you want a good summary and can spare 13 minutes, then this is for you.


Lorena Semler

solo necesito saber de la decendencia de mi familia, ya que la familia semeler es una sola , mi abuelo era aleman se llama lorgio semler. favor contestar solo quiero saber.atte.lorena


hola soy marisa semeler de espanha, me gustaria entrar en contacto contigo, de onde eres?

Geoffrey Slinker

There is a software development group that basis ideas in Semler's methods.

You don't have to be involved with software development to join.


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