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My good friend @jonanmary brought this very amusing tweet to my attention:

I know you've all seen this, but it's awesome anyway: Photographing other sports like beach volleyball metro.us/newyork/sports... #olympics


That's brilliant! The thing is, if you didn't already know it, beach volleyball gals are mandated to wear those speedos looking things they wear. What's even more funny is something another good friend, @trollkip on twitter point:

@jonanmary @peterbe out of interest, earlier, I looked up who makes these rules. Governing body: fivb.org/EN/FIVB/Board_ Yeah.


Apparently, the rule about what beach volleyball players have to wear changed recently
I love me some tanned sexy lady-skin but don't be an asshole about it. Let her choose.



What gets me is that the men can wear baggy tops and loose shorts! If they had to wear Speedos, I'd be less bugged by the outright hypocrisy of making the women wear bikinis.

Peter Bengtsson

Well, if it was socially acceptable from a fashion point-of-view and if men didn't have junk I think a whole lot more men would wear it. Especially in sports. It's after all more snug and less air resistance.

But I agree about that "making women wear" part. Let *them* decide.

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