URL: http://visibone.com/regular-expressions/

This is just so cool. It's a preview of VisiBone's printable cheat sheet of Javascript regular expressions. I really like the idea and will return here many times probably.

Just a thought though, on this page they have in their tagline "Are you still learning JavaScript from a book that's 95% English?". My answer to that: Yes. Using a cheat sheet is obviously a very efficient method but I [and probably most other people] are so stuck in thinking that educational information has to be transferred with lengthy human sentances. When I read computer books I often just read the headlines and look at the example code, but I would probably feel lost if the paragraphs of text wasn't there though.

So, is it time to change? Perhaps cutting out the friendly banter is a thing of the past. Who knows. We'll see.


I ordered this now and received this in my order confirmation email:

" I can't describe what a thrill it is to get your business. My fondest wish is to make useful stuff -- and for actual people to actually use it. You're probably a complete stranger and somehow I've convinced you to give it a try. And you're actually paying me?! Almost too much to take, but I'll bear up. I'd love to know how it all turns out."


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