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Ugliest site of the month - The Backyard Comedy Club It's been a while since I last ranted about some website looking not only totally unappealing but also barely usable. This time it's called The Backyard Comedy Club and it's a quite simply, a comedy club near where I live. The sad thing about this site unlike other sites that I've criticized as being butt-ugly in the past, this one is actually quite new. The footer says "Copyright Backyard Comedy Club 2007 ©".

Maybe the intention is that the whole website is a joke. Kind of to get you in the right mood for the comedy acts.


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Use Internet Explorer.


looks like the comedy club has closed its doors. think the website was to blame?

Peter Bengtsson

yes it was!

damn shame actually. I had a good time there.


no it wasn't cos of the site u prick. it's cos scum like u turned up there


You want ugly? This is what I found whilst searching for "lee Hurst" and "closed"
ps: I used to work at lee hurst's it had stunningly poor management, at one point there were as many managers as staff. The behind the scenes stuff was so funny it could have made a sitcom. Especially how much of an arsehole Lee Hurst was in real life!


you worked at the club, did you? who was there whilst u were there then?

also, to view the site use internet explorer. problem solved!


Oooh, Anonymous seems to have a stick up his arse about anyone daring to venture an opinion on Lee Hurst! Hmmm.
I used to work in the Corporate event sector, and I ( and every other technician I knew who ever met him) had no other way of describing the man than as an utter cunt!


i'm sure he feels the same way about u, beelzibus.


I walked past the club the other day and noticed it had closed down. I decided to do a search and find out what happened and found this site.
Quite funny actually because I used to work there in 2005 and even back then I thought the website was an absolute disaster.
I met Lee a few times and he was never rude, an arsehole or an 'utter c**t' to me ;)


I take that back. It hasnt closed down. They have now renamed and apparently remarketed as The Fym Fyg Bar.
The website is no longer yellow but its still as crap :D



Hmm I take that back again.... seems the yellow background is back! lmao

Atleast its a lot simpler to view and navigate now though.


you used to work there, did u? what's your first name?




Funny that but I sat next to the man in the vets today and he was polite and talkative and completely charming. I also loved his quick wit when he was on "They Think It's All Over".

Bender Leftie

Lee wurst is still an almighty arthritic twat

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