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Shkar mugshot after the kung fu class in stratford (taken with my Treo) If you live in the Stratford or east London area you should do what I did last night. I went to Shkar Sharif's new kung fu club in Stratford. It's a quick walk from the Stratford station and getting to Stratford is quite easy for me thanks to the Waterloo & City line + the Central line. Doesn't take long.

Shkar and I have been training for many years now together under Dave at the City & Islington club; Shkar a bit longer. Last year, Shkar took his instructor grading and has now started this club on his own (with some help from Dave). He's been running this club now for only a couple of weeks but is (t)here to stay. I genuinely recommend anybody in the area to come along and train there. At the moment he's only teaching kung fu (Fujian White Crane) at that venue but will soon have t'ai chi classes too.

If you want more details about the classes go to his club page See you in class!


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can you please call me at 02076844216 my name is kadija

Peter Bengtsson

Just follow the link to his club page from the text above.


Great system but all the instrutors seem to have very few years to training apart from dave.
I do not believe anyone with less than 10 years of hard training is equiped with the knowledge and depth of understanding to be teaching their own class.
Helping out in another class yes, but with only 4 years like many here they should concentrate on learning rather than teaching.

Peter Bengtsson

Accepted opinion but I have to point out that Dave's instructors train VERY hard and most of the students have A LOT of learn before they can move beyond basic kicks and punches. Until then 4 years can make a huge difference for a students progress.


hi dear, i really wanna join that Kung fu class but with shkar.. i need talk with him to get more information about his class so Could u give it 2 me his email address plz? hope u replay me and send me his email address, thnx

Peter Bengtsson

Try www.fwckungfu.com


but that page does not exist trust me ... send me his email address plz


I just stumbled accros this page and thought, That i am getting fat and need a buzz of something, I know absolutly nothing about kungfu and i have smoked for 20 years. i am 34 years old and wondered if this guy who does kunfu is prepared to learn an absolute beginner. At the moment i am on sickness benifit, i would like to know what it cost, As im on a low income and would love to join in a little way until i get on my feet.

harsh but fair

stop smoking and you will have the dosh to pay for your lesson and your claimimg to be on the sick how ill are you not to work and do some sort of p.e


Im frank again and a converstaion on internet is not what i wanted to have especially when full of small minded busy bodys with no intelegence to know that illness is not only physical. I am proberly subjected to more pathetic questioning and opinion which is mental related and another pathetic opinion about that. Unless you actualy be relevent to my 1st enquiry dated 22/03/09. I dont want to be ill or smoke i just is. I am sick and tired of people kicking me down when i am at my lowest, it just shows how little intelegence is on this planet. Answer question i asked or shut up.

Just passing by

Next time, learn how to speak/write in English that actually makes sense.
THEN you can come back here and tell us about "how little intelligence is on this planet". ¬_¬

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