django-mongokit is the project you want to use if you want to connect your Django project to your MongoDB database via the pymongo Python wrapper. An alternative (dare I say competing alternative) is MongoEngine which is bridge between Django and straight to pymongo. The immediate difference you notice is the syntax. django-mongokit looks like MongoKit syntax and MongoEngine looks like Django ORM. They both accomplish pretty much the same thing. So, which one is fastest?

First of all, remember this? where I showed how django-mongokit sped past the SQL ORM like a lightning bullet. Well appears MongoEngine is even faster.

mongoengine vs. django-mongokit

That's an average of 23% faster for all three operations!


Nicolas Clairon


Can you provide the script source you used for this benchmark ? What version of MongoKit did you used ? I'd like to see what can I do to improve MongoKit speed.


Peter Bengtsson

It's tucked away in a branch of django-mongokit but I haven't put the branch online. I can just send you a zip of the whole damn project and hopefully you can just run it and find out what can be optimized more. Interested?

Unfortunately upgrading to the latest version of MongoKit that doesn't generate indexes every time didn't help. MongoEngine is still faster.

Alberto Paro

I've used both, but there approach are not django.
If you want use a django implementation of mongodb give a look to the performance are the same of mongoengine if you the mongodb manager. But you work in the django way.

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