Today I took a little nap after breakfast. Actually I lied down to read and fell asleep. The interesting thing is that I got trapped in my own dream. Twice!

I woke up, walked to the kitchen, met the cleaning lady who comes in once every two weeks. Had a quick chat with her but she didn't at all look like Maureen. Ah well, I thought, I'm still dreaming. Cute.

Then I got up and switched of the music on my computer by stopping on WinAmp, but nothing happened! So I turned down the volume completely on the loudspeaker, still nothing happened!

Now I got worried. I'm still dreaming and I don't want to do so. How do I get out? I started slapping my face with both hands and shake my head and shortly I felt my consciousness taking over again. When I woke up I was hyped with fear and odd thoughts of what had happened.

This has never happened before, so it's worth writing about on my website :)


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