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Guess my age with MOBi This week we improved MOBi with a neat little feature that makes it possible to decide what the SMS response should be to inbound SMS on your own server.

To test this you need to be UK resident and willing to part with the 25p it costs to receive the response. Send peterbe is NN (where NN is a number, how old you think I am) to 83211 and await a result. I've set up the sub word "is *" to forward all inbound SMS to an address on www.peterbe.com and here on this server I run the following Python Script:

##parameters=sender, message
guess = message.split()[-1]
    age = int(guess)
except ValueError:
    return "That's not a number :-("

if age > 27:
    return "That's not it! It's less than that. Try again"
elif age < 27:
    return "That's not it! It's more than that. Try again"
return "Wow! You know my age!!"


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