I often need to know the path to a file so that I can put that in an email for example. The only way I know is to copy and paste the output of pwd followed by a slash / followed by the name of the file. This is too much work so I wrote a quick bash script to combine this into one. Now I can do this:

$ cd bin
$ pwdf todo.sh 

I call it pwdf since it's pwd + file. Here's the code for the curious:

echo -n `pwd`
echo -n '/'
echo $1

Is there no easier way built in into Linux already?



If you are using bash, you can use
echo $PWD/todo.sh

Samat Jain

Not sure if it was part of GNU coreutils when you wrote this, but there's readlink[1]. Use:

readlink -f the-file

[1]: http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/CGI/man-cgi?readlink

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