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At work we have a Windows XP computer that is used mainly to test websites in Internet Explorer to check the stylesheet compatability. The installed XP version is English and everything is therefore in English; except one thing.

Folder Options in dual-language Look at the screenshot and notice some weird lines of Swedish! Why??

Surely this is a bug. The reason why the deviating language is Swedish and not French or Icelandic is probably because the MS Office 2003 we have installed on it is Swedish. I already had a Swedish Office CD from Sweden from before and at the time we installed it we thought it would suffice because we didn't want to buy a new English version for a computer we very rarely use.

PS. If you haven't already done so, migrate away from M$ Office and move up to Open Office which is free and Open Source.



The same happens with other languages of Office. In my case I have a Spanish version and the options of that window appear in Spanish. It's a bug of Windows XP... and Office as well.

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