URL: http://120seconds.com/index.cfm?movie=650

Here you can watch a theatre play in 360 degrees. I'm not a big fan of the Real player but this is pretty cool. The camera is sat in the middle and the actors are acting all around in the camera. It is your job to spin the camera around so you can see who is talking. I think it's called the "Be Here plug-in" which installs automatically if you've got the Real player.

It's something we haven't seen since before the multi-media-internet. We've seen panoramic pictures and streaming video before, but this is a mix of those two. It obviously becomes a one-man-viewing experience but it's pretty cool. When you think about it; never before has the audience of any play been able to do this.

Unfortunately "120 Seconds" is a Flash site it's impossible to copy the exact URL so you have to follow the link and click on "Experiments" in the menu and then one of the five little buttons to find the one for "Neon-Brite". Enjoy.


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