URL: http://www.zopemag.com/Issue009/Section_Products/product_CorpCalender.html

I'm glad to announce the review of my own web application called CorpCalendar on ZopeMag.com.

The review is really quite detailed and accurate. It does acknowledge a few bugs but that's ok. I'll try to fix them soon. What made me the most happy was that the reviewer really manages to explain the benefit of CheckoutableTemplates with screenshots and examples. If you ask me, CheckoutableTemplates deserves more attention because it's idea is really quite useful. It bridges the power of the filesystem with its command line and the online storage with it's quick editing and exceptionalization. It'd be good if more serious Zope developers started using it so that with its Open Source license we can improve it together.

Maybe I shouldn't say this but the first working version of CorpCalendar took an afternoon to build. My company started using it (integrated into our intranet) already that same day. Then it took another afternoon to package and release to Zope.org.


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