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Word Whomp solvers love Crosstips According to my analytics the most popular Google search for getting to Crosstips.org is exactly crosstips.org which clearly proves that a lot of people type in the domain name in the search field these days. I do it too.

The second most popular search is "word whomp" which Crosstips has a dedicated page for. What's cute about that is that it was just a little side project I threw in yet it has grown to become one of the most popular features. You can never predict these kinds of things. I think the next thing I'm going to add is a Hangman solver which shouldn't be too hard.

So fellow Word Whomp cheaters, go for it!


Sarah Ruelle

What happened to this? I was using it up until last month and bam now it is gone!!!!

Peter Bengtsson

Sorry. I had to move the site and had to make some cuts. The site is not making any money and it costs to host it.


I'm so sorry that you had to do that. Thanks for all the help you've provided for me with Word Whomp over the years.
I stink at it usually, and have only become slightly better at it in time. I can stare at it or play around with the letters, and not see the words needed - making it not much fun. I don't understand why either since I enjoy and am good at playing other word games. Maybe because it's linear and has a limited number of letters - some processing problem on my end probably that's gone undiagnosed :)
Anyhow, thanks, and I guess I'll learn to carry on without you.

Becka Mulberry

Try searching for scrabble solvers. I have found they work too. I do miss Cross Tips though.

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