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This is a very long and interesting report on the energy crisis us humans and especially the americans will suffer. I must admit that I didn't read the whole think, but you should read the introduction and conclusion at least. Towards the end Bill mentions some of the alternatives such as Fusion, Methane Hydrates and Oil Sands. Interesting reading. The conclusion I grasped is that we're fucked if we don't try to do something about this yesterday. USA must also do more than the rest of the world to try to catch up.

"Our industrial world has become dependant on fossil fuels. In particular we, and especially the United States, have become addicted to using large amounts of oil. If an individual becomes addicted to heroin, and if the only way to satisfy this addiction is to kill and steal, then he will kill and steal for a heroin fix. If countries are addicted to oil and the only way to obtain a large but temporary supply is to wage war to steal the other guy's supply, then such countries will attack others in order to obtain one more fix. At first the winning country will obtain its fix, but in turn it will disintegrate internally as factions form to fight over the last scraps. This is the long-term prospect for humanity."


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