hashin 0.7.0 and multiple packages

30 August 2016   0 comments   Python

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My colleague Andrew Halberstadt stepped up with a great contribution on hashin (on PyPI). Now you can install multiple packages in one sweep. Like this:

$ hashin requests Django premailer mincss

And if you need to specify a different requirements file than the default (./requirements.txt) or a different algorithm than the default (sha256) you can do that like this:

$ hashin requests Django premailer mincss --algorithm=sha512 --requirements-file=dev/reqs.txt


$ hashin requests Django premailer mincss -a sha512 -r dev/reqs.txt

This is an important change if you were used to typing:

$ hashin somepackage dev/reqs.txt

...because if you continue to do that it's going to try to fetch the hash for a PyPI package supposedly called "dev/reqs.txt".

Thanks @ahal!

Note! The operation is not atomic. So if you do hashin requests somejunk it will hash in the latest requests to your requirements.txt and error on the second one.


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