Mac OS X's python binary icons The mac os x icon for .pyc files is a document with a background of ones and zeros but the foreground is a 16 ton weight. WTF?! What's the 16 ton got to do with anything?

Perhaps I got it all wrong. Maybe this is the icon used for many different files but I had a look around and couldn't find any other file that uses the 16 ton image in the icon.


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It's not like that on a standard 10.4 (or 10.3) Mac OS X with stock python or python compiled from source ... all I got on .pyc files is a blank icon. Maybe this comes from some python binary installer? Or else some other program uses the .pyc extension?

Matthew Schinckel

This image has to do with the original naming of python, from Monty Python's Flying Circus. They used to have animated scenes, which often included 16 ton weights squashing people.

And giant feet, too.

Peter Bengtsson

It's used on a DVD box apparently:

Matthew Schinckel

Oh, and on my system I now get a lovely blue/yellow ying-yang style icon.


I think this is kind of a visual reference to Monty Python. As far as I know, the programming language Python is named after them.




Just to be clear, python bytecode files are the "squashed" version of the source code.

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