Kung Fu in Clapham with Richard

17 July 2005   2 comments   Kung Fu


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Richard Wagstaff, Kung fu instructor of FWC Clapham My good friend Richard Wagstaff has started a kung fu club in Clapham (south London). At the club they do Fujian White Crane Kung Fu which is a soft hard style (not a hard soft style). This is Richard's first setup in the area and I can assure you he's good at it. If you're in the area, do go down to Soho Gyms and give it a try. The club is affiliated with my club in Islington. Richard is, like me, a student of David Courtney Jones

Classes are held on Monday and Thursday evenings. Visit his club website for more info on exactly when and where.

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oliver franks
I'm interested in attending the Whit Crane classes but I can't open the link, can you help? Thanks.

Oliver Franks
Peter Bengtsson
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