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Richard Wagstaff, Kung fu instructor of FWC Clapham My good friend Richard Wagstaff has started a kung fu club in Clapham (south London). At the club they do Fujian White Crane Kung Fu which is a soft hard style (not a hard soft style). This is Richard's first setup in the area and I can assure you he's good at it. If you're in the area, do go down to Soho Gyms and give it a try. The club is affiliated with my club in Islington. Richard is, like me, a student of David Courtney Jones

Classes are held on Monday and Thursday evenings. Visit his club website for more info on exactly when and where.


oliver franks

I'm interested in attending the Whit Crane classes but I can't open the link, can you help? Thanks.

Oliver Franks

Peter Bengtsson

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