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If Americans knew - An interesting insight into the Israeli Palestine conflict I'm not a political editor and I can't confirm the validity of these statistics but if they're at least close to true it's a hell of a scary picture of the injustice in the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

Israel receives $6.8 million per day in aid. I doubt that all of that money goes towards building better schools for Israeli families.


I found this comic script and even if it's context implies another place I think the message is the same:

No more mr nice guy


More stats from Economist.com



It's interesting how different people take numbers and inflate a meaning. It also goes for a cartoon. Something is always left out to swing opinion from one side to another. The cartoon depicts the left side as the aggressor to the right and when the right side plinks the left they go berserk. The cartoon seems to deal with overreaction though. I don't think its a very good depiction of the Israeli Palestine conflict.

As far as the numbers go. You need to take in consideration that the population of Palestine per square mile is much more dense than it is in Israel. The site you mentioned uses those numbers to their advantage to inflate and exaggerate losses. This is what is called propaganda. If we were to take population in to consideration. The loss of one Israeli child greatly damages Israel due to the low population it has. One child lost in Israel is equal to 100 lost in Palestine. This is make it seem that I'm valuing an Israeli child more, I'm not. I'm stating damage done to population.

The thing to take in to consideration is who was the aggressor first? It depends on who you ask. What will stop Israel's aggression? When the Palestinians and other Islamic states recognize their right to exist and stop sending homicide bombers. When will Palestine's aggression end? When Israel is destroyed and the land occupied by Islam.

Peter Bengtsson

Have you even thought about what you wrote? That just doesn't make any sense. Population density affects value of a child's life?!?

Besides, Israeli military retaliation might murder equally many innocent people as a Palestinian suicide bomber causes but I don't think that's how it started. The suicide bomber's action is never acceptable or excusable but open your eyes and try to appreciate WHY he sinks this low. I mean, beyond the obvious practical stupidity of his peers.

alon Carmel

did you happen to bother check how much of those children are actively participating in illegal activities?

you really think that the military is actively killing hundreds of children for no reason?

Palestinian children die because they live in risk levels higher then israelis. They live in hunger and sickness because their political elected governments choose to spend their millions on luxury cars and illegal activities.

all those factors drive and builds future suicide bombers.

only if americans knew how corrupted their leaders are and that every buck that goes in there goes to drugs and armory and not children.

Peter Bengtsson

All interesting points. However I don't think people become suicide bombers because of being poor and because their elected leaders buy luxury cars. That would make many people in many parts of the world who are poor and in conflict areas into suicide bombers or volunteer soldiers.

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