I'm back! My dear little website is back up and running. This time on a different computer on a different network.

What happened was that the poor little old laptop that my computer was running on completely screwed itself up after a hard restart. Everything on its memory became totally random. When it managed to boot up I had several gigantic folders, some with equal name that couldn't be opened. My friend Jan Kokoska helped me eventually run a few disk-checking programs and eventually we could see my non-backedup files again. With a Linux LiveCD we managed to copy the data across to another computer and eventually it got up here on this server.

The culprit was faulty RAM. Jan did lots of tests on it with software and eventually we managed to isolate that the extra 128Mb memory I had in the computer was broken. We took it out and threw it in the bin.

Now this new server is one of Fry-IT's. It's a dual Xeon 2.4Ghz box and not on some silly 256Kbits/s connection that I had before. Let's see how it goes.



I was getting far too used to your feed urning up red in the reader.

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