Median size of Javascript libs on jsDelivr

24 February 2015   0 comments   Javascript

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If you haven't heard of jsDelivr then you've missed out on a great project! It's basically a free CDN to use for Open Source projects. I added my own yesterday and it was as easy as making a pull request with the initial file, some metadata and a file that tells them where to pick up new versions from (e.g. GitHub).

Anyway, they now host A LOT of files. 8,941 to be exact (1,927 unique file names), at the time of writing. So I thought I'd check out what the median size is.

The median size is: 7.4Kb

The average is 28.6Kb and the standard deviation is 73Kb! so we can basically ignore that and just focus on the median.

Check out the histogram

That's pretty big! If you exclude those bigger than 100Kb the median shrinks to 6.5Kb. Still pretty big.

I'm proud to say that my own is only 50% the size of the median size.


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