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05 January 2006   793 comments   Misc. links

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One question that popped up yesterday was pretty interesting:

What state do the Simpsons live in?

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I don't know what is their state . in behind the laughter they say that the future looks bright for this nort kentuky family but in papa don't leech Lurleen Lumpkin sais that she's the happiest girl in witch ever side of misisipy this is.So i tink nortern kentuky or misisipy


nope hes right its in kansas it tells you in one episode but also super intendent skinner says its on the left of missouri whenever they look at the school window. (only released once episode)


I'll throw my 2 cents in here. This is merely conjecture, mind you, developed after reading several of the posts here. Connecticut (I'm sure there's evidence to the contrary, so no acidic retorts) seems like a good bet based on their death penalty. There is an episode (no, I don't know the name, I have it on disc though) where Bart befriends Ralph and they visit the old Springfield prison. There is an electric chair in obvious disuse for some period of time (may just be because the prison closed, again this is all hypothetical). Researching the death penalty shows CT changed its method from chair to injection in 1995. A more obscure bit of proof for this is the comment Dr. Hibbert makes to Marge in another episode: "...if this was my last meal, I'd tell the warden Bring on the lethal injection!". This episode aired in 1996.
Minor details, but another fun line of thought to go on. I'm personally of the camp that it's a composite of several states.


And for those who are getting a bit hostile with the "it's a joke", "you'll never figure it out", "ur a <insert poorly spelled insult here>", the purpose of this (at least for educated folks) is to USE YOUR BRAIN to find details of the show that may draw you to a particular state. True, none of these guesses is going to be dead on, but I've certainly been entertained reading all these.
It's called Google. Use it.

Just Brad

The Spirngfield in The Simpsons is a FICTIONAL mid-sized town. I believe that it has no real location. The creator Matt has tried to give out several different clues that don't make sense when put together just so he can toy with our heads. It is still possible that they do live in a particular state however, he has made the location so out of the ordinary so that no one could ever guess where it was.

However if you look at the episode Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? Herbet (Homer's half brother) is at a ticket booth at a train station to go Homers house. He has a conversation with the ticket agent:

Herb: I want a ticket to Springfield.

Ticket Agent: Springfield, Illinois?

Herb: No.

Ticket Agent: Springfield, Massachusetts?

Herb: No, Springfield (A train whistles past ass he says the name of the State)

A train whistle blows as Herb says the name of the State preventing us from hearing what he said.

It is unknown if that conversation was shown on air however it was in the preliminary script which could actually prove something. The writters may not of wanted to put it to air because they were afraid that It gave away to much.

So I guess you could say that it kinda gives a clue and partly proves that the Simpsons do not live in Illinois or Massachusetts if the writers may of been planning to put it in. If you guys are desperate then you will have to go through all the other Springfields in the United States that are not located in Illinois or Massachusetts and use your clues to find out the answer.

Just Brad

Also to add onto that, go on this website:

Look at the map. It shows all the states that can not be the State in which the Simpsons live in which are all coloured in red. All the states in white are the remaining ones.

Underneath, there is a table with each state and it explains why each of the red states have been eliminated with proof from quotes from many different episodes.

Sven Johansson

They live in Springfield Sweden!


I think it's Pennsylvania. The episode where Selma and Abe shack up gives a hint: as the manager of the Springfield DMV, Selma is informed that the new motor laws are held up in Harrisburg--capital of PA. ? :)


In the simpsons movie ned flanders shows bart the 4 states that barder springfeild. maine, kentucky, nevada, and ohio. That is PHISICLY IMPOSSIBLE. They don't live in a real state. Their state bird id the pot-bellied sparrow, and their "State pasta" is bowtie. State flag? Well, it isn't a real state flag. Plus, they say their's a "West Springfeild" 3 times The size of texas.


Fact: the simpsons do not live in a state. For those of you who are trying to figure it out, dont. If you were a real fan of the show you would no that. Reasons why they don't live in a real state 1) one episode they drive to Las Vegas 2) another they drive to Vermont 3) the movie they drive to Alaska ...... do the math...


In "Revenge is a dish best served three times" it says at the end that Homer is from Connecticut.
Also, In one of them, someone says "best in the west coast." Marge replies "But this is the east coast"
Connecticut is the most constant.

One of them, a boy says "I didn't know what state you lived in"
Lisa says "There's been a mystery about that, but if we put the clues together, I think we could figure it out"

So there is an answer.

your all stupid

Most of you are stupid, also in "2 bad neihbors: they say that they are in 1 of the 9 states george bush( SR. you ignorant fucks) but none of those point to any of the clues, so they either live in a made up place, or they move around

and here are states that they can not be in because of stating that they ar enot

florida,Illionis,alaska, hawaii,connecticut



actually the capital is Capital City home of the Capital City Isotopes.

Just Brad

It could be somewhere near Arizona becausse remember in the Kill Gil, Volumes I & II episode. Gil moves to Scottsdale, Arizona. The Simpsons decide to drive there as it is in driving distance. It doesn't take long.

Cleva chik

springfield is not in a real state
they just say that they live in a state to lead you all on a wild goose chase.
the geographical features in springfield change in every episode making it impossible for the springfield to be in any state
the writers just have a sense of humor and love imagining all of you racking you brains and buying simpson dvd's must to find out what state they live in
so stop trying to figure out what state they live in because they live in because they don't live in any state that we've heard of because IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!
live with it


I am watching the episode where Homer uses marijuana medicinally. I am at the part where Homer is at a Phish concert in support of medicinal marijuana and the building it is staged at is distinctly the Art Institute of Chicago.


First of all, the Simpsons most likely don't live in any actual state. The city they live in is probably a combination of all the Springfields in the U.S. That is most likely why they go to specific states so easily. But, if some people don't believe me, I suggest two ways to find the state they live in. First, try watching every episode including the movie and eliminate the states they DON'T live in for sure. Or, you could do a search on the location of every DMV in the U.S. and find ones located in a Springfield. Then you might be able to find the answer.


Well i remember in the simpsons movie they said when they were on the hill you can see the states that border springfield kentucky maine and something else...they do talk about massachusetts alot though

francie johnson

okay this is a tv show

maybe the makers didn't want you to know
where there from. god, it's a freaking
animation show too i mean come on.


David Capo

But it's fun to talk about stuff like this.


yes it is fun, but check out mr. plow! when Homer makes his commercial it shows his PHONE NUMBER. Check the area code! If there is no phone number or area code well i'm sorry! Besides it's not nice to blame a ten year old girl!!!


when you see homers it says NT some people think it means Not telling others think its an imaginary state called north takoma either way go to this sight,www.snpp/guides/springfield/.list.html I think its kentucky.


holy cow yall are some simpson fans aint yall!!! i like santa helper!!


when marge was talking on the phone in one episode and she is asked were she lives and she says Evergreen Terrace, Spriengfield, and then the guy on the phone asks what state, and the same minute Maude walks in and she says ' Oh - hi - ya maude' and it sound like ' Ohio Maude' it sound like a clue to me. But sometimes springfield has a harbor and like that, but in the movie the town is in the middle of the country. That makes pepole wonder


and in what 2 states is it legal to sell kids ? in the episode that bart, lisa and maggie get that babysitter Shary Bobbins, and then Skinner is selling Jimbo Jones and says 'boy for sale!' and then jimbo says' is this legal?' and then skinner says 'only here and mississippi' so maybe there is this other state that it is legal ? but how should i know.. i live not in america although i live very near and speak englis


it missouri


Ive always thought it was CT. Their leaves change in the fall which is pretty much a new england thing. But sometimes when they drive and get lost the road looks like a desert. I dunno if we will ever know for sure. In the movie they are pretty far from Alaska so Id assume they arnt from the north west. Also in an episode where Moe went with the Simpson's to the wordloaf they weren't to far away from VT.

Just Brad

Remember how in episode, "The Italain Bob" Homer gives that mug thing to some old Italian lady for memory and I am certain that it says Kentucky on it. After all, people continously mention that episode where it says that the simpsons are a north kentucky family.

David Capo

NT could mean Northern Kentucky.


in the movie flanders says to bart : 'here are the four states around springfield' and he sayd, Nevada, Maine, Ohio and Kentucky! So it can't be some of those states ! :/ I am starting to think they don't live in an actual state, because all the clues cross each other!


the simpsons live in ohio. In one episode a character is giving his address out and starts to say 'Springfield, Ohio' but instead says 'Springfield, O hi ya midge'

David Capo

Oh hi ya Maude. Not Midge.


IIn the Simpsons episode where Lisa finds out Jebidiah Springfield is a fake-anyway, they go to dig up his grave and throw dirt on Adlai Stevenson's grave-he is buried in Bloomington, IL??????????


It's Missouri, there are tons of St. Louis references that only people from St. Louis would know.

David Capo

It could also be Arizona because in one episode this new girl says Springfield has a weird smell. Then in the episode where they go to Florida, Homer says Arizona smells funny. I think there might be some connection there.

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Baron von Schnitzelberg

It can't be Missouri because of the episode where Supt. Chalmers says about the moving of the school brick by brick. It's not Alaska, Hawaii, Florida or Delaware because in the Simpsons Movie they move to Alaska and they've visited Hawaii, Florida and Delaware. Can't remember the episodes but I know they have. It can't be Ohio because for some reason (can't remember why) Homer and Marge were going to Dayton, Ohio then decided to go to Miami instead. It's not Nevada because in the episode where Homer and Ned go to Las Vegas, at the end they're kicked out at the state line and begin walking home. It's not Pennsylvania because in one episode Ned moved there. The Simpsons Movie also says that Springfield's border states are Nevada, Maine, Ohio and Kentucky. While those states are nowhere near each other, at least we know they don't live there. In 'Crimson Tide', it shows Springfield harbour is on the west coast, also Springfield has beaches and there's the Sea Captain, proving Springfield is by the coast (or he wouldn't be a very good sea captain). It's not New Mexico because Smithers goes to New Mexico to do some queer ass Malibu Stacey play thingy and Mr Burns says 'Wait. There's a NEW Mexico?' It's not Arizona because Homer said it smells funny. It's also not Vermont because they go there in one episode. Basically, I could go on forever. The writers just toy with the Simpson's locatio every episode. If they did live somewhere though, I would go for Oregon. Matt Groening is from Oregon so he might base it there, Springfield is on the west coast, has forests, bears, snow, mountains, and occasionally desert (probably in SE Oregon close to Nevada). Also, they drove to Alaska in the Simpsons Movie and drove to Las Vegas, Nevada. Admittedly, they also took a bus to New York and drove back but as I said before, they have no real location. Hope this is helpful!


There's no nuclear power plants in Oregon. As a mater of fact no many on the whole west coast, one in washinton State and a few in so-cal. So if homer really works at a "nukulon plant" then it has to be somewhere in the mid or eastern states.

David Capo

Wait. I just thought of something. In the episode where they went to New York City, Homer said that he went to Harrisburg but it required a stopover in New York City. Harrisburg is in Pennsylvania. If he was going there from south or west of Pennsylvania it would not require a stopover in New York. However coming from Conneticuit, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine would require a stopover in New York. So with that evidence it should be one of those 6 states.


Saw your posting. I saw this in an episode. Check out the episode from 2000 "Behind the laughter" at the 24 minute mark.
The narrator of the episode says, "The simpsons bitter past was forgotton & the future looks better than ever for this Northern kentucky family!

Baron von Schnitzelberg

But in the episode 'The Wife Aquatic' Lisa shouts 'Repent! Repent! Before it's too late. (Giggles) I always wanted to do that in a New England church'. That sort of rules out all 6 of those states.


they live in kentucky. they actually say this in one of the episodes

David Capo

The Simpsons live in a state that has fireflies. I live in North Carolina and I've seen thousands all at one time.




hey did you guys know that every state in the union has a town named springfield in it? its i think that the reators never wanted us to find out...or wanted to cause confusion, which is what they have done judging by your wide variety of state suggestions:) just sayin.

Baron von Schnitzelberg

In the episode where Bart and Lisa are both in 3rd grade, they go to Capitol City and the Capitol City mascot guy says that the state flag with a southern flag on it is a disgrace particularly as we are a northern state. Kentucky was a border state in the Civil War and is generally considered a southern state anyway so not too sure about Kentucky.


I FUCKING FOUND IT! Episode 1909 "Eternal moonshine of the simpson mind" At the intro, it zooms out from the couch to an overview of America. The answer: Springfield Illinois.

m. ritchie

Ok people. Check out the episode from 2000 "Behind the laughter" at the 24 minute mark.
The narrator of the episode says, "The simpsons bitter past was forgotton & the future looks better than ever for this Northern kentucky family!


636 is also the original area code for the fictional town of Springfield on the television series The Simpsons. In a Simpsons episode entitled "A Tale of Two Springfields", area code 939 was created for what became New Springfield after the 636 area code ran out of valid numbers. When that episode first aired in 2000, 636 was already in real-life use, but 939 would not be until 2001. In the episode "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge" 636 was the area code for Homer's private security company.

David Capo

I know there are several episodes that contradict this but I think the running gag is either Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois or Massachusetts.

Think about it

I think the creators should have a contest whoever figers out where they live should get some type of prize

David Capo

They must live west of Tennessee because Bart drove through Branson Missouri to get to Knoxville.


this is exactly what matt wanted to confusion


You guys dont know nothing they live near New York bc in one episode they drove 2 hours to get to the Twin towers bc he was drunk and Barney left the car in front of the twin towers like Joe's says is right theres a nuclear plant in CT thats where the simpsons lives Springfield CT


ask matt groening he will tell you what state they live in


On one episodes couch gag it zooms out from their house and it shows them living in a mid-east state!!1

David Capo

So Missouri. Right?


I have this on good authority from the production office's of the writters of the simpsons everyone...The writter caught on early from Matt Groening that ppl were always wanting to know where Springfield they take bits and peices from all sorts of towns and citys and put it in...for a long time they even made elaborate maps to try to confuse ppl just for this reason...Its a running gag folks plain and simple but ya gota admit its a good one. much love.


There is never a state given.

The short answer is that Springfield does not exist. It doesn't have a real state, and the fact that it has no state is nothing more than a running gag. Springfield is more like "Anytown, USA". It's as if all of America was compressed into a single town, or a single state. Springfield is everywhere and nowhere.

Proof? No state's capital city is called "Capital City". No state's motto is "Not just another state". And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There is an enormous number of geographical contradictions between episodes which make it impossible for Springfield to actually exist in any real American state.

Still, there's no harm in looking. This document attempts to record all the evidence - direct and indirect, contradictory or not - for Springfield's whereabouts. Some parts of Springfield and the wider Simpsons universe do exist in the real world, so we also list places where fantasy and reality appear to cross.

There are an enormous number of real Springfields; this is intentional. Rohit Gupta writes, "I'm from Springfield, Illinois, and one of the local papers recently had an interview with Matt Groening. In it he was asked about 'Springfield' and he replied that he chose it because it is one of the most common city names." Springfield isn't the most common city name in America; Fairview beats it, with 275 Fairviews in 42 states (and Puerto Rico), but Springfields do indeed exist in almost every American state. As our source of data we use the United States Geographical Survey search engine, which according to Andrew Gill, returned the following 71 Springfields in 36 states and possessions:

Springfield, Alabama x4
Springfield, Arkansas x2
Springfield, California
Springfield, Colorado
Springfield, Florida x2
Springfield, Georgia x9
Springfield, Idaho
Springfield, Iowa
Springfield, Illinois
Springfield, Indiana x2
Springfield, Kentucky
Springfield, Louisiana
Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield, Maryland x4
Springfield, Maine
Springfield, Michigan x2
Springfield, Minnesota
Springfield, Missouri
Springfield, Mississippi
Springfield, North Carolina x4
Springfield, Nebraska
Springfield, New Hampshire
Springfield, New Jersey x2
Springfield, New York
Springfield, Ohio
Springfield, Oregon
Springfield, Pennsylvania x2
Springfield, South Carolina x3
Springfield, South Dakota
Springfield, Tennessee x2
Springfield, Texas x3
Springfield, Virginia x8
Springfield, Virgin Islands
Springfield, Vermont
Springfield, Wisconsin
Springfield, West Virginia


The Simpsons live in Kentucky as I saw in a Simpsons special episode where a narrator said "But what opportunities may confront this family from Kentucky?" also, in an episode where they go to Italy and find out that Sideshow Bob is Mayor of Rome, Homer gives an elderly woman with a goat, a mug that said "Kentucky" on it, and she slaps him, saying that in Italian, Kentucky is a swear word.

Aaron Palmer

They make a lot of references to MI. In Milhouse dosent live here: capitol city is juxtaposed next to detroit-- Which is not the capitol of MI. But, maybee the simpsons live in MI.

David Capo

It has to be in North Carolina somewhere.

David Capo

NT could be the North in North Carolina.

joe joe

Your all so fuckin stupid its hilarious

joe joe joe

Your so fuckin stupid its hilarious


they live in a fictional state called north takoma

Harry Plopper



my girlfriend says that have to be in new england area because they are pats fans and Boston accents and hate new yorkers (sorry :(), and one of the episodes they had a calender marked in the store about a band and it was MA


NORTHERN KENTUCKY!!! .... stop posting guesses they tell you in an episode, goddam

David Capo

NT Northern Kentucky. Homer says Tennessee is south of the border.


i think it might be in massachusetts 'cuz it has a Springfield and a Shelbyville and in one episode, Marge wanted to go to a strip club called The Golden Banana and there is one of those in Peabody. the only thing i'm not sure about is the death penalty thing.

Matthew Levinson

It is nowhere. There is no answer. The best clues are when they have a map of the united states displayed and lisa tells Bart he's pointing to the wrong state and then points to the correct state while Homer is standing in front of the map from our point of view. Only the middle states are blocked out from Homer. Therefore it is not a state on the west cost or east coast.
The next best clues are times when they have driven to famous places and had road signs saying how many miles away they were which contradict other clues. There is no answer. Sorry. It's North Takoma


there have been a few clues in the episodes. like the one where Fat Tony gets shot,Bart steals the school bus and say he hit a moose. so then it must be a state where the moose are.but in the simpson clip show(aired in 2000) they said it was Springefield,Kentucky. and then in the Simpsons movie ned said where 'THE four states connected, Nevada, Ohio, Maine and Kentucky, so you know i couldnt be in those 4 states. just keep looking 4 clues and figure it out (because it makes my brain hurt)

David Capo

There is a desert in some episodes.

Jai Hari

Many of us from OREGON believe it is either oregon or washington as the landscape of "springfield" matches the landscape here. We have the ocean, mountains, desert, the famous "evergreen" trees you always see in the simpsons. As a matter of fact many of us think it may be loosley based on the city of Portland, Oregon which slogan is "keep Portland weird" and as we all know Springfield is weird. Matt Groening is also from Oregon. There is a Springfieeld in Oregon and in Portland a: Terwilliger Blvd, Quimby Street, Flanders Street, Lovejoy Street, etc., I could go on and on with street names that match the characters. Although, I highly doubt that the Simpsons creator(s) actually based it off a real state. I think they are just screwing with us to give us all something to ponder.

Jai Hari

Also I forgot.....LOL. In the Simpsons Movie where ned names the states that "border" Springfield: Nevada, Ohio, Main and Kentucky. Oddly enough, each of those states have a city called "Portland" in each.....


It says on wiki answers that it's Utah


I live in Phoenix and Homer drives through a cactus patch to get to their houseboat so I'd say Arizona around Phoenix. :)


well im glad we can agree hahaha


You're all wrong. Springfield is a fictional town. They've used numerous contradictory references to what it borders, different area and zip codes throughout episodes, etc. It's suppose to represent "anytown, USA"

In episode 441, "Welcome to Homerica", Millhouse says about the Ogdenville kids wearing 'Vikings apparel' that this is 'Tennessee Titans territory'. They are in Springfield at the time, so that leads me to believe the answer is Tennessee.


It has been stated by writers on numerous occasions that Springfield is supposed to be a nonexistant country. That's part of the make people search for something that doesn't really exist. That's part of why they picked the name Springfield, because there are so many in the US. In the movie they said it bordered 4 states that are no where near each other. In the commentary for one of the DVD episodes a director states that it's in North Takoma which makes sense because you see NT and TA as state abbreviations on licenses and such. So the answer is not based on any of the Springfields in the United states but rather a culmination of any common city found in the US.


it is real obvious because they live in Ill because shelbyville illinois is right near springfield ILL . also were the episode where all those people immigrate to springfield are from utica there is utica illinois about 20 miles from springfield Illinois

andrew kickass

everyone here is a total dipshit. matt groening is fucking with simpsons fans, because state geographrical locations completely change. some by the ocean, some not. one says minnesota is to the south,and moe mentions that it is all about the money while holding a canadian coin,(but they live in america). the closest state is oregon, matt groening was born there and some characters are street names....Problem. Fucking. Solved.

David Capo

Now that I think about it everyone who says Oregon is not to far off. As one person commented Oregon does have desert and it is by a harbor and it doe's snow there. Plus in the episode Kamp Krusty Krusty took the all the kids to Tijuana Mexico which isn't as far from Oregon as some of the other states we've mentioned on here. So it makes sense that they would go there from Oregon. Also in one episode I can't remember which one this was but they welcomed Las Vegas trash to their city. Oregon is fairly close to Vegas. Also in one episode Orlando Florida is 2653 miles from Springfield. That is about how many miles it is from Oregon. And as Simon at the top of the page noted when Homer and his buddies join the navy they sail into Russian waters. You would have to leave the west coast to do that.

David Capo

Oregon is also a Northern State as noted by the Capital City Goofball. So their confederate flag is an embarrassment.


why not michigan. Interstate 96 is only in michigan. Springfield, MI has a nuclear power plant and its address if 742 evergreen terrace, the simpsons address. Hmmm. Genius writers


Springfield Australia. They even say they are there

Simon sez

no they go there on vacation. then they go back to us. they dont live in australia

Linus Beatty

The Simpsons are from kentucky the is a section of frankfort kentucky that is refered to as capitol city and in coming to homerica Millhouse says that this is Tennesee Titans country and their is a shellbiville kentucky.


I know family guy is in Rhode Island :)


were off on the road to rhode island!! Family guy is the greatest show in the world. i love the episode family gay..

David Capo

I like to think that they are in my home state. NT


theyre from oregon you are all retarded. matt groening is from oregon. springfield oregon, located just outside of eugene, conveniently has a power plant. to anyone from here the signs are obvious. you are all apparently just dumb as fucking shit


Guys, I think it's clear that there is no definite state, because there as so many clear clues that each point a different state. The writers are cleverly adding mystery to the show, because it's good for business. If you need proof, just look at how many comments there have been about where they're from, and think about how many times the people that wrote these comments have gone back and watched many many episodes. Think, if you're a writer for a TV cartoon with a deadline to make, as new episodes come out every week, and you have a great idea for an episode but it doesn't synchronize with the location, would you care enough to scrap the idea the night before it's due and work all night trying to think of a funny new one? I don't think so. So either accept the fact that there's no real answer and sleep well, or enjoy yourselves trying to deduce it. All I know for sure is that I'm way way smarter than all of you put together. Cheers!


Jesus is right (sort of)... the writers are intentional and deliberate when they put all of these ambiguous and conflicting clues as to the "real" location. They go to great lengths to make sure that there are a variety of clues to support a number of different locations. As others have stated, you're not supposed to know becuase there is no one right answer and there is no mystery.



David Capo

You say this without adding any real info?

David Capo

The T in NT could be mistaken maybe for a Y. They took a bus to Toronto Canada in one episode and New York borders Canada around where Toronto is.

j emski

There is a springfield and shelbyville in the following states....

IL, KY, MO, and TN....

j emski

And there is a power plant that dates back to the 60's in Illinois....

David Capo

There is a power plant in North Carolina somewhere and it has a cooling tower I know that for a fact. I've also been told there's a Springfield somewhere here. I'm just not sure exactly where it is though.

David Capo

It could be Nebraska. In one episode Homer and Grandpa drive to Winnipeg to smuggle drugs into the United States. And Homer and Bart drive by Mount Rushmore on their way to Oregon.


YOU ARE ALL WRONG!! States competed to be the named the official state for the movie The Simpsons and the OFFICIALLY live in VERMONT!!

Ken Harding

I live in Shelbyville Illinois and you will all be happy to know that Matt Groening himself told me Springfield is based of Springfield Illinois. So im sorry Mr. Capo if that is your real name I'm pretty sure it is NOT North Carolina.

blue brother

these Simpsons live in my state of Oklahoma!! yeeeeeeeah


It shall always remain a mystery!

David Capo

Yes it shall.


I know what it is but when flanders said it neighbours between ohio, nevada, maine and kentuckey, those states are far, far, away and it is Illinois because it has shelybyville and springfield thanks to a mr ken harding so it's Illinois!!! yes!!! If you want me, well too bad i'm not showing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Harding

Sorry maybe I've missed something but what exactly aren't you showing MR.XY?


Springfield isn't in a state. It is supposed to represent a collaboration of all American states. This has been explained time and time again. It's fun to guess, but don't get so uptight about something created specifically to not be real. (as evidence- the state flag, the state motto, the surrounding towns, the street names, the references to the bordering states which are on opposite corners of the country). Calm down


In the episode Mr. Lisa goes to Washington the Simpson's state senator gets arrested for taking abride to drill for oil in moutn rushmore. Therefor, they live in the same state as mount rushmore


All the evidence contridicts its self, which is why there are so many opions. I like to think that Springfield is a fictional city set in a fictional state in a fictional America in a fictional world. Think about it. Everyone has yellow skin and three fingers and a thumb on each hand. Plus it's a T.V show.


I've read ALOT of these comments and I've looked at some of the episodes and clearly they put the area codes and the sattilite images ect.ect in there on purpose so so when, in one episode someone says "I couldn't figure out what state you live in" and they awnser "If you look at the clues so you can figure it out" then people look for those clues and find them and they all point in different directions. What I'm trying to say is that there is no single and/or clear anwser to the question, they do this to mess with intelligent people like us. So let it go, just let it go.


I've read ALOT of these comments and I've looked at some of the episodes and clearly they put the area codes and the sattilite images ect.ect in there on purpose so so when, in one episode someone says "I couldn't figure out what state you live in" and they awnser "If you look at the clues so you can figure it out" then people look for those clues and find them and they all point in different directions. What I'm trying to say is that there is no single and/or clear anwser to the question, they do this to mess with intelligent people like us. So let it go, just let it go.

simpsons state?

you guy are so smart... well actually it depends on how old you are... how old are you?

simpsons state?

I found a video!!!! check this out!!!

David Capo

Well they do go to Niagara Falls so it could be Michigan or New York. And both those states have a harbor. So maybe Springfield is in one of those two states.

Man From Kentucky

They live in Kentucky. It said that in one episode. Cant remember which one. But I seem to remember that they said specifically North Kentucky. Why the crap do I have to prove I am not a Spam Robot? What is that? Plz tell me!! >:(

nick estergard

dudes they live in illinois


Hey I wanna add something in the Episode where Homer and Ned goes to Vegas they drive there and they get there pretty fast in less then a day. I personally think its Oregon.


In the episode where George Bush moves in across the street Lisa says that this is a state that George Bush claims residency in which are as follows. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Maine and New Jersey. In the episode where Homer mom makes her first appearance, Homer mistakes a tombstone for his Mom's which ends up being Walt Whitmans who is buried in NJ....THEY LIVE IN NJ!!!


in the episode "boy scouts 'n' the hood" when homer,bart, flanders and rod or todd (im not sure which one) were on the boat out in the ocean, homer says he smells hamburgers and has a krusty burger fun map with him. when he looks at it, it shows that there is a krusty burger out on an oil rig, out in the ocean near virginia, but also out in the ocean close to pennsylvania, other states shown that they were close to travelling near on the boat were south carolina, north carolina and florida. its not florida that they live in as the simpsons went on a vacation there once on kill the alligator and run. it may or may not be pennsylvania, as once ned flanders moved to humbletown (made up city) but it was still in driving distance, so wheather they already live in pennsylvania and flanders was just moving somewhere else.a reason that it could not be pennsylvania is that in one episode, "marge gamer" i think, she looks on the internet at paper towels, and finds that they are cheaper in pennsylvania. she then tells bart and lisa "were going to pennsylvania", which could indicate that they dont already live there. They could also live in one of the smaller states such as district of columbia, maryland, delaware or new jersey. I dont think its north or south carolina , personally i think they live in new jersey, as it is in driving distance to pennsylvania , the oil rig krusty burger was near it and when homer mistaked his mothers grave for walt whitmans, who i believe is buried in new jersey. so i think they live there. otherwise, if that isnt right, i think delaware or virginia, but im pretty sure its new jersey.




i found it. they live in Springfield,Virginia. the specific springfield (there may be more than one, im not sure),is interstate 95 Springfield. On one episode, the route 95 sign was shown, and looking itup on youtube,someone had found this specific Springfield. then to back this up, and make it at almost certain is ion the episode "the old man and the key" grampa and bart have to drive to Branson, Missouri, which they say is around 1000 miles away. kjnowing that springfield had to be between 500-1500 (give or take from 1000 miles)i looked it up and Interstate 95 Springfield was around 1087 miles away from Branson.Missouri. And in "bart star" hank and peggy hill from king of the hill are on watching Arlen play against Springfield in Pee Wee football. Hank mentions that they drove about 2000 miles, so give or take, in this case take Interstate 95 Springfield Virginia, was about depending on which route you take 1413 miles, 1415 miles, or 1518 miles. So there you have it, The simpsons live in Springfield Virginia.


I don't think they live Illinois.
In the Simpsons movie Homer spends the last of their money to try and win a truck.
How did they manage to get to Alaska without any money and assuming the truck already had a full tank of fuel?


I believe its either pennsylvania or new jersey

clues - in the episode when they decide to randomly go skiing after marge was suggesting throwing out some of homers old skis. It can be deduced that the ski resort is not too far away from where they live, because the next scene immediately shows them at the ski resort. Towards the middle of the episode marge has a clock drop on her leg, injuring it. Homer says that he wants the best treatment for his wife, the EMT changes the destination sign to Beth Isreal (there is a beth isreal hospital in Massachusetts and New York, not too far from new jersey or pennsylvania). Being that beth isreal is a reknowned and pricy place to get treatment homers says something to the effect of "not that good of treatment." The EMT changes the destination sign to St. Mary's (theres a st. mary's medical center in PA and NJ) Although this clue does not completely narrow it down to the states of PA and NJ, it at least suggest that they live in an eastern state.

- its not missouri, in one episode they travel to branson, missouri and lisa states that its about 1100 miles away from where they live. New Jersey and Pennsylvania fit this range of distance.

- There is this repetitive theme in the show which references the water in the area they live in as being woefully polluted and reputed and such (three eyed fish and syringes anyone?) and being near a coastline as well. New Jersey is infamously known as having one of the most polluted shorelines of all coastal states, and pennsylvania shores arent that much better either.

- in the episode when homer becomes a baseball mascot the family moves away to capital city and reference to it as if the capital city they are talking about is in the same state they live in. From this I deduce that they are referring to moving to the capital of the state that they live in. The mascot that homers is replacing is called the capital city goofball, which is awfully similar to a mascot for the philadelphia phillies called the Philly Phanatic. Again this doesnt completely prove that its pennsylvania, but it does serve as indication. To me, it at least shows that the family lives somewhere on the east coast, in or around the tri state area (PA, NY, NJ)

- PA allows the death penalty, NJ did up until 2007 when the law was changed. No episodes past 2007 feature anyone getting executed, so PA and NJ are still possibilities


and you can get in vegas in one day from almost anywhere in the us. or at most 1 - 1 and a half days if you try.


portland oregon... they said it last night!


this particular springfield may verywell be in Virginia thanks to an episode where fat tony drives by a sign in the town indicating interstate 95 and the only state with a springfield with interstate 95 going through it is Virginia. Don't believe me? check it out on google maps.


I'll probably get slammed or ignored but lets look at some external facts: Its a cartoon... by Matt Groening. I say this because Matt is known for his subversive comedy.
All of the "clues" are meant to make it "anywhere, USA" as it has been said many times. In the various episodes where a map is shown Springfield is in a different place everytime. In the episode where they show the area code could be a red herring. Purposefully meant to be misleading. Just because its an area code from one state does not negate being in another. Who hasn't heard of people with cell phones from other states?
Back to Matts sense of humor: when a "clue is given" consider the source. Homer for example is not known for his intellegence, Lisa is. Anytime a state is mentioned or hinted at it never really says difinitavely that they CURRENTLY LIVE THERE. Perhaps at one time they did, perhaps they didn't and its just mentioned or hinted at to give us all something to talk about. :) The fact is, because Matt is a comedian, we never will know what clues are clues, and which clues are just space filler and tricks.
Matt himself has been quoted as saying they live in the "fictional state of North Takoma. If There were to be an actual state people wouldn't feel as much of a kinship to the family because of a shared statehood.
A better way to look at where springfield is (an you will all flay me for this) imagine springfield and its surrounding area, is portable. That it is moving about the States like a floating Cloud city,landing temporarily at its destination which is decided by what fits the storyline, and then once again being lifted and transported to another location. The Simpsons Springfields' location is soft.
I could go a little further but I'm tired now and am making so many spelling mistakes that I'm ashamed with myself.
Feel free to debate as conversation and diversity of opinion is an awesome thing. :)
IMhO there is no real State, but its fun to try anyway


Best. Answer. Ever. -Comic book guy


Springfield isn't in a state. It is supposed to represent a collaboration of all American states. This has been explained time and time again. It's fun to guess, but don't get so uptight about something created specifically to not be real. (as evidence- the state flag, the state motto, the surrounding towns, the street names, the references to the bordering states which are on opposite corners of the country).


it's a made up place.. they jus want LOSERS like you guys to spend all your life trying to figure it out...their is no way a state can border navada and maine.... look at a map you idiots


yes their are so many clue but they all conterdict each guys need to move out of your moms basement and get jobs LOSERS


if all there people are losers and living at home in their moms basements...then aren't you the same way considering you have written comments on this page...its just a website. dont be so mean, dude. not kool

Random Creeper Whom Is Always Right

I just watched 'behind the laughter' simpsons anyways they live in south mississippi X3

derek murray

listen chas and mishaal,cop fuckin on u dicks.this is a friendly genuine comment page 4 every1 around the world 2 figure out a simple fact.only its not that leave ppl 2 it and fuck off.if u weren't that concerned u wouldn't have viewed this page...anyway,as a simpsons expert i can easily dissapoint all u fans by sayin we will never know where they live until it is revealed by matt groening himself.with all the experts and geniuses in the world,not 2 mention the millions of fans and keeping in mind there is billions of ppl in the world and nobody can figure it out.with at least 450 episodes laterand all the hints in the world its now time 2 sit back,relax and just leave things all the smart comments left by know it all dickheads like them other 2 shit bags,find something else 2 do,and 2 all the ppl still trying 2 figure it out,good luck.

luv-lee <3

OK, these are all great suggestions, and since so many are the same then we know we are on the right track. But I looked it up, and there is NO Evergreen Terrace (the street the Simpsons live on) in the US. There are Evergreen streets, drives, and parkways in MO, NJ, and OH.
Thus like a number people have suggested, it is just a made up place.
And for all the people calling others names, etc, that is extremely immature, so keep your opinions to yourselves plz.


I hope this helps

just google search there adress and it comes up as massachussett. Evergreen Terrace, Hampden, MA 01036


idk where they live. i think matt groening is just messing with us. they live anywhere and everywhere. can we all agree they liv in springfield. no state, just springfield. it dosnt matter which state there from, its a show. shows never give clear answers.

Consider this!

its a tv how. its not real. its never real. its a cartoon. ade purely for entertainment. one day they live in kentucky and the next day they live in Illinois. either move states overnight or they dont exist. they are not real. its just imagnation. trust me.


theres an pisode im watching right now called regarding margie. the address says:
"Scott and Brenda
74 Evergreen Terrace
Springfield, USA"

No state was included. which means is no existing state they live in.


there is 1 episode during the opening credits, when they zoom out of their house then their city, than the US, than earth and so on, and the location looked about where illinois




They live in MI. In the episode three men and a comic book bart takes a can or something to the quick-e-mart, Apu asks Bart if he wants to use the money for another squishee but Bart says he needs the dime. If you look at the top of an aluminum can 10 cents is in MI.


They live in "North Takoma" a fictional state combine all springfields (and one shelbyville) but the question is where is it?

It has to be on the east side, but it isn't North Takoma spreads throughout the United states being as the states in it are sections. So the animators change it every time. Capitol City being Springfield Illinois. In one episode Lisa points out the sprinfield map West springfield is bigger than Texas, which is Waverly Hills


The state is supposed to encompass all the characteristics of a bunch of U.S. states. For instance:
Homer's License reads NT and the postal ZIP code as 49007, which is Kalamazoo Michigan.
The Area codes for Springfield are 636 which is in Missouri, and 939 which is in Puerto Rico.
The state is said to be 2,000 miles from Orlando Florida.
I-95 runs through this state.
The state has the death penalty.
The state has a nuclear power plant.
The state borders Nevada, Maine, Kentucky, and Connecticut.
All maps of the state are very vague and can be over several different states. The state is fictional and was made so on purpose so that people at work won't be bored because they will have something to keep them occupied.


EXACTLY ive been saying that for years now.


no no ....people have to argue over which state the simpsons live in even though the state they auctually live in is completey FICTIONAL!!!!! Can't you get that in your head dumbasses. Thanks to Kevin for clearing that up.


p.s the name of the town the simpsons live in is in the episode ' two bad neighbours'

Ass Fag

Im Happy


It's based in Pennsylvania


In the episode where they go to Florida, near the very end, They've been banned from nearly every state in the US. How could they live in a state where they are banned from? Simple, it's just Springfield, an imaginary state/province/place.


Walt Whitman is buried in (or near) Springfield and since Walt Whitman is actually buried in Camden, New Jersey, I'd say the Simpsons live somewhere near Camden. The area is certainly crappy enough to be Springfield.


In the latest episode (Season 21 ep. 21 aired on May 9, 2010. Moe narrates, in the opening few seconds, that he moved to the city because "the zip code looks like "BOOBS" on a calculator." A quick google search puts the Simpson's town of "Springfield" in a location known as "Barney, ND." The actual town of "Springfield, ND" is approximately 250 miles away. Unless someone else can spell "BOOOBS" on a calculator any other way than "58008". So maybe the secret is still out there.


Man I hate to do this to you but you can also spell boobs 80085 I think that's Louisiana.


They live in a state where 5 states connect to it. West Virgina. Watched it on the new episode where Side Show Bob escapes from prison and kid naps Bart taking him to Mexico.


there is no 80085 zip code


North Dakota, because the epsisode in which Moe says he's going to run away with either Apu, Reverend Lovejoy, or Homer's wife, he said he moved here because it spelled BOOBS on the calculator, with is 58008, which is Barney North Dakota, and Springfleid is near Barney. Also snow so it makes sense! this is from wiki


i hate to burst your bubble but i can spell boobs on a calculator!!


I think it's misuri because in one episode where homer is complaining about thier area code they say it's 636 which is a misuri area code


Since there is about a million springfields in the US, I saw next to Louisville Kentucky, simpsonville sits right next to shelbyville. also in an early episode they said it was a "northern Kentucky family."


watch episode 2120 - To Surveil With Love, homer and friends bet inside a bar about the weather and there is a u.s map with clouds, the news man later says "golf ball sized hail." If you look at the states where the clouds are I believe close to them are the possibilities. I have always thought Springfield Illinois.


they might live in springfield, ne. On the episode when the bring the map zoomed out to the aliens (i forget what its called) and it looked like it zoomed out of nebraska


there is no springfield it is a fictional place in america

Peter Bengtsson

Boooring! Come on! Keep faith alive!


I think its fictional but it is supposed to be BASED on a mid west style state but it actually isn't ont because its got desert, ocean, land lock, forest and so on..... thank-you, jason from london england


if u watch the episode in which sideshow bob switches faces with the new neighbor they go to where the 5 states meet following state highway 194 which goes through Springfield Indianapolis


when nelson has his birthday party he asks if route 88 was backed up, that hwy is in california and goes into nevada, with the hurricanes that they refrence i believe they live in california, which sucks because california sucks, Go Louisville


check this out.

first off, all the different clues, they don't add up. what makes the most sense is illinois but there are a number of clues refuting that possibility. so most likely the makers are just toying with people. like people have said, springfield is supposed to be a slice of america, not a real place with a real location.

but theres another question that you can ask: what city is springfield based on?

one of the producers said NT in the license plate stands for north tacoma. which doesnt exist, but tacoma does. its in washington.

theres one crazy clue I found for Springfield to be based on the Washington tri-cities. not 'be' in washington, but based on the tri-cities.

this is way leftfield btw.

in the episode eternal moonshine of the simpson mind (season 19), homer falls down a hill. theres a sign on the hill that reads: Snow Sculpture Contest. Every word is in a new line. Signs are often used to contain hidden messages.

So the first 3 letters of each word are: SSC. So that would be an abbreviation. SSC can stand for a number of things, says wikipedia, but none of those could contain any information. Except for one: Shelby Super Cars. A car manufacturer.

It is based in the tri-city area. In september 2007 their SSC Aero car broke the guiness world record for speed. The episode that contains the SSC sign aired in december of that year.

Conclusion: Springfield is not IN Washington, its not in a real state, but its BASED on the tri-cities.


The shelby part is relevant cause of shelbyville naturally. And I know the company was founded after the conception of the simpsons, but the clue was not. And the world record probably occured sometime in pre-production.

So my reasoning goes: Sign - Letters say SSC - Abreviation - What real life abreviation could be relevant to Simpsons - Shelby Super Cars - Location SSC: Tri-cities = Basis for Springfield.

Also this is in line with A LOT of clues.

Examples: drive to Oregon. west of the lakes. in a northern state (due to climate and geographical evidence). on the westcoast (same). and to top if off a quote from one of the producers himself.


Area code of Homer Simpson's private police force company in The Simpsons, The Simpsons (season 13), Episode 22, "Papa's Got a Brand New Badge", and of Springfield before it was split into 636 and 939 in The Simpsons (season 12), episode 2, A Tale of Two Springfields.

btw the area code 636 is an area code from missouri ;D enjoy guys :D


so theyre obviously from missouri :)


Dudes I KNOW THE ANSWER IF ITS NORTH OF MISSOURI AND STARTS WITH AN O ITS IOWA don't get mad at me if you find some proof against me


sorry wait its nebraska

David Capo

Yeah I'm thinking it's any state that starts with an N.


wait no in the episode ON A CLEAR DAY I CAN'T SEE MY SISTER it shows its in Iowa but in the episode MOANING LISA she wails out for the farmer in Iowa. so its a tie between Iowa and nebraska so we need some proof for a tie breaker

David Capo

Man it could be Northern California.


In that case if it's between Nebraska and Iowa, it would be Sioux city.


i'm pretty sure it's meant to be a generic place designed to represent every state. The bit in the simposons movie about it bordering on Ohio, Maine, Nevada and Kentucky I think supports this, as well as lisa's line in "Half-Decent proposal; "west springfield is three times the size of texas. there are no states with an area three times the size of texas. nonetheless, I'll put up areas which I think can be eliminated.

It has a coast. Springfield has a harbor and a beach from which they can reach international waters (you can get to open sea from any of the great lakes). So all the land locked states can be ruled out. Thats:
Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia. It can't be Maine or Ohio either, because it borders them. In "Maggie makes three" Homer implies that Springfield is not in California, and Skinner does the same about Upstate New York in "22 short stories". They don't live in Florida because they went there on vacation in "Kill the alligator and run". It has to get a fair degree of snow, every winter, so Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia can be ruled out. In one episode they are planning on flying to Delaware, so it's not Delaware. Homer sales in a nuclear sub from Springfield to Russian waters, which implies they're on the west coast, but he could have sailed the long way around. I'd say the leading candidates are Illinois and Oregon. No one has mentioned these states, and I think they're possibilities too: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan.

croc hunter

springfield, australia.

i live here and sure they came here on holiday but every day i walk outside the house it feels like a holiday.


well, in the "behind the laughter" episode the narrator says sumthin about "...this norther Kentucky family"


That's what I said!!! (high 5! lol)

David Capo

SLAP (Me slapping high five)


If there were an answer yet people would know. If no one knows him he wrote futurama and there are so many lil things in that show. A created languge that u have to desipher among other little fun facts and codes. And that show was on for less then five full seasons. It prob started out abiguous and as people grew intrest with popularity they desided to start leaving clues and at this point its so built up u have to wait till the end of the show. He is good with closure as we have seen with futuramas many cancelings so if he wants it to be known it will be by the end of the show.

David Capo

Or it could very possibly be New York since they ran into Bender in one of the episodes that take place in the future. That's where Futurama takes place.

David Capo

Sorry bud but I'm pretty sure Springfield is in the US of A.

David Capo

The last one was for the croc hunter. The reply button is screwing up on me right now...


you guys are all nerds, in the episode where sideshowbob tries to kill bart using the 4 states that meat chief wiggum comes from one of the states

David Capo

Aw yeah dude never thought of this. But which states are they? One of them's obviously Texas.


they cant live in new york because homer says it sucks plus who cares.


I know this doesn't exactly pinpoint a certian state but in the tenth commandment episode Bart pleads with homer not to cut the illegal cable wire because he will miss watching the Atlanta Braves. So maybe a south eastern state. (He still could live anywhere though)

David Capo

Hey North Dakota because in one episode Moe said he moved to Springfield because the ZIP code spelled BOOBS. (58008)

the grilla

durango mexico?


Its not MI... When Homer meets his half brother, there is a sign at the end of the show that said now leaving MI.


to much snow? not to long to canada? There in vermont


I'ts a made up springfield because it has to includ an ocean because they had a hurricane and also cartoons live in made up cities like king of the hill arlen texes and family guy Quahog rhode island sorry if I spelled it wrong the only show that has a relly city is god the devil and bob on [adult swim] so there's no springfield but there's a simpson house in las vegas

the grilla

it seems like there is a contradiction in a lot of episodes about the location. theres hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, desert, ocean, a world trade center, a hollywood style sign that says springfield i think springfeild is a place in a secret location kind of like area 51 but like Brendan says theres a simpsons house in los vegas so all signs point to nevada my home state muthha fukkas



David Capo



and you still come back .....

David Capo



everybody the state the simpsons liv in does not exist watch the map of the states as you hear the reding of the essays in mr. lisa goes to washington and you will see the the letters on the state is NT and that is not a state but you have to pause is at the right time to se it

the grilla

NT has to mean Nevada territory.


They live in Illinois. When you think of Springfield.. it is Illinois!


just saw an old episode of the Simpsons, the one about revenge, and right at the end of the episode, homer and the old cowboy/adventure capitalist dude are fighting with each other. Bart tells a story about revenge "bartman" and at the end of it homer and the old guy make nice because they both found out they are from Connecticut! I would put my money on Springfield being here somewhere

P.s. couldn't find the name of the other character


eather Illinois or indana


watch this to find out

and heres some states that they dont live in

David Capo

Having returned recently from a trip to the West Coast, I've discovered that in fact several streets in Portland Oregon are named after Simpsons Characters. So also possibly based on Springfield Oregon.


it's in Kentucky just found out


david thats because groening is from portland.

i think its montana because homer attempts to pay bard with bills printed by the "montana militia" ahahah


The MOST concrete clue that I have ever seen drives home the conclusion that they are not from any real state in the US, and it could make the argument that they are, in actuality, from Canada.

Watching the episode "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington" I kept a close eye on the map as they were traveling around the country displaying different contestants give their speech. When it pans back to Lisa's speech, the map crosses over a section where 4-states (territories?) meet at a single point, with Springfield in the one at the Northwest corner. Anyone who paid the slightest bit of attention in grade school geography knows that this implies it could only be Utah. However, that precludes the assumption that it is in the US, and that overrules a fact that is hidden in the same clip.

Just as the map is fading from the shot of the map over to Lisa giving her speech, the abbreviation "NT" is displayed the same as a state's abbreviation would be displayed on the map. It goes by far too quickly and is so faded that you can't make it out unless you pause the video at the perfect time. The catch here is that there is no US state with the abbreviation NT, however this is the abbreviation of the Northwest Territories in Canada. Far fetched, right? Well take a look at a map. The Northwest Territory just happens to also be in the Northwest corner of a 4-province intersection.

Unfortunately, this argument falls apart in the exact same episode. A clip later on shows a man lobbying to demolish Springfield National Forest. The map he is showing depicting the forest has Springfield U.S.A. written in big letters on the bottom. Interestingly, it shows a Springfield Lake which holds a striking resemblance to the Springfield Lake just south of Springfield Illinois. There are a lot of other clues dispersed throughout the episodes that indicate this is the true state, but there are also clues that say it cannot be in Illinois, including one where Homer points to Springfield Illinois on a map as his home town, but Lisa tells him he's wrong.

I thought it was interesting that someone stated earlier that a fictional state named North Tacoma was credited by David Silverman as the "actual" home of the Simpsons. In all reality, this makes the most sense. As so many people have pointed out, there are conflicting "facts" about the Simpsons home state that can only be justified with a fictional state. In one episode, the Simpsons are holding hands while each one of them is standing in a different state, including Maggie. This means that they were standing in 5-different states that came together at the same point! That's only possible if we create a fictional state. There are MANY other "facts" that support the claim that Springfield is in a fictional state. All you need to do is scroll through this site to see all the conflicting arguments.

North Tacoma fits the bill, from the earlier explanation that the state's postal abbreviation is NT. So now the real question becomes, where would North Tacoma's boundaries be drawn?


WHATEVER, it is Springfield, Illinois. The creator lives nearby to my knowledge. Which to me, screams that it is Springfield, IL. We have a mayor, the water arguement (we have Lake Springfield...other than that we have lots of land obviously), MANY of the resteraunts are similarly named after Springfield sites. WE have a shelbyville~! .....we have the smokestacks~!~!~! Did I mention the creator is from nearby?

SPRINGFIELD, IL....watcht he old contest videos. Springfield, IL actually presented nothing BUT real evidence, most of which is different from the stuff I cited.

Furthermore, long ago they did an episode on the toxic lake (because of the power plant)....Springfield's power plant SITS on the lake is partly maintained by the company.....ANDDDD shortly before that episode I do believe we had an outbreak of dangerous Leptospirosis stemming from extensive contact with the lake, and the occuring bacteria levels......

Nearly every episode screams Springfield, is such a mute point to argue otherwise imo, but go head trolls.....I challenge anyone to come up with more evidence than Springfield, IL.

And I hate the "maps" arguement.....there are many episodes where they tease viewers with maps, and they tend to be very different. Obviously Springfield is a metaphor for hometown, America.

However....creator living nearby + evidence = Springfield, IL


I understand the creator is from Oregon and based most of Springfield on the Springfield there (however he clarifies that the Springfield in the Simpsons world is not the same Springfield). Illinois actually has some of the best evidence supporting it that I've seen. But for my money, Springfield is everywhere and nowhere. There's evidence for and against a lot of states (Illinois included), most of which conflict each other and lead to nothing conclusive. I think if there HAS to be an answer, Illinois and Oregon would have the most similarities to the fictional town, but I'm pretty sure there is no real answer.


it is springfeld, IL because in the 9th episode of the 19th season the zoom out from there house to see a map of the world and it looks like it is in kuntuky, BUT, in the simpsons movie the say that one of the border states of springfeild is kuntucky which elimanates kuntucky from being the state they live in and since IL is right next to KN it must be Springfeild,IL.


Maybe play one of the episodes backwards and see if there's a hidden message...


the simpsons live in florida because in the simpson hit and run buy marges inmate costume and at the back it says florida state


The simpsons are from Ohio. In the Halloween episode where the giant ads come to life (either #5 or #6 i think), a building that's identified as "The birthplace of Vincent Peals" gets crushed. Norman Vincent Peale is from Ohio. Check his Wikipedia page.


The simpsons are from Ohio. Check the Halloween special #5 or #6. The one where the ads come to life. A building identified as "The birthplace of Vincent Peale" gets crushed by the lard lad monster. Norman Vincent Peale is from Ohio. Check his Wikipedia page.

Jamie Ross

most of u are fucking idiots. just to back up chas here, the simpsons are from ohio! how could u guys not know this by now?

Jamie Ross

when marge is giving their home address over the phone in one episode she is clearly about to say ohio just before maude randomly walks in, as a not so subtle cover up, not to mention the fact the show has ohio written all over it with its surroundings and characters. they put in all these other clues to keep idiots like u guessing years after the question has already been answered. shame on anyone who said anything other than OHIO!



David Capo

I'd say Oregon.


hey it can't be montana because in one episode homer gave ned flanders a card that says "meet me in moontana. from jesus"


just saw tonight's episode. as they were zooming out it seemed to be around michigan, so i'd say illinois or ohio

From Hello

I just finished listening to a radio broadcast saying that the state they live in is Oregon. Saying that it is based off of Portland or something like that.


see the gay marrige episode and look up in wich states its legal


ok...possibly the town Springfield is in North Takoma which is probably east-central US
west springfield being thrice texas, would then cover much of west us.
kentucky/illionois/ohio/north missouri area


In "Sideshow Bob Roberts",someone on the KBBL radio station said "51th state".

Springfield is 51st state


In "Sideshow Bob Roberts", the clocks in the background when Barlow is speaking shows the times of different places. Springfield does not match the time for Los Angeles. Therefore, it can not be Pacific Time Zone, so can not be on the West Coast.

ciaran marshall

Springfield is in Oregon


Jesus H Christ... I can't believe people are still posting on here. I came on this site like 4 years ago and now see that STILL no one has found the answer yet. But keep trying. I'm sure you'll all get it one day, all you have to do is find a state that has a city 3 times bigger then Texas y'all.




there is an episode where they show a map of the U.S. and they cross off another state they were banned from and theres only like 2 states not marked off one of them have to be the state they live in


The Simpsons marathon might revive a few threads floating around on the interwebs like this one...

Based on what I've read here so far, all I've learned is that a sad amount of Simpsons fans don't actually understand Simpsons many facepalms.

eric barinka

actually, the state in which springfield resides was revealed years ago. in one of the episodes homer holds up his drivers license showing his address. his thumb is of course strategically placed over the state however the zip code is still visible if you freeze frame and zoom in (yes i obviously have far too much time on my hands). the zip code is in michigan.


I'm not biased, as I have lived in many of these states but through my travels and research, there is no doubt in my mind it's Oregon. If you follow the trail from Oregon to California you will see.

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