Life of Pi

09 July 2004   0 comments   Photos

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Life of Pi Life of Pi by Yann Martel is a book that everyone should read. Yes, this has been said about many books but still, I for one have recommended this book to several people already.

I read this book on my holiday to Sweden last week and it was many times hard to stop, but I think I'm still reading it today in my head. Not a day has gone by yet without thinking about this book and what I learned from it. It's difficult to explain without spoiling anything so I'll just leave it at that. Read what Ned Batchelder has to say about the book

As a non-native English person I found many of the terms difficult I must admit. Especially the boat-related terms, but when I read this book I actually had access to a English-Swedish dictionary for boating/sailing which was very convenient.

Thank you Melitta for recommending the book!


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