The Albion, Shoreditch There's a new restaurant on my street called The Albion. I went there for lunch today and had the steak and kidney pie with bread. It's a proper restaurant so including tip it came to £11 with tap water. Not cheap but the service was good and the food was really great. They've got a great delicatessen section with the usual tins of overly prices Italian olives and organic vegetables and yummy desserts.

Now, this blog is not a restaurant review blog but rather a (web) technical one. What strikes me is that these guys don't have a website! How can you not have that these days? Or perhaps they do but I just can't find it anywhere on Google. There's a Albion London advertising agency a stone throw from the restaurant and there's a The Albion in Islington but no Albion restaurant in Shoreditch London on Google.

If you're going to spend thousands of pounds on a nice chairs and lamps, like this restaurant clearly has done, then why not spend a couple of pennies on SEO and getting a decent website. Granted, it's a new restaurant but it only takes Google a couple of weeks to review its indexes. Come on my-new-favorite-restaurant-around-the-corner!



they have a website

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