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I've started using lovely COREBlog by Atsushi Shibata at work recently as a "work blog". It's not going live because it's company internal stuff such as "Don't forget to send the invoice to Foobar Ltd".

I think COREBlog has a lot of potential. One of the best features is that it supports the Blogger, MovableType and MetaWeblog APIs which means that I can very quickly jot down new blog items without disrupting my workflow.

There are still some little issues that annoy me but not really stopping me from doing what I want to do. The one thing that annoys me the most is the design. It's better than nothing but it really isn't great in my opinion. Where can I find some other existing neat looking COREBlog instances willing to share their stylesheet? I wish there was a way that I can search Google for all blogs generated by COREBlog and then just open them one by one.



http://myzope.kedai.com.my/blogs/kedai/3 has links to a zpt stylesheet that can take movable type css.

or check out movablestyle.com, iirc

if you were to try this out, try on an expendable blog, just in case.

and if you're successful, tell us! :))

Peter Bengtsson

That's cool. It really worked, ...after I fixed a few bugs in it.

I'm currently working on a monkeypatch of COREBlog that will fix a few more programmatic glitches. I'll blog about all of these later.

Chris Beaven

I don't think my stylesheet is cool or anything, but I am using COREblog too for my personal blog (http://d-designz.co.nz/chris/blog)

I came back from a holiday in Australia to comment spam galore, so no commenting until I get some time to make some sort of SpamKarma system. :(

Sascha Welter

Chris: First measure could be to switch comment moderation on and (if there is already a lot of spam in) get the spam cleanup script mentioned on the coreblog-en list.



I also use coreblog in my zope-page.

I've put it into the site, so that it fits to the rest.

If you are interested, have a look at http://www.whiteaxxxe.de

I did normal work on css, and I dont know if you can do something with this stuff for I use weird colors on my site and the normal text-attributes.

but if you can do something with my stuff, let me know.

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