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Today I got my new keyboard. A Microsoft Internet Keyboard. It's exactly like the one I had before. The old one work just fine except that the keys were starting to get squeaky. The difference is very subtle but I felt I had to punch the keys from directly upwards. With this new one it's so much easier to type. Small difference on the outside but a really big difference for me.

Today I've also had my first "Object Oriented Programming in C++" lecture and lab. This is as far as we got today:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
   cout << "Hello world!\n";
   return 0;

Actually we did a few more things. Next lecture I think we'll start with classes and stuff. A requirement for this course is that you already know programming (in Java) so we'll be able to skip while loops and if statements. Good.

Today was also the first lecture in Bottom Up Computing and Discrete Mathematics. A combination of elementary discrete math plus some general knowledge of how computers work. We'll even have a lab where we take apart a laptop to learn about the hardware inside. This lecture we spent discussing how Google's PageRank works. I'm looking forward to doing some serious math on algorithms like this. It will help a lot in understanding how Google does it.


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