Last month I complained about how brutal the rm program in Linux was and how I cocked things up when I wanted to remove the autosaved backup files that jed creates. Here's the solution...

I created a script in ~/bin/Mvbackupfiles that looks like this:

mv -v *~ /tmp

Now, whenever I want to clear a directory of all files like or README.txt~, I just run Mvbackupfiles and I become a much happier and tidier person.

Here's what it can look like:

peterbe@trillian:~/dev/signature_hider $ ls
index.html  index.html~
peterbe@trillian:~/dev/signature_hider $ Mvbackupfiles 
`index.html~' -> `/tmp/index.html~'
peterbe@trillian:~/dev/signature_hider $ ls


Sascha Welter

Isn't there a setting to put those backup files into /tmp in the first place?

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