URL: http://jedmodes.sourceforge.net/mode/dabbrev/

dabbrev is a plugin for Jed that allows you to repeat a word that has been written before with a simple key-command.

Suppose you write somewhere in your text the word: SelectHDSDirectories_sql. Then a little later you intend to write that word again, but can't be asked to type it all out, then all you do is write Sel and press CTRL-Q (i.e. Ctrl button at the same time as the key q) and it finishes the word for you.

This is very similar to how it works in say VB or WingIDE where you get a cute little box listing suggestions that you can tab to. See this example screenshot from WingIDE

The problem I had was that it didn't work. I email the mailing list but no one replied. The problem was that the key-binding I chose was already taken for something else. Now I changed my .jedrc file to look like this and then it worked:

% expand from Dabbrev_Default_Buflist
setkey("dabbrev", "^Q"); 
% expand from visible buffers
setkey("dabbrev(get_buflist(1))", "\ae"); 
autoload("get_bufutils", "dabbrev");

Update: The second setkey command caused problems for me with C-G (i.e. Ctrl+g) so it should instead be:

% expand from Dabbrev_Default_Buflist
setkey("dabbrev", "^Q"); 


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