CSS selector bug in IE?

05 December 2006   0 comments   Web development

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For the print.css stylesheet I wanted to hide away several of the "interactive" things such as some forms and stuff. This is the code I used:

table.expenses input, 
{ display: none }

Works like a charm in Firefox but in IE (version 6 at least) none of them were applied. If I removed the input[type="submit"] selector the other ones worked. Is this a bug in Internet Explorer? Or have I declared it incorrectly. The W3C CSS validator sure doesn't hold me guilty. Here's what the code looks like now:

table.expenses input, 
{ display: none }
/* If you run Firefox or like you won't have to see 
   the submit buttons when you print this page. */
input[type="submit"] { display: none }


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