How I made my MongoDB based web app 10 times faster

21 October 2010   1 comment   Python, MongoDB

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MongoKit is a Python wrapper on top of pymongo that adds structure and validation and some other bits and pieces. It's like an ORM but not for an SQL database but for a document store like MongoDB. It's a great piece of code because it's thin. It's very careful not to molly cuddle you and your access to the source. What I discovered was that I was doing an advanced query and with the results they we instantiated as class instances and later turned into JSON for the HTTP response. Bad idea. I don't need them to be objects really so with MongoKit it's possible to go straight to the source and that's what I did.

With few very simple changes I managed to make my restful API app almost 10 times faster!!

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Hi Peter,

As a former fellow zopista myself also, I found myself at one point in need of a new python-based-web-framework fix, all this a couple of years back thinking that the seemingly natural continuation would undoubtedly be on to Djanjo, but I still needed something more pythonic, and found web2py, an excellent framework that in my opinion is the *true* progression from a Zope fellow, everything is python in web2py, including its own ORM, my last zope project,, was rewritten from scratch in web2py in a period of literally 3/4 weeks into, what a breath of fresh air this was, check it out whenever you have a chance, cheers, Julio
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