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New Google Groups design Google Groups has just had a redesign. Maybe this is old news but it's new for me.

I like the new design a lot. It's more welcoming and warmer. Comparing it to the old design you notice that not a great deal has changed except the colour choice and the cuddly icons. I think the icons are great. Icons is a time-tested proven concept and by making the icons large it'll take less milliseconds for users to click on them with the mouse because they're easier to aim at.

I also like the fact that each group or category gets its own icons. It's something I'd like to have for some of my yet-to-be-released projects but I don't have the resources to get a designer to design all the various icons. I guess this is part of what makes the icons so impressive, that they're not just cuddly but damn hard to do.

Good work Google Groups people!


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