URL: https://www.peterbe.com/zope/issuetracker-plan.html

"The IssueTrackerProduct"n:http://www.IssueTrackerProduct.com is my proud open source project that actually has become quite popular. My survey has received more than 150 reviews; some with comments like "Yours is by far the best thing i've seen".

I was starting to loose interest in it but the motivation is back again. People appreciate it and there are several new web development areas I have yet to discover and do more research in. For several months I've been thinking about a way to integrate a Knowledge Base into it and finally I think I have come up with a solution. It's all in my head so far but getting it there is a much bigger challenge than actually coding it.

Now I've written a little Future Plan that I intend to work by and keep updating. The pace will be sporadically slow until summer since I need to focus hard enough on my last university year, but I will not give up and there is also the plan of trying to make money on this through my company. (Don't worry, it'll still be Open Source, but we might charge for customisation, corporate features or ASP)


John Staplehurst


excellent product. I thought your post about future plans was good, as often discussion about topics is integral to solving them, without the discussion being seen as a literal series of steps towards that solution.

I'd quite like to see an integration with Plone, and a more open method of skinning the tracker. Editing StandardLook each time is time consuming and a lot of people would be keen to apply modifications to the UI, I should think.

Keep up the good work, and good luck at Uni.



Plone integration is low priority simple because I never use Plone myself. On the other hand, people like yourself do ask for it. Just like they as for i18n. So it has to go on the todolist too, but not at the top.

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