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12 November 2005   15 comments   Misc. links

Mind That Age!

This blog post is 13 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

Kevin O'Connor's "WOW!! 107 Days and I have lost 46.2 Pounds! Eating ONLY McDonalds!!!"

Here's a guy with some real self distance: Kevin O'Connor of

"Super Size me was the wrong message! It's you, not them, that is responsible. Great idea Morgan, tell a fat guy it is not their fault. How about telling them to get off their fat butts and do something before they hurt themselves. You don't have to stop eating at McDonald's or anything else you like, you just have to match it with the appropriate amount of exercise! Watch me."

This is so cool. Kevin has set out to prove the Super Size Me film wrong. It's not about MacDonald's and it's evil corporate ideals. It's about the individual and her decision. Kevin understands that you remain/become a "big fat guy" from unhealthy food; but he also points out that unhealthy food exists elsewhere too.

"Yes I have elected not to buy McDonald's on occasion and went to the grocery store, just to find myself buying doughnuts and bearclaws! What would have been better for me, the bagel, egg and cheese with orange juice or 3 big fat doughnuts that made me crave more sugar all day. Get real people. Take AIM, at ourselves. Stand up for yourself."

Kevin enjoying a McFlurry I must say I have some reservations about his project because it can have negative side effects such as making people think that a McDonald is OK. It still isn't. What matters is what you eat in detail and the exercise you do. There's still some healthy stuff at McDonald's such as McWater and McOrangejuicewithoutsugar. Some people seem to think they're being healthy by avoiding McDonalds in favor of a plastic tasting microwave-meal at home filled with sugar and lard. Not to forget the about of chocolate, crisps (chips in US English) and other junk food that you can buy from a grocery store.

What I like about Kevin's project is the sheer spite for imbalance. We Europeans often think of Americans as too extreme. Americans rarely argue any self criticism and often over-emphasise their arguments without confessing to any weaknesses. That's what Morgan Spurlock did with his Super Size Me film and Kevin just pulled him right back on earth by doing an extreme thing in a different direction.

Keep it up Kevin. I hope one day you can quit all unhealthy food and keep doing your exercises without having to praise your sneakers for managing to not fall apart from your weight.


This article about a Swedish study similar to that of Spurlock's but under scientific conditions shows that Spurlock's study is possibly exaggerated. Worth a read!


fat people are discusting!I exercise every day can you let yourself go like that-you should be embarassed of yourself....once you start losing weight, you will notice the positive feedback of everyone around you nobody wants fat people in this world-bottom line.
Peter Bengtsson
That's a bit primitive comment. Some people are born differently and finding it hard to become like the mainstream.
;hey fat guy you suck
wow there im super mean
why would you want to support a company like mcdonalds by making them look healthy?
its fucking stupid and your fucking stupid, all you have to do is look at you to see your a fat cunt
i concur.
You might like the parody of a song I was writing once, it is off a Hank Williams song and it goes "I'd like to spit some beechnut in that fat dudes eye, and shoot him with my ol' 45 cause beautiful folk can survive"

Then again, I remembered I'm that fat guy. Hey Peter thanks for the kind words. Well the kind I would like to forget.

You have to agree I have a sense of humor. I just wanted to say to Anonymous person that Anonymous people suck for being Anonymous. At least I attacked Morgan Spurlock out in the open, he knows who I am. We have respect for one another as human beings. He's not human! All I wanted the world to understand is that there was a guy out there dropping weight, eating only McDonalds, and his message was missed. I was doing it to gain publicity because I was really doing what with that site? Yeah, raising money for Anonymous cancer patients. Yes that part was missed. The whole purpose was to gain attention to my fundraising efforts but all I got in return were ugly skinny people who didn't care about other people, just that they hated me for being fat or an amimal killer. I heard it all from these crack pots (kettle black, huh Peter?) but neve a nice letter like "Oh it is so nice of you to have raised thousands of dollars for the Susan Komen Cancer Foundation" Thanks alot all you ugly skinny people who don't care for anyone else in the world. I will stick it out with the poor ol fat folks who give a dam! Thanks again Peter, love your site!
I think the thing about Super Size Me was that Mcdonalds tries to promote their food as though it's healthy. He PROVED it is not. And sure there's other bad food chains but MCDs is probably the top, especially with the marketing they do. They're shady and I don't see how they sleep at night.
Super Size me was right. You are way off your radar.

Stop with all your nonsense you idiot. Stop trying to be a WiseAss.

You are giving completely wrong messages.

stupid fudge!
How can anybody claim eating Macdonald's food can be part of a healthy diet? All he's done is eat less shit and had more balanced meals. There's a documentary about McDonald's with zits on are simple covered in batter and mayo. It made me feel sick!

I'm not against fast food its okay now and again. But i wouldn't go to Macdonald's. And im not as ignorant to think the only reason people are overweight is threw over eating ...medical conditions blah blah

My advice buy fresh food. Eat less and exercise more, you'll soon see a difference! All it takes is patience!
Pathetic. A quick way to fame he's hoping!

Wow exercising to burn the calories eaten...HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! Yawn :|
fat guy you suck like fuck
hey fat dude, you are an ass, I think supersize me was right and you wrong
Calling 'skinny'people ugly is really out if order
Laurie M
The skinny people were just as mean. I like when life has balance such as exercise with fast food as he suggests. Good for you Kevin. As for the rest of the ignorant, insulting ninny muggins, do your research. Find out why he was doing it. You are so ready to assume the worst about another human being. Shame on you.
You hit the nail on the head. Kevin felt like Morgan's portrayal was extreme and inaccurate. I know he would not have argued that eating ZmcDonalds was the healthiest option, but he exposed that even within a limited range of options better choices could be made. RIP.

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