Crazy Egg of Crazy Egg is a wicked service that allows you to measure where people click on your site. I have no idea how they do it. You basically install a piece of Javascript in your HTML code which must somehow hijack the mouseclicks or something and report this back to a Crazyegg database.

What really makes this tool shine is the Heatmap. The Overlay and List views are in comparison pretty boring and for that you might as well use standard web statistics tool for that. I'm not going to explain what the Heatmap is. Just look at the attached screenshot from a report I've made based on

What can I learn from this? First of all, the most exciting thing is the screenshots. A couple of things about that:

  • people click on the first in the order
  • they click one to two and then give up
  • to market the IssueTrackerProduct the best screenshot should be the first
  • having the screenshots right on the homepage was probably a good idea because of the same reason that the milk in supermarkets is usually tucked away so that getting just a pint of milk requires a walk past all the other offers too

The other interesting thing to discover is that people click on subpages of "Documentation" without clicking on "Documentation". I've been critisized for showing the sub options of Documenation before you even click it. My argument was that it would be good to show the options that follows without the necessary click for people who scan for the word "Installing" rather than thinking structured that "Installing" would be part of "Documenation".


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