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Simon Willison has written a nice article about Simple tricks for more usable forms and from it I learned about how <label> tags work. They have been part of HTML since 1998 so today most browsers should support them; and if not, it's not a show-stopper. What they do is that they help to associate a text with an input field. For example, here, mouseclick the word "Name" and "Agree?" below.


Nothing happens! Instead, with <label> tags, notice the difference when you mouseclick the words "Name" and "Agree?"

For code for the latter example is:

<label for="name2"><b>Name</b></label>  
<input name="var21" id="name2"><br>
<label for="agree2">Agree?</label>
<input type="checkbox" name="var22" id="agree2">



does not work


whats the point?

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