14 September 2015   2 comments   Python, Django

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I'm working on a (side)project in Django that uses the awesome Semantic UI CSS framework. This project has some Django forms that are rendered on the server and so I can't let Django render the form HTML or else the CSS framework can't do its magic.

The project is called django-semanticui-form and it's a fork from django-bootstrap-form.

It doesn't come with the Semantic UI CSS files at all. That's up to you. Semantic UI is available as a big fat bundle (i.e. one big .css file) but generally you just pick the components you want/need. To use it in your Django templates simply, create a django.forms.Form instance and render it like this:

{% load semanticui %}

  {{ myform | semanticui }}

The project is very quickly put together. The elements I intend to render seem to work but you might find that certain input elements don't work as nicely. However, if you want to help on the project, it's really easy to write tests and run tests. And Travis and automatic PyPI deployment is all set up so pull requests should be easy.


Thanks! What's the current status of the project? Is it still active and is it complete?
Peter Bengtsson
I think it still is, yes. It might need some upgrading though. Especially in terms of testing newer versions of Django and Python.
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