Me doing Suan Yang This weekend was great. The Fujian White Crane Kung Fu club held a competition in Guildford just south-east of London. In fact, it was my club, the City & Islington (of Dave Courtney Jones) that hosted it. The reason it was held outside London was that it would have been too expensive to have in in central London.

Our club performed really well. We collected seven gold medals which I think is pretty good compared to the other clubs. I personally collected 2 gold and 1 silver. The two golds were for the senior Suan Yang form (looks like T'ai Chi) and the demo (a group effort, we performed like a play). The silver was for heavy-weight semi-contact sparring. I won my first two fights but had to stop the third fight because I got a kick above the eye and another blow could break more blood vessels and that could be very dangerous for the eye. Black-eyed

All together I am very pleased with the competition. It was loads of fun despite all the nervousity and the light injury. (last competition I broke a toe and received no medals so it's clearly an improvement). I made many friends and this kung fu hobby of mine is not only about self-dense in a dark alley but also a very prosperous social club.

I will try to collect more photos and put them here. Sadly I ran out of batteries in my digital camera.


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